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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock and John cuddling, being close and just touching, occasionally kissing, enjoying each other's company. Sweet, comfortable and achingly cute. no sex.

221B plots to get them together

A magical realism-type thing, where the flat plays an active part in Sherlock and John falling for each other - be it dodgy heating, mysteriously locked doors, pipes that burst at inopportune moments, moving bedspreads, misplaced trousers, a teapot with a mind of its own.. etc. :)

Re: 221B plots to get them together

Oooh I like this. (There was a magnificent horror fill in a former part, where 221B kept John and Sherlock "grounded" for eternity, but a matchmaking flat is all to the good, too!)

Re: A Little Push, fill (Anonymous) Expand

Johnlock, The Skull POV

The development of Johnlock through the POV of the skull.

Re: Johnlock, The Skull POV - RTYI

Have you ever come across a wonderful author by the name of AtlinMerrick? She often writes her Johnlock with the skull as a character.
It's a fairly important character in this fic:
And this one is told from its POV:

Teenlock, Sherlock/Moriarty, Sherlock Makes a Friend, AU

Sherlock isn't good at making friends. He's bullied a lot at school and doesn't seem to fit in anywhere. Until he meets Jim.

Sherlock rescues Jim from a group of bullies that are getting particularly violent. An instant friendship (and attraction) forms.

Mary, Moriarty/Sherlock- Replacement, angst, drama, creepy possessiveness

When Moriarty hears about Mary and that she shot Holmes, he's outraged. How dare she try to replace him? He's the only one who can make an attempt on Sherlock's life! He quickly decides to remedy the situation.

Mycroft, Sherlock- The Other One, h/c, angst noncanonical character death

Sherlock and Mycroft's other brother was Mycroft's twin. Mycroft loved him as much as he loves Sherlock, but the twin was a psychopath who didn't like the idea of sharing the spotlight with a younger brother. Unbeknownst to Sherlock, his and Mycroft's brother used to try to kill him when he was younger, so their family could go back to the way it was before Sherlock was born. Mycroft tried to protect Sherlock but, after one attempt on Sherlock's life came dangerously close to succeeding, Mycroft knew he had to act. No one believed Mycroft and he had no proof, so he had to keep his little brother safe the only way he knew how: by killing his twin.

All Sherlock (and Mr. and Mrs. Holmes) knows is that their brother died.

Bonus if Sherlock finds out what Mycroft did but not necessary.

Please no incest.

Greg, Sherlock- Code, h/c, angst, fluff

After Sherlock's 'death' Greg's paranoid that Sherlock will die for real. Every time Sherlock texts him for help, he ends up calling backup. After the fifth overreaction, Sherlock and he sit down and SHerlock agrees to use a code so that Lestrade will know if he's ever really in danger.

Re: Greg, Sherlock- Code, h/c, angst, fluff

Adorable prompt is adorable.

FILL: Coded words (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL: Coded words (Anonymous) Expand

Mary/John/Sherlock, AU, John's the new man in Mary's life that Sherlock unexpectedly likes. A lot.

Mary is the invalidated soldier that's became Sherlock's flatmate and best friend. John is the former assassin running from his past who fell in love with her during Sherlock's "absence".

Everyone naturally expects a confrontation (the detective has a history of being a menace to Mary's suitors, after all) but to their eternal surprise, even Sherlock's, the two take to each other quite well. Before you can say ' Vatican cameos' the three are rarely seen apart.

The big wedding still happens and of course John's past will need to be dealt with, but I'm aiming for much more of an OT3 ending.

Re: Mary/John/Sherlock, AU, John's the new man in Mary's life that Sherlock unexpectedly likes. A lo


Sherlock/Molly medical kink

Sherlock and Molly are in an established relationship, and like to roleplay. Sherlock gives Molly a pelvic exam, leading to sex.

Moriarty/Sherlock, sub!Moriarty, Punishment

Sometimes, Moriarty just needs to be punished. Because when his Daddy doesn't pay attention to him, people get hurt. And Daddy doesn't like it when innocent people get hurt by his bratty, bitchy, pretty boy.

Re: Moriarty/Sherlock, sub!Moriarty, Punishment


AU Sherlock/John; past John/Sholto; Slight S3 Spoilers

John & Sherlock have finally taken their relationship to the next and everything seems to be going marvelously until John accidentally shouts Sholto's name in the heat of the moment instead of Sherlock's.

Mycroft likes women with curves

Mycroft was chubby in his youth and was the target of bullies in school because of it. He's had body-image issues ever since. He now exercises religiously and eats a very strict diet in order to keep his weight down.

However, when it comes to women, his personal preference is the complete opposite. There's something about soft, shapely curves that appeals to him like nothing else. The feel of wide hips in his hands and squishy thighs wrapped around his waist.

I also ask that you try to keep him in character, anon. I want to see the guarded, haughty, often cold man we all know (and love!), just with a secret sensual side.

OFCs are fine. As is a Molly or Anthea who've put on weight for whatever reason.

Bonus points if you analyze Mycroft's differing perception of weight in men and women (i.e., men look better lean, women look better rotund) and have the female character you choose/create help him overcome it.

John and Sherlock Roleplay as "Sherlock Holmes"

"You love it . . . being Sherlock Holmes."

Sherlock isn't the "hat detective". That public persona is a character that Sherlock plays. And as we know from canon, he's an expert actor.

In an established relationship, John or Sherlock wants to Sherlock to be "Sherlock Holmes" during sex. Any kinky and/or hilariously scenario optional.


xxo thank you for reading

Re: John and Sherlock Roleplay as "Sherlock Holmes"

Oh my god...Hat Required...

Just yes!

Johnlock, Nonsexual Ageplay

I know ageplay has been done quite a few times, but I want something where a third party finds out. Mrs.Hudson has been aware in a few fics I've read, along with Mycroft, so I would prefer if the person finding out about this aspect of their relationship is Lestrade. Maybe he walks in on them (John feeding Sherlock? Shocked to see Sherlock playing on the floor sucking a dummy and wearing a nappy? Just depends with how little the author would prefer to write him, I'm not picky.)Or maybe he hasn't heard from Sherlock in a bit and decides to do a "drugs bust" while they happen to be out and finds things that makes him question them when they get back? Basically I would love to see how they each react to this scenario. No particular preferences, besides it being Sherlock who is the little and it taking place before series 3 (I just don't think it could work in series 3 but if you think it can by all means go for it).

Fill: Sippy Cup [1/1]

"Did you hide it?" Sherlock hissed as they were cuffed and pushed, none too gently, against the side of the police car.

John had not the slightest idea what Sherlock was on about. The team had already found drugs in the flat. There was nothing else to find. Nothing to say either: nothing that wouldn't invite a sharp rejoinder, or throw fuel on the everlasting fire of Sherlock's temper tantrums. Instead, John simply stared at Sherlock like he was deaf, and wished to a God who was apparently devoid of pity that he were.

All he wanted was a quiet morning with his paper. He was having a quiet morning with his paper, until Sherlock, working on one of his unspeakable experiments, spilled something in the kitchen and summoned the hazmat squad, who he apparently had on speed dial. They found a slipper of cocaine tucked behind a number of beakers of virulently toxic chemicals, all of which Sherlock had failed to label. Now, they were under arrest, perhaps with felony charges. That was as far as it went as John saw it. He prayed Mycroft could do something to get them out of this.

"John," Sherlock muttered while the officers' backs were turned. It appeared he was growing anxious. This was unusual. "What did you do with it?"

"Do with what?" John barked, suddenly furious. The officers around them shifted to eye them. Take a calming breath, he reminded himself. When the officers' attention shifted he repeated more evenly, "What did I do with what, Sherlock?"

"You know, the--"

"You are so weird," Greg came up to Sherlock's side holding a sac with cartoon pirate skull and crossbones printed across it by the corner. "Really, the both of you are truly depraved."

Oh. Oh. John remembered suddenly: Sherlock's sippy cup, his nappy, his dummy. They didn't belong to John, not really. But he was complicit in indulging Sherlock's unusual proclivities. He felt about an inch tall. The Yarders would never let them hear the end of this, especially Sally. God, he didn't even want to imagine.

"I don't want to add insult to injury," Greg glancing between the two of them.

Sherlock held his head high, sniffed primly. John let his head fall forward and rest on the top of the car. Christ, this was hard to watch. Greg reached into Sherlock's coat and tucked the sac inside. Before he walked away he warned:

"Please remember this next time we have you on a case, Sherlock."

For once Sherlock didn't try to take the last word.

Re: Fill: Sippy Cup [1/1] (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Sippy Cup [1/1] (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock Holmes is Mary Morstan


It's just easier for some people to open up to women, so Sherlock, amazing actor and master of disguise when he wants to be, creates an utterly convincing female version of himself called Mary to help in his investigations.
John meets Sherlock/ Mary on two separate occasions and has no idea the two of them are the same person.
Neither does anyone else, since it could compromise the integrity of the disguise.

Johnlock obviously and please, something.... happy. And case ficcy. And heels. Beautiful sky high heels.
Go to town people.

Reichenbach Timeloop, angst

Mild season 3 spoilers, maybe:
There were (more than) thirteen possibilities for what might have happened on that rooftop.
How does Sherlock know?
He lived out every last one of them. And only one resulted in John NOT dying.

(Basically a timeloop fic where Sherlock relives that day again and again in an effort to keep John alive)

Re: Reichenbach Timeloop, angst


Okay, might have to write this.

Are you familiar with Madoka Magica?

OP (Anonymous) Expand

John is secretly very ill. Series 3, post SoT, pre or no HLV

Because John lives with Mary now, Sherlock doesn't see the day to day life he has. He just notices John is a bit slower, runs out of breath faster, seems to be distracted sometimes, rubbing at his chest. Sherlock doesn't realize it's not just John softening under married life until the day John collapses at a crime scene.

While Sherlock was away, John found out he has a serious, possibly terminal illness. He would rather push himself harder than he ought in order to appear normal rather than anyone but Mary and his own doctor knowing about it, particularly Sherlock.

Re: John is secretly very ill. Series 3, post SoT, pre or no HLV


Sherlock slips to The Walking Dead game [Warning: S3ep3 spoiler!]

So I saw this weird dream where Sherlock sort of... slipped into vivid coma dream about The Walking Dead game after Mary shot him. I mean, things like

[Deduce Lee]


Can I experiment with that?


floated around him when he was sitting in the police car with Lee. Perhaps needless to say that he was alarmed when I chose his reactions. Clementine adored him!

I'd like you to experiment with this crossover too, as I quite enjoyed watching Sherlock shoot zombies while sighing how boring the life is during an apocalypse. I woke up crying, though, because Sherlock actually believed that this was his life now (and because my brain is my biggest enemy, the dream showed me how John held Sherlock's hand in the hospital.)

Sometimes the fencing isn't just verbal

Mycroft and Sherlock having a swordfight while they argue.

Re: Sometimes the fencing isn't just verbal

Nonnie has been fencing for 14 years (made world championships once as a teen) and loves this post! There are stereotypes about the different weapons in fencing: foilists are snotty and uptight, of an average size; saberists are hot tempered, short and squat; epeeists are either very smart, very lazy or both, and usually tall. I think both Sherlock and Mycroft would fence epee.

Will fill if I can think of something for them to be arguing over.

Johnlock, TW: Drug Use, Overdose

Post "The Sign of Three", Sherlock returns to the flat to get high.

Sherlock has been clean for so long, however, that taking such a high dose is practically catastrophic to his body. He ODs and Mrs. Hudson finds him upstairs, unconscious and totally unresponsive.

Mrs. Hudson calls John, not knowing what else to do. John, who is still at the reception, can't help but wonder how long Sherlock had been lying there until Mrs. Hudson returned home.

Mycroft helps Sherlock deduce

Recovering from a head injury (or some other trauma affecting his focus), Sherlock is off his game, and struggling to solve an urgent case. Mycroft talks him through making the deductions step by step, like he used to when Sherlock was a child.

Re: Mycroft helps Sherlock deduce

Yes! Seconded.

Unexpected BAMF! Molly.

Based loosely on a Diagnosis Murder episode I saw recently along with how kickass Molly has become in Series 3.

(sorry for the long prompt here.)

Molly either witnesses something she really shouldn't have/ finds something that wasn't meant to be found from a victim.

The killer (OC or Jim or whoever) stalks her and eventually corners her when she's working alone in the morgue. I mean, she's just a small, timid woman. What can she do?

Much to the killer's surprise, she stands her ground and fights using anything she can get her hands on (for example the saw they use to take the top of heads off,or forceps or using the hose they use to wash the autopsy tables down, whatever you can think up.)


-She hits the killer on the head using a metal bed pan or something to that effect.

-She can't help herself and she quotes a film/ tv show and it goes a little wrong/ sounded better in her head.

-Sherlock and John/ Lestrade had been following the killer, lost him/her and got there not that much longer after them and watched in surprise as Molly has dealt with them.

-As soon as she sees Sherlock/John/ Lestrade, she offers them tea.

Anything is welcome, RTYIs, fan fics, fan art, interpretive dance. I'm sure I'll love it all.

Thank you in advance!!!

Sherlock/Molly/John, Bottom!Sherlock, FemDom!Molly

Molly and John let Sherlock walk all over them in public, because he more than makes up for it behind closed doors.

All consensual please (and bonus points if you can include bratty-bitchy-sub!Sherlock XD).

Johnlock - jealous!Sherlock

John and Sherlock are in an established relationship. Everything's fine except that Sherlock absolutely never seems to be jealous. John gets a bit insecure, wonders if Sherlock just doesn't love him enough to care, maybe he even starts to flirt with people to get a reaction out of Sherlock but to no avail.

Sherlock notices this and confronts him. He explains to John that he knows that John loves him because he constantly shows and tells him how much he adores Sherlock. Jealousy simply isn't logical. Then, in a completely unlikely situation, Sherlock gets very jealous and claims John as his. (I'm thinking maybe John dealing with a patient in a completely professional way or John holding a baby..)

RTYI welcome!

tl; dr:
Sherlock's not the jealous type until one day he is.

Re: Johnlock - jealous!Sherlock


Sherlock/Molly, A New 'Parent'

Based off of a line in 3.02 "The Sign of Three", in which Sherlock tells John and Mary, "You won't need me any more, now that you have a real baby to take care of."

The reason that the engagement mysterious broke off in HLV is because Molly has taken on a new role - Sherlock's 'parent'. She's got pretty big shoes to fill, and while she knows that she will never be able to replace John, she's going to do her best to do right by Sherlock.

Please no infantilism, but Mommy!Kink and past Daddy!Kink is okay.


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