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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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John/Sherlock, John Hurts Sherlock's Feelings, Mediator!Mycroft

I have a beautiful image in my head of an adorably mope-y Sherlock Holmes.

I would like Watson to have insulted/offended/hurt his lover in some way, but remain completely oblivious to the damage that he has caused. It doesn't help that Sherlock acts like an emotionless robot 99% of the time, anyhow. And Sherlock, instead of confronting him about it, is avoiding him like the plague and moping around the flat.

Mycroft, with all of his cameras, notices how 'off' his brother has been lately, and decides to stop by for a much unwanted visit. In the end, he ends up being the unlikely mediator between the two.


Crying!Sherlock... lots and lots of crying Sherlock.


Inclusion of the scene where John insults Sherlock

Would prefer if Sherlock/John were married, but lovers is fine too!

Cracky prompt

So,I found this text post on tumblr
"Sherlock au where everything is the same except Sherlock talks like Jesse Pinkman"
and this answer:
"It’s for science, John!"


-“Yeah, science, bitch!”

John/Sherlock, First Anniversary, Assumed Adultery

I would love to see a story where John and Sherlock are about to celebrate their first anniversary, and John, wanting to surprise Sherlock, feigns having forgotten. He says he has to spend the day at the clinic, but Sherlock knows that the clinic is closed for the holiday. Logically, he assumes that John would rather spend their first anniversary with Sarah then with him... in Sarah's bed.

In reality, John is just going to Sarah for help preparing for the big night, and Sarah is more than happy to help out. Sherlock comes home to find Sarah in the flat and... well.. all hell breaks loose.

Sherlock teaches John how to slow dance for his upcoming wedding to Mary.
I would love to read some stepping on toes, awkward laughing.
Bonus points if Sherlock asks John to explain why he's so nervous about getting married that he doesn't realize he's been dancing perfectly for the past few minutes.

Sherlock/John/Jim triangle

There's nothing better than a good love triangle, especially between these three. I think it would be interesting to explore a situation where Jim, Sherlock and John met as children and remained close friends up until their adolescence. Jim has spent most of that time secretly in love with John, who in turn is smitten with Sherlock. Jim decides to go for it and admits his feelings to John but isn't prepared for the way his heart breaks when John tells him he feels the same way--for Sherlock. So life goes on. Jim is lonely and on the outside looking in while John and Sherlock grow closer and closer. He falls in with the wrong crowd, starts causing trouble and the rest is history.

Make me feel bad for Jim! We've all been in that position before, and we know how very much it sucks, so don't be afraid to make it hurt! Bonus points if you can do that without villifying Sherlock and John.

SPOILERS! Many Happy Returns

(Mods, my first prompt, so I'm very sorry if I'm breaking any rules; please do delete if so)

Just watched the mini webisode 'Many Happy Returns' on the BBC site.

And my prompt is, basically, someone give Anderson a hug for me, please?

Johnlock, Because Make-Up Sex is Statistically the Hottest Sex of All

Basically, John and Sherlock fight *a lot*. To the point where people (who definitely aren't Sherlock's friends) wonder as to why they are together at all. Sherlock's answer is simple: make-up sex is, statistically speaking, the hottest sex of all. But could it be more than that? Could he actually love the doctor? And what does the doctor think about this statement?

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Sherlock develops a rare medical condition (H/C)

Sherlock develops a rare medical condition that causes him to become lethargic and depressed whenever good things happen to him. After Sherlock wins the lottery, John has trouble consoling him. Hurt/Comfort.

Re: Sherlock develops a rare medical condition (H/C)

Hmmm...I've never written C/H before, but might want to try.

John/Sherlock, John/Mary, or gen - Reddit

John and/or Sherlock do(es) a Reddit AMA.

Re: John/Sherlock, John/Mary, or gen - Reddit

oh my god. GENIUS.

john and sherlock have to have sex very quietly or they'll wake someone up.
perhaps there teenagers having sex in one of there houses?
i love the idea of them wanting to really have sex but having to be quiet so no one hears them. that mix of horny and scared

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Reactions and a Latex allergy

No one uses latex anymore, it's all about nitrile now. Good thing too, because Sherlock's got one hell of a latex allergy.

Re: Reactions and a Latex allergy

Bwahaha... I have a latex allergy too, and while gloves are nitrile now I know one thing that is most definitely latex as a standard ; )

Sherlock and Anthea are best friends

Sherlock and Anthea are best friends, and are such good friends that they insult each other constantly, and text about Mycroft while sitting next to him. Mycroft does everything in his power to keep them separated. He fails. Every time.

Re: Sherlock and Anthea are best friends


Sally´s gone missing

John is going insane. Lestrade hasn´t called in three days and Sherlock is going mad with boredom so he calls the DI. When he reaches him, it comes out that Sally has gone missing three days ago. "You know on Sherlock´s list that´s barely a 5 and with it being Donovan he probably wouldn´t care at all."

But Lestrade is wrong. Sherlock is all pissed cause he wants to know if someone of the team goes missing, thank you very much, and he proceeds to do everything he can to find Sally.

Johnlock, Christmas Dinner

John wants Sherlock to bring him home for Christmas. Sherlock is less than thrilled by the idea, but agrees nonetheless.


John/Sherlock (bottom!Sherlock preferred) attempting to have sex, but Sherlock keeps finding - and destroying - Mycroft's cameras.

Sherlock's mother can't cook to save her life, but she knows over one-hundred ways to kill you without leaving a hint of forensic evidence behind, and everyone is too afraid to say anything.

Extremely embarrassing Christmas presents (underwear, condoms, its up to anon :P).

Thanks in advance!

Re: Johnlock, Christmas Dinner

Seconding so hard!

Johnlock, Dacryphilia - Crying!Kink

Sherlock is aroused by seeing John cry. It's just something about seeing someone that is so strong, allow a moment of weakness show for him. It's not the crying he really gets off on, but the trust displayed in the act of crying.

Re: Johnlock, Dacryphilia - Crying!Kink



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