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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Anderson/Sherlock, Anderson's B-Day List

It's Anderson's b-day, and instead of taking a traditional route with gift requests, he opts to give a list of sexual activities he would like to engage in with Sherlock, to Sherlock. From this list, arranged like a dinner menu (throwback to Irene asking Sherlock to 'dinner'), he can pick things he'd like to do for the appetizer, entre, and dessert.

This list could include, but not be limited to...


Rimming (from Anderson to Sherlock), Biting, Frotting, Sex Toys, Strip Tease (Sherlock), etc.


DP, Machines, Ass Worship (from Anderson to Sherlock), Face-Fucking (from Anderson to Sherlock), Multiple Orgasms, Food Play, etc.


Creampie, Cum Marking, etc.

Basically, I'm open for just about anything, aside from: Vore, Flogging/Whipping, Dub-Con/Non-Con

Bonus for: Sherlock is embarrassed by how turned-on he is by the list, and hides his desire to do just about *everything* on it by claiming it is all one big experiment.

Re: Anderson/Sherlock, Anderson's B-Day List

Holy crap *whimpers* yes please!

Mystrade, Sherlock matchmaking

I loved Sherlock's secret concern that Mycroft is lonely.

Mycroft has got himself a goldfish, Greg. He just doesn't know how to tell Sherlock.
Sherlock decided Greg is the perfect match for Mycroft and is putting all his skills into matchmaking for them.
How long do they let him carry on before letting him know the truth, or will he manage to deduce it before they tell him?

Re: Mystrade, Sherlock matchmaking

I'm filling this! I love the idea of Sherlock playing Matchmaker for his brother.

Past Seb/Sherlock, Present Johnlock, TW: Non-Con Gang Bang, Misunderstandings

Sherlock and Sebastian used to be in a very healthy relationship, until one day, a bunch of Sebastian's drunk friends cornered Sherlock in an alley and raped him multiple times. They made condescending remarks toward him, mocked his love for Seb, said Seb was cheating on him, etc. Hearing this, Sherlock convinced himself that Sebastian was the one who had orchestrated the attack to get rid of him.

Sherlock promptly broke up with Sebastian, but never gave him a reason why. Sebastian, heartbroken, became very cold toward Sherlock, even to the point of mocking that 'big brain' that he had once so adored. As it turned out, he had absolutely nothing to do with the attack. By the time Sherlock found this out, however, it was too late - and he wasn't about to go and confess to Seb what had happened and why he had done what he did.

Cue the events of TBB. Sherlock isn't all that anxious to see Seb again, and is thankful that his new boyfriend, John, will be there with him. John notices the animosity between them right away, and how hurt Sherlock is when Seb starts to mock his 'big brain'. Once they're out of the room, he asks Sherlock what the problem was. And Sherlock, not keen on lying to his new partner, tells him everything with Seb listening in the next room over.

What happens after that is up to anon.

Re: Past Seb/Sherlock, Present Johnlock, TW: Non-Con Gang Bang, Misunderstandings

Seems interesting. Seconding

GEN, Intervention

Based off of "The Year Without a Santa Claus" w/ the Heat Miser and the Snow Miser.

Everyone is used to Mycroft and Sherlock not getting along. But now, their constant bickering has affected Sherlock's ability to successfully solve a case - the damning evidence needed to put a killer behind bars for the rest of his life was compromised, all b/c of one of their rows.

John's had enough. Since both men refuse to see reason, he goes above their heads. After all, Mummy Holmes has always known how to handle her two troublesome boys.

Johnlock, Major H/c

Sherlock's violin cracks (I don't want serious, irreparable damage, but maybe a thin, snake-like crack up the back?) and he's devastated. Considering how broke he is at the beginning of the series, and Mycroft's repeated mentions of his 'financial situation', I'm thinking of the violin as having been a gift - perhaps from Mummy Holmes? or maybe Mycroft, if anon can convincingly spin that?

John comforts him until they discover the violin can be repaired, and is returned as good as new. Established relationship preferred, but first-time confessions would be lovely as well.

Re: Johnlock, Major H/c

I could picture Sherlock taking it to a repair shop and getting an estimate of like 1200 pounds and getting all irritated because he doesn't know how he's going to get that without doing something John would be upset about. Then he mentions the damage to John offhandedly and John points out that he bought insurance on it for Sherlock last year and Sherlock gets that little Jaaaawwnnn smile on his face.

Mystrade, John and Lestrade are foster brothers

John comes back from Afghanistan and needs a place to stay. With Harry out of the question, Lestrade is more than willing to help John out and catch up with his foster brother. Only Mycroft has been all set for getting Lestrade to move in and this development won't do. Clearly the only solution is to have John accidentally meet Sherlock and flat share with him.

Bonus if Mycroft still ends up kidnapping John after he leaves the crime scene to interrogate him about his relationship with Sherlock.
'So you go through all this effort to pawn John off on your brother and you still decide to kidnap him off the street?'
'I had to be certain, Gregory.'

Re: Mystrade, John and Lestrade are foster brothers

♥ icon. Ah, memories.

Lestrade/Holmes, Sex on Lestrade's Desk, Voyeuristic Tendencies from Molly & Donovan

Lestrade has Sherlock handcuffed to the desk, legs spread, and is fucking him into oblivion whilst lecturing him for misbehaving and totally disregarding any danger to his life *yet again*. Sherlock is loving every minute of it.

Molly and Sgt. Donovan have cracked the door and are watching from the hallway, totally fangirling over it and rejoicing that they beat Anderson in a bet over whether Sherlock and Lestrade were in a relationship or not.

Re: Lestrade/Holmes, Sex on Lestrade's Desk, Voyeuristic Tendencies from Molly & Donovan

It's so hot !! +1

Sherlock/Any MC - Autassassinophilia

Mycroft: "He has the IQ to be a doctor or a scientist... why do you think he chose to be a detective?"

Being in life-threatening situations seriously turns Sherlock on. His partner has trouble coping with the constant threat of losing him, but then, a wanton Sherlock is hard to resist.

Anderson/Sherlock, Celibacy Challenge

Anderson was foolish to think that he could outlast his lover in a celibacy challenge... after all, Sherlock practically wrote the book.

Married Lestrade/Sherlock, Literally Married to his Work

When Sherlock told John that he was married to his work, he was being serious. He and Lestrade married about a year and a half after he started doing consulting work for Lestrade, but keep it secret so as not to affect their work - hence, living in two different flats, Sherlock pretending to not know that Greg was Lestrade's first name, etc.

Everyone finds out when Sherlock returns post-Fall and Lestrade, who didn't know it was all a farce, kisses him in front of John and all the Yarders. Chaos ensues.

Re: Married Lestrade/Sherlock, Literally Married to his Work

This should have a fill already.

Sherlock/Molly (John/Mary), jealousy, angst

Sherlock is jealous of John and Mary's relationship, and uses Molly to try and make John jealous (or to just try and make himself feel better, whatever). Molly knows she's being strung along, but she just can't help herself.

More explicit version of Anderson's theory - i.e. that super hot kiss + a lot of awesome, smutty sex (against the wall, on a table, all over the place?) Keeping Sherlock in his "bond" character ;)

Sherlock/Molly, kidfic, fatherhood

Somehow Molly ends up pregnant by Sherlock (maybe he really wanted her, maybe he thought it was a way to thank her, maybe he was trying to make John jealous - WHATEVER). Cue Sherlock struggling with dealing with knocked up Molly and/or being a father. Maybe he goes to John/Mary/Mrs. Hudson/Others for help/advice? I'd love him reluctant and nervous, but super into it and determined and schmooooop.

/I can't stop with my Sherlolly feels after that episode!!

Re: Sherlock/Molly, kidfic, fatherhood

I'm not a fan of Molly myself but I would like to see that.

Scars h/c, John/Sherlock/Mary (some mild spoilers but nothing plotworthy)

Sherlock gets invited to join in a threesome after the Watson's honeymoon. He might be a bit nervous (even if he'd never admit it to anyone), especially with - his own rubbish to be dealt with.

Some h/c and care from John and Mary for Sherlock please?

Re: Scars h/c, John/Sherlock/Mary (some mild spoilers but nothing plotworthy)


Kid!Sherlock and Kid!Mycroft

Can I have Sherlock and Mycroft thinking that Sherlock is an idiot because they've never met any other children? How does Mycroft treat Sherlock? What do their parents think of it?

Re: Kid!Sherlock and Kid!Mycroft

Yes please! Brotherly interaction and their interactions with their 'normal'parents - perfect!

Post-THE Johnlock H/C (TEH SPOILER!)


When Sherlock comes back from the dead John's really pissed at him. Then he accidentally sees the wounds / scars on his back and starts realizing what he must've gone through. Lots of H/C with cuddles please. (Johnlock is prefered but friendship is alright too)

Re: Post-THE Johnlock H/C (TEH SPOILER!)

I was going to prompt along these lines, so ALL THE +1s!

[TEH Spoilers] Moriarty/Moran, silver foxes and dad issues

So if Lord Moran is this universe's Sebastian Moran at all, and even if not... well, you saw the guy. He's a silver fox.

And Jim does seem to have a small preoccupation with the word "daddy".

Rewind however many years to their first acquaintance, and give me screwed-up obsessive dad-issues-y sex. (I'd prefer no formal/negotiated ageplay elements, just Jim's infinite reservoir of issues bubbling to the surface.)

Re: [TEH Spoilers] Moriarty/Moran, silver foxes and dad issues


Lestrade and Sherlock Meet (Small TEH Spoilers!)

Small spoilers for The Empty Hearse: Lestrade is about to light up his cigarette in an empty garage, only for that resonant voice to speak from the shadows: "Those things will kill you."

Sherlock reveals himself to Lestrade like this because this is how they met.

One night seven, eight, however many years ago, Sherlock hid out in some abandoned location (garage, house, street, wherever) with the intention to do drugs. Lestrade, who happens to be nearby, spots this and steps out of the shadows, saying, "Those things will kill you."

That's why years later, when Sherlock reveals himself, Lestrade hugs him instead of punches him, because even if Sherlock doesn't remember Lestrade's first name, he remembers the (other) important things =)

Re: Lestrade and Sherlock Meet (Small TEH Spoilers!)

I was going to prompt something just like this. SECONDING!

Platonic John mpreg

I never thought I'd say this, but I find myself hankering for some mpreg. However, there is a twist:

While on a case Sherlock and John stumble across another secret Baskerville-esque army/government testing facility. They break in (because of course they do) and perhaps they run across the Bad Guy and/or maybe there's a scuffle (up to anon), and both of them are exposed to some kind of toxin/concoction. A couple of weeks later, John discovers that he's pregnant.

The challenge: no S/J. I want a 100% platonic relationship. John's baby is genetically Sherlock's (due to skin contact when exposed to the toxin(?)), but while they end up raising the baby together at Baker St, they're both straight/asexual and don't get together.

+ Happy ending
++ The baby has Sherlock's hair
+++ Mycroft ends up being a doting uncle
++++ Mary is somehow included (stepmom?)

Re: Platonic John mpreg

I need this like air.

Re: Platonic John mpreg (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Platonic John mpreg (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Platonic John mpreg (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Lestrade is used to get to Mycroft.

[Spoiler cut]Based on the theory that John was kidnapped and put in the bonfire to see if he is still Sherlock's weak spot. The same idea but Lestrade.

After Moriaty successfully used Lestarde (amongst others) to get to Sherlock, someone decides to do it again. But first the need to check is after the years apart, Lestrade is still Sherlock's weak spot so they kidnap him and put him in danger to see what Sherlock does.

Only the result is better than that. It turns out Lestrade is Mycroft's Achilles heel. Would love some good Lestrade whump as the enemy tries to control the British Government.

Above can be read spoiler free

OA - forgot to add that you don't have to read the spoiler for the prompt. Just where I got the idea from.

Mummy and Mrs Hudson are BFFs (vague TEH spoilers)

Whilst finally getting to visit Sherlock in his London flat, Mummy Holmes got to meet Mrs Hudson. It's friendship at first sight, and they end up constantly phoning each other to chat (and gossip about their darling Sherlock).

Bonus points for them starting to email each other photos of Sherlock in various circumstances.

Double bonus points for someone else (preferably Sherlock, John, Mary, Donovan or Anderson) finding out about the friendship.

Triple bonus points if they decide to arrange regular theatre dates now that the Holmeses have a friend of similar tastes to visit in the capital... (Cue Sherlock's horror at having Mummy (and possibly Daddy) popping up in his life regularly!)

Re: Mummy and Mrs Hudson are BFFs (vague TEH spoilers)


I am traveling today so I'm unable to comment in great detail at the moment, but I wanted to thank you for filling this prompt. This made me ever so happy to read. No, sad. Or maybe bittersweet, like the ending? Emotions are complicated, which is why I try not to have them. Sherlock knew this, I'm sure.

Poor Sherlock. John will have much difficulty bringing him out his depression after such a positive life event. At least they have some money now. Perhaps John can buy Sherlock's happiness? . . . No, probably not.

Thanks again for this lovely story. I really liked it when Sherlock was sad. Happy? I'll have to think on that. Anyway, good stuff.

Re: A response!

Oops! I think you misplaced this!

h/c reunion prompt (minor TEH spoilers)

Sherlock actually does give John a heart attack with his French waiter stunt. H/C ensues.

TRF: John "kills"himself instead of Sherlock

Moriarty knows that John's the most precious thing to Sherlock. So what's better than to make Sherlock watch his only friend commit suicide and feel guilty, heartbroken and so incredibly lonely? Jim meets up on that roof with John, tells him about the snipers and that he needs to kill himself in order to stop them. John had a feeling his meeting with Moriarty wouldn't end well so he was prepared for various scenarios. He successfully fakes his death while Sherlock has to watch him "die".

How does Sherlock deal with that? (I'm asuming he'd be too shocked (at first) to deduce it's a fake). How will John come back and how does Sherlock react? What did Sherlock do while thinking John was dead...?

Bonus cookies for adjusting the storylines from Many Happy Returns and THE to fit the prompt.

Please no established relationship but I'd love this to turn into Johnlock eventually after his return.

RTYU welcome!

Re: TRF: John "kills"himself instead of Sherlock

RTYU? This seems pretty close to what you're looking for...

John/Sherlock hatesex

or anything where there's an all out brawl that ends in sweaty, messy sex. please & thank you!

please no non/dubcon.


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