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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Moriarty discovers that the older brother is just as, if not more interesting than the younger. Would love this with a D/s flavor with Top!Mycroft giving sub!Moriarty everything he needs (which is obviously a spanking, bondage, rough sex, etc!)

Re: Moriarty/Mycroft

Yessssss. Very much seconded.

This had to happen eventually

So the lovely Benedict Cumberbatch was on American talk show Jimmy Kimmel live last night where he read some R. Kelly lyrics in a dramatic fashion. You can see the clip at: I can't embed as anon (I think) so you'll have to copy/paste or look it up on YouTube. It is at the same time hilarious and a little sexy (because THAT VOICE).

So I'd like to see Sherlock trying to use those lyrics to sweet talk John into bed and John being all 0.o WTF Sherlock?! Not that John is opposed to hopping into bed with Sherlock, he just doesn't know if the man is joking or just that bad at seducing someone.

Bonus points if John starts giggling in the middle of sex because he can't get what Sherlock just did out of his head.

tl;dr-bad at seduction!Sherlock tries to do a dramatic reading of hip-hop lyrics to get in John's pants.

Re: This had to happen eventually

Ok I laughed.....and laughed....and I can't stop laughing/imagining this.

John likes giving head

I just want John enjoying the hell out of going down on a woman. Any woman. The more detail the better. His POV.

John loves blowing Sherlock

(Inspired by a prompt above)

Formerly "straight" John realizes he absolutely loves going down on Sherlock. He loves the sounds he can make come out of Sherlock, the way he's incoherent when John does that thing with his tongue, the weight of Sherlock's cock on his tongue, filling his mouth so nicely, the way his come tastes.. John loves sucking Sherlock so much he can come in no time with no assistance at all.

(Can be another guy as well but I'd really prefer it to be Sherlock to be honest)


ftm!sherlock (or mtf, im not too picky)
but uh john finding him (or her) in the bathroom and they have a needle and is about to inject it ( im pretty sure it goes in the thigh?? idk cant remember) and thinks its drugs and gets really angry and tried to take it away and then sherlock gets angry and pushes john out of the bathroom and locks himself in their for a few hours and doesnt speak to him for a few days
and then maybe explanations when sherlocks ready to talk about it
idk i would just really really love to read this and love whomever wrote it

Re: misunderstandings

bloody love misunderstandings as a plot device, can't help it really :D
so seconded

Frolicking follicles!

Lestrade's hair became John's moustache.

Tell us how.

Re: Frolicking follicles!

This prompt and its title are the most hilarious things I've seen this month. Please someone fill this!

Re: Frolicking follicles! (Anonymous) Expand
Mycroft has a hard time saying "no" to his little brother.

(This is what was going through my mind when he let Sherlock talk him into getting into a high-security, confidential research facility)

noncon: Sherlock/Moriarty

Sherlock rapes Moriarty. Moriarty is too shaken to make any comments on Sherlock's warped morality, or what John would think, and Sherlock counts this as a victory.

Re: noncon: Sherlock/Moriarty

I'm curious about that.



John was staring right at Sherlock, when he stepped out and faced him at the pool. He saw the look in Sherlock's eyes when he thought that John = Moriarty.

Later on, maybe weeks later, John leans in behind Sherlock and makes some dark joke about how he's REALLY MORIARTY FOR SRS and Sherlock better clean up all his old mail and stuff in the sitting room, or else.

Sherlock makes kind of an embarrassing noise. And John is like, "....did that just turn you on? OH MY GOD THAT IS SO WRONG. AND HOT."

And then there is sexing with John-as-Moriarty roleplay.

Re: reprompt


really any John-as-Moriarty roleplay would be awesome IMO

TW- non-con a trope made a bit more plausible?

fair warning: long, ranty, detailed
do you know the trope -Sherlock is the victim of a sexual assault - John misunderstands and is angry at him for being unfaithful- heaps of angst?
yeah, so i just spent at least 45 mins making up a situation that would render this somewhat plausible and logically functional for a prompt from page 2 or so(because i like the occasional challenge of this kind ok? :P ) only to realize that it was probably too far off to fit the prompt anyway
*sigh* so i am putting it here in case someone wants to adopt it and play with it in my stead
-newly established johnlock
-Sherlock has a history of having sex under the influence of drugs and a particular reaction to a certain drug of choice that makes him very suggestible horny and a lot confused (research suggests GHB would be best but feel free to use any of the benzodiazepines just make sure its not a hypnotic(soporific) drug)
-John doesn't know this, their relationship being so new and all - but a BG of choice from Sherlock's past does and uses the knowledge to drug Sherlock either outright forcefully or somehow without him noticing and then coerces him to have sex
-possibly a bit/a lot drunk John walks in on a drugged Sherlock having enthusiastic loud sex with BG that does not in the least resemble a rape even though it most assuredly is (this is the reason the drug cannot be a soporific - Sherlock should appear lucid- to a drunk angry doctor at least)assumes the worst and flees
-Sherlock might vaguely remember some things(in case the drug is GHB it can happen)or not but even if he doesn't he deduces it afterwards - he is not under the impression that it is somehow his fault for having an orgasm but might be blaming himself for not anticipating it or for falling for it - he is not coping in a cold, calculated and detached manner but he is also not doubting that what happened to him was in fact a rape an assault and he feels awful, used, might not know where John is, why isn't he answering his calls, doesn't know what he wants to do about the entire thing and is generally distraught but not in any way confused about the consent aspect of the encounter
-maybe it would be best to start from the morning after - how does he tell someone?(does he tell someone or does he feel too humiliated to do so?) how does he deal with it? how does he confront John? what does Mycroft know or thinks he knows? is Lestrade supportive? sceptical? does he even come into it? does Sherlock irrationally blame John for not stopping it/realizing it/believing his own eyes, realizes he is being irrational but still cant help the anger and is frustrated at himself for it? go wild PLEASE
(yeah the angst comes from a different place here but there still could be some insecure John angsting for a bit)
omg i am so sorry for this monster but not enough to stop myself :(
*slinks away, ashamed*

P.S - if something like this exists somewhere - could you please link me to it? i honestly haven't seen it

Re: TW- non-con a trope made a bit more plausible?

Seconding! I love fics where John assumes Sherlock is cheating, but I like how it's more reasonable. Please someone fill!

Sherlock and Victor are not estranged

Sherlock talks to Victor regularly, just not in person. Maybe they've never even met in person at all, or maybe they only start talking again after Sherlock realizes that John is now his "only" friend, and he needs another friend to talk to about his less-than-platonic feelings for him.

Gen with John+Sherlock, Sherlock+Victor friendships, or John/Sherlock with the Sherlock+Victor friendship. Other than that, basically anything goes.


Anything where Sherlock is genuinely surprised to learn that John is attracted to him and interested in a relationship with him.

Bonus points if John assumed Sherlock knew even before he did.

Omegaverse/hidden kinks

For an omega with a secret kink or fetish, heats can be extra awful. If they haven't discussed their kink with their partner beforehand, it will come out; they may not act on it automatically, but they will beg for it.

And for the alpha? Even if they're not interested, they'll keep fucking them (usually), and then it's only afterwards, when everything's already been left to fester, that they have to face it.

I'd really like this with omega!Sherlock/alpha!John, but any omega-alpha (or even omega-beta or omega-omega) pairing of any sort will do. Any kinks go, too, although I would particularly love to see Daddy kink, rimming, or an exhibitionist inclination in the omega. How their partner responds is up to you.

Re: Omegaverse/hidden kinks


Squib Mycroft is Percy Weasley's favourite uncle

In ACD, Mycroft's official government position is something to do with accounting, I think.

In the Potterverse, Molly Weasley's second cousin is a muggle accountant but (quoting Ron) "we never talk about him".

I'd love to see some Mycroft/Percy interaction starting from when Percy's estranged from his family. Something where Percy mostly means well, and (BBC) Mycroft just understands where he's coming from much better than his immediate family.

Re: Squib Mycroft is Percy Weasley's favourite uncle

Seconding so hard

Sub!Sherlock punishment prompit.

Sub Sherlock, Dom John.
Sherlock being stretched and stuffed with numerous (very big, possibly) toys as a punishment.

Bonus points if he stuffs things in Sherlock, (when he is done), to keep them until he needs them. (eg. vegetables when cooking etc.)

Plugs him with huge enema.

comes in him multiple times, then plugs him, forcing him to keep it all in.

Or some combination.

Re: Sub!Sherlock punishment prompit.

You so nailed my kinks with this! What do I need to do to have this written?!


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