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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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(sort of) AU, not quite so fast friends

I sort of envisioned this as a uni AU, but it could totally work set at the same time as ASiP...basically, John and Sherlock meet in any context BESIDES potential flatmates and hit it off about as well as they do on the show--which is to say, John is impressed and sort of weirded out, and Sherlock is intrigued by John and pleased to have somebody think he's so clever and amazing (instead of annoying), but since neither is in need of a flatmate, there's no need to become quite so fast friends and John never gets invited along on cases, etc.

BUT Sherlock is so unused to having somebody be not only interesting, but interested in him and his work, think he's incredible and, well, be nice to him and laugh at his jokes that he gets a little tiny bit...obsessed with John Watson. He desperately wants to be this man's...friend?, he supposes, but he has no clue how to go about it. None. Cue Sherlock semi-stalking John, turning up at odd moments and trying to be friendly, funny, or interesting but still being Sherlock and thinking "friendly" and "funny" mean "talking about murder and/or intensive emotional manipulation" and "interesting" means "babbling on about 243 types of tobacco ash and how they might be differentiated." John has no idea what to make of this guy, who is somewhere between extremely creepy and endearingly socially clueless. After some cuteness/misunderstandings/angst/awkwardness, the two eventually end up spending time together and John realizes he really likes Sherlock. You can take it in a shippy direction if you want to, but gen is 100% fine. Bonus points of Sherlock at some point thinks he's achieved a level of friendship such that he can "relax" and be a little more freely bizarre/rude, with John being basically like "what fresh hell is this?" Double bonus points for Sherlock awkwardly asking Mycroft how the hell to people and getting pretty much a crash course in manipulation and the importance of not having friends.

tl;dr: John and Sherlock meet and find one another intriguing, but neither is in the market for a flatshare. Sherlock becomes a bit obsessive/awkward/creepy/adorable/angsty in his attempt to make a friend. John comes round eventually.

Re: (sort of) AU, not quite so fast friends

Seconded, because dear Lord I do the same. Talking about preparing for the zombie apocalypse, rabbits and the best place to hide bodies, let alone the time in high school I accidentally convinced people I was a serial killer, all putting most normal people off, I can completely sympathise.

Sherlock is Anna, Moriarty is Hans, John is Kristoff, Greg is Olaf and, or course, Mycroft is Elsa.

Sherlock accepting that he will always find love in his friends and in John, but that no love will be stronger than that he and his brother share (much to their displeasure).

Non-consenual kissing

HLV alternative: Instead of the pissing in the fire scene, Magnussen forces Sherlock to kiss him. John is just stood there unable to do anything until after Magnussen and his men leave. The kiss leaves Sherlock feeling as dirty and violated as if he had been raped.

Re: Non-consenual kissing

i want this badly

OP here (Anonymous) Expand

I need some silly cute fic

--season 3 spoilers--

when Sherlock's in hospital, someone (Molly? Lestrade? Mycroft?) brings him a teddy bear (or some other kind of plushie) for comfort. Sherlock thinks this is totally ridiculous but when he's alone and a bit in pain he actually quite likes cuddling it. of course someone has to walk in on him all cuddled up with his new friend.

Re: I need some silly cute fic

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww <3

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Re: OP (Anonymous) Expand

Mycroft is an awesome big brother, and always has been

Since I've seen a few horrible-big-brother Mycroft prompts, I'd like the opposite, please.

During a case/random visit/whatever, Sherlock and Mycroft are interacting and, at the end of the conversation, after Mycroft has helped him in some way (with a case, maybe), Sherlock says something along the lines of 'Thank you, Dad/Father'.

Mycroft doesn't even notice. Sherlock most certainly does. And has a sudden epiphany about the fact that Mycroft practically raised him, and did a bloody fine job of doing so.

He proceeds to show his appreciation in a very Sherlockian way. Bonus if Lestrade/Watson/Mary/anyone are there when this happens. Bigger bonus if Mycroft has no idea why Sherlock is suddenly being nice to him.

Re: Mycroft is an awesome big brother, and always has been

waaaaaaaaaaaaant. This is just too cute.


Seductive older Sherlock spreading younger innocent John out on his ( or any) bed and doing things to him.

As LadyGrimReaper if people didn't already know...

I'm uh.... making a sequel for "Textbook Drama" on Ao3... and uh... yes.

I hope I can make it as hot as the first part of it was.

Frozen (the Disney movie) meets Sherlock

Something based on the movie Frozen, Disney's latest enchanting installment. Could be in a kingdom setting like the movie or modern day Lonon like the show.

Mycroft would be in the role of distant but caring eldest sibling who rules the kingdom/country with an icy fist (hence the nickname Iceman). Sherlock would be the reckless, sheltered little brother; John the
rugged, long-suffering Kristoff (with perhaps some Johnlock as well, though not necessary); and Moriarty, the scheming suitor, Hans. Maybe Mrs. Hudson as the housekeeper, Lestrade as the captain of the guard (i.e. Sherlock's handler) and Molly as someone, too.

It fits so perfectly that it had to be prompted.

"Now, say sorry to your brother."

After the scene in HLV where Sherlock and Mycroft are both so quick to deny that they're smoking when Mummy accuses them, I'm amused to imagine her being able to make them both behave with just a certain tone of voice. Making Sherlock apologise to Mycroft for calling him fat, telling Mycroft to be nicer to him, insisting Sherlock be polite, etc. Especially if it's in front of witnesses who are used to their usual behaviour.

Bonus points for having her tell them off by their full names. (If Sherlock is "William Sherlock Scott", does that mean Mycroft has a more traditional first name too? Maybe he's actually an "Edward Mycroft Stephen" or something.)

Re: "Now, say sorry to your brother."

We Brits never seem to do the Calling Naughty Children By Their Full Names trope: I think it's distinctively American.

I remember finding it in John D. Fitzgerald's wonderful "Great Brain" books when I was a child, and thinking it was a bit different, nothing I'd ever heard before.

Define "normal" (slightly spoiler-ish)

Charles Augustus Magnussen has Sherlock's porn preference tagged as "normal". But given that Magnussen seems to be a bit of a pervert, what would be normal for him?

Re: Define "normal" (slightly spoiler-ish)


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A Uni!lock Prompt:

Alright, I know that in European schools they don't tend to have the same sort of fraternities/sororities that they do in the US. So that would make this an AU, I suppose. In some of these American fraternities/sororities (though I'm guessing this happens in many clubs or groups, sadly,) they make all those who want to join do certain things or withstand certain tests to get in. Knowing the cruelty of children and teens, it's understandable that some of these college groups would make their pledges do terrible, terrible things, based mainly around humiliation and the like. If you search up "fraternity/sorority hazing," you'd be horrified with what comes up.

Anyways, knowing that many of us love to torture our characters, I thought this could leave the possibility for some interesting fics. It would be uni!lock, with probably John ending up trying to get into a fraternity, since I doubt Sherlock would take interest. Perhaps the group goes too far on John, or maybe another pledge, and being the soldier he is, John tries to intervene and stick up for the guy, only to be treated worse. The situation gets out of hand, and student!Mary and professor!Sherlock come to the rescue and provide comfort afterwards. No sex, no romance, but just some good ol' hurt/comfort, please. Pretty please.

One-sided Moriarty/Mycroft, It was never about Sherlock

Nothing Moriarty did had anything to do with Sherlock. No one, not even the Holmes brothers, realise this, until it's far too late.

Would prefer it to be set before Sherlock's 'suicide', or after the end of HLV, though I'm not fussed. I'd just be grateful for anything involving this idea.

Re: One-sided Moriarty/Mycroft, It was never about Sherlock

Makes perfect sense to me. SECONDED.

au crossover: not fully human (tw: consent issues)

Mycroft is not fully human. His biological father was actually a member of the Silence. Of course the parents that raised him have no idea, neither of them remember the incident with the Silence. Mycroft doesn't know either and doesn't suspect.

Sherlock knows. Not specifically that Mycroft is half-Silence, but that there is something different about Mycroft.

I find the lack of watersport fics disturbing, people. Will you fix it for me?

There are plenty of RTYIs, although none I know of are S3-compatible. Check AO3 for watersports/pee/golden showers or wetting/omorashi (which is more to do with desperation/humiliation caused by needing to pee and being in public). "Watersports" comes up with 105 entries on AO3

Here's a few (Anonymous) Expand
I want to read about the first time John went back to 221B after Sherlock jumped.
Give me crying, angry throwing things around John. As much Angst as you can fit into the fic.

crack!fic Moriarty and CAM are bffs

Basically what it says on the tin. Because I can just see them out somewhere very public (like a park or shopping mall) and enjoying their day by messing with all the "normal" people.
"Aren't all the ordinary people adorable, Magnussen?"
"Jim, Jim watch this I'm going to go lick that one's face. It'll be hilarious."

Johnlock, pre-Mycroft/John/Sherlock, Sherlock thinks Mycroft is lonely...

(Anonymous), after consulting John, he invites him into their duo to make a trio. Mycroft originally only wants this to be a one-time deal, but John's body is too enticing to resist and he's never been able to say 'no' to his baby brother.

A little less Lazarus

Sherlock's survival after he got shot looked a lot like a miracle. It just wasn't the one we saw on screen, but a whole bunch of other ones:

After he flatlined, the medical staff didn't walk out on Sherlock - they stayed and managed against all odds to successfully resuscitate him: The first miracle. The second one was that spontaneous breathing set in as soon as it did. The third was that he woke up at all. The fourth, that there was no brain damage despite how long it took to revive him. The list just keeps getting longer, if you think about it.

I simply want a fic that deals with the recovery process in a way that is feasible.

Bonus points for any kind of permanent effect on his health. (He should still be arguing Mary's case for saving his life, though.)

I'm not happy with the execution of what happened to Sherlock after he got shot. Having worked as a paramedic, seeing him flatline and then just miraculously open his eyes was... a little facepalm-y. Make it better.

Re: A little less Lazarus

Yes! I did a meta on the actual bullet wound, but I want a fix it fic.
I may just need to write it, but until then, totally seconding.

Sherlock is married to his work- Sherlock/Lestrade/Donovan/Watson(/Anderson) pack

John finding out that Sherlock, Lestrade, Donovan (and maybe Anderson) have a secret relationship which is sorta like a pack really- they all have sex, if someone misbehaves they punish and they also reward -so it can be hard dub con -but if it counts they protect to the point of death. John of course joins them and marries the work as well so to speak.

Please no omegaverse although Lestrade can have a bit of alpha tendencies when for instance Sally and Sherlock quarrel again

I´d love to have some kind of love holding the pack together- however fucked up it may be- even between the stranger pairings like Donovan and Sherlock etc.

(and yes if you are wondering I´m that anon from the rant meme. Thought I´d prompt it anyway though they are not many chances it´ll get filled)

Re: Sherlock is married to his work- Sherlock/Lestrade/Donovan/Watson(/Anderson) pack

I don't read the rant meme but I do like the prompt! Seconded!

Mycroft's been moulding Sherlock's personality

Mind Palace!Mycroft is why Sherlock clings so hard to the "I'm a sociopath" diagnosis. He's spent all his life trying to live up to his big brother's model behaviour.

(In other words, doesn't anyone find it odd that Mycroft keeps telling anyone who'll listen that Sherlock's incapable of emotion, incapable of sustaining a friendship, scared of sex, incapable of [insert emotional thing here], and yet when Sherlock is trying hard to be a good friend, tries to work through emotional entanglements etc, etc, Mycroft quickly turns up to tell Sherlock that he should get control of himself because those things are pointless...? I've got to the point where I'm pretty sure there's only one sociopath in the Holmes family, and he's the one that's better at pretending to be normal.)

Re: Mycroft's been moulding Sherlock's personality


Mycroft + Bill Wiggins

Bill Wiggins knows Mycroft Holmes is way out of his league, but he always had a thing for older men in well-tailored suits, and he knows he may never get another opportunity to get close to this one if he lived for a thousand years - so he spends better part of Christmas Day hitting on Sherlock's ill-tempered brother while trying to slip drugs into the family's punch unnoticed.

Naturally, Mycroft is completely outraged by Bill's advances; however, he also can't remember the last time he was pursued so relentlessly, so... Could it be that Bill's attempts are not quite as hopeless as it seems? (That's up to the author, though.)

Well, this is supposed to be a crack-prompt and all, but I'll take angst or romance if you can pull it off. :P

Prompt: Sherlock past non-con, confusion, shame. John helps.

Warning for triggers: Sherlock deleted any knowledge he deemed superfluous. This included most information about sexual habits, biology and arousal. Leaving him quite ignorant about his body.

It turns out that back at uni he had a bad, unwanted encounter that his body responded to. This left him guilty and horrified for years.

John finds out and, being a doctor, reassures and educates his friend.

Re: Prompt: Sherlock past non-con, confusion, shame. John helps.

Love this idea. +1!

Father - son relationships.

Sherlock's father wasn't a clever man. But he was a good dad Sherlock loved him. Even enjoying his company best and the lack of intellectual pressure that accompanied his mother and brother.

Johns Dad on the other hand...

I'd like to see a discussion between them about their relationships with their fathers that challenges their preconceived ideas about one another.

Sherlock needs comfort. Anderson is happy to oblige.

Sherlock needs comfort/reassurance and with John gone off to live with Marry he has no one left to turn to. Anderson comforts him.

I just really need some Sherlock/Anderson h/c right now.

Re: Sherlock needs comfort. Anderson is happy to oblige.

Yes please.


I'd like to see the adventures of Sherlock and Redbeard where they meet the new boy in the neighborhood: John Watson. They solve kid-sized mysteries while avoiding Mycroft (who likes to tell them what to do all the time.)

Any other characters making a kid appearance is up to you.

Mystrade, Les Mis

Les Mis can be a rather enjoyable (still emotional) performance, if one enjoys is with the right person.


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