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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Johnlock, Sherlock is Self-Destructive TW: Self-Harm

Mycroft warns John that Sherlock is self-destructive and warns him to stay with him that night, but John is tired of making sacrifices in his love-life on behalf of Sherlock. He thinks that Sherlock is going to mope, play his violin, not talk for several days, the works.

When he returns home, however, it's much worse then he could have ever imagined. He finds Sherlock in bed, having harmed himself. John is overcome with guilt and blames himself, and fusses over Sherlock unrelentingly.

New relationship is welcome, but established is preferred.

Re: Johnlock, Sherlock is Self-Destructive TW: Self-Harm

SO seconded

Johnlock, Mpreg, Children with 180+ IQs, Big Family

John had always wanted a big family, while Sherlock never wanted a family at all. Their first child was an accident... but John couldn't have been more thrilled. Until, of course, she started to talk. Having one egomaniacal genius in the house is bad enough, but two? Three? Four? The children and Sherlock debate everything from the average rate of decay for the human body to music theory.

Sherlock considers it John's just-desserts that all of their children have IQs over 180.

Jim/Sherlock- Auld Lang Syne

With no one to contact from his old life, Sherlock goes to a bar to celebrate the New Year and is surprised to see Moriarty, who faked his own death and doesn't have anyone to spend New Year's with anyway. Against all odds, the two decide to call a temporary truce and spend New Year's Eve (and maybe Day) together.

Sherlock becomes dark!Sherlock after John marries

Based on having a slightly altered version of "My Eyes" stuck in my head all evening. Instead of "Penny doesn't seem to care", it went "Watson doesn't seem to care".

Everyone protects John

Basically everyone cares about John, including Moriathy

John/Sherlock, Car Accident

John wonders why Sherlock always calls a cab to get around London, when driving himself must be faster and safer (especially after that cabbie in AsiP). He doesn't have to wait long to find out.

After a particularly nasty bout of weather, Sherlock goes out driving and plays mailbox baseball. Needless to say, he totals the car. And John is forced to sit home and worry till he gets back.

Lots of fluffy h/c and Fussy!John, please!

Dark!Molly, Established Johnlock, Aphrodisiacs

Molly is tired of allowing Sherlock to walk all over her heart. Deciding to take matters into her own hands, she introduces an aphrodisiac into his drink. She figures if she cannot have him willingly, she'll have him once in an encounter he won't remember... and then get over her silly crush.

One thing she didn't account on was John getting to a wanton Sherlock before she could. Sherlock, under the influence of the drug, is terrified because he can't think right - and his greatest fear is the betrayal of his mind.

I'd like to see Gentle!John being particularly gentle with Sherlock, calming him and comforting him as he helps him through the influence of the drug.

Re: Dark!Molly, Established Johnlock, Aphrodisiacs

Fuck yeah, I want to read this. Seconded!

Reservoir dogs AU

Have we had this yet?
My preference would be Sherlock as Mr Orange,Lestrade as Mr White and Moriarty as Mr Blonde, but as long as it follows the movie plot, I´d be happy with any variation =)


I'd want a fic where other half of the pairing is wholly asleep through the very thorough snogging/sexy bit session. Victor Trevor/Sherlock, John/Sherlock or Sebastian Moran/Jim Moriarty highly appreciated, either way's fine.

Seconded so hard.

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Sherlock reveals to moriarty that he loves him, and moriarty, not sure how he feels, turns sherlock down. Sherlock goes home to have crazy sex with john to make moriarty jelous, amd it works. Moriarty takes sherlock home for sexy times

Bonus points for as much jelousy as you can fit in

dad jokes

when Lestrade notices that someone is upset, he tell dad joke until they start smiling again

Re: dad jokes


Sherlock meets James Bond

Sherlock meets James Bond, they don't get along. (Or do they?)
Maybe they have to work together. Sherlock analyzes James, how does he react?
Does Mycroft make them work together because the Queen requested it?
Bonus points for Bond and Mycroft being old associates~
Bonus points for John and Q getting along.

Sherlock/John(/Mary) - hair

[a very minor spoiler for The Empty Hearse]Anything to do with Sherlock having long hair, as he did in the beginning of the episode. Bonus points for hair-pulling.

Re: Mary, if you're writing her as present, please don't make it cheating fic. Whether she's involved with their relationship or not, I'd rather not have John sneaking around on or lying to her, thanks.

Re: Sherlock/John(/Mary) - hair


Sherlock/John h/c upon return, slight dub-con?

[Slight Empty Hearse spoilers...] So the episode begins with Sherlock being tortured, and while he doesn't look too hurt, it dooesn't mean he's feeling great. Then he gets attacked by John 3 times.

So after the events of The Empty Hearse John notices Sherlock holding himself stiffer than normal and demands he removes his top and checks him over, only he can't stop touching him. At first Sherlock doesn't think too much about it, just John doing his doctor stuff, and it's not like he wouldn't take time to examine John after their time apart so maybe John's just doing that?

Only next things he know's John is obviously feeling him up and pressing him down into the couch/bed/whatever and when Sherlock is like "what?" John just keeps going and tries to kiss him to shut him up. Would prefer that consent is established before they go too far.

Re: Sherlock/John h/c upon return, slight dub-con?

Oh pretty pretty please!

Johnlock shaving kink

Sherlock likes to shave John before he fucks him (And no, I'm not just talking about his face here)

Re: Johnlock shaving kink


This is my new kink...


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