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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Porcelain-skinned Sherlock gets a huge, adult zit under one of his cheek bones.

The kind that starts as a hard, little boil under the skin, then becomes a whitehead that reforms after each squeeze. John keeps warning him to leave it be or it will scar but SHERLOCK just cannot stop touching, squeezing, fiddling w/it or trying different remedies.

Worse yet, EVERYONE, Lestrade, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft, Donovan, Dimmock, Anderson, Molly, Angelo, Moriarty, the graffiti artist that IS NOT Banksy, Anthea, even the damn criminals John and he catch, keep commenting on it.


"Do you know you have a zit right there?" (Sherlock flinching as the person almost touches it in an attempt to point it out.)

'Wow! That's the biggest zit I've ever seen!"

"Gross! Pop that thing already, freak!"

"That looks infected."

"Someone's been eating too many sweets!" (Yes, I know it's a fallacy that pimples come from sweets.)

"Ew. I hate getting those."

"You should try toothpaste on it overnight. Make sure it's the paste kind, not the gel kind" (This would be even funnier coming from a criminal.)

And so on.


I can relate. Seconded!

Re: PIMPLE (Anonymous) Expand

Something fluffy, something sweet

Sherlock and Victor, summer at Victor's summer residence, puppy love.

Re: Something fluffy, something sweet

Wonderful! Seconded with all the power of my Sherlock/Victor feels!

Sherlock/Any MC, Sherlock has a Daddy Kink, Spanking

Sherlock throws a tantrum after a prolonged period with no cases, and his 'Daddy' has to punish him for it.

Re: Sherlock/Any MC, Sherlock has a Daddy Kink, Spanking


Edited to add: in case you haven't seen them, you should definitely check out sadistically_sweet's fics on AO3 - Link Here

Really great ageplay/daddy kink with spanking.

But there will never be enough spanking fics, so the more fills the better.

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Sherlock loves the way John smells + closet sexytimes

Sherlock is somewhat obsessed with smelling John's skin. It's a scent that means warmth and safety to him, but it also drives him a little bit mad with UST. Maybe he satisfies himself by wanking in John's bed or with one of John's jumpers, or something. Then one case leads them to be stuck in a closet, and the proximity leads to closet sex with Sherlock totally blissed out and kind of drunk on John's scent.

Re: Sherlock loves the way John smells + closet sexytimes

Seconded for sure!


Inspired by a prompt in Part XXVIII.

John wakes up one morning to find Sherlock sitting at an easel near the bed painting (a picture of) John's naked body. Upon closer inspection, John can see that the activity has gotten Sherlock quite obviously turned on, so of course he decides to milk the situation. John starts posing a bit more obviously where he is sprawled on the bed while Sherlock paints, until both of them are all hot and bothered and Sherlock abandons the painting for a more interesting pastime.

Bonus points if you can involve the paint somehow in the sex that ensues.

Re: Johnlock

Unf, yes.

Re: Johnlock (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Johnlock (Anonymous) Expand

The brothers Holmes (non-plotty spoilers for tEH in prompt)

Dialogue prompt:

"You owe me, Mycroft!"
"What for?"
"I gave you Lestrade, didn't I?"

Johnlock/Mystrade appreciated, but I'm really hoping for some good Holmes brothers relationship exploration post- the-Goldfish-Conversation with Lestrade as potential goldfish.

sub!john, consensual, orgasm denial, multiple partners

John being kept in a state of arousal, but not allowed to come for a long time (several hours at least, but a whole weekend would be nice). Multiple doms fucking him (cocks, fingers, toys) or having him get them off however. Bondage, toys, blindfolds, whatever you like. I want him desperately turned on and submissive. Humiliation, uncomfortable positions and a bit of biting/pinching are nice, too, but I don't want huge amounts of pain and no punishment.

Bonus if John doesn't get to come at all.

Re: sub!john, consensual, orgasm denial, multiple partners

So kinky I love it!

Sometype of soulmate AU (A/B/O possible) - John/Mary/Sherlock

John and Mary find each other. They are happy but missing their third link (this is where the whole A/B/O thing can come in or it could be a Sub/Dom/Switch thing if wanted) . They know they are, they have been able to feel something missing and wrong for a long while.

They find Sherlock in a bad place. He is on drugs. Or not but very disillusioned with life. Or he is contemplating drugs and a danger to himself even if he doesn't know it. They track him down and try to help him out.

BONUS: Sherlock's family has been trying to get him paired up for a while now. They have a long file of people he could be a good match for. All of them are up there on the social latter for the most part and depending on his "station in life" there has been numerous attempts to force a bond with him so he is naturally cautious when these two random people tell him their his and he is theirs.

It be cool if Sherlock were the Omega if it turns into omegaverse

Re: Sometype of soulmate AU (A/B/O possible) - John/Mary/Sherlock

Oooh. Interesting. Hope someone fills this.

op (Anonymous) Expand

Lots of UST and frustration

John has to watch Sherlock get himself off (preferably over a relatively long period of time) "for a case." John is trying very hard to keep himself under control, but of course it's difficult and he has to keep stopping himself from unconsciously rutting against the back of a chair or something. Eventually it's enough that even Captain John Watson can't stand it, and Sherlock lets him join in.

Bonus points if what Sherlock is doing is a bit kinky and/or creative.

Forgot to say: RTYIs welcome.

Johnlock, Sherlock Goes to See Sherlock

Sherlock and John go to see "Sherlock Holmes" starring Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law, tear it to shreds, quickly grow bored, and have sex in the back of the theatre.

Re: Johnlock, Sherlock Goes to See Sherlock


John/Mary, John/Sherlock- By Any Other Name, h/c, angst

John realizes that it will never work with Mary when he calls her Sherlock during sex.

Sherlock and Janine... not having sex

[So, in His Last Vow...]So, in His Last Vow, it turned out that Sherlock and Janine were going out, and she was staying at his flat, going into the bathroom with him, etc, but they never had sex. Explain how that worked. Did he manage to fob her off with some story of dysfunction, or distract her from the topic whenever it came up, or satisfy her in other ways..? Preferably make it hot and also answer the question of what she guessed about him and how...

Re: Sherlock and Janine... not having sex

Yes yes yes!!!!!

The Adventures of Sherlock and Redbeard

Make it cute.

Then, make it hurt.

Fill: Sherlock and Captain Redbeard

“Thought you could steal my treasure, did you? Prepare to die Redbeard.”

Sherlock laughed as he began tickling the dogs tummy. Usually they ran around the house, Sherlock chasing the evil pirate Redbeard with his wooden sword but Redbeard was tired, he didn't want to run today. Sherlock had tried to take him out into the field behind the house but he just lay there uninterested.

“Come on Redbeard, play!” Little Sherlock nudged the dog gently only for it to look up with his sad, tired eyes.

Dejected, Sherlock went to the kitchen, dragged a chair to the counter and climbed up to reach Redbeard's special dog treats. They were Redbeard's favourite treasure, Sherlock would bury them and watch his pet try and find them. He always did, the evil Captain Redbeard was the fiercest pirate to sail the seven seas.

“Find the treasure, Redbeard, go on boy, find the treasure.” Sherlock encouraged when he had successfully hidden some treats under the stairs. “Why don't you want to play? You always want to play.”

“Leave the poor thing alone, Sherlock. He's not well, let him rest.” Mummy chastised as she entered the room. “I think he may have to... go to the farm” She whispered to Dad.

“You're not sick are ya?” Sherlock rubbed the dog's ear, “You're a good boy.”

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johnlock season 4 (SEASON THREE SPOILER)

While I'm really glad that Mary survived and isn't completely evil it makes it harder to work around johnlock-wise.

So please dear authors give me some S4 Johnlock where it's just Sherlock and John! (I like Mary though I wasn't planning to but occasionally I don't want her to interfere with Johnlock! )

Sherlock/Mycroft, rough body play (consensual or nonconsensual)

[so in Last Vow...]Sherlock twisting Mycroft's arm gave me the world's weirdest boner. So I'd like to see more of them roughhousing or physically scuffling. (Preferably as adults, though.) Whether in the context of a preexisting sexual relationship or just an incredibly weird semi-boner-inducing moment coming out of the blue, I'm happy.


I knew this was gonna come up here and I'm glad I was right :)

(I'm pretty sure the writers knew what they were doing here ;))


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