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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Mycroft doesn't get drunk often because he's also lighweight, sloppy drunk. I want a fic where Mycroft attempts to hit on Lestrade while he is drunk

Gen, Mycroft finding out he's in Sherlock's mindpalace

So it just occurred to me that Mycroft probably has no idea he's featured so prominently in Sherlock's mindpalace, nor, I suspect, would Sherlock ever admit he does.

So how about a fic in which Mycroft finds out? Maybe Sherlock lets it slip to John and John, who doesn't think it's a big deal, mentions it offhandedly to Mycroft? I don't really care how it happens. I'd also prefer gen, please and thank you.

Magnussen/Janine - non-con, humiliation

Magnussen likes to demonstrate his power over other people by humiliating them, and his PA is no different. He enjoys forcing her to submit to him, marking his territory with his bodily fluids as is his habit and then forcing her to orgasm. He also humiliates her by describing the things she lets him do to her in front of her colleagues, and by making her undress and perform sexual acts in front of his business partners. When she resigns to go and live in her cottage, he punishes her for going behind his back and selling her Sherlock kiss and tell story to his rivals.

Re: Magnussen/Janine - non-con, humiliation


Saw Crossover.

Sherlock versus Jigsaw.

Bonus for either of the following:
- Mycroft ending up in a trap (and escaping without Sherlock's help)
- John ending up in a trap (and escaping without Sherlock's help)
- Sherlock needing to call Mycroft in because he can't solve this one on his own
- Anyone from the police department (excluding Lestrade) ending up in a trap and not escaping due to Sherlock failing a test/puzzle

Or just dump Sherlock/Mycroft/John/Lestrade/whoever else into one big trap like in Saw V.

I'd love for it to include Mycroft in some way (but don't kill him off!). Gen is all good, as well as pairings (excluding Sherlock/Mycroft and Sherlock/John, please, if you want to pair people).

Sherlock's BFF Janine introduces him to sex

Sherlock comes back from his four-minute exile, deals with the Big Bad, puts up with snark from Mycroft, sorts out cases for Lestrade, visits Baby W. and her doting parents, and... generally feels lonely and broken-hearted.

But then Janine comes back to London for a visit. In exchange for using Sherlock's talents to find her a man, she decides to help him by getting him laid. She knows of course that what he really wants is John Watson, but she thinks that exploring his sexuality for the first time might at least get him to accept the "kind of man" he is.

Though he agrees to it because he's bored, Sherlock starts off by being very much himself, snarky and not at all keen on interacting with people, until he realises how much his "transport" is enjoying the stimulation and begins to embrace his sexuality until he isn't just deducing men to find *Janine* a partner... cue also various reactions when he comes out to his friends.

As humorous and sexy as you can, and with whatever conclusion makes sense to you. :)

Sherlock defends Molly

Season 1. Someone at work has been harassing Molly. Sherlock is outraged. No one bullies Molly but him!

(This incident could possibly explain why Molly puts up with him later. She knows he's got her back when it comes down to it.)

Re: Sherlock defends Molly

Yes! I might try this.

Re: A Simple Concept (Anonymous) Expand
(Deleted comment)

Past noncon. Internalised guilt, self blame, trust issues.

Why is Sherlock antagonistic towards people who find him attractive? Why did he, the master of deduction, mistakenly assume John was making a pass at him in the cafe?

In his youth he'd said no. It hadn't helped.

After the cafe John notices Sherlock is cautious and a little awkward around him.

He discovers that Sherlock isn't sure if John understood his rejection.

Sherlock is sure he has a blind spot when it comes to sexual signals you see. Because how else could he have so drastically Mis-reprisented himself that first time? He thought he'd been clear but it hadn't been understood, had it?

Awesome, understanding John.

Re: Past noncon. Internalised guilt, self blame, trust issues.

GOD YES! Seconding!!!!

Handjob (Sherlock/Janine)

Janine gives Sherlock a handjob in the garden during John & Mary's wedding reception.

He really did tell the police, and cue fallout (HLV spoilers)

Spoilers first

After Mary shoots Sherlock, Magnussen is keeping to himself when the police arrive. After all, he doesn't want the police to know about shooting incident when he could blackmail Mary.

Well, what if he hadn't?

He's got plenty of enemies, has no respect for personal space and others, and he's certainly not above petty revenge. After all, he could pretty much make a phone call and get rid of certain people. He's pretty sure that Mycroft knows about Mary too...

After Mary shot Sherlock. Magnussen told the police and printed (mostly) everything he knew about Mary Watson excluding that she's married to John and what John and Sherlock were doing in his office. The very next day, John reads the paper and is horrified.

When Sherlock wakes up, he has to endure the fallout. Now Mary's on the run, and his best friend is an emotional wreck. And he has no idea on how to fix it.

Worse yet, Magnussen taunts Sherlock about how he should have listened to his older brother.

No happy endings please.

Re: He really did tell the police, and cue fallout (HLV spoilers)

Very interesting prompt. Seconded

Trust Issues but dear god he fucks like a ----

How come there's no Ella Thompson/John Watson?!

The woman is gorgeous!

The situation:

Written on her notepad:

Trust issues, but dear god he fucks like a tiger

Re: Trust Issues but dear god he fucks like a ----

Amen! Seconding!

Sherlock's the One who Eats

Okay, so we know Sherlock values his mind over his body, but what if Sherlock thinks he's the ultimate weapon, and thus to protect his mind palace, he's really into protecting his health and weight and body. Thus he eats healthy, watches his diet, his sleeps schedule, etc when he's off a case.

Conversely John is the one who doesn't really give two hoots. He's off the army and things just started to slip as he started to care less and less. And now he's sort of used to the convenience of not eating properly, of substituting cereal for a meal, of sleeping odd hours (this is actually a result of the army as he slept whenever he wasn't needed)

This of course, appalls Sherlock, who sees John's lack of discipline as intruding on his schedule and behavior. Thus he begins to nag John about eating and sleeping healthy.

TL;DR Sherlock's the one who nags John to eat and sleep at reasonable times when John just doesn't care

Mystrade Inception-Johnlock welcome

I just re-watched Inception so now I really want something kind of like this:

-Mycroft's mind is attacked by extractor's but he's militarized his subconscious so well that they fail to get anything.
-Unfortunately for some reason Mycroft doesn't wake up from the dream and is in a coma of sorts.
-Sherlock, John, Lestrade, and others go in to try and figure out what's happened and bring Mycroft back.
-One of the others is actually working for Moriarty and using them to help get what they originally came for.

-People he trusts/loves feature in his subconscious so Sherlock and the others have to handle shades of themselves.

Re: Mystrade Inception-Johnlock welcome

Ohh wow, this sounds amazing! I would love to see this.

TW: Non-con, HLV spoilers

Instead of forcing John to endure the face flicking, CAM forces him to watch as he molests/rapes Sherlock.

Make CAM as creepy as possible. Bonus for JohnLock h/c after.

Re: TW: Non-con, HLV spoilers

Yes. Just yes. This one is going to hurt like hell, but I still want it.

Post-HLV: Mycroft confronts John about Sherlock

I'd like to see Mycroft in full protective brother mode confronting John about the fact that Sherlock is in love with him. To his mind, it's largely John's fault that Sherlock turned homicidal on Magnussen because he did it to protect John's wife and therefore him.

Bonus points for John being completely oblivious about Sherlock's feelings until that point, which only fuels Mycroft's rage.

Double bonus for Mycroft threatening John like he never has before - "If you break his heart ..."

Re: Post-HLV: Mycroft confronts John about Sherlock

I love this idea and need to read a fic immediately. Seconded!

Lestrade/John, top lestrade, brat John,

I would like some seriously toppy Lestrade with brat John.

Season 3 - Ep 1 - Brother Mine

Please can someone write a fic about the aftermath of the

"Don't appal me when I'm high"
"right now he could snap you in two and i'm slightly worried that he might"

Re: Season 3 - Ep 1 - Brother Mine

of if :
-Sherlock really did break his arm
-Mycroft tried to speak

or both

Mycroft sits and waits for Sherlock

After the wedding, Mycroft figures Sherlock will come over to talk or just for company. Mycroft buys Sherlock's favorite snacks, has one of Sherlock's favorite movies ready, and....Sherlock never comes.

Re: Mycroft sits and waits for Sherlock

As if I wasn't devastated enough by what I think is Sherlock slinking off to get high, I now have to deal with the image of his brother being there for him and his not realising it? Thanks, Nonnie.
Seconded, through held back tears.


Possessive Sherlock and Mycroft work out some sort of arrangement for sharing John. They don't particularly care whether John is interested or not.

I will post thig unitl someone fills it

Sherlock/Bernard Black - Back when Bernard thought he was gay, they used to hook up usually when Bernard was drunk and Sherlock was high. Bernard fell hard for Sherlock. Sadly, Sherlock didn't return the feeling.

FILL: Remembrance of Books Past (1/3)

It was nearly sunset when Fran entered Black Books. The late afternoon sunshine filtering in through the grimy windows gave the shop an attractive sepia tint which probably did wonders for her complexion. Shame there wasn’t anyone nice around to appreciate it.

She found Bernard fast asleep in his chair, snoring peacefully with a half-empty wine-glass clutched precariously in one hand.

“Psst!” whispered Manny, poking his head through the curtains that separated the squalor of the shop from the subtly different squalor of the kitchen.

Fran opened her mouth to say hello but Manny shook his head, put his fingers to his lips and gestured frantically behind him. She took a deep breath and tip-toed round.

“What are you doing?” she whispered when she’d joined Manny in the kitchen.

Manny tugged the curtains a fraction of an inch apart and pointed out into the shop. “Do you recognise that man?”

The customer in question was browsing the shelves on the far side of the shop. He was short and fair and his face looked vaguely familiar.

“Hm, maybe. Who is he?”

“I don’t know. I think he might be a spy from Goliath Books.”

Fran squinted. “He’s probably just someone famous,” she said thoughtfully. “Hm … not on big brother, not a soap star-”

“Oh!” shouted Manny. “Detective! Not detective, friend of detective! The one that was dead but not really, wore a funny hat, ooh, tip of my tongue-”

“Sherlock Holmes,” said Bernard quietly, stirring in his chair. “That’s his new fancy man.”

“Oh, that’s right.” Fran nodded. “I remember now.”

They relaxed and stared at the unsuspecting celebrity. Fran was just contemplating saying hello when Bernard picked the ledger up off his desk and hurled it at the man.

The book caught him on the shoulder. “Ow!” he yelled, whirling around. “What the hell?”

“Get OUT!” Bernard picked up another book and weighed it menacingly in his hand. The man glared at him before striding out of the shop. “Right then,” said Bernard briskly as the other customers scuttled after him. “Time to go to the pub.”

“Hurrah!” Manny disappeared upstairs to fetch his ‘going to the pub’ hat and Bernard lit up a ‘waiting for Manny’ cigarette.

Fran perched herself on the edge of the desk and frowned at Bernard. There was a memory niggling at the back of her mind of a long, drunken, late-night conversation about men and people and all of them being bastards, especially the posh bastards with stupid names and made-up jobs.

“Hm,” she said to no-one in particular.

Sherlock/Molly realistic relationship

Surely I can't be the only one who was converted into a Sherlolly shipper after series 3...

I want some super realistic relationship fic set pist-series 3 (or as series 3 AU). Like where Sherlock is still kind of an arsehole, but Molly's gained a bit of a backbone. She isn't afraid to call him out and he sort of cares about not disappointing her. And they have awkward sex because Molly suggests that it's an effective way to clear his mind between cases. I don't want anything schmoopy or overly romantic because it's not Sherlock's style, I want them both to have realistic expectations because they know each other well.

Re: Sherlock/Molly realistic relationship

I adore this prompt even though I don't ship the couple ...

Mycroft's umbrella

Lestrade, Mycroft and his umbrella.
I don't care what, from Lestrade thinking that umbrella is stupid to him giving Mycroft a new one for his birthday. But bonus points if smut (and even more bonus points if the umbrella is somehow present in the smut).

Sherlockkk cannot breathe :( John assists....

Hi! This is my first prompt and I have my fingers crossed that someone has an interest in filling it! So: Medical!Kink meme where Sherlock for some unspecified (you can choose) reason cannot breathe and his heart beat is very weak so John has to assist him using CPR on a partially conscious and panicking Sherlock.

Re: Sherlockkk cannot breathe :( John assists....

Unf. Seconded.

Mary/John - Sherlock Godfather

I'd love to see a fic where John and Mary are discusing who should be the Godparent to their daughter. Mary mentions how much Archie loves Sherlock and they decide on asking SHerlock.

Sherlock is flattered, but amendment that he isn't a suitable option, saying things such as 'I show her dead body parts and possibly trumitise her for life.', 'I tell her if her art work is rubbish and make her cry,' 'she'll hate me'

He keeps that option, and then when Mary gives birth, Sherlock falls immediately in love with her bright blue eyes and curly whisp of hair.

Re: Mary/John - Sherlock Godfather

oh man! Imagine trying to date that little girl: badass army doctor dad, former CIA assassin mom and the world's only consulting detective as a godfather.

Magnussen/Sherlock, Licking

Exactly what it says on the tin, and make it filthy. The man could put his tongue into good use when he's not creeping out old ladies...

The Holmes Family - Something Was Lost in the Translation

An American writer has started to take the stories in John's blog and make them into a book, entitled "The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes". The only problem? Just about everything contained inside is incorrect.

-All those diet jabs? The author depicted Mycroft as extremely overweight & in need of a diet, who rarely leaves his chair at the club (like in the books).

-All those questions about John's sexuality? Johnlock abounds, and apparently, Mary ships it :P

-Mycroft made it possible for Moriarty to 'kill' Sherlock.

-Etc. Go wild, anon!

Mummy Holmes buys the books for Sherlock. He reads them and is utterly amused, appalled, and generally confused by the lot of them.


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