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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock abroad

Anything that Sherlock got up to while he was pretending to be dead.

Re: Sherlock abroad


Infidelity, post-HLV

Nobody told John that Sherlock flatlined at the hospital. He finally finds out. Things go quiet at home, desperate at 221B, and a bit hazy everywhere.

"Oh my God, Sherlock... what do we do? What do we do now?"
"I don't know." Sherlock hides his face in John's neck, breath hot and damp against thoroughly-kissed skin. "I don't know. You weren't supposed to know."

Re: Infidelity, post-HLV

I need this so bad!

Re: Infidelity, post-HLV (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Infidelity, post-HLV (Anonymous) Expand
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CRACK, GEN, Sherlock can play the violin, John... not so much

The only time Sherlock will play the violin badly, is to annoy his brother, the rest of the time, he plays it beautifully.

John... John once blew out both Mycroft's and Moriarty's entire network of electronic bugs in 221B with the god-awful sound he made.

He's had more than one of Mycroft's attendants curled up in a corner whimpering in pain.

Moriarty uses listening to John's attempts as punishment for any mistakes his minions make.

And Sherlock is pretty sure their home hasn't had any kind of pest since John decided he wanted to learn.

John's just trying to get better at playing, though constantly being asked by Sally and Anderson to play during interrogations, is kind of rude.

At least Lestrade just puts in earplugs.


In a world where people often share partial DNA with one species of animal or another, Sherlock's secondary species type is leporine (rabbit). In addition to ears, a tail, superior hearing, etc., rabbit people are also known for their heightened (some claim insatiable) libidos. Which makes it particularly unusual that Sherlock has never had much interest in sex. He's not asexual, but he's always found it easy to prioritize other things.

That is, until John Watson moves into 221b and things change. Something about John triggers an awakening of Sherlock's rabbit traits - especially his libido, which gradually increases from easily ignored to almost overwhelming. (Feel free to explain this plot point however you want, and as much or as little as you want: science, pseudoscience, handwaving, magic, pheromones, soulbonds-- I'm down with any and all of it.)

Cue Sherlock fighting to suppress his new feelings and desires, losing his cool a fair bit, lots of attempted denial, and LOTS of sex, or wanking, or both. At first Sherlock hates these changes in himself, and is determined to reverse them, but by the end he realizes that while his libido is distracting, he can learn to manage it (especially with John's frequent and enthusiastic, er, help), and the heightening of his other leporine traits actually aids him in his work.

+ I'd like Sherlock to be primarily a bottom, though he doesn't have to be exclusively a bottom.

+ Fic could be predominantly UST (i.e. Sherlock represses and hides his desires from John; cue lots of secretive wanking). Alternatively, they could start having sex pretty quick, but Sherlock continues to grapple with the strength of his desires, ashamed at how he wants John to fuck him ALL the time.

+ John's animal type is up to the writer, though it may be a good bet to type him as another animal that also mates frequently, so that it's not a chore for him to "keep up" with Sherlock. Or you could just hand wave that part and say John simply has a stronger sex drive than most.

TLDR: Magical realism. People share DNA with animals. Sherlock has rabbit DNA. Most rabbit people have high libidos. But Sherlock's never felt that much interest in sex - until he meets John. Then suddenly his rabbit traits start to kick in with a vengeance, especially the libido. Sherlock freaks out at first, but eventually he learns to manage and utilize his rabbit traits.

And now for something completely different... Johnlock...

John Watson is a hundred and thirty year old vampire whose still maintaines a strong sense of humanity despite his darker history. When he meets Sherlock Holmes, a brilliant young human, and they move in together. Things soon come to a head as ever perceptive Sherlock starts to suspect something is wrong with his mild mannered flatemate, and John's old lover James Moriarty shows up, and also takes an unhealthy intrest in Sherlock.

I always see these as Vampire!Sherlock human John (Which I prefer) But that's why this idea intrigued me. The shoe on the other foot, and John and Jim being the arch enemies and powerful imortal beings, with a largely clueless Sherlock stuck in the middle.

Re: And now for something completely different... Johnlock...

Vampires Jim and John fighting over morsel Sherlock. I didn't know I wanted this.

Sherlock/John - AU inspired by The Borrowers/Ratatouille

AU: John manages to get 221B at a discounted enough price to live there on his own... he thinks, until he discovers someone else has been living there all along. Sherlock is tiny enough to fit into the Palm of John's hand and impossibly brilliant, and with his guidance, John winds up helping the police. Sherlock is ecstatic to have relief from his boredom, and interacting with John isn't half as painful as previous attempts to show himself to regular humans.

John/Sherlock preferred, John/Mary and/or John/Mary/Sherlock also possible, gen accepted.

Bonus: Sherlock eventually becomes human-sized (whether he was born that way and became small or was born small).

Re: Sherlock/John - AU inspired by The Borrowers/Ratatouille

Oh! A friend of mine and I wrote this exact story!
You can read the whole thing here, if you're interested.
No Mary though. This was written before season three aired. :(

deaf myroft

mycroft becomes deaf at a young age, but he still manages to get a position in the government and maybe he hires anthea to help him out

Prompt: John and Sherlock were in Dangan Ronpa.

(Spoilers for the first game)

I'd love to see a Johnlock/Dangan Ronpa crossover, where HS!John and HS!Sherlock were part of the disastrous event (maybe the cause?) and put in Junko's game as well to be killed off as revenge except instead of dying they manage to foil her. Feel free to change it!

– Shiki

Molly/Sherlock, maybe John Warnings: role playing, necrophilia

Sherlock is a necrophiliac. He's never indulged it and it's not something he's proud of. He finds it easier to nip the whole topic of sexuality in the bud by telling people that he's asexual.

Molly helped pay her way through college and med school by catering to men with Sherlock's proclivity. A high tolerance for pain (so she could withstand the ice bath to drop her body temp) and an ability to control her heart rate meant she was extremely convincing, and thus popular, and the work suited her because she wasn't required to make conversation.

When Sherlock discovers this he asks to contract her services and she agrees. Or perhaps it becomes another way that Molly helps him, Sherlock calling her in advance when he's stressed so she can prepare.

Perhaps after a while John could be brought in to watch if you'd like that.

(This whole prompt is born of a visual i have of Molly preparing for one of their sessions much the way Tippi prepared for her own Necrophiliac client in Satisfaction. With the ice bath and the powder to look like a fresh corpse. And then Sherlock coming in to 'discover' her left alone under the crime scene sheet.)

Re: Molly/Sherlock, maybe John Warnings: role playing, necrophilia

I love discovering new kinks. . Didn't know how much I wanted this until this prompt. Please?

Mycroft says new informa

Sherlock finds out that John can hula hoop really well, like amazingly well. Maybe he won contests when he was in school. Because Sherlock can not stand for somebody to be better at something than him, he challenges John to see who can hula hoop the longest.
How long does the challenge last; hours, days? Does Mrs. Hudson bring them food so they don't pass out from low blood sugar? Does Lestrade stop by with a case and stay to watch? Who wins and what do they get from the loser?
Crack, slash, fluff, fill any way you would like.

Re: John can hula hoop

I'd love to see an art fill for this. Or better yet a vid fill. Is that even possible??

John calls Mummy "Mummy" too

After hearing the Holmes brothers argue numerous times, always refering to their mother as "Mummy", it only makes sense that he'd slip up when he meets her... I'd love a fic where John regularly calls her Mummy and she loves John like a son for being Sherlock's friend and stuff and gladly lets him.
Mary's reaction when she meets the Holmeses?

Re: John calls Mummy "Mummy" too

so adorbs!

Sherlock is abducted and noone notices

(I sort of imagined this post-SoT, but post-hlv is possible, too, as long as sherlock is living alone at baker street and john is with mary)
John once scoffed at the idea that marrying Mary could in any way change his relationship to Sherlock.
Fact is, he hasn't seen his best friend in over a month.
Meanwhile Sherlock is stumbling into a hospital, clearly heavily wounded and abused, demanding to talk to DI Lestrade. The nurses don't want to upset him even more and do as he says. When Lestrade arrives at Sherlocks hospitalroom, the latter tells him to call off the search for him, everything is alright, would you please phone John, he must be out of his mind by now.
Lestrade doesn't understand a word and is frankly, after a long day at work, a little on edge, so he asks 'why would someone search for you? what the hell is going on?' and a confused Sherlock replies 'But I've been gone for nearly two weeks...' only to find out, that noone fucking noticed.
+10 the reason mrs. hudson didn't ntoice is that she's on holiday or something
+100 molly and/or anderson had been the only ones to worry about sherlock
+10000 john feels reeeally guilty
+10000000 john actually thought about sherlock a LOT during that month, but he always dismissed it or felt stupid about worrying
+100000000000 mycroft didn't notice, cause prior to sherlock vanishing they had a major argument with each other, which led to mycroft cancelling all surveillance on sherlock; he, of course, feels incredibly guilty about everything too.
+ infinity for heartbroken sherlock trying to isolate himself after all this, but having nightmares and panic attacks and basically in dire need of some tlc
+ my neighbour's life if you sooomehow manage to fit johnlock in there :D

Re: Sherlock is abducted and noone notices

+10000000 when including all those kick ass bonuses!

op (Anonymous) Expand
op (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock can give himself a natural high, John doesn't know that

Sherlock has a room in his mind palace with every good sensation he's ever experienced. Taste, smell, sound, touch, everything. Every now and then he opens up the room and lets it all wash over him, giving himself a natural high.
And then John comes home, finds him completely strung out and thinks he's been shooting up.
Johnlock not required.
No Moriarty please.

Re: Sherlock can give himself a natural high, John doesn't know that

Yus please.

Sherlock finds himself (despite his best efforts) madly in love with his BLINDINGLY STRAIGHT flatmate John Watson. Only other problem? He has no idea how to be in love. So Sherlock turns to Movies, Books, and the Internet for tips. And yeah it all goes down hill from there...

+For Someone walking in and catching Sherly reading bad Harlequin romance novels (Sherlock: Its for a case... *averts eyes*)
++ for that someone being Mycroft, who sees right through him, and laughs his ass off about it.
Jackpot for Sherlock finally breaking down and asking Greg for dating advice. And then interrupting wildly every time Greg starts in on what sounds like a story about him and Mycroft. XD

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Re: Wooing John Watson

Pining!Sherlock is a massively popular trait, but I really, really want the Mystrade and Sherlock-questioning-Greg-but-not-wanting-information-about-his-brother's-love-life-pleaseandthankyou. Seconded. :)

"Sometimes I don't talk for days"

Sherlock sometimes doesn't talk for days because he goes on Minecraft binges.

Bonus: He is focused on building beehives to the point that everything he does in game is specifically so he can build more and better beehives.

Re: "Sometimes I don't talk for days"

I literally can't stop laughing about this prompt. SECONDED.

Open to interpretation.

John disappears without any notice at all one evening.

Sherlock tracks him down and brings him home by any means necessary.

Re: Open to interpretation.

Maybe he's gambling again and in over his head and Sherlock has to put *himself* in the pot to bail him out--so he gets end up sucking off a guy in the back room of a gambling den so that John doesn't get beat to bloody pulp and John is devastated.

Sherlock tells him it's just transport.

Um, if I can schoolwork done I will write this.

Scheming!Mycroft seduces Mary to make Johnlock happen

After seeing Sherlock summon the courage to tell John his feelings on the runway, only to falter at the last moment, Mycroft realizes it's never going to happen as long as John and Mary are together. He comes up with a plan to drive John and Mary apart and clear the way for his baby having an affair with Mary.

+Mycroft falls in love with Mary despite his best efforts not to get "involved."
++Mary is actually working for Moriarty and going along with the affair to try to play Mycroft for state secrets.

Re: Scheming!Mycroft seduces Mary to make Johnlock happen


Mycroft looked so shocked and proud of Sherlock when he thought he was going to confess.

Eyeball tea

Sherlock really liked that tea.

Re: Eyeball tea

laughed sooo hard at this. need to see this fill

Re: Eyeball tea (Anonymous) Expand

bible quote prompt

Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee; for whither thou goest, I will go, and where thou lodgest, I will lodge.

Sherlock dies after 221B confrontation scene

Because it really annoys me that John and Mary, who are not only supposed to be Sherlock's best friends but also medical professionals, didn't notice or care that he was getting weaker and clearly needed medical attention from rushing around London with a hole in his chest all to try to fix their marriage.

So my prompt is; Sherlock didn't call an ambulance when he got to 221b and he just collapses during the conversation and they're not able to save him in time. He dies there in 221b between the both of them.

Major guilt and grief from John and Mary follows.

Re: Sherlock dies after 221B confrontation scene

It would be very painful to read but the guilt would be well deserved.


Johnlock, "Oh no, he's hot." (Alternate S1 meeting)

(Alternate beginning to S1 in which John heard of Sherlock before he was ever taken to meet him by Mike.)

Somehow the situation is that John only knows Sherlock by his reputation and when Mike takes John to meet Sherlock, he overhears Sherlock being a complete asshole to somebody. John already extremely dislikes the guy based on all the crap he hears Sherlock saying to this poor person and just knows he's gonna hate the guy even more as soon as he meets him... Then John enters the room and sees Sherlock for the first time. He is struck by one thought:

"Oh no, he's hot."

Re: Johnlock, "Oh no, he's hot." (Alternate S1 meeting)

That last line is totally canon! At least in my head!

Sherlock Antics (With Tiny Cameras)

When he was playing dead, there were only a few people who knew the truth about his "suicide". In order to protect them, he plants cameras around their house so that he can keep an eye on them while he's away.

For his parents, he puts one in the living room above the fireplace. They're always in that room reading and they'll never notice such a small camera. Right?
Mycroft? A few scattered bugs in his office which are constantly being found by the older Holmes brother, and Mycroft always seems to have a ten minute lecture for the tiny camera that somehow ended up in his teacup.
For Molly, because Sherlock isn't sure what room of the house she spends most time in, Sherlock puts the camera on the collar of her cat, Toby. This gets interesting when Sherlock discovers that Molly - while almost laughably shy around people - has no qualms about letting the cat into the room while she showers, has sex, or masturbates.
Wiggins was given a new watch. Little did he know it had a hidden camera in it.

One thing's for the end of the day when Sherlock goes to check on the people he left at home, he's always in for a show.

Genderswap Holmescest

male-Mycroft/female-Sherlock: keeping their relationship a secret has always been tricky--not least with Dr. Watson sharing the flat--but things come to a head when Sherlock informs her brother that she wants to carry and raise his child.


There's an X-Men comic series called Exiles, in which X-Men from different dimensions are pulled together and are instructed to put a timeline on it's correct course.

There is another team that gets the jobs that involve murder and violence to get the timeline back.

See more:

I would love to see this with as many Sherlock Holmes' characters are pulled into one or more teams to set the world to rights.

A team of Sherlocks? Multiple Mycrofts and a few Watsons? A Moriarty, Lestrade, Adler or two? Chuck 'em in a blender and see what works.

ETA: OMG, Mycroft said 221!

Wholock - The God Complex

John and Sherlock (and others from the yard) become trapped in the hotel from the Doctor Who episode The God Complex. Because we all know Sherlock believes in 'a higher power' (his own brain, his deductions, science etc) so the monster would latch on to him.
Sherlock comes face to face with his greatest fear inside one of the hotel rooms (whatever that fear is, is up to the filler. Himself? Moriarty? John leaving him?)
I would prefer no main character death but if you want to have a previous group of victims/random OCs in there with them to begin with and they die, that is fine.
Bonus if it is Anderson who first notices something is wrong with Sherlock when he starts to praise the monster.


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