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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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The Elephant in the room (SOT SPOILER!)

Tell me all about the case of the "Elephant in the Room"

Teen Wolf crossover: Molly and Derek discuss unfortunate romantic interests

I don't know if Sherlock and Teen Wolf fans overlap at all, but I just want Molly Hooper and Derek Hale to meet somehow (online?) and bond over their shit taste in (psychopath) boy/girlfriends.

Re: Teen Wolf crossover: Molly and Derek discuss unfortunate romantic interests


Johnlock, Spoilers 3.02 TW: Drug Use

Post 3.02. As a result of the end of the episode, Sherlock ends up in the hospital. Mycroft calls John, who almost misses the call b/c he is on his way to his honeymoon. Upon arriving at the hospital, John realizes that Sherlock isn't as unaffected by the wedding and John's anger toward him as everyone would like to believe.

Would like to see fluffy angst, lots of Johnlock h/c. Maybe John promising that Mary won't come between them. And Mary acknowledging and being okay with their relationship?

Re: Johnlock, Spoilers 3.02 TW: Drug Use


Season 3 - Johnlock (SPOILER FOR TEH AND SOT)

Okay so here's a really hard prompt:

- Johnlock (as in a romantic and (soon-to-be) sexual relationship)
- no cheating on Mary (no John/Mary relationship)
- no OT3 with Mary or anyone else
- staying in line with Season 3 canon as much as possible (e.g. John marrying Mary for a case..)
- platonic Mary/John and Mary/Sherlock friendship is welcome

Basically I want pure Johnlock that works around what's happening in Season 3 without Mary-bashing (Why did they have to make her so nice?!)

Re: Season 3 - Johnlock (SPOILER FOR TEH AND SOT)

Question: Do you mean absolutely no John/Mary at all? Like, is epiphany!John and a divorce acceptable? Also, how do you feel about diverging at the ceremony itself? Like, Sherlock does not hold his peace.

(And ugh, you're so right. I was prepared to hate her but she's so great and clearly ships the boys as much as some of us.)

AngrySex with Mary, John and Sherlock

Sherlock isn't happy about how with Mary in his life he is going to see less of John. Doesn't help that Mary is nice and sweet and funny and clever and sexy. It was hard enough lusting after John for all those years, having never experienced that sort of connection before, but now he has those sort of feelings towards Mary as well?

John is pissed that Sherlock left the wedding early. Didn't he know how much he needed Sherlock there on his special day? And why is Mary so determined to have Sherlock be a part of his life again after what Sherlock put him though. Does she have a thing for Sherlock and is using him to get closer to the detective? And what exactly is he jealous of here? That Mary may be attracted to Sherlock of that Sherlock may be attracted to Mary?

And Mary has had enough of this shit. When she first met John he was a healing but broken man slowly putting his life back together, after Sherlock's death. Then the detective just swans back into John's life and John's just meant to come a running? It hard enough that her husband still has hang ups on Sherlock, but what was worse was that she could clearly see why. The man was brilliant and determined and caring in a crazy way.

Basically I want a three way yelling match that transforms into some rough three way angry sex.

Re: AngrySex with Mary, John and Sherlock

Oh this is good!

Irene helps Sherlock explore himself (not Sherlock/Irene).. TSoT spoilers

In much the way that Mycroft is his go-to-guide in his mind palace to talk him through deductions. ..Irene is in his mind palace (naked, of course) to help him through any sexual hang ups. That's why he says" not now" .. This is not the time to have a hot fantasy about John for her to essentially guide him through. .. like she did in Karachi.
I'd like a fic about he won't have dinner with her, but that doesn't mean he shouldn't occasionally eat. He rescues her and she offers her services. .. If not exactly as dominatrix, as someone who did the sorting things out, coming to terms with herself as a lesbian, knowing how to accept ones own kinks, etc.... To help him through that. And if she orders him to try new things on himself and think of specific scenarios in bed, well.... she'd be an expert at that, wouldn't she?

Re: Irene helps Sherlock explore himself (not Sherlock/Irene).. TSoT spoilers

This is interesting! I love the Johnlock you sneaked in there

Doctor Who-Verse Crossover

I'm not sure if this was prompted before but here it goes:

Post!RBF, John meets the Doctor. Doctor takes John as a Companion. Sherlock comes back. John is missing. Sherlock searches for John.

Meanwhile, Doctor and John averted a whatever-author-wants-crisis threatening London/Britain/World. Sherlock caught a glimpse of the two but wasn't able to get to them because they made a hasty escape with the TARDIS.

What can Sherlock do now? Mycroft introduces him to the Torchwood Institute for more data.

I guess simply put: Doctor fixes John's adrenaline withdrawal by bringing him along in his adventures. John tries to get over Sherlock's death by running with a another madman(?). Sherlock is chasing them for John and for SCIENCE! with the aid of Torchwood and the British government. It's the craziest and most confusing chase of all time.

- John has no idea that Sherlock is still alive.
- Miscommunication and misunderstandings of epic proportions between Sherlock, John, and Doctor please.

Sherlock gets his dance.

Because I can’t handle Sherlock going off alone at the end of the episode.
Can I have John going after him, pulling him back inside and dancing with him? Because Sherlock wanted to dance. And tried so damn hard all episode and dancing with his best friend is all I want for him.

Re: Sherlock gets his dance.

seconding like woah!

TW: Possible Eating Disorder

Anything to do with this idea:

The reason Sherlock keeps body parts next to food (or in food) is because he doesn't want to eat much, and decomposing appendages rather remove his appetite.

You could write Sherlock musing on it or trying to ignore/deny it, Mycroft trying to talk to him about it (or taunt him, if he's a dick), John/Lestrade/Molly/Mrs. Hudson finding out and trying to help… Anything like that!

Teenlock au

Sherlock and John practice kissing with one another.

Seconded. With chance of filling.

Holmes family gathering (implied TEH spoilers)

I really want to see the adult Mycroft and Sherlock interacting with their parents, and how that family dynamic plays out with all of them gathered together for some reason or other. If other canon characters get to witness Holmes family bonding in action, so much the better.

(I'd prefer something gen or mostly gen that focuses more on the family relationships than, say, "meeting the parents" scenes with romantic partners, though.)

Open pairing/Gen: Devil survivor 1 Sherlock BBC style

Based on the video game/drama cd/manga series:

Kazuya Minegishi/Protagonist: Sherlock
Yuzu Tanikawa: Mary
Atsuro Kihara: John
Keisuke Takagi: Greg
Midori Komaki: Molly
Naoya: Mycroft (He's a genius, he controls the government, etc. he really fits Naoya's character.)

Not sure who could be Amane Kuzuryu its up to the writer. I was thinking Moriarty but considering that its a Hero/Light path well...There's also more characters here:

Any path or any plot would be acceptable. There's about four or so. If you do Atsuro's route with a BAMF and smart John or Naoya's route with Dark!Mycroft and Dark!Sherlock I would be happy either way.

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Fluff, Hurt/comfort, PTSD, with Bromance Johnlock

I just want a fic where both Mrs. Hudson and Mycroft are worried that Sherlock is lonely now that John has moved out. Mrs. Hudson because she can hear all the sad music Sherlock is playing, the same as when he thought Irene was dead. Not to mention the nightmares. God, the nightmares where horrible.

Mycroft, although glad to be gaining a relationship with his brother again, is concered about is lack of sleep, troubling dreams and seeming unability to accept change. The last thing he wants his is brother turning back to old, unhealthy habiats

The two share their concern with John on separate occasions, and John speaks to Sherlock. Ensure hurt/comfort + plus

Re: Fluff, Hurt/comfort, PTSD, with Bromance Johnlock


PTSD, nightmares, Johnlock friendship

Follow up to canon Sign of Three please, John and Sherlock come back from a case and collasp in Sherlock bed together. Because John is too far and it's three o'clock in the morning or what ever.

Not long after, John is awoken by Sherlock, in the mist of a terrible nightmare.

Cue after-care and Sherlock reveals some of what he went through in his two years absent.

Re: PTSD, nightmares, Johnlock friendship


Gen/Any Sherlock centric, possible past abuse/trauma

Sort of spoilers up to 3.2

Sherlock genuinely cannot remember Greg's name. Every single time he learns his name, it's immediately deleted or replaced with a different one. Why?

Is there a childhood incident he's suppressing related to the name?

Did he accidentally delete the name from his hard drive and is now incapable of even hearing it?

Something else? Make it dark, or funny, or anything in between. Just something around the idea that his inability to remember Greg's name is, in fact, genuine.

Re: Gen/Any Sherlock centric, possible past abuse/trauma

This is an interesting prompt. It would also explain why he can't remember Greg's name but does (barely) remember Tom's!

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MAJOR TSoT/ACD canon spoilers: Mary

[If the show continues to adhere to ACD canon, then...]If the show continues to adhere to ACD canon, then Mary is pretty much doomed, right? It's safe to assume that she'll be killed off sometime in the very near future (because I refuse to believe that she's evil and/or will leave John). But, she's also pregnant. Which means that she'll either die post-birth (leaving John a single father and widower), or pre-birth, and I REALLY can't see the first option happening. So what we're left with is a John who not only loses his wife but also his unborn child. So can I please have something that touches upon this? Just... something that focuses on the absolute heartbreak that John is sure to suffer? Bonus points if you can add in Sherlock's vow, because while John might be the only one left, Sherlock's promise still applies. (I'm sorry for the wall of text, but my heart was pretty much ripped out of my chest when Sherlock deduced Mary's pregnancy).

Re: MAJOR TSoT/ACD canon spoilers: Mary

I think you're right with your assumptions! We have been warned for even more heartbreak haven't we?! Might as well start dealing with it now.


Minor brain damage, Johnlock friendship

I'd love to read a fic where John finds out that Sherlock never planned to fact his death. He jumped from Barts, expecting to die. He never expected to live, but by some mirical, he did. Mycroft quickly acted, knowing his brother forged the papers so he legal dead as far as the public were concerned. Three days after the fall, Sherlock leaves.

On his return, John notices things aren't right. Maybe it was just John's mind playing tricks on him. Exaggerating how intellegent Sherlock was in his memory. But still... things are off.

It's not until Sherlock admits that his Mind Palace is crumbling that he knows something is seriously wrong.

I'd love it it you had Sherlock mix up words while he's talking, not ever noticing. He can't figure out things as fast and sometimes he completely forgets what he was doing, even in the middle of a case is mind will go blank and he'd be lost inside his mind

Re: Minor brain damage, Johnlock friendship

Yes please! I want this sooo bad. So much potential for hurt/comfort-y goodness. And angst. Oh, the angst potential when Sherlock realizes what happens!
Forever seconding disability and brain damage prompts!
{RTYI welcome?}

Sitty thing

If Sherlock wants to sit down the only place he can do it is on John's lap. Teenlock or fem!lock, although it's okay if they are just them.

Because Sherlock would never trust a DJ

Give me the painful story of how a man who doesn't know Madonna makes a mixed tape for his best friend's wedding.

Re: Because Sherlock would never trust a DJ

Brilliant. I laughed just at the prompt.

Spoilers for SOT

TW: suicidal tendencies
Sherlock implied that he's been suicidal to me at least.
He said John saved his life "in so many ways."
And later told the major "we" wouldn't do that to John Watson.

Re: Spoilers for SOT

Im considering filling this, but could you explain what you meant by the 'we'? I've watched the episode, and have an idea of my own, but was just curious.

Re: Spoilers for SOT (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Spoilers for SOT (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Spoilers for SOT (Anonymous) Expand

Possible Doctor Who crossover: ace!Sherlock loves to dance.

I can't get over the links between sex and dancing in Sherlock and Doctor Who. Sherlock loves dancing, adores it, but never gets to do it, but has shown no interest in sex and could get that more or less anywhere.

Anything with asexual Sherlock loving to dance. Give me John/Sherlock/Mary, where John and Mary take turns dancing with him and he directs them in bed later. Give me Sherlock encountering the Doctor when he was a child and getting the wrong idea about 'dancing'; thinking maybe he could do the whole relationship thing, if dancing was so important. Give me Sherlock at the Yard's Christmas party, dancing with everyone's partners but everyone being okay with it. Anything.

Sherlock/John/Mary Cuddling

yep, cuddles needed very urgently.

didn't care when it happen (between the two episodes, wedding planning days or after the wedding etc), as long as there are cuddling between the three of them

Sherlock is John and Mary's baby

"You're not going to need me around now that you've got a real baby."

I want fic where Sherlock suffers some kind of trauma or brain injury that causes him to mentally regress to a toddler.

And he thinks that John and Mary (who's not preggers) are his parents.

Cue them looking after him until he recovers. Maybe Mary really does get pregnant and there's angst with little Sherlock worried they'll love him/her more.

I'd like Sherlock to eventually recover but always be somewhat clingy to John and Mary.

Re: Sherlock is John and Mary's baby


vague spoilers for series 3

john/mary & sherlock

john and mary never imagined they'd be settled with young, precocious sherlock but they try their best to raise him into a good man.

could include:
sherlock showing off and john reminding him "we've talked about that, sherlock"
sherlock's reaction to a baby
sherlock huffing whenever they show him affection but secretly pleased
mary being able to tell when he lies (she's the only one he doesn't lie to)
john and sherlock having their own secret code (e.g. vatican cameos)

maybe 3rd person POV


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