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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Mycroft/OC abusive relationship, later Mycroft/Anthea, bamf!Anthea

Mycroft has been in an abusive relationship for two years now (since right after Reichenbach), he stays because he is convinced no one else would ever love him and he is terrified of ending up alone. So he just lets his partner do whatever they please and takes all the abuse (verbal about his weight, looks etc and physical).
Anthea knows something is wrong with her boss, first she puts hit down to him missing his brother, but at some point picks up clues that something is physically wrong. At some point Mycroft takes her to his apartment to get files or whatever and leaves her alone for a few minutes, so she installs a tiny camera in his living room. Through the feed she eventually witnesses the abuse her boss is going through and literally bursts through the door to stop it.

Re: Mycroft/OC abusive relationship, later Mycroft/Anthea, bamf!Anthea

Ahhh I want this so badly!

Also possibly RTYI:

John/Mary, Sherlock- The Only Thing, h/c, angst, miscarriages

The only thing keeping John with Mary is the baby. He tries to forgive her because Sherlock wants him to but can't stop imagining her putting a bullet in his best friend. But, because of the baby, he does his best to act like he has forgiven her, treat her kindly, and pretend he's still in love with her. But then Mary miscarries and John finds that he can't pretend anymore. So he leaves her.

Johnlock welcome but not required.

Re: John/Mary, Sherlock- The Only Thing, h/c, angst, miscarriages

so fucking seconded

human/alien relations

John is the last known human on earth and Sherlock is the science officer of an alien exploration vessel. (Other characters are more than welcome too.)

Johnlock, going into BDSM undercover, get into it for real

John and Sherlock have to go undercover as a couple practising BDSM full time with John as the Dom and Sherlock as the Sub. They both have some theoretical knowledge how this works but they've never actively practised it before, save for some light-hearted bedroom kink occasionally and with different partners. Also, when they go undercover they aren't anything more than very close friends and for a while they try to keep their relationship platonic with doing things that don't actively involve sex. Eventually, however, they both really get into the lifestyle, the line between pretending and real desire beginning to blur and disappearing altogether. They end up having sex during a scene, going all the way and they both loving it.

In the end the case is over and they've caught their perp, but neither can really imagine going back to how they were before, so they continue right where they left off with no regrets.

Bonus points if having a strict but loving Dom helps Sherlock deal with his issues and his addictions.

Re: Johnlock, going into BDSM undercover, get into it for real


ALL OVER THIS. (Anonymous) Expand
Re: ALL OVER THIS. (Anonymous) Expand
Most definitely RTYI (Anonymous) Expand

John is not okay, John is gone

First, there was the war. Second, there was Sherlock. Now, there's Mary. John talks a good game, but Mary and Sherlock (even Mycroft) can see that John is drowning. Unfortunately, they all think one of others will pick up the slack where they fail--only none of them do and John slips through the cracks.

John breaks.

John breaks, and then vanishes, and the three cleverest people in England haven't a clue where he's gone.

Optional: Baby Girl Watson is due to arrive any day OR is already here and John vanishes with her.

Another Option: If you wanted to make it Sherlock with a newborn Baby Girl Watson instead, I wouldn't be opposed.

Re: John is not okay, John is gone

I love this prompt ! Seconded

Elvira/ Twilight Zone fusion

As a way to pay for medical school, before deciding on the RAMC, John or fem!John was the sweet, sexy, scary host of an Elvira or Twilight Zone style show. When there's some sort of convention in town John past career is revealed when he has to make an appearance in costume.

Bonus if that's how Sherlock got into the macabre. Romance or friendship both fine.

Sherlock is possessive over Mycroft's attention

For all his strops and eye-rolling, Sherlock is very possessive over Mycroft's attention, and won't stand for him turning his focus on to someone else. So when Mycroft starts having regular meetings with / a possible relationship with someone else, Sherlock is incensed. He resorts to bursting in on Mycroft unexpectedly, demanding his attention at crime scenes, threatening to take drugs again and generally acting out.

Mycroft, of course, drops everything to come running.

Everyone else (John, Greg, Anderson, whoever) is amused at how thoroughly Mycroft is wrapped around Sherlock's little finger.

Give me Holmes cuddles (either Holmescest or gen), with Sherlock acting like a stroppy teenager anxious that he's being abandoned, and Mycroft trying to soothe him without getting his fingers bitten off.

Re: Sherlock is possessive over Mycroft's attention

I totally believe it. Seconding!

Married!Mystrade, Lonliness

Sherlock was right. Mycroft is lonely. Just not for the reason that he thinks.

Any normal day, Lestrade's life is threatened approximately twenty-three times. That number increases to thirty and the odds of a successful assassination attempt increase to fifty-percent if they go public with their marriage. This means incredibly long dry-spells between the times they are able to be together... and Lestrade's side of the bed grows frigidly cold so fast...


During an overseas trip, Mycroft comes down with a cold. Only it's not a cold, and his condition rapidly deteriorates. He keeps this from Sherlock as long as possible, but in the end Mummy prevails, and summons Sherlock to the hospital. Sherlock arrives with John and/or Mary and/or baby Watson in tow, expecting a case and finding his brother drifting in and out of consciousness instead, with the doctors shaking their heads.

He doesn't take it well. Mycroft isn't allowed to be sick, and he's CERTAINLY not allowed to be on death's door.

No actual death fic, please! Mild maiming is fine. :)

Re: sick!Mycroft


FILL 1a/? (Anonymous) Expand
FILL 1b/? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL 1b/? (Anonymous) Expand
FILL 2/? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL 2/? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL 2/? (Anonymous) Expand

Not-John: Mycroft's PA

Okay. I think there was a prompt about this but I cannot find it. I'll try and make it a little bit different.

John as Mycroft's PA!!!!

I'm pretty certain that BAMF!John is a given.
But +10000 cool points for it anyway.

Is John still a doctor? How do Sherlock and John interact? Perhaps John is also Mycroft's dietitian and gets upset when Sherlock calls his brother fat and puts him in his place like the BAMF Dr. Watson is.

{Fill} Not-John: Mycroft's PA 1-?

Because BAMF John always has a place in my heart.


The first time Mycroft Holmes sponsored a self-defense tournament of, he was twenty-one.

The tournament was the start of a long line of contingency to seek out the smartest, strongest, and brightest of school.

John Watson was a short, skinny, blond thirteen year old.

His father was a mean drunk, his mother was dead and gone, and his older sister was caught up in the wrong crowd. His file had not come across Mycroft's desk in that year's hopefuls.

He went to school and worked a part time job as a secretary (males can so be secretaries. And male secretaries are sexy, he's gotten hit on many times). He volunteered at the local Tae Kwon Do center in Edinburgh and was able to take several classes.

Not only was his father a drunk, he had a heavy hand. And if John ever came to school with a busted lip or plaster over an eyebrow, you can guarantee nine times out of ten his father looked worst.

He took no shit, from anyone.

Therefore, when the tournament was announced he signed up with a grin and glint of the eye for it.

He got third place in it. His file consisted of just one page and was discarded from Mycroft's assitant's assistant's desk.

His next year as a minor government official, Mycroft put together a decathlon of a sorts. His co-workers jokingly ribbed him about training up the next generation of M15 and M16.

It wasn't his goal, but he wanted the best of the best working for him.

And if that turned out to be the dozens of upcoming students in secondary school, then so be it. He would have a literal army at his fingertips. Mycroft had to go and relieve himself after having this epiphany.

John Watson had grown a centimeter, gained a smidgeon of a stone and became blonder then before. The Tae Kwon Do center had moved away due to finances, but in its place there was a rifle range.

Johnlock, D/s Scene Gone Wrong, TW: Child Abuse

Sherlock's relationship with his father is less than perfect. Their family was constantly in the public eye and under intense scrutiny, and Sherlock, who was never quite aware of social etiquette, was a core source of embarrassment for the family. Once they were out of the public eye, his father would either spank him or take off his belt and lay into him - it all depended on how 'severe' his infraction was.

Sherlock throws a tantrum at a crime scene and John, embarrassed, ends up taking him home and throwing him over his knee, yanking his pants down and starting to spank his bottom. After all, its a doms job to make sure that their sub knows what they did wrong and that they need to fix it.

But Sherlock flashes back to his father's abuse and starts screaming/crying/generally getting worse, and begging for his 'Daddy' to "stop it, it hurts!"

John immediately stops and does his best to comfort Sherlock, who is absolutely beside himself.

Re: Johnlock, D/s Scene Gone Wrong, TW: Child Abuse

*wince* seconding.

John is Sherlock's First

I'm in need of a sweet, awkward first time between John and virgin!Sherlock. Lots of love, trust, and humble!John being honored with the faith that Sherlock has placed in him.

Porn Preference: Normal

Can we have a story about this?

Maybe about how Magnussen came to know John and Sherlock's porn preferences or maybe John and Sherlock watching/comparing/examining/analysing "normal" porn (what's normal anyway?) or even John/Mary/Sherlock because I love Mary.

and maybe sex happens.

John/Sherlock - non con, medical treatment

John struggles to hold it together while he physically examines (and patches up) Sherlock after Sherlock is raped.

Sherlock is cold/seemingly unaffected on the surface which worries John even more.

I'm open to John and Sherlock in a threesome relationship with Mary too.

Sherlock/anyone, Sherlock/John Cuckolding

John thinks Sherlock is a virgin. John tries to set Sherlock up with a girl. Sherlock is not in fact a virgin. Sherlock fucks the girl's brains out in front of John just to prove it. Poor humiliated John.

Oh, the girl can be Mary

OP sez so. But, whatever the author wants.

Sherlock goes home and has a wank after the wedding

He'd never intended this, but he finds himself half-clothed in John's chair, turning his face into the cushions and breathing in the oh-so-faint scent of his friend. He ends up kissing the spot where John's head used to rest, and somehow, one hand finds its way south...

Re: Sherlock goes home and has a wank after the wedding

Wanting .

Kissing, Spoilers for S03

Sherlock doesn't see what all the fuss is about kissing. He kissed Janine and felt nothing but faintly damp from saliva and sticky with lip gloss. He'd been kissed by Irene and felt more unsettled than moved. Then, he convinces John to kiss him in the name of science (and liquor), and oh...

That's what all the fuss is about.

Re: Kissing, Spoilers for S03

Yes exactly!

John/Mary, John/Sherlock, Mrs. Hudson, Mycroft- Flat mate

Since John's moved out, Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft force Sherlock to get a new flatmate to "help cover the expenses" but really just so that he has someone to look after him when John's at his and Mary's house. Sherlock manages to scare away each and every candidate.

John/Sherlock, Mycroft- Mistake

Mycroft forces Sherlock to attend an important dinner party. Sherlock asks if he can bring John along. Deciding it will at least keep Sherlock happy, Mycroft agress. Worst mistake of his life.

The wedding, v. 2.0

Okay, I know this would call for overcoming some major trust issues after the whole, y'know, shooting thing and all, but imagine a little group of people gathered in the sitting room at 221b. Happy, nicely but not formally dressed. Lestrade's there, Mrs Hudson, Molly, a very few others. And of course, the three principals:

"I, William Sherlock Scott Holmes, in the sight of no God I recognize and under the auspices of no law but in the presence of these witnesses, take thee, John Hamish Watson, to my wedded husband ... and thee, Mary Morstan Watson, to my wedded wife."

Bonus if Lestrade "officiates". Double bonus if he ends with, "Okay, both of you, kiss the bridegroom."

Re: The wedding, v. 2.0

Yes! It's my forever ship. I'd love to see that wedding.

Right I have an AU idea if anyone's up for it :)
In a world where everyone has abilities from the mundane, such as making the perfect slice of toast, to the amazing, such as mind reading and precognition, John was born with a gift he really would rather return.
He could see signs of death. Tattoos form on people's skin when they met the person who would kill them or set themselves on a certain path.
e.g. watching a man's tattoo form of a bottle of beer when he talks to a barman.
His ability is thought of as unlucky, and people are wary about such people so he keeps it secret.
He becomes a doctor and a soldier trying to change people's tattoos but it doesn't really work, maybe sometimes he ends up making the things happen which he tried to avoid?
When he is shot and returns back he's all depressed about it but low and behold a meeting with Sherlock is just what the doctor ordered, as when his fingers brush against the man's on handing him his phone Sherlock's tattoo of a little bottle of pills fade away.
There is just one small problem.
John now has a tattoo instead.
Bonus points if Sherlock has a funny/useless gift which he tries to avoid using or equally stigmatized gift which he doesn't bother hiding.

Re: AU gifts :)

Love this idea! Wondering what tattoo John has now..

Johnlock Little signs of affection

I'd love to read a fluffy fic about all those little ways John and Sherlock show each other how much they love the other. Bonus cookies for creative and unusual ways!

Teenage Mycroft (could be Mycroft/OMC or Mystrade)

Mycroft has had the path of his life planned out from a very early age. It's important to look normal for the inevitable future background checks, so he's scheduled himself a brief period of teenage rebellion: time to visit a disreputable pub outside his usual haunts and get involved with an unsuitable boy. It might be a little distasteful, but it's all a necessary step in the plan.

Except, to his vague alarm, it turns out he actually quite likes the beer and the music... and he really likes the unsuitable boy.

Magnussen/Mycroft, "And what are you giving me for Christmas, Mr Holmes?"

Slight HLV spoilers

The scene where Sherlock was offering Mycroft to Magnussen for Christmas.

"And what are you giving me for Christmas, Mr Holmes?"

"My brother."

I want this to happen instead

"Oh I already own him, Mr. Holmes. You'll have to do better than that."


or something similar. Really don't care if it's crack or not. Kinda ties nicely into the beginning of the episode don't you think?

Sherlock & Mycroft, hugs

Five times Mycroft almost hugged his little brother, and the one time that he did.

(Or just the one time that he did. NO INCEST PLEASE.)

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Re: Sherlock & Mycroft, hugs



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