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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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crack!fic request (or not, if you want to take it that way)

Okay, I realise this is unlikely to be filled seriously so I'm completely okay with crack fills.

Basically, I want niceguy!John (or another male character) getting all butthurt about being 'friendzoned'.

Whether or not somebody calls him out on it, I don't mind, I'll leave that up to the filler!

thRe: crack!fic request (or not, if you want to take it that way)

Seconded! This would be hilarious. Especially if Sherlock was the one calling him out.

Sherlock/John in the afterlife

So there's this idea I've had for a while, because it frustrates me DEEPLY that in almost every fic where Sherlock and/or John die, it ends right after they die, or the story continues from whoever survive's POV.

I want a story where either Sherlock or John (or maybe both- that would be preferable, actually) die and the story continues from their POV after they've died. Any kind of afterlife is acceptable, from any religion/belief system. I want to see how they react to the knowledge that they've died, I want them to watch the people they love suffer due to their deaths.

Sherlock/John would be preferable, but Gen is okay. Smutty times are welcomed with glee, but not necessary.

Sorry if this is bad... *hides behind chair*


"I Meet You There, and We Go" by Irisbleufic on A03:
Sherlock and John both die at the pool. Scenes of the other characters dealing with their deaths are intercut with scenes of their afterlife together.

"Last Words" by PrettyArbitrary and "Final Hours" by Bendingsignpost on A03:
Companion pieces, the first from John's perspective as he's slowly dying, the second from Sherlock's perspective as he meets up with John after he dies (he predeceased John by several years).

The one by Irisbleufic is probably closer to what you're after. But I still hope someone picks up your prompt. I love me a good deathfic.

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John doesn't forgive Mary

for shooting Sherlock.

I thought the explanation of it not being a kill-shot wasn't very believable, as complications can always arise-and sherlock actually did die for some time there.

s/j friendship preference, mild slash ok too!

p.s. i'm sorry but i hate epithets ;)

Re: John doesn't forgive Mary


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Victorian role-play

So there's fic where Sherlock role-plays a Victorian woman with "hysteria" and John is the doctor who masturbates her as the "cure"--can we have Sherlock want to role-play the Victorian woman (or man) who is a virgin and "ruined" by Three Continents Watson?

I just think Sherlock would like something really angsty and wrong like that.

+1000 for aftercare

Re: Victorian role-play

Holy crap yes. Seconding!!!!

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Fear Of Doctors

The Holmes family GP was a scary Victorian type doctor and as a child Sherlock had to be held down literally kicking and screaming for a procedure.

Now Sherlock suffers from Iatrophobia, or fear of going to the doctor. John finds out he hasn't had a check up in ten years.

When John tries to convince Sherlock to get a check up or let him take a look he sees a new side of his friend. An illogical, terrified,hysterical side. Good thing John knows PTSD when he sees it.

Mucho H/C.

Re: Fear Of Doctors

This is everything that I suddenly want. Seconded!

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Hitch Hiker's Cross Over

The reason Sherlock took three years to come back to John is because he accidentally hitched a lift with Arthur and Ford.

Arthur is so much like John, Sherlock wants to make sure Arthur is safe.

Re: Hitch Hiker's Cross Over

Seconded. My god, seconded.

Holmescest with inexperienced!Sherlock and indulgent!Mycroft

Sometime after HLV, Sherlock is willing to experiment with his sexuality and searches his mind palace for suitable stimulation. Unfortunately, the only thing that seems to do the trick are his memories/fantasies of Mycroft. This upsets him more than a little & he starts avoiding Mycroft and indulging in cocaine to rein himself in.

Eventually, Mycroft turns up and is able to immediately tell that Sherlock is using, and that he's upset about something. High!Sherlock is less able to keep his mouth shut than normal and spills enough for Mycroft to learn the truth. He is - surprised. Sherlock is distraught. A comforting fraternal hug turns into something more.

Basically, I want a desperate Sherlock rubbing himself off against a fully-clothed Mycroft's thigh while Mycroft soothes him & strokes his hair. If Mycroft is then persuaded to take himself in hand, so much the better.

Fill: Double Vision (1/3)

“I really don't see why you're being so difficult about this,” Mycroft said, tapping his fingers against the handle of his umbrella. “Just make yourself comfortable and I'll guide you through everything you need to do.”

“I don't want or need you to guide me through anything,” Sherlock replied through gritted teeth, clutching a torn throw pillow over his lap. The other pillows were scattered all over the floor in a sea of various other household objects, including two upturned chairs and the now destroyed coffee table.

Mycroft appeared next to him on the couch. “Now, now. We both know that's not true, don't we, brother mine?” His voice was low and mocking, his mouth only a hair's breadth from Sherlock's ear. “You've feared and neglected your body's basic needs for far too long. It's perfectly natural that your fantasies would be about--”

Sherlock swung a hand in his direction. The hit failed to connect, but Mycroft once again disappeared, reappearing in front of him.

“There's really no need to be--”

Sherlock flung the pillow at him, sending it straight through his head.

Mycroft appeared in the doorway, stepping warily over a shattered lamp.

“Sherlock, what in God's name have you been--”

Sherlock sent a nearby teacup flying before he could even stop to think.

Mycroft scrambled to the side in time for it to crash into the wall instead of his head, but still ended up with a splash of undoubtedly very cold tea in his hair. He stared at Sherlock with wide eyes. “You're high.”

Sherlock pulled his knees up in front of him with an almost inhuman speed. “Your point?”

Mycroft made his way carefully through the mess, taking a seat at the opposite end of the couch. “What prompted this?”

“I've been bored,” Sherlock replied, scratching his hands up and down the front of his legs in a twitchy, over-energetic motion. His blood still pumped wildly through his veins, and his cock was practically throbbing with the demand for attention.

The illusionary Mycroft reappeared behind him. “Now that the real me is here, that should be easy enough to solve, shouldn't it?”

Sherlock hugged his knees more closely to his chest.

“I thought you'd learned other ways to keep yourself occupied in your boredom,” the real Mycroft said. “If nothing else, you could have called me. I could provide you with plenty of ways to occupy yourself--”

The other Mycroft chuckled behind him.

Sherlock fought the urge to twitch or squirm, digging his nails into his pajama bottoms.

The real Mycroft was still talking. “--and now look where it's got you. It didn't even give you the result you intended, did it?”

“No,” Sherlock replied irritably, dragging his nails along the outside of his thigh. “Getting high was supposed to get rid of you, not bring you here to lecture me.”

Mycroft opened his mouth to respond but closed it almost immediately, his annoyed expression turning to one of confusion. “'Get rid' of me?” he repeated. “We haven't seen each other in weeks. What on Earth are you talking about?”

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Red Rose

Sherlock's set designer said in an interview that, in HLV, the single red rose in Sherlock's hospital room is from the Woman. I want something about what was going through her head when she learned about Sherlock getting shot and nearly dying. What does she say and do when she comes to visit him?

Wars Of The Roses (1/1)

She'd been lying low ever since the incident in Karachi, but she needed to get back to London now.

Sherlock Holmes had been shot and very nearly died; she had to make sure he was alright, for the sake of their strange connection both of them had felt right from the start.

It was nothing like the sentiment ordinary people called love, and yet it ran far deeper than anyone would suspect. She was attracted to his brains, just like he was attracted to hers; it had always been a challenge between the two of them, and that was exactly what made it all the more interesting.

On her way to the hospital she stopped at a florist's, a wry smile tugging at her lips as she picked a single red rose. As likely as not he would never agree to have dinner with her, and that was half the reason why she kept asking him.

"My offer still stands," she whispered in his ear, placing the rose on the bedside table.

Then she slipped out of the room and vanished into the night.

Threatened!John and creepy!CAM

*Spoilers for HLV*

Basically I want John!Hostage and Sherlock trying to save him from a creepy CAM. Here's an idea, but I'm a pretty open-minded OP.

So when CAM tells Sherlock that he made a mistake, I had assumed that the mistake was that Sherlock actually brought his leverage with him- John. So I want John to ask why CAM is smiling and have CAM reply exactly that and say something like, "You actually brought your leverage to me, Sherlock."

Then, I want him to have a John hostage while telling Sherlock to keep Mycroft and the government away beacuse the files are actually real and there is no mind palace. I'm okay with whump, noncon element, poison, or just CAM threatening John. But Sherlock complies with what CAM wants, and desperately comes up with all sorts of lies to convince Mycroft to not come. or something.

Johnlock is absolutely loved but not required.

Re: Threatened!John and creepy!CAM


John sees Mary shoot Sherlock

John doesn't arrive in CAM's study only after Mary has fled the scene. He follows Sherlock upstairs, unbeknownst to the detective, and sees him get shot.

I want to see John's immediate reaction. I want to see the fallout. No dark!John or John and Mary patching things up, please. Johnlock as an outcome would be a huge bonus, but is not neccessary.

Re: John sees Mary shoot Sherlock

Considering filling this. :)

OP here (Anonymous) Expand


Sherlock is a virgin, but he's an OTT bodice-ripper-style virgin. While still behaving as his usual familiar self otherwise, during any romantic or even vaguely sexual encounter Sherlock's behavior changes drastically: swooning, blushing, eyelash-fluttering, using tortured euphemisms for any sexual activity, angsty monologging on rooftops and moors about the purity of love and the impurity of physical lust, wringing lacey handkerchiefs that he seems to have an endless inexplicable supply of, longing gazes, tittering behind fans and so forth. He isn't doing it to mess with John, it's just the way he is and questioning his behaviour leads to more angsty monologging and swooning over his love being spurned. Drama.

John, however, is a normal human male who happens to be in love with his flatmate, even now that said flatmate appears to have gone mental in an entirely unprecedented way and John has no idea at all what to do about it.

TLDR: Sherlock is a bodice-ripper style virgin. John is John. ♥~Romance~♥ with a big dose of WTF.


Oh my god. I'm dying laughing just thinking about it. Seconded to the highest degree possible.

Omega pregnancy: John/Mary/Sherlock

John not just Mary pregnant; Sherlock finds himself carrying John's child as well.

Now John finds himself taking care and attending to his lovers needs, both at the same time. It quite a handful... but he does look forward to pleasuring them at the end of the day.

Bonus points for Mary and Sherlock competing for John's attention and love.

Re: Omega pregnancy: John/Mary/Sherlock


MorMor Reverse Prompt!

This anon wants to write a few Moran/Moriarty minifills and needs prompts. Have a certain kind of Sebastian you want to see in a fic (for example snarky ex-con Sebastian as acted by Idris Elba)? A specific scene between the two? Something fluffy - as far as these two can -, something smutty? Last and first meetings? Pirate AU? As long as it's not prompts that would recquire a fifteen-parts-fill, it's all good. I'll try to fill everything that comes my way!

(I won't write: non-con, scat, watersports, pedo- and necrophilia, bestiality)

Re: MorMor Reverse Prompt!

Ummm...a mini fill with Mary as Moran, discovering Moriarty had faked his death just like Sherlock did and being equally pissed. If not more so.

If more traditional, then a first meeting recruiting Moran?

Can I just have anything involving these two men and sex? Fully consensual, please.

John/Sherlock- Dreams

Sherlock has amazingly boring dreams. Basically, they're just like everyday life. Sometimes he dreams about John and he getting take out. Other times he might dream about them going to a book store. THe problem is, sometimes he forgets what he dreamt and what really happened.

John, Mycroft, Sherlock- Believe

John doesn't believe in ghosts or mythological creatures. Mycroft and Sherlock do because they've routinely come across cases where there's no other explanation. When they find out that John doesn't believe, they decide to prove him wrong by showing him proof.

Ex. Maybe they found the lair of the Loch Ness Monster.
Maybe a certain house is haunted and they take him to spend a night there.
Maybe they take him Bigfoot hunting.

Love is not all wine and roses...

...sometimes it's handcuffs and massive arguments.

I've been stumbling over a lot of rage-inducing bad BDSM in lit lately (No, not 50 shades though it may as well have been,) and I'd really like a palette cleanser. Preferably involving a sub who isn't a doormat and a Dom capable of accepting culpability.
Johnlock or Sherstrade for preferance but other pairings would work too.

So much of the BDSM dynamic is about trust but nobody is infallible and eventually even the best Dom is going to fuck up and make the wrong judgement, and I would like to see the sub character call them on it.

Especially I would like to see the Dom being a little too swift to respond to a situation with a punishment. Not just a little play-spanking but one of their "You've done something really out of line, this is not for fun" type punishments reserved for really serious bad behaviour. A situation that the sub feels is blatantly unfair; like they haven't been listened to at all and that they're being punished for something that they didn't do or that wasn't their fault. Enough that they safeword after it's barely even started, because it's headed for a really bad headspace and they do not trust their Dom's judgement of the situation.

Bonus: The exonerated sub is still pissed and shaken even after the Dom apologises & admits they were wrong.
Double Bonus: Regardless of everything the Dom is proud of their sub for safewording and lets them know it in no uncertain terms.

Re: Love is not all wine and roses...

+1000 Much love for this prompt.

I'd fill it but my hands full are with the Sherlock and John unwittingly stumble into a D/s relationship while on a case fill elsewhere on the meme.

Sherlock/John/Mary — Mary shoots someone to protect Sherlock

Because I really like Mary, I'd like to see her as her killer self, but in protection of Sherlock.

Maybe something goes wrong on a case and she just happens to be there, and it hardly takes her a second to pick up someone's dropped gun and shoot the man threatening Sherlock's life, or maybe it's a situation where Sherlock's in danger and she and John both know and head out after him, and Mary's the one who ultimately takes the shot.

I'd prefer it to be John/Mary that becomes Sherlock/John/Mary, if possible. Pre-baby, post-baby, or no baby is all fine. And the more serious the danger Sherlock is in, the better.

Re: Sherlock/John/Mary — Mary shoots someone to protect Sherlock

Sherlock breathed a curse as he felt the barrel of the gun press against his temple.

"Not so smart now, 'Mister Sherlock Holmes', are you?" the man mocked, planting a foot against the back of his knees and kicking, forcing Sherlock to kneel.

His knees hit the cement painfully, but the gun remained trained against his head.
Three behind him. Three in front. One to his left, leaning forward to hiss into his ear, fish-smelling breath from the man's lunch leaking between gaps in his teeth line, probably missing from past brawls.

"Pretty boy like you should never have come here alone. Don't you know what happens to pretty boys in our neighborhood, bitch?"

Sherlock didn't reply, sneaking a glance at the other men.
Four of six armed with handguns, three had knives, and he could hear one man beating a steel pipe against his open palm.
No escape unless he wanted to end up looking like a piece of Swiss Cheese.
The man at his side grabbed a handful of his dark hair, pulling Sherlock's head back to expose his neck.

"Pretty boys like you get fucked. But that's probably why you came here, isn't it? You look like a slut. Bet you'd like to have my gun stuffed up your ass, wouldn't you?"

Sherlock tensed his muscles reflexively, but the man responded by giving him a rough shove, sending the detective sprawling on his hands and knees.

"If you behave, I might even consider not pulling the trigger while it's in you."

Sherlock cursed again, trembling as the man knelt behind him and flipped the tail of his coat up over his back. One of the men chuckled darkly. Sherlock scrunched his eyes closed, trying desperately to think of a way out that didn't involve him being shot, and wishing desperately that he'd thought to bring a gun, or John...

"Vatican Cameos!"

Sherlock dropped to the ground on pure instinct - completely prostrate - hands covering his head.


Each shot was less than a second apart, sounding distantly from somewhere behind him and to his right, and each was accompanied by the "thud" of something hitting the concrete near him.
It had been a woman's voice, Sherlock was sure, but he couldn't seem to place it.
There was silence for a while after the gunshots, and Sherlock lifted his head to look around.
The seven men were laid out on the ground where they had fallen, a perfectly round hole in the center of each forehead.
Seven clean kill shots.
The detective slowly got to his feet, looking around in wonder, a smile tugging at his lips.
Only one person he knew would be able to pull this off.
Sure enough, a familiar blonde stepped from the shadows a few seconds later, walking towards him as she reloaded her gun.
Sherlock stuffed his hands into his pockets and nudged one of the cooling bodies with a foot, noticing that the bullet hole was slightly off center.

"You missed."

Mary shrugged at him, struggling to keep a smile off her face.

"I'm a bit out of practice. And your head was in the way."

Sherlock could no longer force his straight face, beaming at the petite blonde as he closed the last few feet between them.



He took her face in his hands, leaning to press a kiss to her forehead.

"You won't tell John, will you?" she asked. "He doesn't approve of this sort of thing..."

"My lips are sealed," Sherlock winked, "And I'm sure my brother will be more than willing to take care of the cleanup for us. Care for tea?"

"Would love some."

Sherlock offered his arm and Mary took it, settling her gun back into her purse as Sherlock texted Mycroft the address.

"Oh, I forgot to ask. Mrs. Hudson would like you and John for dinner tomorrow night."

"We'd love to come. I'll tell him when I get home."

"Excellent. Would you like to hear about the case I just solved?"

"More than anything."

"Well you see, it all started when a package arrived at 221B without an address..."

John/Sherlock, pet!John

Something where John is a pet Sherlock buys or is gifted, but not D/s, A/B/O, or nonhuman!John. Basically, a slave AU, but with certain people being treated not as labor, but as animal-like companions. If some are labor as well, that is fine, so long as that's not John's role. And master/pet relationships are at least frowned upon, if not outright taboo or considered the same as bestiality.

I'd really like John to have to wear a collar and minimal clothing, and to have to sit at his feet in the presence of others (whether that's standard training or just something Sherlock insists on).

You can leave Mary out or you can write her in, but please, please, no Mary bashing or evil!Mary.

holy christ

that was a perfect fill

If that is a smut prompt, I second it.

What fill? (Anonymous) Expand
On a website listing references and shoutouts in TEH, Ifound this which really calls out for fic.

WHAT WE SEE: Concerning his survival, Sherlock tells Watson, “you know my methods.” Watson then mentions visiting his grave and asking him to not be dead. Sherlock says he heard and implies this is how he came back.

WHAT IT MEANS: Some fans of Doyle’s stories have enjoyed the possibility that Sherlock Holmes actually did die in “The Final Problem” and was literally resurrected years later.

Paging Castiel, perhaps?

Wake up in an alternate universe

Sherlock (or John - up to author) wakes up in an alternate universe where he never met John. He promptly freaks out at suddenly being alone and desperately tries to find John in the current universe (up to author whether John exists or he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time and has no idea who Sherlock is)

Meanwhile in our universe a very confused Sherlock has just woken up to find he has a flatmate (or they could be in an established relationship, I don't mind) and promptly freaks out as well.

Inspired by prompt above

BBC!Sherlock wakes up in NYC with Elementary!Watson.

RDJ!Sherlock wakes up in modern London with BBC!John.

Elementary!Sherlock wakes up in Victorian London with a Watson that looks weirdly like Jude Law.

RTYIs or variations on this theme welcome.

Re: Inspired by prompt above

I would KILL for an hour sitcom with this plot.
Since that can't happen, I will +1 this prompt

John and Mycroft hang out for... reasons.

Mycroft starts kidnapping John on a fairly frequent basis. Sherlock notices the new feeling that hovers over 221b when Mycroft visits these days. It's almost as though John... likes him. Jealous!Sherlock; John & Mycroft friendship (of sorts - do with it what you will); eventual Johnlock, pretty please!

Get It While It's Hot [Fill: 1/?]

"Sherlock. Speak to John. You cannot let this…sentiment overpower you. You simply cannot live this way.”

"You’re still here?”

"Darling brother, I understand people much better than you do—"

"More like you manipulate people until they bend to your every whim. Easy to understand them when they are blindly doing everything you say.”

"Thank you. You've just proven my point."

"What do you mean?"

"You need to truly understand and empathise with people in order to successfully, as you say, 'manipulate' them. Though, I wouldn’t quite use that word. 'Convince' is more apt.”


“What have I always told you? Don’t get involved. And what do you do? My goodness. You’re in this up to your neck. You need to address it. You should speak to John before someone else--“


Moriarty, Mycroft, Sherlock- Fighting, drunkeness, humor

For some reason, Mycroft has to get the help of both Moriarty and Sherlock. Neither is happy to have to be working with the other, but they need to. After several hours of listening to them argue, Mycroft decides to give them alcohol, in hopes of quieting them down. They both get drunk. Too drunk to think of intelligent responses. So instead, they begin a poking fight.

Quick, silly fill

"We should put some music on!" Jim yells, arms out and spinning around.

"Music?" asks Mycroft. "Really?"

Jim spins and points dramatically at the elder Holmes. "MUSIC, Iceman, music; I don't know, do you have an iPod dock or something in here?"

Snorting, Sherlock gets up from his resting place on the office floor. "I know the type of so called music you like. I'm not listening to that." He hauls himself up to his knees. "Get me my violin!"

Jim leans down to Sherlock's level, and pokes him in the chest. "It's called 'pop' because it's *popular*, doofus."

Sherlock bats the finger away, and pokes back. "'Popular' does not equate to 'good', Moriarty." And then sinks back onto the floor.

Moriarty flops onto the floor, and after a few tries, manages to straddle Sherlock.

"Yes," he says, with a second poke. "Popular," another poke "Music," alternating hands double poke, "Means," and three pokes this time, "POPULAR! WHICH MEANS IT IS GOOD!" At this point, there is a flurry of pokes to Sherlock's face, chest and abdomen.

With an effort, Sherlock wrestles Jim into the bottom position.

"But that doesn't make it GOOD!" he snaps, and pokes Moriarty in the side of his stomach. Jim surprises Sherlock by bursting into giggles.

Jim tries ineffectually to bat Sherlock's hand away. "You're ticking me!"

Sherlock smiles and begins to tickle in earnest, while Jim laughs loudly and rolls about on the floor, trying to hit Sherlock's hands away.

At the time, neither of them noticed Mycroft and his iPhone recording. But they realised it the next day when the pair - with very sore heads - were emailed links to the latest viral hit on YouTube.


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