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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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I faked my own death club (Sherlock, Moriarty and Irene) Crack

Based on this gif set on tumblr
Sherlock, Moriarty and Irene meet up in 221B about twice a year to discuss faking deaths or whatever.
One day during one of their meetings, John walks in.
I don't really mind what happens after but just as cracky or humorous as possible would be much appreciated. Up to author if they want to include ships or not.

Magnussen/Sherlock noncon, Finding Mycroft's Pressure Point

So Magnussen used the John-in-the-bonfire ploy to establish John as Sherlock's pressure point, which made me wonder... How did Magnussen establish Sherlock as Mycroft's?

Simple. Magnussen had a vulnerable, drugged (either they found him that way or injected him later) Sherlock abducted and brought to his home, where he proceeded to sexually assault him on a live feed streaming
straight to Mycroft - who can do nothing but watch as his scared, virginal little brother is slowly stripped and molested by this creep. No actual rape, but Magnussen is thisclose to penetration before Mycroft can't take it anymore and breaks.

Then Magnussen very calmly and cheerfully stops and invites Mycroft over so he can collect his brother and discuss the terms of their new agreement.

Sherlock was really strung out at the time, and doesn't really recall the incident that clearly, though it would explain why Magnussen turns his stomach. It would also make sense that Mycroft would then have such an intense reaction to the mere mention of that name.

Re: Magnussen/Sherlock noncon, Finding Mycroft's Pressure Point

Oh, this is brilliant. Seconded!

Mary/Sherlock/John D/s (His Last Vow Spoilers)

Mycroft knew who Mary was and that she wanted to change her lifestyle and leave the assassin days behind her. In return for helping her to get a normal nurse job he asked her to keep an eye on his friend John.

He didn´t plan for them getting this close though. When Mary shoots Sherlock he is pissed and tells her that he wont harm her as long as she is carrying John´s child after that she is fair game.

Sherlock though isn´t pleased by this and goes to Mycroft, telling him that Mary is his and John´s to punish as she is theirs anyway.

I´d love for this relationship that no one of the three is "the sub" or "the dom"- they all have tendencies but they like to switch. Real punishments can be dark though.

Foster kid Sherlock, sent to live with John, Johnlock

A catastrophic event causes Sherlock to lose everything during his teen years. He becomes a ward of the state and is sent to live with John's family, who takes in fosters for the money. In the middle of; grieving, trying to cope with a rough state school - complete with bullies, having to live in a (to him) hovel and wear horrible cast off clothing, he develops a terribly ill timed/inconvenient crush on the older John. John, who has become the one bright spot in his universe, but who also clearly sees him as nothing more than a child.

John, meanwhile, is horrified to find himself developing a completely inappropriate crush on his (too young!) foster brother. Sherlock isn't exactly subtle in letting John in on his feelings (once he's accepted them) but John's sure it's just because he's the only one being nice to him in the middle of the mess Sherlock's life has become.

Happy ending please and thank you!

Re: Foster kid Sherlock, sent to live with John, Johnlock

Oh yes please

John/Moriarty/Sherlock, Sub!Moriarty, Safe-Word, TW: Past Non-Con

Jim is quite content living as John and Sherlock's submissive partner. While not necessarily totally detached from the life of crime he once led, the murders have ceased and so have the mind-games. All that remains are a few diamond rings and some petty robberies - they barely rate a 2 as far as Sherlock's concerned, so he leaves Jim be.

Jim is also a wild submissive, comfortable with everything from BDSM to Punishment Scenes. That's why it comes as such a shock when he safe-words out during one of their usual scenes and withdraws for days. Sherlock, recognizing his need for space, simply withdraws as well. John, on the other hand, fusses over him constantly, only seeming to upset Jim more.

As it turned out, Moriarty's slow climb to the top of the criminal food chain was not without it's drawbacks. It was a constant juggling act of making people happy and keeping them that way... even if it cost you everything. Including your virginity.

Sherlock and John are appalled, to say the least. How they handle it, however, is up to anon :)

Moriarty/Sherlock, The Plan

Sherlock doesn't like watching others fall all over Jim. Jim doesn't like the fact that Sherlock won't come clean about *them*.

The plan had always been to escape together - fake a double suicide, run-away, and start a new life w/o ever having to look back. The plan was to run away so that they could finally be together. But there was one thing that the plan didn't account for: John Watson.

This could be John/Sherlock/Jim, follow Series 3 Cannon, etc. Anon is free to take it however they desire...

John mistaken for a prostitute, Johnlock

Through a massive misunderstanding Sherlock believes John is a sex worker, when he further believes John has just propositioned him he goes along with it. John doesn't know what's really going on until Sherlock pays him for their night together. Any time period, pre-series.

Re: John mistaken for a prostitute, Johnlock


Sherlock/Moriarty or Any MC/Moriarty, Mpreg, Hormonal!Moriarty

I'd just like to see a six-month-pregnant Jim crying b/c he no longer fits in his Westwood and chopping the heads off of anyone who dares call him 'fat'. Lots of tenuous cuddles and fluff ensue!

Re: Sherlock/Moriarty or Any MC/Moriarty, Mpreg, Hormonal!Moriarty

Oh, Jim. Might try this if I get time.

Sherlock framed for serial murders, Bonnie and Clyde, Johnlock

The case against Sherlock is so airtight that no one, not even his brother, believes him innocent of the crimes. (Perhaps a doppleganger is the actual killer?)

No one except John, that is. They go on the run together while proving his innocence. The newspapers call them Bonnie and Clyde.

HLV Spoilers! Gen: John Centric Angst

Spoilers spoilers spoilers for probably all of season three. Long prompt is long.


Okay, so after watching season three I feel so bad for John and frustrated for what he's had to put up with time and time again, and yet he continues to stay for his friends and loved ones. What I want is a different alternative to the scene when John, Sherlock, Mary, and Mrs. Hudson are at 221B.

John is officially done. He thought his life was over when Sherlock jumped, but somehow he found Mary and was able to put his life back together. Only to have Sherlock waltz back into his life as if it wasn't that big of a deal that he'd been gone for two years. With tremendous support from Mary, John had been able to reconcile with Sherlock even when the man pushed him to his limits time and time again.

Then to find out Mary hadn't been truthful to him as well, had shot his best friend, had lied about who she was. And it...





And he can't pull himself together again to be understanding. He can't overlook being played the fool again. To have his trust abused and to be blamed that somehow this was HIS FAULT that he attracted psychopaths. That somehow he brought this upon himself. He has always tried to be a good man for God and country, but even good men have their limits.

He can't do this anymore and despite what Mary feels, despite what Sherlock things, he's not coming back. Because being in this environment surrounded by people who trample his heart is going to kill him in a way Afghanistan never did.


Perhaps an a/u where Mary isn't pregnant (since I can't see John leaving when he has a child on the way), but whatever floats your boat is up to you. I just want something that satisfies my desire for John to be in a better place where he won't be constantly hurt by supposed friends. Give me them feels.

Re: HLV Spoilers! Gen: John Centric Angst

Yes, please. Seconding.

Sherlock/Other TW- Non-Con. Spoilers for HLV

John and Mary walk in to 221B Baker Street to see Sherlock on the couch, naked and being roughly fucked by some guy they've never seen before. After Janine, John assumes that this is just something he's doing for a case. They leave without saying anything, but the next time they see Sherlock, John is quite scathing about how far Sherlock will go for a case, and does the poor boy even know he's being used, and does Sherlock have no shame!? Sherlock is oddly quiet, and doesn't defend himself. John keeps on going until he notices that it looks like Sherlock is trying not to cry. And that's when John and Mary realise that what they saw was actually Sherlock being raped.

Lots of comfort from John and Mary please.

Re: Sherlock/Other TW- Non-Con. Spoilers for HLV


Mrs Holmes finds out (BAMF!MrsHolmes)

Mrs Holmes finds out that it was Mary who shot Sherlock. Up to author what happens from there.

Bonus: She figures it out on her own.
Double bonus: some kind of confrontation but up to author how this happens and the outcome.

Re: Mrs Holmes finds out (BAMF!MrsHolmes)

yes please!

I'd love to see this especially after what she says at the Christmas dinner and Mary is literally in the room next door...

Sherlock/Moriarty, Angry!John, Monsters Have Feelings Too

John thinks that Sherlock's relationship with Moriarty is simply to get back at him for forgiving Mary and attempting to move on with his life.

Along those lines, he tries to break them up by targeting the emotional link - Jim Moriarty. It doesn't work, at first. But then, he starts in on Jim's greatest weakness, his mind. He tries to convince himself that he's doing it for Sherlock, but when he finally cracks Moriarty (who looks about ready to cry after every jabbing insult at his intelligence/perceived insanity/craziness), he realizes he is doing it for himself too, b/c he is afraid of Sherlock leaving him too.

Feeling bad, John tells Sherlock what he did. Sherlock tracks down an angry, angst-ridden Moriarty, and their conversation unearths some long-hidden fears about their relationship.

Mycroft's reaction (HLV spoilers)

[Biggish spoiler]I'd love to see Mycroft's reaction to learning that Sherlock's been shot, and him visiting Sherlock in hospital.

Re: Mycroft's reaction (HLV spoilers)


I feel like we didn't get to see much of how the other characters reacted to Sherlock being shot. I'd love to see this!

(Deleted comment)
Re: fill: here be dragons (Anonymous) Expand

HLV spoilers


Somebody write one where Jim is a computer virus. So he's dead but his uploaded consciousness could be everywhere at once.

sherlock/moriarty, pressure point

so moriarty is listed as one of sherlock's pressure points and andrew scott seems to believe they love each other (

i'd basically like to see anything that explores their twisted sentimentality for one another.

Face slapping.

Molly slapping Sherlock in HLV should not have been as sexy as it was.

Mycroft puts Sherlock in his place, BAMF!Mycroft

Mycroft appeared to be shocked by Sherlock’s attack in HLV but did little to reprimand him.

I indulge in the school of thought that although Mycroft loathes legwork he did, at some point in his past and on his way up, have to indulge in it. Thus he has a good grounding in physical combat.

I want to see Sherlock’s attack leading to an angry Mycroft who ignores John and escalates the situation. Happy with Sherlock fighting back but ultimately I want to see big brother putting his younger sibling firmly in place.

BAMF! Mycroft proving you don’t get to be the “British Government” without knowing how to handle yourself.


X1000 If you can work in Mycroft feeding John’s words back to the stunned Doctor once he has his younger brother under control - i.e. "Oh I don’t doubt that he has more than the inclination Dr. Watson; but I rather think my brother would struggle to snap me in two, don’t you?"

Re: Mycroft puts Sherlock in his place, BAMF!Mycroft

+1, definitely! I thought something like this while watching.

Charles vs. Jim, Past Charles/Sherlock Non-Con, Protective!Moriarty

Moriarty takes Magnussen out of the equation, because only he is allowed to tease the 'pet', Sherlock. Charles' blood is on his hands, and with those same hands, he saves Sherlock from himself.

Re: Charles vs. Jim, Past Charles/Sherlock Non-Con, Protective!Moriarty


Fill: Mine Part 1 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Mine Part 2 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Mine Part 3 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Mine Part 3 (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill: Mine Part 3 (Anonymous) Expand
Sherlock makes an off-handed comment about how his scars make him feel like a human Frankenstein. John makes a point of worshiping every one of them to prove to him that he is just as beautiful as he was before.

Re: Johnlock, Scar Worship

Frankenstein was human and didn't have many scars.

Sherlock/Any MC, Old Spice, Crack

Teenage!Sherlock wears Old Spice for the first time - based off of the new, extremely creepy Old Spice commercial.

The Third Brother, Moriarty

At the end of HLV Mycroft gave us this: “Don't be absurd. I’m not given to outbursts of brotherly compassion. You know what happened to the other one."

I think that we all know what happened to the “other one” (or… well… it kinda turns out that maybe we don’t?!?). Basically I’m running with the idea that Moriarty was the “other one”.

Think about it…
- Mycroft features heavily as one of the narrators in Sherlock’s mind palace – but so does his other brother (it’s just that whilst Mycroft gets free reign Moriarty is bound, chained and stuffed in a locked room)
- Moriarty has Holmesian level intelligence and a familiar love of the game
- Both of Sherlock’s brothers have a penchant for kidnappings, and both have targeted John

I'm sure Moriarty as Sherlock’s brother will have been done before in some context but I’d like to see it in light of HLV and where we’re up to with all the characters.

Anything that explores the relationship - obviously Sherlock and Mycroft don’t see eye to eye with their other brother. Why not? Is he a true psychopath? Why didn’t Mycroft eliminate him earlier? Why did Mycroft allow him to engage Sherlock in such a dangerous game?

Bonus: references to their shared childhood. What happened when Mycroft went away to university and left Sherlock alone with his other sibling?

I don't have multiple personalities, Anderson, do your research, it's Dissociative Identity Disorder

Rather than John/Sherlock -- John!Sherlock. Captain John Watson of the RAMC was honorably discharged with a shoulder wound, a psychosomatic limp, PTSD -- and dissociative identity disorder. So when a short man in a posh accent and a sweeping coat who calls himself Sherlock Holmes starts solving Scotland Yard's weirdest cases...

Re: I don't have multiple personalities, Anderson, do your research, it's Dissociative Identity Diso

Clever. Seconding!

Spoilers for HLV, noncon infantilism

So yes, slight spoilers for HLV below, you have been warned
From what we see, Magnussen is pretty accustomed to doing whatever he so pleases (i.e. licking people, peeing in their fireplaces). What I would like to see is that instead of Sherlock shooting him point-blank and then Mycroft coming to the rescue (so to speak), Magnussen somehow regains control of the situation. He decides that Sherlock needs to be "retrained", so he decides to start from the beginning. As for John, he either didn't come, managed to get away, or is also about to be "retrained" by Magnussen (this is up to the filler).

Re: Spoilers for HLV, noncon infantilism

Holy crap, yes. Somebody fill this! Or roleplay it with me.... :D

Sherlock in Prison…Riot!

Small (one line) His Last Vow spoilers: "In any event, there is no prison in which we could incarcerate Sherlock without causing a riot on a daily basis."

This is SO TRUE that I have to see it. Can we please see Sherlock in gaol pissing off all of the inmates with his stream of disparaging deductions and generally calling them stupid enough to shame criminals everywhere? No wonder he can't get any decent crime in London, if this is the sorry stuff that crooks are made of.

The possibilities are endless, but here are a couple of questions to get your creative juices flowing:
What would Sherlock go to gaol for?
Would John be with him?Would John be stuck outside of the prison, tearing his hair out with worry and telling Sherlock don't be a smartass! Are you listening to me?!?
How would Sherlock react to such public communal bathrooms? Just what would he be able to deduce from the shower head, sink, wet footprints, rust, fungus, soap, etc?
What would Sherlock do to experiment and alleviate his boredom? (Mould…weapons…picking locks…picking pockets…polishing his acting skills, learning accents………)
What if Sherlock deduces loads of gross stuff about the food, which hacks off the cooks?
What if Sherlock makes an unexpected friend?

Generally a case of Sherlock constantly putting his foot in his mouth and bemoaning his fate as the (second) most intelligent person on Earth.

Last thought: this would also be funny if it's told secondhand, such as a series of scenes wherein John visits Sherlock and hears his complaints. ("And they confiscated the toenails, John!" or "I merely mentioned his mother's promiscuity and the man tried to hit me—telegraphed his move, terribly obvious, you'd think after ten years in gaol he would at least be good at brawling.")

Or if you're up for the challenge…the immense load of paperwork that results from keeping Sherlock in prison. Reports on fights, riots, unsavory experiments, unsettling behavior, antics during nighttime hours as he goes spare from being stuck and bored in his cell, "just what the hell was he trying to do with this? Is this supposed to be an explosive or a headless rubber duck?", maybe Sherlock files complaints just to create more paperwork (because he knows all documents pertaining to Sherlock Holmes cross Mycroft's desk, and the more exasperated and irritated Mycroft is, the more likely he is to spring Sherlock).

Re: Sherlock in Prison…Riot!



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