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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock-centric, John/Moriarty are the angel/devil on his shoulder, the devil always wins

Whenever Sherlock's first instinct is to respond with violence, he hears John and Jim in his head. John tells him not to do it, while Jim encourages him. After his return two years after the fall, Jim always wins.

What happened to the third brother

The third Holmes brother was a true psychopath and his name was Mycroft. The Man we know as Mycroft is his twin brother. Real!Mycroft had worked his way up to become the British government and intended to kill his brothers, the only two people who are clever enough to stop him. Fake!Mycroft had to take his place and have him killed to save Sherlock and himself. Sherlock never believed him when he claimed that the real Mycroft died. For him it's just his evil brother trying to manipulate him.

I'd like to read any (or any combination) of these scenarios:
- How all that happened
- Angst, because fake!Mycroft lost his little brother's trust
- something happens to make Sherlock recognise that he was wrong, happy ending ensues
- or if you like tragedies better: Sherlock finally takes revenge and kills Mycroft

Re: What happened to the third brother

I like this prompt. Seconded

Threesomes! (Molly/Tom/Lestrade)

Tom & Lestrade both fucking Molly (at the same time)

bonus for double teaming & spitroasting.

In the Garden (Molly/Lestrade)

Molly in the garden at John & Mary's wedding, pressed against the wall with her dress hiked up as Lestrade fucks her.

Re: In the Garden (Molly/Lestrade)

Yes please.

Chair Sex (Janine/Sherlock)

Sherlock going down on Janine as she sits in his chair wearing a deerstalker.

bonus for art

Re: Chair Sex (Janine/Sherlock)

This is a thing I did not know I wanted until now.

Pee Together

Sherlock & John drunkenly taking a desperate piss in an alley together

Mary/Sherlock/John chestity device

Both Mary and Sherlock have a key to John's ... heart.

PWP very welcome.

If anon wants to write plot:
John and Sherlock accidentally kiss. Both John and Sherlock feel terribly guilty and are determined to forget the whole thing ever happened. John tells Mary, who fails to be terribly surprised. She would very much like to involve Sherlock in their relationship, if he wants to, and she can tell that John would like that, too, but he's very reluctant to talk to Sherlock. To give John some extra motivation Mary gets him a cock cage and gives Sherlock one of the keys (without telling him, what it's for). The idea is that if John wants to orgasm in the near future he has to talk to Sherlock. John suddenly finds himself very eager to seduce (because u know, actually talking would require a bomb around his crotch, not a bit of stainless steel) a very confused/guilty/reluctant Sherlock.

If Sherlock deleted the kiss, and if this turns out very angsty or hilarious or just totally porny is up to anon :)

non-explicit fic also very welcome.

Re: Mary/Sherlock/John chestity device

I'm all for chastity devices and this plot is brilliant! I really really hope this gets filled!!!!!

Sherlock as sperm donor

During his junkie years when he was determined to avoid relying on Mycroft, Sherlock sold some of his sperm for money. This comes out when he and John take on a case that happens to involve a remarkably precocious child...

Re: Sherlock as sperm donor

yes, Yes, YES!

Molliarty/Sherlock (Potential Non-con TW)

Molly and Jim take a break from running London's greatest criminal empire to have some fun with Sherlock. They don't particularly care whether he's interested in their brand of 'fun' or not.

John/Sherlock and Magnussen, Non-con


Magnussen doesn't flick John's face. He doesn't touch either of them. He finds it much more amusing to tell John to flick Sherlock's face. Because then it's John hurting Sherlock to keep Mary safe, and Sherlock letting him. That's real leverage.

The commands start with face flicking. They get worse.

Re: John/Sherlock and Magnussen, Non-con

*vibrates with poorly contained excitement*

ohdearchrist, I have been waiting for a villain like Magnussen/prompt like this in BBC universe ever since reading a Ritchieverse!fic with a similar premise which absolutely wrecked me. I can't make any promises as to timeliness, but I kind of desperately want to try to write this for you, nnngh...


Sherlock's a bottom and John's a top or at least that's the way it would be except Sherlock was raped before meeting John and just hasn't been able to bottom since. Given the situation, John's been more than willing to bottom, even though it's not his favorite.

I want the night that Sherlock finally bottoms. Give me gentle, concerned John. Give me Sherlock both vunerable but still very Sherlock-y. And, of course, give me sex!

Sherlock, Molly, and Moriarity (Season 3 spoilers, season 4 speculation)

Moriarity is back, and has figured out that Sherlock is alive and Molly's the one who helped him fake his death.
As she's heading home from the morgue, Molly finds herself kidnapped, brought to an abandoned building, and strapped into a vest full of explosives for a camera while Moriarity threatens to blow her up if the "White knight doesn't make it to the castle to save his princess in time".
The most shocking part of the whole ordeal?
When shortly after his recording finishes, Moriarity reveals that it was an act, the explosives were not actually wired to detonate, and begins sweet talking her, telling her that he would never let someone act as horrible to her as Sherlock does and get away with it.

Would like to see Sherlock and Moriarity trying to kill one another, while each trying to win Molly's affection by convincing her that the other really doesn't care about her.....and poor Molly has no idea of quite how to react to any of it.
Bonus points for badass John and Mary.

The Tragedy of Mary Morstan

She started out as the normal daughter of a military captain and his supportive wife. Then before she could finish primary school, A.G.R.A. was stolen and forced into a trafficking ring. After all that was good and pure was stolen from her, the teen took the first escape that was made available to her-- training to become an assassin.

Bonus points if this is learned through a joint therapy session with John, or through an intimate chat between the two Watsons.

During the two years post-Fall where Sherlock was 'dead', a picture from when they were happy magically shows up exactly when and where he needs it.

GEN: Sherlock, hurt!John and the EMTs of London (slightly crack-ish).

Four things I like: Sherlock freaking out over hurt!John, hurt!John, outsider POV, and EMTs ('cause they're awesome). Let's combine them all!

The EMTs of London don't really have a problem with Sherlock Holmes, because while he might refuse care and treat them like idiots, they've seen it all before, treating ornery junkies and people with a fear of medical procedures. They might get called out to treat Sherlock a little too often than what they'd like, but all in all there's no real problem there. Then he meets John and it's a bit of a blessing at first, because it lessens the work load, having someone who keeps Sherlock out of trouble (and is a trained doctor, to boot!). And then, a couple of months after moving into 221B, Sherlock drags John along on a case and John ends up nearly getting killed. When the EMTs arrive at the scene they find John bleeding out on the ground and Sherlock freaking the shit out.

I'll love you forever if:

+ Newsletters start circulating amongst the medical staff, detailing theories on the best way to handle Sherlock's response to hurt!John. None of them work. Eventually the EMTs start holding monthly open meetings. They're... well attended.

++ The 999 operators come up with a special response code that basically means "John Watson down - proceed with caution".

+++ St. Bart's adds a mandatory one day seminar to the curriculum for all their interns and EMTs in training, focusing on Sherlock and called something like How to Handle Sherlock Holmes in a Crisis When John is Incapacitated.

Re: GEN: Sherlock, hurt!John and the EMTs of London (slightly crack-ish).

this is a great prompt!!I would love to read a fill to this.

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Re: Code 221b, fill (Anonymous) Expand
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Sherlock & Daddy Holmes

This is a spin on a prompt I saw years ago where Sherlock rings up his mum some time after ASIP to confess to her he's fallen in love with John.

My prompt is that, post S3, Sherlock is now certain more than ever that he loves John Watson and heartbroken that he knows he can never be with him or have that love returned the same way. He doesn't tell anybody except Daddy Holmes who he used to be really close to when he was little but grew distant from when he got older. Sherlock breaks down and has a lovely heart-to-heart with his papa who gives him the cuddle he needs after S3.

Re: Sherlock & Daddy Holmes

OH my gawd. THIS! Please, someone, fill this amazingness. Papa Holmes is the best!

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The origins of Mycroft's distaste for legwork

Despite being warned off by Mycroft, Sherlock keeps investigating a case that ties into a Secret Service mission from decades ago. The original mission went horribly wrong due to corrupt and/or incompetent superiors sending their agents into a trap, and the only survivor was an inexperienced young field agent who went through hell to complete the mission entirely alone.

Sherlock finds all this out during the course of the case... but only later does he discover that the agent in question was Mycroft.

Re: The origins of Mycroft's distaste for legwork

What an awesome prompt! Hope someone fills this.

Months Of Hell (John/Mary because these two don't get enough love)

"It had been three months since Sherlock had revealed her alternate past to John, and there hadn't been a single night that she hadn't cried herself to sleep since then."

At the Christmas party at Sherlock's parents' home, Mary complains that after months of not talking to her, John picks Christmas of all days to start the interrogation up again.
I would like to see angst from the preceding months where Mary is trying everything she can to show John that she really, truly loves him and is sorry about lying to him about anything, but is terrified at the thought that he may never forgive her because he keeps brushing her away. While Mary prides herself on being in control of her emotions, she is entirely unable to cope with her heart being slowly, agonizingly broken, piece by piece.

Bonus points if he acts cold to her face, but is really sweet and loving when she can't see (like kissing her goodnight after she's cried herself to sleep.)
MORE bonus points if it ends with him forgiving her, or at least ends on some happy note.

Re: Months Of Hell (John/Mary because these two don't get enough love)

Would this be done as, like, a continuous story? Or a bunch of flashfics from the time?

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Mindpalace break

While Sherlock is busy, the people in his mind palace are having tea and a chat. I'm thinking about fancily dressed Mycroft, straightjacket!Jim (who drinks his tea with a straw for obvious reasons) and battledress!Irene. Maybe Redbeard's there, enjoying some biscuits that Mycroft's -secretly- feeding to him?

Re: Mindpalace break

What a cool idea! What would John be doing? Knitting socks maybe?

Re: Mindpalace break (Anonymous) Expand
Sooo...if anyone has read Neil Gaiman's short story A Study In Emerald, I would love to see more written along that vein (but with the BBC incarnations of the characters) Focusing on Sherlock and John and how (Spoilers for the short story!!!) in that world they are the 'bad guys'.

I just have all of the feels regarding that story

Re: A Study in Emerald


Re: A Study in Emerald (Anonymous) Expand

Why does Sherlock think Mycroft enjoyed seeing him beaten?

Why does Sherlock think Mycroft enjoyed seeing him beaten?

Sherlock was once caned at school for something he didn't do. His big brother took the teachers side.

Sherlocks always been convinced that Mycrofts deductive skills were too good for him not to have known the truth. Ergo Mycroft must hate him and be a total sadist to boot.

Bonus points if mycroft really didn't know at the time and only understands years later after Sherlock's comment in TEH.

Mystrade, John plays the oblivious matchmaker

John tries to get Mycroft and Lestrade together. Only to find out that they're already married and Sherlock is like, well, duh.

Re: Mystrade, John plays the oblivious matchmaker

This would be so, so funny. +1

lestrade tickling sherlock

Greg tickles Sherlock until he calls him by the right first name.

Re: lestrade tickling sherlock

Adorable prompt is adorable.

Mycroft, Sherlock- Drunken Affection, fluff

Mycroft doesn't get drunk often, but when he does, he gets affectionate. And when he gets really drunk, he likes to cuddle. With his baby brother.

Please no incest.

Re: Mycroft, Sherlock- Drunken Affection, fluff


Thor Fusion/crossover, John is an Asgardian prince. It's a good look.

John is an Asgardian prince.

John is basically Thor, exiled to Earth to learn some humility. However, he ends up crash landing in Dartmoor, where Sherlock Holmes (and Greg Lestrade, should filler choose so) is investigating Baskerville.

Feel free to change up the Thor plot line a bit, so long as John gets his powers back and kicks some ass.

Alternatively, John could be Thor's son instead.

John/Sherlock, or John/Sherlock/Mary, wherein Mary is Sif.


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