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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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John tries to persuade Sherlock to sit through the latest episode of QI. It is about killers after all....

S/J, demisexual Sherlock knows he's demi

Most demi!Sherlock stories Sherlock has discover he's demi not asexual when he realizes he has feelings for John.

In this one, Sherlock knows he's demisexual already, after that whole embarassing affair with Victor Trevor years ago. He's determined not to sink to that emotion again and destroy another friendship with awkward advances. You, dear filler, know where this is going, right?

Re: S/J, demisexual Sherlock knows he's demi

Love demi!Sherlock and I like the ideas that he's well aware of that fact.

something like the Story of the Eye

Something kind of crazy inspired by Georges Bataille's the Story of the Eye

I'll call this an open prompt

Basically, make it what you want, but it has to go about like this:

In which John has no clue, then the does. "It's fine, it's all fine. Brilliant, really" (quote should be used & bonus points for sweet smexiness).

Thanks you!!!

Johnlock sub/dom play mistaken for abuse

John and Sherlock are in a safe, sane, and consensual relationship. One is a sub, the other is a dom (you get to choose who). They use a safeword. They communicate before and after trying anything new. They do after-care. And they're madly in love and very happy with their life.

One day, someone notices bruising on the one who is the sub, and grows concerned. They contact the police (or perhaps it's one of the Yarders who notice), and they decide to hold an "intervention," wherein John and Sherlock are spoken to separately.

What follows is the most embarrassing conversation of John & Sherlock's lives. It's eventually revealed that yes, they're fucking, and yes they're in fact kinky as hell, what's it to you? They're grown adults and they had an adult conversation about it and their safeword is "cabbage," ffs.

If the sub is John, please have the characters automatically assume "of course Sherlock would abuse him! He's a freak!" and have John be super embarrassed over not only being outed as gay, but also a sub.

If the sub is Sherlock, please have everyone be horrified at themselves for possibly me-reading John so badly.

Re: Johnlock sub/dom play mistaken for abuse


Sherlock kills someone

I want a fic where Sherlock ends up in a situation where he has to kill someone for the first time. Make it bloody, make it uncoordinated. Make it clearly in self-defense. Hell, make it an accident.

I want police to get there too late and find Sherlock and the dead body. He's not quite hyperventilating, but he's breathing heavily and he's trembling and he's babbling nonsensically. He's clearly shocky and not at all the cold sociopath everyone believes him to be.

Re: Sherlock kills someone

Started filling this here --

Warning for attempted non-con.

Not really sure where it came from and it's kind of sloppy at the moment, so I hope you get other fills, but thanks for the prompt!

(Deleted comment)

[Rape/Non-Con] The cabbie rapes Sherlock

When the cabbie says "I could do anything I wanted to you, Mr. Holmes," he make a spur-of-the-moment change of plans.

Instead of dragging Sherlock over to the table, he drags him into Sherlock's bedroom instead. It's been ages since he's fucked anyone, and since he knows there are police cars outside he knows his little game has come to an end.

So he rapes Sherlock, who is aware enough to know what's happening but is too weak to fight, and when he's done he walks downstairs to the street to turn himself in.

Lestrade and co rush upstairs, thinking they're going to find Sherlock dead, but they find him laying face-down on his own bed naked from the waist down, bleeding and covered in semen.

John, of course, couldn't get a good line of sight to shoot the cabbie, and feels so guilty that he couldn't save his new friend.

Re: [Rape/Non-Con] The cabbie rapes Sherlock

I am glad I'm not the only one who considered this scenario. Seconded!

Sherlock sexually abused by kidnapper [Rape/Non-Con, humiliation, non-con voyeurism]

I want Sherlock in the backseat of a van being forced to suck one of his kidnapper's dicks.

Lestrade or Sally (or both) are in the middle row (directly ahead of Sherlock). They know what's going on, even though it's nighttime and dark and the kidnappers have the music blaring, but they're helpless to stop it from happening because the other kidnappers have guns.

Re: Sherlock sexually abused by kidnapper [Rape/Non-Con, humiliation, non-con voyeurism]

Seconded! Great prompt! All for voyeur-type fnon con. I'm working on one with some similarities to this, but I am not confident, since it is my first non con story. Obviously not my prompt so disregard at will, but I would love to read more that doesn't have too much blood/gore type squick like the ones where one is being tortured and the rape is in that process.

Re: FILL: Full (1/1) (Anonymous) Expand
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Herrrrrrrrrrre's Johnny!

Has anyone done a crossover with The Shining yet? I'm really not picky as to which incarnation of The Shining is used, since both the book and the movie are works of art.

A rather peculiar case brings Sherlock and John to a mountain luxury hotel with a infamous past. During their long and isolated stay, John begins to slowly succumb to an malevolent ghostly influence. For all his brilliance and logic, Sherlock is at a loss as to what to do, but knows he must do something before John is lost to him.

It's up to the writer to come up with the reasons as to how and why our Dynamic Duo end up staying longer than planned at the hotel. I would like to see Sherlock scared and almost out of his depth, but able to see past that big brain of his in order to save John and himself. And of course, John going psychotic on Sherlock, ala Jack Nicholson is a big plus.

Re: Herrrrrrrrrrre's Johnny!

Oh. . And the writing and everything this is perfect! Someone do this.

bloodplay, reunion

John was always into bloodplay and loves the look as much as the taste of it. Sherlock knows and as he also suspects John is not completely straight he deliberately tempts him - asking John to take care of injuries as well as showing up at the flat covered in pigs blood after the harpoon incident. They eventually get together. The fall is doubly traumatizing for John then seeing Sherlock's face looking the way he'd so loved - streaked with blood. How does he react to Sherlock's return?

RTYI for non-vampire Johnlock bloodplay also welcome

Re: bloodplay, reunion

An old one, but may be RTYI:

Mycroft yearns to be a good older brother, but with Sherlock's rejection of that role, he finds someone else to take his place. Sherlock is more than happy he is no longer his brother's focus and does not resent it.

Part of me really wants to write Mycroft taking Henry Knight under his wing.

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Sherlock returns. John doesn't say a word, just touches him to determine he's really. Then he has to touch him some more. Touching leads to kissing which leads to sex.

I've seen a few Winglock fics, but not ones that stretch into retirement. Do they moult at old age? Are they still there when a person dies? A bit morbid, but I'd really like to know.

Bonus if you include affectionate gestures (courting gestures?) using wings.

S/J, John/FC

John is bisexual and misses having sex with women, so Sherlock sometimes brings a woman into their bed to service John. Choice of female (a canon character or an OC) is up to you. Sherlock can join in, or he can watch.


Johnlock, mutual masturbation

John and Sherlock have come to an agreement that they're only allowed to masturbate when the other one is there to do it, too. John is convinced that it isn't actually gay, since they don't touch each other.

Re: Johnlock, mutual masturbation

Pleeeease? Seconded! My favorite kink

Sherlock/John, cock cage

John keeps Sherlock's penis under lock and key. Bonus points if you describe Sherlock's desperation and orgasm after a long period of chastity.

Re: Sherlock/John, cock cage

Deeply relevent to my interests. Seconding.

Molly/Lestrade oral sex

Lestrade is really good at oral sex, and he really enjoys it, too.

John/OFC, Sherlock/OFC

John and Sherlock pick up women together, bring them back to 221B, and fuck them side by side on John's bed.

Johnlock, prostate milking

Sherlock needs to learn about prostate milking for a case. He enlists John as a test subject.

Sherlock/Molly blowjobs

Sherlock doesn't really like Molly all that much, but he lets her go down on him from time to time. One day, John walks into 221B and finds Sherlock on the couch with Molly kneeling between his legs. Up to you what happens from there.

John/Moriarty/Sherlock, Consulting Sexual Healing

Moriarty visits Doctor Watson for some sexual healing, he's even brought the music along.

Sherlock is unamused, Moriarty makes it a competition, and John's just going along with it because he knows neither of them are likely to give up and he'll probably enjoy it anyway.

D/s verse, 100% willingly chosen roles

Set in a D/s verse. Probably established Johnlock.

People often assume Sherlock is the Dom, John a rather assertive submissive (or a person who has chosen to withdraw completely from society's normal D/s relationships). They couldn't be more wrong. Sherlock is the submissive, and John is the Dom.

And Sherlock has absolutely no problems with this. With anyone else, yes. With John, no. Because whatever spats they have, John isn't the type to obviously assert authority and punishment in public. Of course, behind closed doors is another matter (to Sherlock's delight).

100% acceptance of their D/s orientation. And for the pair, it all works, no matter what anyone else thinks.

Re: D/s verse, 100% willingly chosen roles

Oh, excellent. Seconded.

Return prompt, Lestrade finds it hard to forgive and forget

So most return fics I've read have Lestrade welcome Sherlock with a joke/open arms/paternal pride/oh-it's-you-goody attitudes, while John puts in a bit of a struggle. And I get that, John was the one who had to watch the Fall.

But just this once, I'd like to see the reverse. John, perhaps because he's by now happily engaged to Mary, can forgive and forget. He knows from his war experience that sometimes it takes extreme means to reach an end. It's enough to know that Sherlock did what he did to protect his friends. In the end, John is proud that his lessons about caring have come to effect.

Lestrade is the one who finds it hard to accept. He's been beset by guilt, nightmares, torment over Sherlock's fate and the part he, Lestrade, played in it. He's been publicly demeaned, pushed on a side track by the Met, insulted either for arresting Sherlock (by Sherlock's supporters) and for enabling a fraud (by the press and the higher-ups). It's been three years of hell. Much as he tries to rationalize them, much as he's relieved and glad that Sherlock is safe and alive, much as he struggles to keep it all inside, he can't pretend it's all fine.

Take it from there? I'd love some angst for both S and L and a happy or at least pacified ending (gen/friendship or Sherstrade, either's fine).

Re: Return prompt, Lestrade finds it hard to forgive and forget


Though if you want to keep it angsty throughout, or leave it open-ended, or have them reconciled when one of them is on his deathbed, that's actually no problem. Ahem.

In the wrong light you look just like...

Sherlock, sick or so significantly injured that he's delirious, sees Mycroft and in the low light mistakes him for their (deceased) father.

Whether that's a comfort or a nightmare I leave up to the author.

Re: In the wrong light you look just like...



Forced MTF anyone?

I would like to see a long(/-ish) fic with Sherlock made to undergo the whole process of changing his biological sex against his will.

The bad guy - could be Jim could be some OC but please not Mycroft or dark John or Lestrade - must obviously be someone with resources and pretty fucked up motivations - I expect non-con would be a part of it, probably homophobia too?

In any case - the whole process takes time so Sherlock might be presumed dead or missing and declared dead or it's somehow after the fall - It's also up to the filler how his friends react to the absence and how long it actually takes but in the end i would like him-now-her to be found by accident - nobody was looking for him/her any more and maybe when they do find him/her they don't recognize him/her immediately?
I imagine Sherlock being kept pliant and cooperative by a cocktail of meds/drugs and probably some brainwashing/conditioning - perhaps made to believe that his old life is just a lie, a fantasy? that he/she is mentally ill and needs to be kept under supervision? Maybe he doesn't even remember or recognize John, Lestrade Mrs. Hudson etc. ...go wild there, you can keep anything, everything or nothing :) you decide
But i'd like the focus of the story to be the reuniting and healing after all this shit happened to him/her - remembering, grieving wanting to die? learning how to live like a woman? is it even possible to reverse the process? - again, up to you which way you take it just make it hurt please

TL;DR non-con MTF Sherlock is found after everyone thought he was dead/given up and now must cope with it all - preferably with help from everyone

Re: Forced MTF anyone?

Would you mind if I tied this in with my Lestrade forced feminisation fic?

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