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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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John asks Sherlock to tell people they aren't a couple

So I was watching an episode of House the other day (season 6 episode 11 if anyone's interested), and in it, House and Wilson start sharing an apartment, and a neighbour assumes they are a couple, and Wilson's denial is just because they are closeted. Wilson asks House to tell her they aren't gay, and House does, but starts pretending to be to upset Wilson.

I just really enjoyed that subplot, and was trying to think how it would work in the BBC Sherlock world. I think one day John decides the assumptions that he and Sherlock are a couple need to stop, and he asks Sherlock to tell people they aren't a couple (and possibly that they aren't gay, depending on your head cannon for Sherlock's sexuality). Sherlock is dismissive that it needs to be said, that denials are more than useless, but rather than tell John this, Sherlock decides to amuse himself by verbally denying that they are a couple (and/or gay), but making all of his actions ridiculously over the top 'campy'/flamboyant and/or couple-y.

Friendship/gen preferred (they can end up together if you like, but definitely not together at the start), and maybe Sherlock's over the top act even works to stop the assumptions!

TL;DR John asks Sherlock to tell people they aren't a couple/gay, Sherlock technically complies in that he says the words, but decides to have fun and make all of his actions towards John say the opposite.

Re: John asks Sherlock to tell people they aren't a couple

I might just have to try this one.

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Irene/any female character, mommy kink

(I'd love for the other character involved to be Kate, but Molly or Anthea would work too. Even throw in Joan Watson as a crossover with Elementary if you want. Go crazy.)

[insert character here] goes to Miss Adler wanting to play Mummy/girl. Irene complies, of course. She does love good little girls.

Fill: Please, Mummy (1/2)

TW: This will contain mummy kink, obviously. Incest in real life is not sexy. This is a purely consensual fantasy scene.


Monday afternoons were quiet, as a rule; it was just after the weekend, but not far enough into the week that many people found the need to find some stress relief. And so Monday was also their special day for their private play.

Kate didn't delude herself that she really knew Irene. Irene was a labyrinth, and only she held the golden yarn, but Kate enjoyed her company a very great deal. And perhaps she saw just a little more than most people got to see of the woman behind the facade of one of the world's top (no pun intended) professional dominatrices. And besides, the side benefits of the job were fantastic.

She was kneeling on the extremely plush and expensive rug at Irene's feet, almost spacing out already as Irene stroked her hair, when suddenly her chin was lifted, and she blinked back to reality. "What would you like to do today, my dear? You did such a lovely job with that prime minister, I think you've earned a special treat."

The praise as much as the promise of her choice of scenes, sent a glow of pleasure to Kate's face, and she smoothed her skirt lightly. "I think...I'd rather like to have you play Mummy." It was a favorite of hers, truth be told, and not one they did very often.

Irene smiled with a grin that was distinctly less than motherly, and patted Kate on the cheek. "Then you'd best get dressed, hadn't you?"

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She could understand people calling him names and such. Hell, the two of them never agreed on anything and shouted abuse at each other constantly. But someone actually doing harm to the little freak? This Moriarty guy was in for a world of hurt.

- Sally is Sherlock´s and Mycroft´s cousin
- she and Sherlock have always been fighting but blood will always be thicker than water
- Sally´s knows which role she has in Moriarty´s game, cause Mycroft already deduced it. Together they turn it into their game, cause nobody is threathening their little freak

Re: Cousins

I like it! Seconding.

Stress-relief spanking, Holmes brother/Anyone

Everyone in Sherlock's vicinity finds life much easier once he discovers stress-relief spanking.

Wholly consensual, erotic spanking please, though I don't mind disciplinary RP. S/J/L is my OT3 but take this any road and any pairing you like. All I ask is for at least one classic otk hand spanking. If you'd rather switch (haha) Mycroft for Sherlock, I'm fine with that.

Absolute kudos and love if the spankee/s slip into Mrs Hudson's kitchen to ask for practical tips and reassurance that they aren't doing anything wrong.

Re: Stress-relief spanking, Holmes brother/Anyone


*the spanker/s

"When words fail, music speak"- Hans Christian Andersen

(This has been vaguely floating around my head for months. I don't know why I haven't prompted it before but oh well. Any fill or RTYIs would be greatly appreciated.)

At Sherlock's "funeral" John is meant to read a eulogy but no matter how much he practices, he can't get the words to work. He tries re-writing it but it still feels like he's talking about a stranger. In the end, he makes a decision. He's going to sing. Something he hasn't done properly for a very long time.

Bonus points for

-John playing the guitar as well, much to the surprise of everyone
-Possible songs "In the Mourning" by Paramore (I fell in love with the song when I saw it live a few weeks ago) or "Blackbird" by The Beatles.
-Sherlock (disguised) is watching from the back of the church and doesn't know how he feels about John's performance.
-Mycroft cries.

John/ Sherlock is welcome but so John/Mary as is no relationship at all.

Thank you.


I meant John/ Mary is welcome as is no relationship at all.

submissive Sherlock

Sherlock is very sexually submissive, but he doesn't like most of the things usually associated with a D/s lifestyle, like pain, humiliation etc, and he's only comfortable with very light bondage. His preferences are very tame - he just wants to be given orders because that's the only way to clear his mind and avoid being overwhelmed by sensation, to please his partner and be praised for doing well. He's given up on ever finding a partner who'd fulfill his need to submit without require things Sherlock's uncomfortable with.

Until John.

Re: submissive Sherlock

Ooh. Interesting. Seconding this.

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John walks in on Sally and Sherlock

Sherlock and Sally start a secret affair. To their surprise it`s great sex and they try many things in bed and like to sub for each other sometimes, but they still act like they hate each other.

Then Donovan nearly gets herself killed during one of the cases. Noticing that she did take that risk knowing full well what she was doing Sherlock spanks her- because he does care.

Cue John walking in on them. How do they explain everything?

Re: John walks in on Sally and Sherlock

I would love to see this.

TW: Non-Con

Established Johnlock. Sherlock gets raped. With by past abusive boyfriend, random criminal, or Moriarty/Moran. John either walks in and assumes Sherlock is cheating, Sherlock tells him he had sex with someone else, John figures it on his own, or whatever you need to do to have John find out. Just John thinks he cheated, cue lots of angst and guilt.

I know this sounds like a lot of fics out there, but I have obsessively showered the web for them and can't find any new ones it's a problem. Please fill, or if you think you know of one I haven't read, I love links. Thanks.

Re: TW: Non-Con

Not sure which ones you've already read--"My Will's Not My Own" By SailorChibi and "Perception" by holyfant are both quite good.

What others have you read so we don't give you RTYIs you already know about?

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tw: addiction, dubcon

AU in which Sherlock and John meet while both are in the depths of drug addiction (with John either sharing the same addiction as self-medication for PTSD, or addicted to painkillers ge was prescribed for his shoulder and/or leg). They develop a relationship that starts out completely unhealthy and fucked up, but improves as they seek treatment/are forced into rehabilitate.

Bonus: Sherlock uses sex to get his fix (directly or through prostitution for money). Maybe he even manages to convince John that it's the best way to go about it.

Sherlock/Lestrade - Potterlock

In which Sherlock, a 6th year Ravenclaw, is best friends with John, a Gryffindor seeker from the same year. There were a lot of rumors about them, but they're just platonic friends. Despite having a charismatic prefect as an older brother and a popular seeker as best friend, Sherlock is still very much a rebellious outcast.

In his final year, they got a new Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, Gregory Lestrade, and things start to change.

In other words I want student Sherlock and professor Lestrade with a touch of Hogwarts.

Bonus if:
+ Since defense against the dark arts teacher always quit every year for one reason or another, what if Lestrade's reason for quitting is because he got into a relationship with his student?
+ Johncroft is another not-so-secret pleasure of mine so I'd love if you can somehow slip it in.
+ If at some point John caught Sherlock making a love potion (or maybe he helped him without knowing what it is) and thought he was going to use it on John.
+ Sherlock got detention for the love potion. Lestrade is in charge of giving the detention

Re: Sherlock/Lestrade - Potterlock


Non-sexual submissive Sherlock

Sherlock is submissive (can be D/s AU or not) but not in a sexual way. John (or any male character, I'm honestly just naming a random one) is his dom. So I pretty much just want to see a submissive sherlock without the sex.

Re: Non-sexual submissive Sherlock

Seconded says the girl who once before prompted for an asexual sub Sherlock.

Lestrade/Any and all women, Oral Sex

Lestrade loves going down on the ladies.

He loves rucking up Molly's skirt and mouthing at her knickers until she's soaking wet, then pulling them aside and tonguing her clit.

He loves how the only time Anthea stops messing with her mobile is when she's laid back against the bed, acting like a complete pillow queen as he gets her off over and over again.

He even loves taking Sally into a supply closet and showing her- very, very demonstratively- that she doesn't always have to be the one "scrubbing floors".

Hell, he especially loves when he sees that cute doctor John used to be dating, and he gets a chance to show her that maybe the break up wasn't all that bad after all. Not bad at all, considering it means he can put her legs up in the stirrups at her clinic and make her forget her own name.

Just...Lestrade loving all the ladies and their clits. With his mouth. Bonus points for face sitting, stubble, and hair pulling (him receiving the hair pulling).

Re: Lestrade/Any and all women, Oral Sex

Everything about this is perfect. Seconded!


Can someone right a fic where mid-twenties!Sherlock is not a consulting detective and has his own mansion and has a bunch of strippers in skimpy outfits. He kidnaps 16-year-old-virgin!John and ties him up in his room to have sex with him. Please include a LOT of dirty talk from Sherlock.

Re: prompt

Hello there, friend. You may want to tag for triggers with this one.
Have a nice day!

Breaking the soulmate trope - Sherlock/anyone

Everyone everywhere has a soulmate. They are meant to be together; they are the definition of perfection.

Sherlock and Irene are soulmates, but they want nothing to do with each other. There is the usual irresistible pull, but mainly they are friends. It's [person] Sherlock wants, but can he truly break away from his soulmate and accept another?

And can he convince [person] he is better than any soulmate they might find?

I'd like to see this usual trope broken. Who says you have to be with a soulmate? One true love, pah! Look at Howl's Moving Castle ;)

Edited at 2013-10-08 12:20 am (UTC)

Re: Breaking the soulmate trope - Sherlock/anyone

I hate to be that person that says "there's a fic out there that might be RTYI" and then doesn't give any link, BUT... there is a fic I read (and forgot to bookmark) in which the soulmate trope was subverted in this way, only that Mary was John's soulmate (and Moriarty was possibly Sherlock's, but I might be mistaken). In the end John chose to be with Sherlock because, as Sherlock explained, a soulmate is "uncable of making you unhappy" - it does not mean they would make you happy, and John realized that living with Sherlock, even if frustrating at times, was worthy in the end.
I hope someone reads this and find a link because now I want to re-read it! (Pretty sure it was on AO3)

Sherlock/John/Mycroft/Lestrade, possible incest.

John and Greg have become the hearts of Sherlock and Mycroft.

Sherlock and Mycroft didn't care before them.

Now they can't stand the thought of losing them.

Jim's last phone call (Mycroft/Moriarty)

WARNINGS: implied past abusive relationship, PTSD

The evening before his final confrontation with Sherlock on the roof of St Bart's Jim Moriarty calls Mycroft Holmes and makes him an offer: if Mycroft takes him back, spends the night with him and admits he still loves him Jim will make it all go away... Sherlock will be safe, his reputation restored and Mycroft's own political schemes will not be sabotaged any further.

Mycroft is well aware that the offer is genuine, but even though he would give anything to keep Sherlock out of harm's way he can't quite bring himself to accept. Underneath his three-piece suits he still bears the scars from his last break-up with Jim Moriarty and the very thought of the man fills him with dread (not that he would ever admit that). Instead he must put all his faith in Sherlock's ability to outwit the consulting criminal and save his own life...

BONUS: Moriarty reminiscing about their time together with fondness while Mycroft struggles to keep his composure.

Re: Jim's last phone call (Mycroft/Moriarty)

Fuck yes!

Seconding like whoa.

Subject? I don't know. Balls.

Posting this prompt makes me sound sort of sadistic but... I want a fic where Sherlock and John get in a fight/argument and then John kicks Sherlock in the balls. I don't even know why I want this, I just do.

Re: Subject? I don't know. Balls.


the Holmes family is normal

John (can be Johnlock or friendship) goes with the brothers to a Holmes family gathering. He becomes increasingly uneasy and paranoid over the course of the evening at the gathering as he discovers that the rest of the family is.....normal.

Re: the Holmes family is normal

I can definitely see this happening. Seconded!

Gen, Sherlock, John, Mycroft, Pictures and Clippings

Sherlock and Mycroft always behave like all they feel is disdain for each other, but John has seen all the carefully pasted pictures of Mycroft in the photo albums Sherlock thinks he has well hidden.

and the carefully clipped newspaper articles of Sherlock Mycroft has at the bottom of his desk drawer.

It's just a shame neither of them are willing to admit it.

Real identities revealed

I'd like a story where Sherlock is Neil deGrasse Tyson, only Neil deGrasse Tyson isn't Neil deGrasse Tyson at all--he's actually Stephen Hawking in disguise. But it's eventually revealed that Stephen Hawking is hiding a secret of his own; his real identity is Mother Teresa.

The twist? Mother Teresa was really Sherlock the entire time.

Re: Real identities revealed

That would be really hard to write in character. I don't want to hijack, but I think if you'd set it in a world where everyone has a tiny magic zebra dancing on their head, it could probably work.


I just want to read an angst story were Sherlock is pregnant and John is the (other) father but John doesn't know because they had a falling out. I'd like for Sherlock to not tell John because of his own insecurities but John eventually finding out/figure it out on his own. Maybe he sees a pregnant Sherlock one day hailing a cab or a mutual acquaintance makes a comment about pregnant Sherlock.

Seconded, please.

....Actually, I'm considering doing this, if I can find the time/motivation.

Sherlock/girl!John, Joan being in charge in bed

Just picturing Joan being in charge during sex (without actually going into D/S territory)- you know, she knows what she wants and how to get it, so Sherlock can just lay back and shut up unless he has something useful to contribute.

Sherlock ending up speechless anyway would be a nice bonus.

Teenlock/Rugby AU?

I honestly don't know anything about rugby, but usually when I read teenlock John is almost always on the team.

I'd like to see something where Sherlock and John both play rugby, but on different teams, for schools that are rivals. And then of course they meet somehow, and eventually get romantically involved, which means they can't be caught together, you know, sort of a classic Romeo and Juliet thing I guess.

RTYI's welcome :)

I've seen so many stories where there is the fear of a rape victim becoming infected with HIV, but none where the fear is realized.

I'd like to see a Sherlock who had an experience during his drug addiction days - he was either raped or participated in unprotected sex or shared a needle, something -- that resulted in his contracting the virus. He is, of course, given the best care and medication to keep it in check as long as possible due to his familial relations. Mycroft worries, constantly, after all.

I want this to be why Sherlock is a very abrasive individual - or at least more so now than he was in his younger years - and doesn't like to be touched and has given up on intimacy.

Enter John; compassionate, capable, DOCTOR John, who would not shy away from someone just because of social stigma or exaggerated fears associated with an illness. Still Sherlock is afraid to tell him, until he has to:

The first time Sherlock is hurt while on a case and John is present. John automatically tries to stop the bleeding, but Sherlock refuses and sort of freaks out. I want them to have a long talk where Sherlock tells John and John to soothe Sherlock's fears that John might leave or be disgusted with him. All the while, John dons gloves to proceed with Sherlock's care - stitches, perhaps.

I'm fine with bromance or romance, whichever you like.

Re: HIV Positive Sherlock

Seconded! I read so much fic that sometimes it all starts to run together, but I've never read a fic like this.

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CRACK, Mycroft/John, Mycroft Usually Drinks Tea, Partner Sharing?

Mycroft drinks tea, will always drink tea over coffee.

Until the exceedingly rare times an assistant runs out of tea and coffee's all he can drink to be socially acceptable.

After which, he usually fires the assistant, locks himself in his office or house and proceeds to literally climb the walls, yes, he does mean in similarly undignified way as the cartoon character Spiderman, coffee just does that to him.

Luckily for him, For all that he dislikes his older brother, Sherlock will usually send his wonderfully discrete "friend" Dr Watson to pull him from the decor and "Help" Him burn off the excess caffeine before he embarrasses himself.


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