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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Filthy enthusiastically consensual ageplay

What it says on the tin. Any pairing.

Daddy/boy a plus.

HLV Spoilers: 221B Baker Street

Anderson and his wife (?) search Sherlock's kitchen and living room for narcotics, but Mycroft spots the closed door to Sherlock's bedroom and goes to open it. Sherlock, curled on his chair watching the proceedings, takes a moment too long to deduce why, exactly, his door is shut.

Mycroft opens the door.

I want to see a high Sherlock, Janine wearing nothing but Sherlock's shirt, Mycroft, John, Anderson, and the other fan members in the same room as each other. Gobsmacked.

What happens next?

Bonus if Janine refuses to be cowed by the audience and she's just as saucy as ever, and maybe she manages to scare off everyone but John.


Janine as Moriarty's sister! (Hey, the accent fits...) Any pairing or no pairing works, I just saw that theorized on Tumblr and was intrigued!

fill: "Thicker Than Water", Jim & Janine gen

"Remember when we were kids, and you got it into your head you wanted nothing more than to work with trains? Be a lady stationmaster? What a funny little thing you were."

He huddles over his tea and their knees bump under the tabletop; it all feels quite conspiratorial, which in a detached kind of way seems only fitting. She's a conspirator.

"Are." Janine smiles, feeling her lipstick crease. "Did you know what you wanted to be when you grew up, back then?"

"Oh, I don't know. I never really thought about all that stuff. Just somebody else, somebody important. Different suits every day, and people'd get out of the way when I walked by. They'd know my face."

Jim's shark-toothed, self-deprecating grimace is rather ghastly.

At least one of them's gotten what they wanted. His mug's plastered on every TV screen in Great Britain, already starting to spread like a jaunty cancer to the world at large; pity it couldn't have been a more flattering photo. His hairline's gone all funny since the last time she saw him; he's always had a big forehead but it's starting to look quite severe. Genetics are funny that way. Who knew what his father looked like at this age? When they'd first been housed together, they looked enough alike to play at being twins. Nobody got too close; their accents sounded enough alike if you didn't. Jamie, Janine. He hated being Jamie, wrestled the biggest boy in the house for the right to get called Jim instead, fought and swore and bit. She'd joined in, and gotten a belting for her trouble.

Jim, Janine. His hand smooths across the back of her own.

"You were right," she says softly. "About Sherlock. He's really very funny, I hadn't expected that; he gets into moods, but, you know. He's lovely."

"Isn't he? Don't you just want to wreck him?"

"God, yes."

S3 spoilers

During Many Happy Returns, Lestrade brings a box full of Sherlocks stuff to John, including a DVD. What if that DVD didn't just have John's uncut Birthday message on it? What if it had all of Season 3 on it, in box set format, actor interviews and bonus features included.

Because John could use some perspective, darnit.

Bonus points if John gets so caught up in watching that he responds exactly how his actor responds.

Super Bonus if he gets upset and disapointed in his future self.

Re: S3 spoilers

Fun! Seconded

Magnusson/Moriarty, rentboy!fic (warnings for noncon/dubcon, possible torture)

Magnusson and Moriarty have met before -- long before.

Jim is a struggling student (maybe an actor?) with a less reputable line of work on the side, trying to put together his arch-criminal persona and already severely imbalanced; Magnusson is already a newspaper magnate and he already delights in tormenting people and taking them apart. When he discovers Jim doesn't respond to the normal mistreatment (low-level intimidation, threatening to out him to family and employers -- joke's on you, Charles, he killed his parents) and he starts talking back, or worse, thinking on his feet and showing himself able to match his wits, Magnusson moves on to more involved methods.

...of course, this becomes even juicier when the scrawny 19-year-old he picked up and gave a few good scares to get his rocks off is now a well-funded criminal mastermind and absolute terror.

Re: Magnusson/Moriarty, rentboy!fic (warnings for noncon/dubcon, possible torture)


Minor HLV Spoilers- Johnlock ABO. Territorialism because of CAM


So when Magnussen pees in the fireplace (gross), I couldn't help but think that'd be such an aggressively alpha thing to do in the ABO verse. Maybe it's not a common and seen as uncouth, but spraying is a really quick and easy way to mark territory as overtly as possible.

John is an alpha, and used to be the alpha of 221b until he moved out after Sherlock's death. I'd rather the wedding not have happened. Maybe John and Mary are just friends, or Sherlock just thinks they're very serious when maybe they're together out of companionship.
Either way, John and Sherlock are still on the path to reconciliation but Sherlock clearly views that whatever they had going on before (could be a full claim or heavy hinting towards eventual bonding) is irrevocably broken. John thinks they are moving back to what they were and so flies into an absolute rage at Magnussen's actions, wondering why Sherlock is acting so nonchalant towards it.
"How can you be okay with an alpha marking our den?"
"Why would you care?"
"Because.. Because Sherlock I lived here!"
"But you don't anymore, you left."
And John finally realizes how abandoned Sherlock must feel and John realizes the flat doesn't smell like him at all anymore and that puts everything into motion. Because dammit Sherlock is his and 221b is his and he shouldn't have let this go on so long.

Re: Minor HLV Spoilers- Johnlock ABO. Territorialism because of CAM

Seconded, i need this so badly

Buffy crossover, S3 Spoilers

Mary and John are having a baby girl. Two small, blonde, smartasses with a penchant for badassery are having a baby girl.

Yeah, that kid was never going to be normal. She was, however, always going to end up as a Slayer named Buffy. (Although that's certainly not the name they intended.)

How and why are up to your imagination. If she grows up with her loving parents are favorite Uncle Sherlock, awesome. If the Powers or Council intervened and took baby Buffy so she'd serve her purpose in Sunnydale and she doesn't find her real family till years later, sweet. If it's all wibbly wobbly timey wimey, brilliant!

All I really want for sure is some family and Buffy and Sherlock fluffy bonding.

Bonus Points: Buffy's real middle name is Sherlock.

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Re: Buffy crossover, S3 Spoilers

As I fan of Buffy, I totally second !!

Sherlock's Suicide and S3

S3 is Sherlock coming to terms with the fact that he's dead.

John/Sherlock, brain damage

And it's time to pop my Sherlock kinkmeme cherry. Damn, I am so late to joining this fandom. Ahem. Okay, so here it:

Sherlock suffers brain damage. How or why is up to the filler. As a result, a large part of that brilliant intelligence that he possessed is gone and he's left unable to do his work. He is, however, well enough to understand what he has lost. He is angry, bitter and feels helpless, but despite his initial belligerence, John doesn't abandon him and takes good care of him.

Bonus points for Sherlock feeling intensely insecure that John would eventually abandon him because he's not nearly as interesting as he used to be.

Re: John/Sherlock, brain damage

Yes please

John/Sherlock, intersex!Sherlock

Sherlock has fully functional female reproductive system - outside and inside - but he identifies as male and the rest of his secondary sexual characteristics are male. Part of the reason why he is so adverse of physical intimacy is his apprehension over how a potential sexual partner would react to his form. Still, the attraction between him and John is undeniable and they do become a couple, even if the relationship hasn't been consummated yet. When they do get to that point, however, John is surprised, but not at all disgusted. In fact, he finds Sherlock's form to be a massive turn on.

Bonus points for John going down on Sherlock.

Re: John/Sherlock, intersex!Sherlock


Sherlock/Khan, STID x-over, Sherlock is AU!Khan

Sherlock is Khan in one of the many alternate universes. They're equally brilliant, but Khan's physical abilities are far superior. They end up meeting, sex ensues. The how and the why is up to the potential fill!anon. :D

Lestrade teaches Mycroft self-defence

My headcanon is that despite being the older, smarter brother, Mycroft's never had any physical skills at all - even when they were kids, Sherlock's always had the upper hand in their fights, which is extra humiliating when you're trying to be the sensible older brother and surrogate parent at the same time. Mycroft's resentment at being regularly humiliated led him to disdain Sherlock's love of 'legwork', while at the same time obviously being unhappy with his body and lack of physical skills - a weakspot that Sherlock likes to pick at with his dieting comments.

So when he finds himself, well into adulthood, being slammed up against a wall at his younger brother's mercy, it's kind of the last straw - he HAS to learn how to defend himself, both for his pride and out of fear that one day, Sherlock might go too far. In desperation he turns to Lestrade - because hey, he has experience dealing with Sherlock / restraining criminals in general, and might be able to teach him a few tricks. Lestrade, struck with sympathy at the thought of anyone having to deal with Sherlock for life, helps out. He gets to see a very uncertain, nervous and un-talented side of Mycroft that he would never have connected to his stoic, authoritarian facade - and finds it pretty endearing. Mystrade sexy tiems or lovely platonic teacher/student friendship times ensue.

Don't mind if you want him to eat substantial amounts of humble pie and turn to John for help instead - basically just crapstudent!Mycroft pleeeeeeease

sub!CAM + dom!Moriarty (optional dom!John, dom!Sherlock) SPOILER SEASON THREE

CAM is such a nasty, disgusting character with no manners. He clearly needs to be disciplined. In comes freshly-returned-from-the-dead Moriarty who finds out what CAM did to John and Sherlock. He gets possessive (John and Sherlock are his to play with!) and decides to teach CAM a few manners.

(Optional: Moriarty gives / lends him to John and Sherlock to have their revenge.)

Feel free to make it as dark and/or kinky as possible!

Re: sub!CAM + dom!Moriarty (optional dom!John, dom!Sherlock) SPOILER SEASON THREE

Filling this! Are you okay with something that's not in-universe negotiated/safe, sane, and consensual? Or would you rather it were?

Holmes brothers annoying one another

I want some fluff with the Holmes brothers expressing affection by pranking each other with things that can either be taken as incredibly irritating or incredibly sweet.

Example: Mycroft sends Sherlock's blogs to scientific journals for publication. Sherlock sends Mycroft chocolates, resets his ringtone to Les Mis songs. Etc.

Re: Holmes brothers annoying one another

My brother untuned my violin constantly. .just a tiny bit, so I would just think the pegs were slipping and not suspect him. He told me about it 30 years later.
Virtual gift of your choice if you include that!
seconded, of course.

(HLV spoilers) Janine/Irene

So Janine's hospital scene with Sherlock just made me think of ACD!ADler's M.O. a bit, and of course, she makes out on that whole debacle like a bandit. I'd love to see her enjoying some quality time with BBC!Adler, whether it's just hanging out and chatting or something more involved. Because it would be cute. And great. (Something with her and Adler brainstorming more tabloid stories about Sherlock's sordid yet epic proclivities would be amazing.)


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