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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

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  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

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Mycroft whump. HLV

When watching His Last Vow, after Sherlock had drugged everyone and tells John about his 'deal with the devil', for a moment I really thought he was going to take unconscious Mycroft to Magnussen.

Please can I see that. I'd love some good Mycroft whump.

Outcome is up to author. Bonus points for Lestrade.

Re: Mycroft whump. HLV

All the YES for Mycroft!whump... Especially when Magnussen is involved.

+ 1

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Sherlock/John Punishment for Sherlock's drug use.

Dom!John punishes Sub!Sherlock for his drug use in HLV via spanking/caning/strap/implement of choice of your preference.
Would prefer it with loving and aftercare and comfort at the end after Sherlock's punishment is complete.

Re: Sherlock/John Punishment for Sherlock's drug use.


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Mary+Sherlock/John TW: emotional manipulation,spankings,humiliation

Mary and Sherlock give John spankings "for his own good" and make him believe he deserves them. Because after that victim blaming scene in HLV, I'm craving some dark!Mary and dark!Sherlock joining forces against John

++ if the punishments get more and more humiliating and stop being private
+++++++++++ for Sherlock holding John's legs apart so Mary can spank his hole

Victim baming scene?

It must have passed me by, but I'd be very interested in learning what scene in HLV's considered victim blaming.

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Home videos

I bet the Holmes parents have some home videos of young Sherlock and Mycroft being adorable together. And would be happy to send copies to their sons' friends (much to said sons' horror). Would love to see John, Lestrade and whoever else you want reacting to videos of the Holmes boys as kids.

Re: Home videos

I can just see Mrs Hudson awwwww-ing all through the vids!

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Johnlock, Mary Faked her Pregnancy

John's dealt with a lot of betrayal in his life... this is the worst, however. Sherlock tried to tell him, but he didn't listen - even going so far as to claim that Sherlock didn't want him to be happy. Now, he has to make it up to Sherlock.

Re: Johnlock, Mary Faked her Pregnancy


Mycroft/John/Sherlock, John Hates Playing Judge Judy

Neither brother realizes the emotional toll their little spats take on their lover, who almost always ends up caught in the middle and forced to take sides.

John is tired of being forced to take sides, resulting in an even bigger fight. Lots of h/c and make-up sex, please!

Re: Mycroft/John/Sherlock, John Hates Playing Judge Judy


Mycroft is psychic

The reason Mycroft seems to see and know everything is that he has little psychic flashes of things that are going to happen. Taking a job that gives him control over CCTV and intelligence gathering is actually a convenient cover for knowing all the things he shouldn't know. He taught Sherlock the art of deduction so he'd have a cover if he developed abilities too, but he never did, and a wedge was driven between them because Sherlock knew he was keeping secrets but Mycroft was afraid that if Sherlock learned the truth he'd start doing experiments on himself to try and activate his powers.

Re: Mycroft is psychic

That's a really cool idea. I hope someone can run with it!

Johnlock - porny Sherlock lookalike

Sherlock's in love with John and hopes John loves (or at least lusts for) him as well. Sherlock's planning to seduce him. In order to research what John likes he checks the porn on John's laptop. He finds a vast variety of very different porn files from vanilla stuff to hardcore porn, f/f, m/m, m/m/f, multi etc. not noticing at first that the only thing they all have in common is that one of the involved parties (even in the lesbian porn!) looks like Sherlock.

Bonus points for the semblance not to be obvious. John needs to point it out to him. Like maybe one guy doesn't look anything like Sherlock - only his eyes remind John of Sherlock's.

RTYI welcome!

Re: Johnlock - porny Sherlock lookalike


I love the suggestions from HLV of Mycroft fighting back and taking Sherlock down when he pins him against the wall. I'm looking forward to seeing them filled.

But I also want the opposite. Can I have Mycroft hurt, maybe Sherlock did more damage than even he realised due to an old injury? Comhort from Greg and Greg remonstrating with Sherlock.

So basically, Mycorft whump with Greg h/c.

Sherlock Whump

What it says on the tin.

Recs/rtyis are also good.

Re: Sherlock Whump

There is never enough Sherlock whumpage! Second!


Re-promp, maybe after seeing canon druggie BBC!Sherlock, someone will be inspired to write about this.

I didn't know I was desperate to read this promp until I stumbled upon it and I saw it's always ignored (with the exception of a very nice short one shot).
The promp is "Homeless!Sherlock", I'd prefer it as a "What if" rather than an "AU" (but an AU is OK too).
Some tips I'd like to see in the story:

-Sherlock never (not yet?) met Lestrade so he never started to help Scotland Yard, so never became a consulting detective and never really quitted heroin (however he managed to quite decrease the use of it) and lives on the streets for several years.
-Mycroft wants to help, but Sherlock don't want it and manages to hide from his "eyes" for long periods of time.
-John has returned from Afghanistan wounded and depressed, but within several months he managed to find a Job in a private (little?) clinic (or a hospital if you prefer) and still limps.
-Sherlock of course still has his Street Irregulars.
-One day John (you choose if : they already had a bit of acquaintance, or instead John only noticed him while going or/and return to work but they had never talked to each other.) see Sherlock pretty sick and rushes to help him, I thought of a bad flu or a mild malnutrition or something similar, so he brings Sherlock to the clinic/his house to heal him (but if you choose to go through the more serious overdose route and the hospitalization, it'll be ok for me too).
-Hurt and comfort is REALLY appreciated.
-Maybe next, John slowly helps Sherlock to find his life route.
-Johnlock! (I leave the rating to you, I like a bit of smut, but I don't mind if they kiss "only" and the rest is left to the readers)

Medium/long fics or multiple fills are VERY welcome but not mandatory. <3
Thanks and sorry for the bad english.

Re: Homeless!Sherlock

I would love to read this too, especially the part where Sherlock is sick and John cares for him. Seconded!

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)

teeth-rotting fluff

I'm feeling down at the moment and would love some ickily-sweet fluff (johnlock, mystrade, sherstrade, mormor, not picky), please?

Pony-play - gang-bang, public sex

Groom John takes prissy pony Sherlock to the country so he can be properly bred by a suitable stallion.

He ends up as the main attraction at a play party, tied to the breeding stand in a stable yard, arse-up and helpless as the biggest and most well-endowed pony-boys John can find try to prove their worth to the assembled onlookers by filling John's pretty little filly with as much cum as possible.

Humiliation play is a bonus.

(No non-con, but role-play dub-con is fine)

Mystrade, TW: Eating Disorder

Mycroft is bulimic. Lestrade is the only one who knows.

Give me feels. Make them hurt.

(And please, no Sherlock!Bashing with blaming Sherlock for the eating disorder with all the diet jabs).

Gen or Holmescest, Living in Mycroft's Shadow

Can I please have super-intelligent kid-Sherlock living in the shadow of his 'perfect' older brother, who could do no wrong? And somewhat of a bully!Mycroft, calling Sherlock "stupid, so stupid" all the time?


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