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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Avengers crossover -- Genfic

So I recently came across an Avengers/Sherlock crossover in which Sherlock and Tony Stsrk are presented as whiny, somewhat incompetent children and John and (in this case Clint) were their longsuffering babysitters who also saved the day after Sherlock and Tony both did something 'stupid,' because they weren't let in on the plan concocted by their 'handlers,' yet are somehow at fault.

This annoyed me. Yes, both men do act selfishly and childishly at times, but so does everyone else, and no one feels the need to give them babysitters or sigh, 'yeah, it's just (insert name) being his usual childish self.' In addition, both men have proven that they're at least a little capable of taking care of themselves; more importantly, they're both geniuses (genii?).

So what I'd love is a crossover in which Sherlock and Tony Stark are presented as the strong, capable geniuses they are, who are able to work well together (if not necessarily liking each other). If something goes wrong, it's not their fault and/or they're able to fix it without blowing something up. And IF they have babysitters, please have them slapped in the face with 'Oh. Right. Genius.'

tl;dr: Sherlock and Tony Stark are not children and deserve to be treated with the respect their proven genius deserves.

(genfic only, please, for Sherlock; genfic or canon pairings for the Avengers)

Re: Avengers crossover -- Genfic

yes please :)
although i have never read the story you described i can understand that particular kind of frustration perfectly (god i could rant for ages)

i wish you all the fixes in the world for this

Okay, I didn't know I needed this until now, but I NEED THIS.

Princess Bride {Movie} AU --PRE SERIES THREE
Sherlock {Westley}goes away for a case and ends up getting captured by the dread pirate Roberts. It is made to look like he has died {Oh, see what I did there?} and John {Buttercup}, back home still, has no idea that he's still alive.
Bonus points!
+Have it follow {roughly} the story line of Princess Bride.
++Make Prince Humperdink be Moriarty.
+++And the six fingered man be Moran.
++++I'm thinking Miracle Max is Mycroft.
+++++Sherlock being all pirate-y.

If I end up filling this myself {Unlikely. But if it doesn't get filled maybe.} then...Oops! If I do I'll post it for you guys anyway!

Re: The Princess Bride AU

I adore princess bride and I totally second your request!!

(much giggling) Also, first new-canon story I've read on this kinkmeme.

If he's not careful he'll have the Doctor round.

Damn, landed in the wrong place. Was written as a reply to the 'shooting holes in the universe' crackfic.

John/Sherock D/s and h/c

Sherlock asks John to "punish" him for leaving. Somewhere along the way, John realizes what Sherlock is really getting out of the arrangement--however violent on the surface--is comfort. He wants the assurance that John forgives him and he's John's and no matter how many times he messes up John will still love him.

Fill: Negative Attention Seeking Behavior [1/2]

Nearly an hour later, they were safely back on the landing of 221B, in the exact spot where they had stood breathless at the conclusion of their first case.

"The look on your face."

Sherlock kept giggling about it. At every pause in the stilted conversation he brought it up again. After he promised he wouldn't, he was still wiping tears of mirth from his eyes. John had never seen anything make Sherlock laugh so hard, and for so long.

"It wasn't that funny," John reiterated.

Really, it wasn't. John thought maybe tomorrow he would apply for canonization, for having patience with this, Sherlock, the holy terror. Mary would be proud.

"Oh, but it was. And that sound," Sherlock exalted.

"What sound?"

"You know! Come on, you must know. The noise. That noise you make when you panic -- that sound! -- somewhere between a cough, a wretch, and a gasp. It's awful! I've never heard anything like it. Like a choking dog, or like your spleen is trying to climb out from your throat. How in the world do you do that?"

John clenched and loosened his fists, shook his head, took a deep, steadying breath. He could just kill him -- or at least deck him again. Sherlock fell silent. He was watching John with a sideways glance, and the intensity he usually reserved for overlooked detritus he found within a two foot radius of a corpse.

"Go ahead. Hit me. That's what you want."

Sherlock's uncanny insight would have unnerved him years earlier. Now, instead, John laughed out of sheer frustration. How had he ever missed this? Had Sherlock always been this much of a prick or had he regressed in his years away from London? Or, perhaps, in his stunted, backward, was he learning: learning better to manipulate, to engineer closeness while still maintaining a safe distance. That was a truly terrifying thought, one that exhausted him. He really should be getting home.

"No, thank you, Sherlock. Goodnight."

"Wait!" Sherlock drew himself up. His fingers steepled under his chin, he appeared to have completely composed himself. He looked ready to say something of grave importance. However, as quickly as the giddy, manic smile had faded it was back again. "I think I've got it."

Sherlock croaked out a pitch perfect impression of the sound John made in the throws of a panic attack.

Then John and Sherlock were sprawled on the stairs. John shook him by his infernal, infuriating upturned collar. Sherlock looked unblinkingly up at him, expectant and defiant. In that long moment Sherlock was uncharacteristically still. It hit John all at once. He was right.

Sherlock was learning, in that backwards completely fucked up way of his. Broken, brilliant, lunatic. John supposed he shouldn't have been surprised. Geniuses learn. Idiots repeat old patterns. Sherlock was both. He was saying, "I can't be sorry on my own. Not properly. Make me!" He was manipulating John into a situation where that would happen, just like he had manipulated him into speaking truthfully on the train.

Fine. John would teach him a lesson, if that was what he needed. He was the best friend this intractable man could ever dream of. He would definitely apply for canonization tomorrow, but he would leave this part out, for Mary's sake.

OP (Anonymous) Expand

Khanlock - Khan/Sherlock

Something, anything involving a protective!Khan and Sherlock. And by protective, I mean Khan can be slightly *over* protective of his detective... and Sherlock's not very pleased with it at times.

Seriously, there is NO fics for this pairing and it sucks because I like the idea.

Johnlock, John/Mary, Fear of Being Replaced

Mary always knew that there was someone else in her boyfriend's life, a part of his world that he didn't allow her in. She didn't worry about it too much... until he came back.

She can see how perfect John and Sherlock are for each other. Knowing this, though, she wonders why Sherlock seems to need to put distance between them every time Mary is around. In fact, it seems like he is trying to avoid John altogether know that Mary is in the picture.

I'd like for Mary to discover Sherlock's fear of being replaced by her, and assure him that she is willing to step aside if he's the one that really makes John happy.

Crack: Sherlock finds a replacement for his skull (and John)

Prior to John, Sherlock would bring his skull with him to crime scenes. It worked pretty well (up to a point), but then he met John and yeah, huge improvement. Problem is, John is now married and working full time as a GP, with a baby to provide for, so he can't just drop everything and accompany Sherlock whenever the detective beckons (though this wouldn't be as much of a problem had not Mrs. Hudson - the insufferable woman! - somehow managed to do away with Sherlock's skull). Sherlock's kind of gotten used to having an assistant/soundboard to help him formulate his theories, and now, skull-less and blogger-less, finds himself in a bind. Luckily, the Watsons' nanny seems to have a thing for tall, dark and handsome; Lestrade isn't at all pleased when Sherlock starts showing up at crime scenes with Baby Watson in a baby carrier strapped to his chest.

Re: Crack: Sherlock finds a replacement for his skull (and John)

Hilarious. I wanted to write one where Sherlock gets a dog as a fill-in. But this is a million times funnier. Might try it, give a few days to percolate.

Sherlock likes cuddly jumpers for a reason.

Sherlock didn't talk much when he was younger (whether that's autism or just a speech impediment is up to filler - I don't care), and resorted to sign language - including his own which led to guessing games and sometimes frustration on the part of both parties.

Which led to Sherlock having screaming fits or tantrums of frustration - and he'd refuse his mother's comfort.
He wants his dad or Mycroft.

Bonus for Sherlock liking his dad's cuddly jumpers.

Re: Sherlock likes cuddly jumpers for a reason.

so much want. seconded!!


The Holmes brothers seem to be portrayed in fic quite often as if their childhood took place in a different century. But taking the actor's ages into consideration, they must have grown up in the 70s and early 80s. From flares to punk via chopper bikes, space hoppers, Findus crispy pancakes, Top of the Pops, Thatcher, strikes, ITV, the invention of the mobile phone and, yes, a good game of Operation.
I'd love to see something about the Holmes boys that actually reflected the era. They may have been intellectually far above their peers but there's only so far you can avoid popular culture, even if it's just the pair of them angrily dissecting the illusions on The Paul Daniels Magic Show.

Re: Boyhood

Seconding this! Especially with how the Holmes parents come across in Empty Hearse -- not the types to totally isolate themselves and their offspring from pop culture entirely, even if the boys don't take to it too well.

Re: Boyhood (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Boyhood (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock/Molly, TEH Spoilers

Sherlock is jealous of Molly's new fiance.

Re: Sherlock/Molly, TEH Spoilers

Mmf. yes.

Sherlock/John/Mary (SOF SPOILER!)

What with John getting married and a baby on the way Sherlock's thinking there's no room for him in John's life anymore. Also he's worried he might endanger John's little family so Sherlock stays away from them. John and Mary will have none of that though.

I want all three (or four counting the lil one) to be one happy family, living in a flat, taking care of the baby.. (I have this image of all four of them cuddling on the sofa :D)

Platonic or sexual/romantic John/Mary/Sherlock is both fine.

Re: Sherlock/John/Mary (SOF SPOILER!)

Yes, please! I'm still sad from the episode :(

Sherlock, Anderson "I would do anything for you to forgive me..."

dark!Sherlock meets Anderson at the start of series three and realises with John moved out, he can take Anderson up on his offer (title quote) , and slowly brainwashes him into becoming an obedient slave (up to author, both method of brainwashing (e.g. physical punishments if he disobeys, hypnotism) and if this includes slash or not).

Eventually Lestrade rescues Anderson with gen h/c as he undoes the brainwashing and tries to help Anderson become "normal".

I will be very happy with only one of the parts is filled, ecstatic if they both are.

Au Meeting- Angst- attempted Suicide

John and Sherlock meet when they decide to commit suicide in the same spot (I'm thinking somewhere secluded and high up maybe a cliff). Sherlock finds John in his spot and realises immediately that John is a suicidal ex army doctor. Irritated that John is ruining his plan Sherlock tries to talk John out of his suicide so he can commit his.

They argue and chat and end up going for coffee together instead.

Re: Au Meeting- Angst- attempted Suicide

Yes please!

Re: FILL: For Now [1b/1] (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FILL: For Now [1b/1] (Anonymous) Expand

Mystrade, toys, Ds overtures, possible dark!Lestrade

I would like Lestrade coming home from a hard day at work to find Mycroft kneeling beside his bed, gagged with a large ring gag, hands cuffed or in bondage mitts to stop him getting bored and removing the toys himself, large plug in his arse and wearing a cock cage.

Lestrade can do what he wants so long as the gag and the cage stay on. At the end, he removes the gag, looks after mycroft and then curls up beside him to sleep.

Then he remembers, reaches for his phone, and texts Anthea to thank her for having Mycroft ready and waiting for him when he came home.

Lestrade should tease Mycroft about cumming, but Mycroft should not get to.

Can be a normal relationship with Ds overtures and a chasitiy kink (which is why Mycroft doesn't get released) or a dark Lestrade fic.

Take the Anthea thing wherever you wan it to go!


Just watched episode 2 and it was the best episode of anything ever. Soooo...remember in the beginning when Greg rushes to Baker Street thinking sherlock's in danger? That just made me aaawww so much.
Anyway, can I have a sweet Sherlock/Greg fic - it could be post ep. 2 or any other time frame - where Lestrade is just so much in love with Sherlock and has been for a very long time, but he's never done anything about it because... Well, it's Sherlock, and, remember Molly? Right... So I want a slow relationship development where Sherlock realizes how much Greg really means to him and doing something about it.
HUGE Bonus points if everything escalades to sexy times with bottom!Lestrade
Thanks in advance :)


Yes yes yes! There is not enough Sherstrade in the world and god do I want some after the Sherlock feels from that wedding! Seconded all the way!!


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