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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock - autofellatio

Shelock performing autofellatio. Maybe he read about it in a magazine and got curious, maybe he's got trust issues, maybe he's pining for John..

Bonus cookies for John secretly witnessing this and/or including Johnlock in any way.

Rec's very welcome.

Art fills highly encouraged as well!

tl; dr:
Sherlock blowing himself

Re: Sherlock - autofellatio

Oh and super huge bonus cookies for Sherlock being all scientific about it (e.g. having read about it in a science magazine, paying attention to anatomic aspects..)

"Don't be ridiculous, you hardly need to hire a sitter when I'm right here." Sherlock scoffed, scooping the giggling toddler up out of John's arms.
"Sherlock I really don't think-" John started.
"Oh hush John, its fine, I can manage to look after my own Goddaughter for one evening while you and Mary are away."
"Sherlock you can't just leave her untended."
"Of course not."
"And no taking her around your chemicals."
"I won't."
"Or body parts"
"And NO Mind Palace! She needs to be fed, and changed, and watched constantly!"
"I shall be fully attentive at all times."
John heaved a sigh, and looked back at his tiny daughter who now sat contentedly in Sherlock's arms, "Okay Amy, daddy loves you, even if it may not seem that way given the current circumstance-"
"Oh hush!" Sherlock scowled.
The baby giggled again, smiling widely.
John sighed again, looking up at his best friend, "Please don't make me regret this..."
Sherlock looked back at him solemnly, "John I promise you she will be fine. If for any reason I cannot fathom what she needs, I will go straight to Mrs. Hudson, or call you."
John finally lowered his head in defeat...


Sherlock waited until John's cab was safely out of sight of Baker Street before pulling on his coat, and scarf, and then turning back to the baby girl he'd left seated on the sofa, and smiled at her brightly.

"Amelia darling! How would you like to go to your first crime scene?"

Or how Sherlock promised to Babysit John and Mary's baby daughter for the evening, and ended up having her tag along to solve a murder!

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Re: Babysitter!lock


Johnlock leather gloves

Sherlock sees John watching his leather gloves so he pins him to the wall for a knee trembler, bringing him off with his gloved hand. Bonus for Sherlock teasing John a lot and coming just from watching

Sherlock deduces Sally and Greg

After the whole Magnussen fiasko, the first crime scene Sherlock is walking on leads to him deducing that Sally and Greg are having fun together now. He proceeds to tease them about it but to his surprise Donovan ignores him. Greg: "You only get to blather about us if you´d join us, so shut up will you? Everyone here knows about us already."

Does Sherlock get ideas? Does he tease them more? Run wild.

Sally and Sherlock after the fall

After the fall and Season 3 Sherlock and Donovan are even more frosty: They don´t talk. At all. Not even to throw insults at each other. They work together if they have to but do it wordlessly or address someone else.

That is until Sherlock again risks a lot for a case prompting Donovan to follow into danger which nearly gets her killed.

+ Greg and John find them arguing whose´s heroics were more stupid
+ both of them at least respect each other

Re: Sally and Sherlock after the fall

I'd love to see this - seconding!

I've actually got a whole page of prompts written, but I don't want to get yelled at for flooding or such, so gonna post every couple of posts...

Sick of the herd stallion Mycroft telling him what to do, young mustange Sherlock runs away, only to run across an injured Rare!Palamino Centaur named John who was bred in Human captivity, only to later be abused and abandoned, leaving him with massive psychological trauma and major trust issues.

+Omegaverse with Alpha!Sherlock and Omega!John
++ If you throw in Mystrade (I'm obsessed. Sorry...)

Oh yes please! Second'd!


Sherlock is seasick (or carsick or planesick, if you prefer).

Little Miss Watson is a popular girl, but who's the Daddy?

Sherlock comes back after a few months on a case abroad to find that 16-year-old Lucy Watson is pregnant. He assumes initially that the baby might be his because Lucy seduced him before he left (not really his cup of tea, but hey, he's getting mellow in his middle age and she seemed inexplicably keen). He isn't looking forward to having to explain that one to John and Mary.

However, it turns out nobody knows who the father is because little Lucy has been making the most of reaching the age of consent (16 in the UK) and quite happily having it off with anyone who wants her - which turns out to be practically every grown man she knows. She won't name names, so Sherlock sets out to deduce who she's been sleeping with, when it happened and what acts were involved, with the aim of finding out who the father is before the baby is born and a DNA test can be done. Mainly just because he reckons he can.

Up to author anon exactly who is on the list, and whose genes struck it lucky, but every male character in the Sherlock verse is fine by me: Greg, Mike Stamford, Anderson, Mycroft (Sherlock really didn't need *that* image in his brain), Billy, even John if you don't mind going there!

I just want a kink-bingo-full of funny scenes and kinky scenes and downright perverted scenes (anything goes!), as long as they are all hot and Sherlock gets to show off, making deductions about all his friends and colleagues' naughty carryings-on with his barely legal and now well and truly up the duff god-daughter.

Re: Little Miss Watson is a popular girl, but who's the Daddy?

sweet mother of God, the kink meme is not the place for self insert sue!fic.
(Frozen) (Parent) (Thread) (Expand)

In an AU Victorian London where Human's with mechanical inhancements are looked down upon by most as being defective, John Watson is a young former army doctor with a robotic (automail XD) left arm and right leg (right leg that keeps breaking down that is) struggling to find work in a bias society. Then he's offered work by an aristocrat as the families private doctor. John arrives at lord Mycroft's manor, expecting to have to attend to the lord, only to then be driven by carriage to where Mycroft's eccentric younger brother Sherlock is living. Sherlock is a genius inventor whose sadly a bit crazy, and a spoiled brat. Sherlock is in very poor health, hence Mycroft's need for hiring a doctor. He's also scared away all the other doctors, and nurses Mycroft has hired.

+Sherlock literally fixes John's right leg.
++Sherlock is the first person to ever not look at John's mech parts without a look of pity or disgust.

Idk I just wanted the whole Steampunk world building thing with John with a mechanical arm and leg, and Sherlock as a crazy inventor. I really don't care if you change things up, this is just a rough idea. Doesn't need to be Johnlock, it can just be their canon bromance, and John can get with Mary or someone, I'm happy anyway.

Re: Steampunk!lock AU

I didn't even know I needed this, but I do! I love the steampunk and automail elements. I hope it gets filled!

Emotional!John+awkwardly comforting!Sherlock

John knows he's being illogical at this point, but he can't seem to stop crying. Sherlock is making an effort to help (and possibly making it worse).

Mycroft Reacts

Mycroft's reaction upon finding out his brother has been almost fatally shot just hours after they argued about Magnussen.

Ooh, indeed. I really just wanted to see all the hospital scenes, since I'm sure Mycroft would have shown up.

Re: Mycroft Reacts (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mycroft Reacts (Anonymous) Expand


Greg has a shy, bumbling actor of a boyfriend since splitting with his wife.

His name is Richard Brook.

+ Bonus deduction points if Richard really *is* Jim's twin
+ Bonus deduction points if Richard has absolutely no connection to Moriarty and is terrified by Sherlock
+ Bonus deduction points for Moriarty just being his regular arsehole self and laughing about it
+ Bonus deduction points if Greg is actually Jim's father (omgiamsogoingtothespecialhell)

Sherlock's mouth is sewn shut

Feeling a bit sadistic today, so I couldn't resist.
I'd like a fic where Sherlock's mouth is sewn shut. Who does/did it? Upto filler.
(I'm not opposed to it being an angry John, just as long as he is then also the one who tenderly removes the stitching after whatever length of time. But all the same it could be some random baddie who has him sewn up and Lestrade to save him. Whatever really.)
Preferably no Moriarty.

+ In case the Yard is involved: teasing/pestering from Donovan and Anderson while Sherlock is in some layer of his personal hell would be smashing, but just a comment or two, I don't think they're completely evil

Re: Sherlock's mouth is sewn shut

I am rather horrified at myself for how badly I want to write this now...

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(Deleted comment)

Re: Mycroft wears a wedding ring - so where is his wife?

*gasp* I want this so much now! *eagerly hoping someone will fill this prompt*


So John's apparently attracted to danger... Well, Mycroft is the most dangerous man you'll ever meet. Some unplanned kinky office sex would be lovely, but anything drawing on the risk-taking and danger aspect is good.

Re: Mycroft/John

All the yes to Johncroftian prompts

Inspired by a prompt few pages back

In 'the Sign of Three' Sherlock said that he'd poison John if he wanted to kill him. In fact, once John missed out an entire wednesday. Give me drugged John and (a tad dark), cuddly Sherlock.

Falling in together

Sherlock is a lonely single father trying to raise a gifted toddler after his wife Irene leave him suddenly.

John is a grieving widower whose trying to move on with his life, after the loosing his wife and young daughter in a tragic car crash, that left him with a permanent limp, and crushing depression, and nightmares.

When the two come together after both showing up to rent the same flat, things are at first tense, both being awkward around one another, and John feeling particularly out of sorts watching Sherlock and little Auguste interact, and missing his own child.

+Cute!chatty!Auguste coming over and babbling to his "Uncle John" about a book Uncle Mycroft sent him.

I love the idea of Toddler Auguste Lupa (Holmes)! but if you'd rather, I won't say no to the ex-wife being Marjorie and the baby being little Raffles Holmes! x3

Re: Falling in together

Does it have to end with Johnlock happening, or can it just stay gen?

Re: Falling in together (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock at MI6/Bond crossover

Skyfall Q explaining to (Mycroft? M? Someone?) that he wouldn't be in charge of handling Sherlock's missions. At the end of the day, Sherlock still regards Q as his younger brother, and wouldn't listen to him anyway.

Re: Sherlock at MI6/Bond crossover

I love 007/Sherlock crossovers where Q is the youngest Holmes brother! x3


Prompt: Familiar face

TW: Torture

We all know Moriarty hired a man with a striking resemblance to Sherlock to kidnap two children in TGG. But why would he get rid of such a valuable resource? Think of all the fun he could have if he owned a man with Sherly's face.

Nearly two years after Sherlock's supposed suicide, Moriarty is fully aware that his favorite detective is still alive, and decides it's time for him to come home and play.

To lure the him back, Moriarty has John Watson kidnapped. Oh but why stop there?
The ex-army surgeon is subjected to brutal physical, psychological and emotional torture at the hands of the thug with Sherlock's face.

Won't Sherly be surprised when his favorite doctor isn't at all happy to see him again after all this time?


Basically looking for someone to completely destroy Watson, and for Sherlock to try and put his best friend back together, even if said friend is convinced he's trying to kill him.

Bonus points if you include Mary being a BAMF and helping Sherlock get revenge on Moriarty.

(I'm completely new at this. If I've posted this in the wrong place or if this is too close to a prompt that has already been filled or some such, please let me know. Sorry! :( )

Re: Prompt: Familiar face

OOH!! I read something like this! Where someone kidnapped John and held him, it was "Stalker" by vincentmeoblinn found here:

Still it was waay different than this one. It didn't deal with the aftermath. So yes Seconding this BIG TIME!

Mrs. Turner's Married Ones

John starts to notice that the couple next door are acting strange, and becomes convinced that they're serial killers!
Only nobody, not even Sherlock will believe him!
So John sets out to prove it himself!!

Silly or serious, or a mix of both I don't mind.

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Mycroft is Sherlock's dad

When Mycroft was fifteen he got his girlfriend pregnant. Sherlock isn't Mycroft's little brother, he's his son. But Sherlock doesn't know that.

Fill as you wish and in whatever part of the timeline of the au. Though I'd love to see Sherlock finding out Mycroft's his dad sometime during the show timeline. ;)

Re: Mycroft is Sherlock's dad

Oooh, seconded!!

Mycroft once kidnapped Lestrade too

It didn't end well. Not after Lestrade found out this creep* was the brother of the young man Lestrade had pulled off the streets.

I see lots of posturing between the two, with Mycroft honestly meaning well and wanting to do right but not knowing how to not be the British Government, contrasting Lestrade, who barely knows Sherlock and is already locked into Papa Wolf mode.

*Dislcaimer: ILU Mikey. But kidnapping people is creepy.

Omegaverse! Foursome! Pack Building!

AU: Mycroft, Greg, and Sherlock Holmes are a pack on the brink of self-destruction as Alphas Mycroft and Sherlock fight over Omega!Greg. Looking for a way to resolve the issue, they ask, and are directed to find a Beta. Betas are said to be able to exert a calming force upon Alphas, and Omegas. Only problem: Due to social stigmas, and a long held practice of aborting Beta fetuses, Betas are now a rare, and much sought after commodety. At a loss as to what to do, the three search all the Beta Centers for a Beta for their pack, only to meet with failur. They're just about to give in, when a friend of Sherlock's Mike Stamford inquires if they'd be willing to take in a Beta with some special needs. Though cautious, they agree to try, and are directed to a small center for disabled Betas, where they're introduced to John Watson, a former Army doctor with a limp and major trust issues...

Or: In a universe were Betas are rare and are known for their powers to soothe the raw tempers of Alphas and Omegas, Alphas Sherlock & Mycroft and their Omega Greg take in a damaged Beta John Watson, to try and keep their floundering Pack together.

Oh, that's a really fascinating premise! I love the idea of Betas actually having a significant role in the Omegaverse.

Re: The Beta (Anonymous) Expand

Blue's Clues


this is sherlock on a bad trip on hallucinogens pre series

Please, anyone. I want a Johnlock post-reichenbach mv with this song. John was aware that he loved Sherlock. I need something to ease those bitter feelings from Season 3...


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