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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D

  • Don’t reprompt until TWO parts after the last posting of the prompt.

  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.

  • Concrit is welcome, but kinkshaming, hijacking, and flaming are not tolerated.

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Mycroft isn't Well (established Mycroft/Lestrade)

Mycroft has the flu.

Greg & Anthea attempt to look after him.


Mycroft likes to wear a onesie when off-duty.

Greg finds out.

Sherlock wears earplugs on a rainy day

There's plenty of sensory overload, sensory processing disorder and Asperger themed fics, but I'm missing one where Sherlock simply spends a rainy day wearing earplugs to dull the constant annoyance in the back of his mind. He's a bit more irritable, but otherwise pretty much okay. Reactions?
+++ if there's a crime scene to be visited

Re: Sherlock wears earplugs on a rainy day

Ooh, seconding with all my heart. I love character studies of Sherlock exploring different aspects of what his character could be - autism, Asperger's, asexuality, etc. Sociopath/not a sociopath. The ways his mind could be quantified, the things that could be different in how he processes the world. We all know it can't be the same way that the majority of people do it, but what little things create that kind of distance? What subtle things? Things that would change nothing about his character and everything at once. I find exploration of these aspects of Holmes's character to be graceful and intriguing, and I do like that this prompt seems to demand a story where this fine balance is kept; where Sherlock is not being controlled by the way the world appears to him, but bears it. Possibly not well and certainly not graciously, but in a way that allows him to continue to remain functional. Earplugs, a little h/c, a crime scene, and the reactions of people who had never been told that he struggled with this sort of thing (though perhaps they knew on some subconscious level) and people like John who obviously could not have been unaware certainly could not go awry in the way of making this a splendid little fic to read.

OP, you are brilliant and I do hope I've interpreted your idea correctly. Have a wonderful day and do feel free to slam on the caps lock and type aggressively in my general direction if I've made any sort of mistake here.

TL;DR: Seconded with the burning passion of a thousand suns. Someone please write the thing.

John hasn't seen Sherlock in x amount of years after the latter's miraculous return from the dead, until he gets a call. Turn out, he's still Sherlock's emergency contact.

Please no crack or 'oh, he's not actually injured/ill' things. I'd like to see John fret over him even though Sherlock thinks he won't even come.

Re: Emergency Contact

I would love to fill this! First part up by tonight :)

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Uther calls on sherlock to solve a murder within the castle.he meets the characters of Merlin during the case.John is a knight who knows useful info about the case and ends up helping sherlock.they fall in love.
Eventual sherlock/john Eventual Gwen/arthur

S/J/M - All about John

Established threesome. Sherlock and Mary working together for ages to lovingly turn John Watson into a mindless, moaning, shaking, over-sensitized mess, needing to fuck them both anyway possible and desperate to come.

RTYIs welcome.

Re: S/J/M - All about John

ohh, yes.

Alternative Ending to s3

Moriarty doesn't make a reappearance and Sherlock isn't called back.

But before the six months are up, Mary and John go after him and get him the hell out of whatever mess he got himself into.

Basically, John and Mary breaking the scale on BAMFness together, because no-one fucks with the godfather of their child.

(Except maybe them, if anon wants to go that way.)

Re: Alternative Ending to s3

Yesssssssssssss, seconding SO HARD
We need all the BAMF Mary and John.

Post HLV Sherlock is sexually assaulted (Noncon)

Post HLV Sherlock is sexually assaulted, in a random attack (jumped walking down the street or whatever the OP can come up with). Everyone reacts in a different way. Sherlock continues to concentrate on his work and denies that anything is wrong (even though he is clearly not coping). John and Mary are desperate to help him, in any way possible. Mycroft is utterly devestated that this would happen to his beloved little brother. Lestrade is determined that the attacker(s) be brought to justice. Moriarty finds out and is furious that his nemesis would be hurt in such a way and vows to track down the attacker(s), himself.
Would prefer no Johnlock (Sherlock/Lestrade is ok but no 'healing sex' thanks :))

Mycroft on the run in an improvised disguise

Post-HLV, Mycroft is in political disfavour due to Sherlock's actions and Moriarty's reappearance, and his internal enemies are gunning for him. Forced to go on the run on short notice, he improvises a disguise out of his most casual clothes, a few days' beard growth and bringing out the natural ginger and curliness of his hair, and adopts a less formal way of speaking and body language. Then he drops in on Sherlock's circle of friends for assistance, who are all completely boggled by the idea of a casual Mycroft.

(Gen or any Mycroft pairing you like is good with me.)


Sherlock just loves~ being fucked by straight guys.

Re: Johnlock

yes please!

Hole spanking

Sub Sherlock likes getting his hole spanked. He also likes rough sex. The two together are his favourite thing ever.

--Feeling the kiss of the tawse until his hole is red and puffy and excruciatingly tender, then fucked good and hard while his Dom enjoys the increased heat and tightness it causes.--

Bonus, he loves it best when his Dom lets his inner sadist out and plays the scene like he's doing it as a chore just to make Sherlock's slutty, stretched-out hole tight enough for him to use.

Re: Hole spanking

I feel completely filthy for wanting this as much as I do >.>
I blame you for making me want this XD

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Kiss of the Tawse 1/2 (Anonymous) Expand
Kiss of the Tawse 2/3 (Anonymous) Expand
Kiss of the Tawse 3/3 (Anonymous) Expand
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Mummy Holmes versus Jim Moriarty, spanking

Mummy Holmes meets Jim Moriarty. It's a battle Jim's never gonna win.

[Bonus points for her really going for it - because no-one messes with her boys and gets away with it - until Jim is crying. And then the lecturing begins...]

You know what happened to the other one (Sherlock/Cabin Pressure)

Sherlock/Cabin Pressure crossover, Martin Crieff is actually Sherlock and Mycroft's brother.

(Bonus points if he's Sherlock's - far less brilliant - twin.)

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Mummy won't take 'no' as an answer

Sherlock Holmes/Molly Hooper, Mummy forces Mycroft to attend his little brother's wedding.

(Bonus points if John seizes the chance to get some revenge for the awful best man's speech at his own wedding.)

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Divergent/Sherlock x-over

Just saw the trailer for the movie Divergent where, apparently, a Divergent is someone who can control and conquer their fears. "Fear doesn't shut you down, it wakes you up." They don't fit in in the current society because the government can't control them so they have to pretend to be normal.

This is so John Watson I immediately searched, and failed, to find any fanfiction. Which is just a shame because it fits him so well.

Don't care how close you stick to the Divergent series, as I've never read it. Johnlock is preferred, but I'm okay with Gen or M/J/S if that's what you'd prefer.

Edited at 2014-02-10 11:30 pm (UTC)

Re: Divergent/Sherlock x-over

As someone who has read the trilogy, I second this SO HARD.

Chastity During the Hiatus

What if, before the hiatus, John and Sherlock were in a serious relationship and practiced strict orgasm denial, as in Sherlock wearing a chastity belt ( Sherlock is wearing the belt when he jumps from St. Barts and continues to wear it for the entire two years he is gone. When he returns, John asks him when did he remove it. To which Sherlock replies "You put it on me, and only you will take it off."

Mary x Sherlock

"I never wanted to take John away from you, Mary. I was trying to take YOU away from John."

Because Sherlock can't resist brainy, dangerous girls, and he figures that his best friend really won't mind sharing.

Re: Mary x Sherlock

Unnnnf. This is so hot. I'll be in my bunk. Maybe some writing will come out of it.

I'm Still Basically Pissed Off At You - John and Mary

Rough sex between Mary and John where he reminds her how pissed off he is that she lied to him, while simultaneously having make-up sex, preferably with her pinned to a wall somewhere

Re: I'm Still Basically Pissed Off At You - John and Mary

But what about the baby?

The Hunger Games

I'm rewatching the first two movies, and really, they missed out on a golden casting opportunity.

Graham Norton or Allan Carr would have been gold as Ceasar Flickman.

Re: The Hunger Games

What do you think, Mycroft? Misplaced comment, perhaps?

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Sherlock is keeping a rather big secret

'Even before the [weapon] connected with her head, he knew where he would hide the body so it would never to be found again.'

Sherlock kills Mary and carries on as if all is still right with the world, even after a grief stricken John moves back into 221B.

Doesn't have to be Mary.
Dooesn't have to be or end in Sherlock/John.
Doesn't even have to be !Dark.
Author's choice as to how the story unfolds.

Re: Sherlock is keeping a rather big secret

Ohhh I would love to read that. Seconded

Sherlock bladder desperation

So many fills have him wetting himself, and I don't want that. For me the kink is all about the desperation of waiting.

Sherlock is absolutely, positively bursting for the loo and he can't do anything about it. John is with him to witness. I don't mind what else you do, as long as he does actually manage to make it in time (just) and he voices out loud to John about it at some point. (The mentioning it to someone is a kink within a kink, if you will.)

John/Sherlock- The Only One

"I've never heard of a consulting detective."
"That's because I'm the only one."
"So you're a tigger?"

Re: John/Sherlock- The Only One

This made me laugh so hard. Love to anyone who fills it, but I'm picturing Sherlock's face and it's hilarious all on its own :)

Irene/Mary - Spy's like us

Mary's past catches up to her and she flees taking her daughter with her. The last contact she has is from Sherlock who texts her a phone number before she goes dark. On the lam, she calls the number and a woman answers.

When Sherlock called in his favour Irene wasn't expecting a tiny blonde assassin and a baby. Nor was she expecting to fall in love.

Re: Irene/Mary - Spy's like us

Brilliant! Mary is a bit like a female Sherlock, she could be perfect for Irene :)

Irene/Mary/Janine - Mycroft's Angels

After Sherlock and John tragically die on a case Mycroft recruits Mary to his all woman assault team offering revenge on the goons who killed them. Shenanigans and sex ensue!

Baby optional, fridging encouraged.

Or the twist: CAMs Angels

Media mongrel (it's Charles stop calling me Charlie) sends his team of cat thieves to steal documents and save the world from corrupt politicians. Mary is recruited after she's sent a burn notice from the CIA.

drugged cuddling

I'd love to see Moriarty cuddling with drugged -Sherlock? John?-, just arranging their limbs into a comfortable position and murmuring murder schemes into the other's ear as they lie there. S/J is barely there, feeling like a wet towel in wonderland, not aware what's going on.
No sex, just cuddling.

Re: drugged cuddling

god why is that so creepy

seconded forever

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