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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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John/Mary + asexual sherlock

Guys, After the new episode I realy need some OT3 love! I would love to see some John/Mary/Sherlock with asexual sherlock! Any and all things! I just need it.

Re: John/Mary + asexual sherlock

ALL THINGS +1000000

The sixth sense

Sherlock did die, he just doesn't realise it and nor does John. Slowly though the realisation dawns when they start to realise nobody else can see Sherlock, they were perhaps just humouring John in sympathy to his grief. Either way eventually the truth becomes clear and they both have to admit a painful goodbye.

I was wondering why this sounded so familiar, and then I realized I'd read something like that.

Re: The sixth sense (Anonymous) Expand

johnlock drunk chair sex

stag night John and Sherlock aren't as drunk as they pretend when they get back to 221B. they end up in there chairs talking then in Sherlock's chair with Sherlock fingering John open for chair sex

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Re: johnlock drunk chair sex

Oh yesssssssssss!

Mrs Hudson gets Lestrade high.

She sees him losing his temper about a case, and since she worries about the nice Detective Inspector's blood pressure, she gives him some "special" brownies. Because police officers can be so high-strung when it comes to herbal soothers, she doesn't actually tell him about the extra ingredient.

Re: Mrs Hudson gets Lestrade high.


Jonlock Switches

I'd really love a fic where both John and Sherlock are switches. Maybe a time that Sherlock needed the comfort a dom can give to a sub and one time John did?

sexy times with wet!Johnlock

John and Sherlock get caught by heavy rainfall which leaves them wet from head to toe. I'd love to read about shirts clinging to chests (preferably Sherlock's purple one turning semi-transparent when wet *yum*), hair plastered to foreheads, drops of water running down necks, wet pants leaving nothing to the imagination...

Basically sexy times with wet! Johnlock

Re: sexy times with wet!Johnlock

I want to take this prompt to bed. Seconding.

Dark!Sherlock, "Lets Play Murder" (Murder, Torture, Gore) SPOILERS FOR S3E02


A gap to be sure....

When Sherlock turned to the crowd and said "Lets play murder" everything in his expression, body language, and tone felt deadly. The way he lowered his head, tilted it to the side, and the way his eyes sharpened spoke of a predator, singling out and hunting his prey.

Sherlock has had a lot of practice with that. He plays murder all the time...and he likes to make sure his victims know exactly what game he'll be playing with them.

"Lets play murder."

Re: Dark!Sherlock, "Lets Play Murder" (Murder, Torture, Gore) SPOILERS FOR S3E02

Ooooooh. Interesting. Seconding.

Languages are amazing

So, we've read how John gets turned on when Sherlock speaks foreign languages. Could we reverse that? i.e. Sherlock has a client and after John notes the said client to be ...swedish?...hindi??... and suddenly our favourite detective finds himself to be, hm, distracted.

No french, please. That's Sherlock's.

Re: Languages are amazing

Oh, what a great idea!

Re: Languages are amazing (Anonymous) Expand

Future JAWN

One of sherlocks expiraments goes wrong, and john gains the ability to tell the future (a couple days a head). At first everything's okay, but eventually, john sees sherlock having sex with a random guy. Then lestrade. Then moriarty.

(I would be realllllly happy if you could put as much jelousy as you can!)

Mary/Sherlock/John BDSM

Sherlock's an extreme masochist who's incapable of getting off without pain and humiliation. He gave up on sex at an early age because while there were plenty of people willing to beat him and fuck him, no one, until John, could tolerate his domineering and arrogant behaviour outside the bedroom. And John, of course, would rather gouge his own eyeballs out than ever intentionally hurt anyone, much less Sherlock, so throughout the course of their friendship, Sherlock's secret longings have remained just that.

Mary is an occasional sadist who gave up on the scene years ago when she discovered that anyone who could tolerate her penchant for doling out extreme punishment generally wanted to live the life 24/7, something she had zero interest in. She often fantasises about the rough stuff, but John gives her everything she needs in every other way, so it's worth it to her to keep her sadistic side a secret.

John is just your average guy who loves sex and doesn't mind a bit of scratching or the occasional bite, but who is otherwise pretty much kink free. As long as there's a hole he can stick his knob in, he's easily satisfied. Basically he's a happy guy. True, his wife can be a little bossy, and sometimes he longs to see his best friend taken down a peg, but mostly he'd just wants them both to be happy and hopes he never has to choose between them.

tl;dr Sherlock's a secret masochist, Mary's a secret sadist, and John wants everyone to get along.

Re: Mary/Sherlock/John BDSM


When Lestrade knows Mycroft is going to have a rough day, he puts one of Mycroft's favorite things in each of the pockets of his coat.

Re: Mystrade

Hi OP - this is a really cute prompt, and I'm working on it, but am a bit slow. It will hopefully be worth checking back in about a week, if you care to do so.

Jim/Sherlock- Valentine's Day, OC character death, twisted love

Jim is trying to get Sherlock to become his sexual partner (maybe partner in crime, as well, depending on what the author wants), but Sherlock isn't interested. So, for Valentines Day, Jim creates a bunch cases and leaves a human heart at each of the crime scenes.

Re: Jim/Sherlock- Valentine's Day, OC character death, twisted love

That's so romantic in a creepy way. Seconded!

Mycroft/Sherlock, spanking

I need more of Mycroft spanking Sherlock in my life. I may never get enough. I don't mind if it's non-sexual older brother Mycroft spanking naughty little brother Sherlock or if it turns sexual and incesty. Maybe it starts innocently, but one or both of them begins to like it as they get older?

So, there's a lack of royalty!AUs in the Sherlock fandom (that I've been able to find)

Sherlock is entirely to old to be unmarried so King (or crown prince) Mycroft gives him an ultimatum: find a husband or I'll find one for you. Enter John Watson, a recently discharged soldier who conveniently fits a loophole that allows non-inheriting royalty to marry medalled servicemen. He's also conveniently completely broke and is in fact considering marrying up just so he has someone to take care of him.

+10 for side Mystrade who have three kids and who have been married for quite some time
+100 for including the line to Mike Stamford "Who'd ever want a husband like me?"
+1000 Virginal prince Sherlock becoming increasingly interested in the wedding night when he discovers he actually likes John.

Potential Filler

Potential filler here... would you like John to be the husband that Sherlock picks for himself, or that Mycroft selects for him?

Re: Potential Filler (Anonymous) Expand
Something involving Sherlock and Cicada 3301.

Virgin!Sherlock has to have sex to maintain his cover while he's away

I'd love to see virgin!Sherlock having to sleep with someone while he's away. Any variation on that is welcome, but I do have some bonuses:
- It's with someone he barely knows, and he's scared.
- He tries to make it seem like he's experienced, or at least not new to this. Whether he succeeds is up to you.
- His internal John criticises him every step of the way.

Ooh, I would love to read this.

Sherlock, John, Scent of a Woman AU

Retired Captain John Watson is blind, and no one REALLY wants him for a flatmate, except perhaps Sherlock Holmes, who has his eyes on a nice little place in central London. Together, they ought to be able to afford it.

But Moriarty has a very special plan, and for Sherlock and John, it involves travel, women, good food, fine wine, the tango, chauffeured limousines and a loaded SIG Sauer P two two six.

(I blame my father, and my own desire for John to drive a Ferrari, for this prompt.)

S3 dark John + dub/non con

dark!John has been lusting after Sherlock since the moment he met him. After Sherlock's return, John thinks it only fair if Sherlock made up for all the troubles and grief he caused. Some punishment wouldn't go amiss either. So John gives still-not-interested Sherlock a choice: Either Sherlock allows John to fuck him every now and then or John will turn away from him forever and lead a normal life with Mary. Sherlock plays along because he doesn't want to lose John.

Re: S3 dark John + dub/non con

Interesting! Seconding.

Sherlock John Stag

What if Sherlock and John didn't 't have a client the night if the stag , and kept drinking. Woke up the next morning in Sherlocks bed , all hungover and half naked with no idea how they got there or what they did.

Best Man

Years from now, Sherlock finds himself a nice man or woman and settles down. When he gets married, there's only one person he can ask to be his best man.

What does John say in his speech?

Aww, I love this idea. I would try writing it myself, but I don't think I could give it credit. Plus, ive got too much on at the moment.

Re: Best Man (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Best Man (Anonymous) Expand

Lestrade/Sherlock- The Truth, h/c, angst, murder, kidnapping, torture, possible noncon

Lestrade is kidnapped and tortured. Sherlock deduces his location and Scotland Yard are able to find him but, when they get there, the criminals have been tortured and then killed. They get Lestrade to a hospital and he recovers but doesn't know who killed his captors.

As the police investigate, they find that there is real evidence to point in a specific direction, but something about the scene makes at least one of the detectives suspect that Sherlock is behind the murders. He/she takes his/her suspicions to Lestrade, but Lestrade won't even listen. After all, there's no evidence linking Sherlock to the crime, other than a hunch, and after doubting Sherlock with Moriarty, Lestrade's not about to do so again.

However, the truth is that Sherlock tracked down Lestrade and making sure the inspector wasn't in need of any immediate medical attention, proceeded to torture and kill the captors. Then he went back and told the police of his deduction, not mentioning that he had already been there.

Whether or not Lestrade realizes the truth in the end is up to the filler.

Re: Lestrade/Sherlock- The Truth, h/c, angst, murder, kidnapping, torture, possible noncon

Lovely - yes please! I mean lets face it, after that last ep we know what he's willing to do for the people that are important to him!

Sherlock/John - bestiality, extremely reluctant consent

At the close of a case involving the more extreme side of the porn industry, Sherlock finds himself in possession of a large dog trained to have sex with humans, an overwhelming 'scientific' curiosity, and a flatmate who long ago proved himself incapable of saying no to Sherlock.

Johnlock OR Mystrade, Closested Partners, Ice-Princess Partners, Make-Up Sex

Works either with Johnlock or Mystrade - choice is up to anon.

Sherlock/Mycroft is an ice-princess that hasn't come out of the closet, even if their respective lovers have. This causes a fight b/w them and eventual kinky make-up sex.

As for Sherlock/Mycroft, the colder/harsher the better.

Johnlock, Raunchy Wedding Vows

Sherlock and John sharing the raunchiest wedding vows *ever*.

Bonus for:

Mycroft is Sherlock's best man, and just about dies of embarrassment.

Mummy Holmes pulling John aside and, quoting John's exact vows, promises to torture him slowly if she ever finds out that he took advantage of them to inflict pain, not pleasure.

Re: Johnlock, Raunchy Wedding Vows

Oh yeah!

dark!John / Sherlock - bestiality dub- or non-con

(Inspired by a prompt above)

Following the events of Hound of Baskerville John thinks Sherlock needs to make some things up to him. He gets a trained dog (maybe an actual Hound from Baskerville) and has him fuck Sherlock repeatedly. Bonus for humiliated!Sherlock getting off by this in the end (without John touching him or granting permission)


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