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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock plays matchmaker to annoy Mycroft

Mrs.Hudson accidentally. gives Sherlock the idea to play matchmaker for his big brother before Mycroft comes to Baker Street for that game of operation. Sherlock puts to good use Mrs. Hudson's strategy to nudge his brother in the right direction, besides that will appease mummy and hopefully will provide her with the much coveted grandchildren so she can stop nagging Sherlock himself. Also he is sort of grateful to Anthea for giving him back his beloved coat and besides she is completely loyal and devoted to his brother, so if Mycroft has to settle for a goldfish she is not half bad and besides she is frighteningly intelligent and tenacious. Now that decided he only has to provoke some arguments with Mycroft and make his life generally difficult while dropping hints and nudges in the right direction here and there, and find the way to manipulate Anthea and make her look good infront of his brother, sure she'll take the hint and aid him in this endeavor, if not he can always set her up with one of her coworkers to incite Mycroft's jealousy. That way he'll be one up on his brother. What a great plan right there is 'NO" way it might backfire, right? Shananigans ensue. Mycroft and Anthea getting married in the end would be nice, besides I think in canon Mycroft has a wife and familly eventually.

John and Sherlock get lock in the Baker Street bathroom (getting ready for a meeting with the press, Molly's wedding etc) without cell phones.
What they do is up to you.

Sherlock, Mary, and John's PTSD

Something -- perhaps one of the incidents in S3E1 -- triggers a serious PTSD episode in John, possibly including a complete flashback of several minutes' (or longer) duration. Sherlock and Mary are with him. One of the two (writer's option) has been with John during such an episode before and supported him through it; one has not. They handle it together.

Bonus if Sherlock is doubly stressed because of his own post-traumatic issues, from events during the Hiatus.

Re: Sherlock, Mary, and John's PTSD

x1000 especially for post-traumatic Sherlock.

Smauglock - Sherlock turns into a dragon

Sherlock is hospitalized (despite not wanting to) for having continuing and growing and beyond painful muscle aches that get worse and worse. Really it's Sherlock's limbs growing, and other changes start happening to his body while in the hospital. Then a painful transformation begins, and he turns into a dragon. Not a gigantic size like Smaug was, but obviously big enough that he can crash through walls and terrify the shit out of everyone, including John!

Bonus points for a terrified John that, while scared, does want to help Sherlock.

Holmescest BDSM

[Spoilers for TEH ahead!]In that one scene (you all know the one) Sherlock accuses Mycroft of not stepping in sooner to help him because he was enjoying watching Sherlock get beaten up. While I'm pretty sure that Sherlock meant that in a more petty kind of way, my mind couldn't help supplying the idea that it was in a kinkier way.

So I really, really need some super kinky sado-masochistic Holmescest following that scene. It can be an established relationship or a first time thing.

Bonus points if Sherlock has always known about Mycroft's kink (come on, it's Sherlock, he's certain to know no matter how much Mycroft has tried to keep it hidden), but neither of them have mentioned it before then. Extra bonus if Mycroft's too turned on to wait until after Sherlock gets his wounds treated and his hair cut.

Re: Holmescest BDSM

Someone is reading my mind. Seconded!

Re: Holmescest BDSM (Anonymous) Expand

lots of hurt, mind games, spoilers for TEH

[spoilers under cut]The entire season is happening in Sherlock's head. He's really still in a Sebian cell, being beaten to a pulp on a regular basis by the guards, and is trying not to lose his bloody mind.
So he invents a reality for himself in his mind palace. Magnussen or some villian is keeping him captured.

When he is rescued, it's John that does, and Sherlock is delirious and doesn't know reality from his own fantasy.
Make me hurt.

Or even if you write a fic on Sherlock's nightmares/flashbacks in general I'd be happy.

Re: lots of hurt, mind games, spoilers for TEH

Seconded like woah

Sherlock's Daughter

Sherlock finds out he has a genius daughter when Charles Augustus Magnussen blackmails him with her. Maybe he's kidnapped her, maybe he knows who she is and Sherlock doesn't, anything—Free for all from there. The daughter's age and parentage is up to you, just no mpreg please!

Re: Sherlock's Daughter

Oh yeah, OP here: genderswapping and OFCs are perfectly fine.

Gen - Dark!John, John takes revenge on Sally and Anderson - Murder, Possible Torture

After watching The Empty Hearse, and seeing John's rage, I want to see it released on Anderson and Donovan instead.

After The Fall, John brutally murders the both of them. In his eyes they deserve it for turning the world against Sherlock. An eye for an eye. He kills them slowly too, they don't deserve a quick end.

Then years go by and Sherlock returns. John is pissed for being made to grieve, but he doesn't regret ending Donovan and Anderson. The plot of The Empty Hearse begins, but instead of Lestrade asking Sherlock to look at the Skeleton crime scene (since that wouldn't happen with Anderson dead) he asks Sherlock to take a look at Donovan and Anderson's disappearances.

Re: Gen - Dark!John, John takes revenge on Sally and Anderson - Murder, Possible Torture

Seconded. I would love to read this.

Omegaverse or soulmate AU - OTP3 Sherlock/John/Mary

John and Mary are either soulmates or highly compatible and are in the process of bonding.

Sherlock and John are also soulmates /compatible but it was in a less traditional sense so they never quiet figured it out .

Cue Mary finally pushing them together and loving to watch John fall in love with Sherlock and Mary herself loving Sherlock.

BONUS: They totally tag team John.

Bonus: John and Mary comforting Sherlock and treated him like their little omega.

bonus: Beta or Alpha Mary

Re: Omegaverse or soulmate AU - OTP3 Sherlock/John/Mary


John is kidnapped (The Empty Hearse spoilers)

So what if when Sherlock rips apart that bonfire to save John ...he instead 'saves' a clue that points to the next location John may be and it turns into a puzzle to see where John is at? Like he says "Help " and its a recording (which brings a lot more questions like is it A LIVE recording? Is he being tortured then? Just confused?) . So now Sherlock has to find John and its sorta a ploy to distract him from the whole blowing up everyone thing but also...not. Its also someone with their own agenda.

Now what?

+5 If you manage to stick Moran in there somewhere with him actually liking John eventually.

+10 If Mary isn't just a side character that pops in occasionally. She doesn't have to be up in front since I know some people might not have a hold of her character since she's new and all but some Mary time would be much appreciated.

Sherlock is the personification of London

So, first of all I give all credit for the idea of this prompt to Thecitysmith's (Cannot link as I'm on my tablet, but this is the authors tumblr url) Paris Burning where R from Les Mis is the personification of Paris.

If either the author or mods would like me to delete this prompt, please let me know!

Anyway, Sherlock as the personification of London. John being a bit baffled and sure Sherlock is lying. Surely this brat in a long coat isn't *the* London. Right?

Bonus points if Sherlock was originally in hiding as beig the personification of a city garners attention that gets in the way of his work.

Bonus bonus points if it turns out John is also a personification of a city or small town.

Re: Sherlock is the personification of London


Sherlock/Molly, the man who left isn't the man who came back

Molly thought she loved the Sherlock who left. It's nothing compared to how she feels about the man who came back.

Re: Sherlock/Molly, the man who left isn't the man who came back

Please. Their "day out" gave me so many feels.

Sherlock sweeping John off his feet with a kiss (TEH spoiler)

That scene at the beginning of TEH in which Sherlock breaks the window, ruffles his hair and sweeps Molly off her feet with a kiss? I want exactly that only with John instead of Sherlock. The context can be anything you like.

Re: Sherlock sweeping John off his feet with a kiss (TEH spoiler)

Seconded very hard!

Gen or Holmescest, Discovery of the 'Danger Days', TW: Self-Harm

I'd just like to see Mycroft find out about Sherlock's danger days after Sherlock hurts himself - just some fluff h/c from the two people least accustomed to comfort in the world.

John/Mary/Sherlock - BDSM, sub Sherlock, post 3.01

John and Mary are 24/7 doms for their bratty sub, Sherlock.

Re: John/Mary/Sherlock - BDSM, sub Sherlock, post 3.01



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