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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Irene/Mary - Burn Notice

My name is Mary Morstan. I used to be a spy. Until...

We got a burn notice on you. You're blacklisted.

When you're burned, you've got nothing: no cash, no credit, no job history. You're stuck in whatever city they decide to dump you in.

Mary: Where am I?

Irene: London

You do whatever work comes your way. You rely on anyone who's still talking to you. A flogger obsessed dominatrix ex-girlfriend...

Irene: Shall we spank them?

An old friend who used to inform on you to the FBI...

Janine: You know spies... bunch of bitchy little girls.

Family too...

Janine: Hey, is that your cousin again?

... if you're desperate.

Jim: Someone needs to die!

Bottom line? Until you figure out who burned you... you're not going anywhere.

Re: Irene/Mary - Burn Notice


Were!AU, Johnlock

Everyone is some kind of were-animal, anything from birds to wolves to giraffes. Specifically, Sherlock is a were-jaguar, and John is some type of small were-bat (I'm thinking something like that adorable bat!John gif by gingercatsneeze). Genetic relationships have no bearing on animals form (a woman could be a were-cat, and have a were-bunny child, in other words).

Sherlock doesn't usually shift unless he absolutely needs to, but John loves flying around, and will shift whenever he wants to. Also, being a small, flying were lets John track criminals and be all-around very useful.

Bonus if John rides around between Sherlock's ears when they are both shifted, something which had originally annoyed Sherlock but he has come to grudgingly accept (read: adore).

Anything welcome, from gen to explicit, pre-slash to established relationship.

Re: Were!AU, Johnlock

Seconded, if only because I so wish I could be a were-bunny...

John/Sherlock, John/Other- Safeword, h/c, angst, bdsm, past-abuse

When John uses his safeword for the first time, Sherlock immediately stops. However, he's confused when John starts apologizing. Eventually it turns out that John was in a relationship with someone who made him feel weak everytime he used his safeword.

Re: John/Sherlock, John/Other- Safeword, h/c, angst, bdsm, past-abuse

Yes please.
Seconding all the safewording prompts.

Reprompt: enslavement

I've seen a number of slave AU's based on John's being Sherlock's or Mycroft's slave. I'd really like to see something different: Sherlock and John meet when they're brought together as slaves to their mutual owner, Moriarty.

Fantastic or pseudo-classical setting would be nice, although a modern-world AU would also be good. Options/bonuses could include:

Gladiator!John, possibly sold for a bargain price as damaged goods.  Captive!Sherlock?

Moriarty getting a particular kick out of enslaving the brother of his noble enemy, Mycroft.

Sherlock having to maintain composure and play his violin/lyre/lute/whatever while John sexually services Moriarty and/or his guests.

Punishment of two slaves by forcing one to flog the other: something on the order of "Twenty lashes from you, or sixty from me."

Gen or Johnlock. Other pairings as appropriate, but no Holmescest please. Work Mary in as you like or not, but please no Mary-bashing.

Tl;dr: Sherlock and John enslaved to Moriarty.

Re: Reprompt: enslavement

Oh my f'ing god! Seconded like crazy!!! This prompt is ridiculously hot.

Re: Reprompt: enslavement (Anonymous) Expand

Trigger Warning: Non-con/Dub-con - Stockholm Syndrome is Serious

Okay I've seen a ton of 'rape and captivity equals love' type fics recently and while Stockholm syndrome is totally a thing but I'd love to read something that treats it seriously rather than romantically.

I'd prefer Evil AU Sherlock to abduct John but if the reverse gets you writing feel free as long as the victim is fully aware that the feelings being generated are due to Stockholm Syndrome and hates it and fights it but ultimately can't help them.

spanking, d/s, johnlock

Because by Christ I am a pervert and I am desiring my dose of spanking fic.

So, John spanking Sherlock, paying special attention to his thighs.

All completely consensual please, with Sherlock loving it (roleplay where he is pretending not to like it is more than fine though :B)


John gets involved in fightclub.

Re: Fightclub

Of course he does. Seconding.

Holmescest with bonus non-con Moriarty/Mycroft

I'm going to hell for this and I don't even care.

Moriarty is fascinated by the Holmes brothers following their successful foiling of his plans. Clearly, they are closer than they let on. He wants to find out just how close - and then stomp all over them both. He has already put his hands all over Sherlock, and Mycroft was still able to keep his cool and play out his plan - but will Sherlock be able to keep his head and rescue his brother if Jim is putting his sticky little fingers all over Mycroft?

Basically, I want Mycroft being pawed by Moriarty (although no penetration please) and Sherlock being out of his mind with worry about Mycroft's safety - given that he has been taken by the only man Sherlock thinks is crazy enough to hurt/kill Mycroft. Eventual rescue (with Lestrade and John helping?) and Sherlock being unusually touchy-feely and insisting on Mycroft being thoroughly checked over for any injuries, and generally not willing to let him out of his sight. (Basically the 'remove the explosive vest' scene, but with Mycroft's actual clothes, if Sherlock can convince him to cooperate.)

tl;dr - Moriarty kidnaps Mycroft and touches him inappropriately. Sherlock is out of his mind with worry, and focuses on rescuing Mycroft. Post-rescue hurt/comfort, Holmescest ensues.

Re: Holmescest with bonus non-con Moriarty/Mycroft

I want this like burning!

Multiverse genderswap Holmescest

Fairly specific prompt is fairly specific.

The multiverse exists, and somehow (wibbly wobbly timey wimey) holes get poked through. So alternate versions of people start popping up. Of course, the government is all over this and immediately quarantines the affected areas. This is complicated in London through the appearance of Bad Guy #12, who will do something Bad, and is currently preventing the portals from closing/things being resolved. So the Other Side sends through their representative to plot with. Their representative being fem!Mycroft.

Our Mycroft is fine, and completely professional. Lestrade gulps a little, and gets on with it. John is amused, oddly intimidated, and disturbingly turned on. Sherlock is...

Sherlock is looking at fem!Mycroft like all of his Christmases have come at once. This is going to be the best experiment EVER.

+10 for Sherlock - and his unrequited feeling for Mycroft - deciding that it's worth asking JUST ONCE MORE
+100 for fem!Mycroft deciding that as they're from different universes it's not technically incest
+1000 for virgin!Sherlock being terribly inept and gently guided through everything by fem!Mycroft
+10000 for our!Mycroft allowing himself to be subsequently seduced

Re: Multiverse genderswap Holmescest


Lestrade and Molly, BDSM

Greg and Molly, established relationship. Molly has fantasized about submitting to her sexual partner, but has always been too shy to bring it up, so she never has. At some point, she and Greg decide to try it (up to you if Molly works up the courage or if Greg gets there first). Hot, sweet sex, please! Greg's level of experience and initial enthusiasm can be up to you, but I do want it to be something that they both enjoy. I would prefer it to mostly focus on the submission, but pain play/sadism is fine too.

Re: Lestrade and Molly, BDSM


Surprise kiss

Sherlock has gone and almost gotten himself killed, and when John sees him, standing there in front of the police cars talking in a bored voice to Lestrade and ignoring Anderson and Donovan, he's so relived that he marches over there and kisses him.
John can't believe he did it. Sherlock just stands there, blinking, looking stunned.
Mycroft is also present.

Post Heat (Omegaverse)

Lestrade walks into 221B. He wasn't expecting to see Sherlock nuzzled up against John, the pair of them sleeping on the couch.

Re: Post Heat (Omegaverse)


Goodnight Demon Slayer

This is what John´s parents sang to him every night when he was a child:

Re: Goodnight Demon Slayer

I love this song! So sweet!

Fourth wall broken

John watches Sherlock Series 3 and realises how head over heels in love Sherlock obviously is with him.

Re: Fourth wall broken

Yes, please!!!! Seconded.

Re: Fourth wall broken (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fourth wall broken (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fourth wall broken (Anonymous) Expand

Valentine Prompt

"If convenient, be my valentine. If inconvenient, be my valentine anyway."

Do you want that line in the story?

Re: Valentine Prompt (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft Holmes, consulting detective

Role reversal AU. As a teenager, Mycroft suffered a severe accident/trauma, and ended up developing a dependency on drugs and turning to crime-solving to keep himself distracted. Meanwhile, Sherlock became overprotective of his brother and had to learn to be more responsible, growing up to work for the government. Run with it from there, in any direction you like.

Re: Mycroft Holmes, consulting detective

Mycroft would make one hell of a louche reprobate. Seconded.

"Big Daddy" Sherlock (tw: attempted rape)

Baby Girl Watson is now a teenager and about to go on her first date.

Over-protective godfather Sherlock dresses up in a ridiculous disguise and stalks them. John and Mary think he's worried about nothing. At first it looks like they're right as he follows them, having to put up with horrible teen music at the club they go to.

Then just as he's about to leave them to it, he notices the boy take his goddaughter out back and try to have sex with her but she's not ready. He starts being forceful and Uncle Sherlock intervenes, beating the crap out of the kid before comforting Little Watson (bonus for putting his coat around her) and taking her home.

Extra bonus if he tries to teach her some self-defence in case there's a next time.

Re: "Big Daddy" Sherlock (tw: attempted rape)

Not sure if this is the kind of 'Big Daddy' you're referring to but it's just what came into my head and how I now see this idea going as. XD

Sherlock & Molly platonic

Hi, I'd love some platonic awkward friendshippy Sherlock & Molly centered fic.

+ when they work together (in the morgue)
+ competent medical knowledge!molly

RTYIs very welcome! Thank you =)

Re: Sherlock & Molly platonic

D'aww, so seconded! I can't ship them for some reason, but I'm totally in love with their friendship.

I keep thinking about the scenes at the wedding where Sherlock was standing with John and Mary for the photographs and the photographer had to tell him to move, that he only wanted the bride and groom and the scene with the dancing, where Sherlock tells them to go dance and Mary says "What about you?" and John says, "We can't all three dance, there are limits."

What if there weren't any limits, and Sherlock showed up on their wedding night? Up to you whether he's there for a case or other reasons. Bonus points if it's Mary that wants him to stay and talks John into it.

Aw, poor lonely Sherlock. But I'd love to see him barging in on their wedding night on some flimsy pretext!

Fill: Bad Dreams (Anonymous) Expand

His dark materials crossover

Instead of it being about deamons I want John to be an armoured polar bear.

I bet the british army would let polar bears inlist if they could.

Re: His dark materials crossover

Ooh, interesting. Seconding this.


Sherlock's never had sex.

John's never had a virgin.

John comes out of the closet

John comes out of the closet to Mary after 30 years of marriage. It is heartbreaking for all involved, Sherlock included.

Gimme that angst, KinkMeme. Gimme that angst.

Re: John comes out of the closet

Seconding! My god, I need this.

All I want

Sensibly negotiated polyamory between any number of adults. Asexual/aromantic inclusive would be a bonus.

Movie night

Tried of being subtle, Mary (or Mrs Hudson, or Molly) tries to get John and Sherlock to realize they're in love with each other by insisting they all sit down together and watch the sappiest gay romance flick she can find.

AU - Winter Olympics

Sherlock is a precise and powerful figure-skater, one who skates perfectly but with no emotion which does cost him in the scoring. He's known as a prima donna only because he expects perfection from the rest of the figure skaters on Team GB and bluntly critiques their every performance. Greg Lestrade is the coach of Team GB and the only reason Sherlock hasn't been trampled by irate figure skaters. He's in his late 20's, and this is widely regarded as his last Games, though he's not said he'll ever quit.

In his mid 30's, John is the 'old man' of the GB Men's Olympic Hockey Team (yes, it's definitely fiction) a right winger playing his last Olympics on an injury from a horrific check into the boards in the Hockey World Cup finals that shattered the plexiglas. He's known for taking care of his teammates and putting everything he has into the game, often more than is healthy for him.

They see each other at the arena practicing, [fill in the blanks here], sniping developing into mutual respect, friendship, defending each other from assholes who think "hockey is for dumb brutes" or "figure skating is for pansies", learning from each other and kicking ass together whether they win medals or not.

Gen or slash is fine. Filler is welcome to throw in a mystery and make it a case fic if so desired.

TLDR: Sherlock's a figure skater. John's on the hockey team. Something happens. Profit.

(RTYI's and redirects to similar prompts are welcome.)

Re: AU - Winter Olympics

earlgreytea68 just started an Olympic AU fic where Sherlock is a figure skater and John is a hockey player. It's on AO3 and is called "Working on the Edges."


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