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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock using drugs

So I saw a post similar to this a while ago, can't find it, but I know it was never filled. I just want Sherlock to be drugged, and John to think he's using, and so john feels betrayed. Feel free to add anything you want, rape (not John raping sherlock, I mean an attacker drugging and raping or attempting to rape sherlock), beatings, fights. Whatever. I do like graphic stuff though, just incase you feel like if. Johnlock is a bonus. And a happy ending. I love you!

Re: Sherlock using drugs


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consensual non-consent roleplay

Lestrade and John.

Enthusiastic consensual non-consent roleplay.

"No no stop stop (don't stop)"

+1 if this includes post-orgasm, oversensitive continued touching/fucking/stroking/whatever

Re: consensual non-consent roleplay

Do you have a preference for which one plays the attacker?

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Caring is not an advantage

Basically this is my head canon: At first Sherlock and Mycroft have a happy (or relatively happy) childhood. Sure their parents had their "moods" but they also obviously loved their children and did their best as parents.

Then their father committed suicide. After, their mother's bipolar disorder or depression becomes severe and she's in and out of institutions. (Hence their fear of upsetting Mummy.)

It becomes abundantly clear to 12 year old Mycroft that emotions are dangerous and not only does he do what he can to exorcise them out of himself but also out of 5 year old Sherlock, for his own protection.

Basically take this concept and go with it. It could be kidfic or Sherlock and Mycroft dealing with this history as an adult. Please no Sherlock/Mycroft but other romantic pairings are okay.

It turns out Anderson is secretly the biggest Johnlock shipper of them all.


Gen or any/any, wing!fic, tail!fic, shades of feathers

Everyone is born with white wings, every wrong that's done turns a single feather black, every right will usually turn a blackened feather back to white, it's very rare for someone's wings to be all black, or all white, usually they're a mottled collection of black and white, with some greys when the rights don't fully outweigh the wrongs.

Tails grow when you're a teenager, they are the outward sign of a persons main personality traits, and rarely change, though on rare occasions it has been known to happen.

Re: Gen or any/any, wing!fic, tail!fic, shades of feathers

I might end up writing this. Can't make particular promises, but it's a possibility.

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Bones X-Over, Moriarty visits America to have fun with his half brother, mind games and explosions

Taking a break from his little games with Sherlock, Moriarty decides to visit America, where his long lost half brother Lance Sweets has been working at the Jeffersonian for a few years, whether they're related through their mother or father is up to Author!Anon.

Moriarty wants to play with his new found sibling and his friends, so he starts a whole new Great Game.

He pulls up some of his old, old American Crime consultations, where the bodies are nicely bony for their inspection, and starts strapping bombs to unsuspecting victims to encourage their investigations.

Bonuses: Sherlock and John end up going to America when Mycroft notices something's happening over there.

In a twisted display of brotherly affection, one of Moriarty's bomb victim's is the person who abused Sweets as a child.

To show off how good he is, Moriarty kidnaps Zack Addy from the high security institution and straps a bomb to him for one of the investigations as well.

At least once, Moriarty hacks the Jeffersonian PA system so his victim's voice is broadcasted when he phones in.

Re: Bones X-Over, Moriarty visits America to have fun with his half brother, mind games and explosio

I want this so bad!!!!

AI Mycroft kidlock

Mycroft is an artificially intelligent being (Can be the Holmes's house, car, robot, computer program...) and Sherlock is a young human boy.

Somehow Mycroft ends up raising/babysitting Sherlock.

Re: AI Mycroft kidlock

Okay, wow, I love that.

Seconded x100

Sherlock/Lestrade + John/Mycroft - Pub conversations

Sherlock and Lestrade has been in a relationship while John and Mycroft just got into a relationship.

John and Lestrade meets up at the pub sharing complaints about dating Holmes geniuses.

Basically OP wants John and Lestrade bond over the shared frustration of Holmes, but are secretly bragging about it too :3

Sherlock fantasizes about John after he kills the cabbie

John killing for him in Study in Pink made a huge impression on him. After it happens he faps to it quite a bit.

Could be:

1. something very vanilla--John is strong and brave, or
2. he seduces John to show his "appreciation" or
2. John is his knight in shining armor and he fantasizes about being a damsel in distress, or 3. something much darker, like he imagines John demanding to be serviced because Sherlock "owes" him after the fact.

Anyway you like, just basically Sherlock on his 1000 count sheets picturing John

Fill- Study and Variables 1/?

AN: Hello, saw this prompt, and just wanted to try it. Hope you all like it and that it meets expectations.

When Sherlock realized John, the deceptively humble doctor, killed the 'not a very nice' cabbie, his mental processing... For a lack of a better term, exploded with foreign feelings. Unfortunately, he couldn't fully appraise the malfunction due to Mycroft's general annoyance and control.

But once they were back home, both men satisfied, content, and full of very good Chinese, Sherlock immediately went into Thinking Pose Five. Sherlock had five thinking poses in general, the Fifth for simple analyzing, while the First for top priority. As the night wore on, Sherlock found to his frustration that he had been through all his poses, and he was no closer to an answer to control his out-of-control emotions. Frowning, the consulting detective let out a burdened sigh as he sat up.

And discovered he had a bit of a problem.

Staring straight at his lap, Sherlock felt his brow furrow when he saw he had an erection.

He hadn't had one since his uni days...

This bared further study!


Sherlock had only left his room once the next day, because John had threatened to bodily remove him and shove the food in his mouth if he didn't. He had to hurry back though, due to his Study and the variable John's command had thrown in.

Sitting on the bed, the near silk sheets (pure silk burned to easily and was much harder to clean) the curly haired man closed his eyes, picturing what he needed to, and remembered what else was needed to fill in any blanks.

John was before him, eyeing him from the kitchen table, his normally expressive face stoic as he regarded the man he found so brilliant.

"I expected so much better from you Sherlock, really, I did." John finally let his face show an emotion; disappointment.

Sherlock found he couldn't speak, his throat seeming too clogged to let him as John walked like the soldier he was, standing before him and tipping his face up so that he would have to face it all head on. The disappointment was utterly crushing.

"Don't you realize, Sherlock, that you owe me? If not for me, you wouldn't have any more mysteries to look for, no Mrs. Hudson to fret over you, not being able to observe how you like to. You could no longer bother and show just how superior you are to the Met, or fix all the mistakes Anderson would make. Do you know why that is, Sherlock William Holmes?" John said, another, somewhat darker emotion appearing, then leaving just as fast.

Sherlock, for all his intelligence and wit, could not answer, letting out a harsh, emotional breath in reaction to the emotions he could see playing out in Watson's (this couldn't be John, who was so soft and warm and caring and..) eyes.

"Because it was I, not your brother, not Lestrade, who killed to save your life." Watson cooed, redirecting his hand's position from tipping his chin to cupping his cheek.

"So it really shouldn't be too hard to follow simple orders, is it? After all, I didn't just save you for you to kill yourself through malnutrition, did I?" The unassuming blonde asked, raising an eyebrow, to which Sherlock did his best to nod to. It was difficult, due to the fact the hand cupping his cheek restricting the movement.

"I think, due to the fact you were trying to damage my property, you deserve a bit of punishment... I know, I want you, my brilliant Sherlock, to suck me off with that unforgiving mouth of yours." Watson stated matter-a-factually.

When Sherlock came out of the variable induced sub-study, the man found three of his fingers down his mouth and his penis engorged with arousal with his other hand preventing him from ejaculating. Swiftly taking care of it, while shivering in faux-memory of Watson's possessiveness and domineering demeanor, Sherlock moaned around his fingers when he felt release.

When Sherlock was able to formulate and analyze again, he realize something important.

This was only one variable in a wide and vast range.

Who knows how many more there were...

The Study grows ever more interesting.

Downton Xover Thomas Barrow/Mycroft Holmes

Don't care how you want to make it happen. Mycroft can be back in the 1920s or Thomas can be in 2013 but I want mutual scheming and sex (possible beginning with resentment that turns into passion). Oh please.

Asexual Sherlock has sex with John because he feels obligated

Sherlock loves John in a romantic way, but he's never really been into sex (past abuse or relationships are okay) and him and John start dating. Eventually it leads to sex, and Sherlock goes with it because he's afraid John won't stay with him without sex. After months of sex, John finally figures out that Sherlock didn't really want it. So John tries to convince Sherlock that he'd never leave sherlock and that sex isn't important.


If you're looking for a RTYI, "as if not spoken to in the act of love" by coloredink on AO3 is basically exactly what you are looking for.

That said, I'd like to read several more just like it, so seconded.

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(Deleted comment)

Trust building and comfort, johnlock

So anom above kinda gave me this idea, Shelock was Ina past abusive relationship, age and with who doesn't matter. He and John date and when they have sex for the first time Sherlock is triggered, and starts crying or yelling out or something. The. Lots of cuddling and trust building with John and after months of this, Sherlocks finally ready to give it a go again. Let's be real, one night of cuddling isn't going to solve all of Sherlocks problems.

Re: Trust building and comfort, johnlock

Seconded. Can never get enough of John comforting vulnerable!Sherlock.

Thank you! I almost left that line out because I was afraid it would be too cutesy. I'm glad it worked.

Cutesy Mini fill for Errant Comment

John was typing up a case on his laptop.

Sherlock, the utterly brilliant bastard that he was, swooped down from out of nowhere like bloody Batman onto the perpetrator, knocking the runner flat on the ground |

John paused, forehead wrinkling slightly as he reread the last sentence. He went to press his index finger on the delete button but was stopped by a long fingered, large palm removing his hand from the keyboard. A deep voice melted the ear drum in his ear as the man he was writing about spoke directly into his ear.

"No. Keep that line. I don't mind the romantic adjectives and imagery you seem to always write on that blog of yours."

A pause before John allowed himself to nuzzle his cheek into the crook of Sherlock's neck. He murmured. " Thank you. I almost left that line out because I was afraid it would be too..... cutesy?"

Sherlock lowered his lips onto John's, humming in a dangerous octave. Barely a second of lip on lip contact and he pulled away. In that baritone voice of his, he growled as he pulled John from the computer and dragged him towards their bedroom.

"I'm glad it worked."


For whatever reason (could be uni!lock, could just be a hotel room), John and Sherlock are sharing a room, but in separate beds. One night, in the dark, John can't sleep and he thinks he hears Sherlock masturbating. I just want some lovely smut about what John imagines Sherlock is doing based on the quiet sounds he makes.

Re: Eavesdropping

This is all my favorite kinks... I can't even read this prompt. Whoever writes this had a guaranteed reader in me. Seconded!

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Mrs. Hudson is Moriarty

So, we have some of lovely prompts and fills out there about Moriarty not being who we saw on screen. Mostly John, but I do remember one where he was a collection of individuals and I think there was one where Anderson was actually in charge. . .

But let's do something different this time, Mrs. Hudson is Moriarty!
Bonus points for Lestrade is Moran.

Minds Unmatched Part 1

TW for mentions of rape, kidnapping, murder, abuse and all manner of nastiness.)

He was a lovely boy: she'd thought so from the first. It was a chance encounter, on a beach in Florida of all places. An odd place to meet one's soul mate - for that is how she thought of him, as much as anyone else would laugh. An old biddy like her, taking possession on such a young man, all sharp angles, cutting tongue and blazing energy. Ah, but true understanding was a matter of the mind, wasn't it? His mind was unlike anything she's seen before - like intricate clockwork, cold as ice, but vibrant, like the furnace she'd always held inside herself and never thought she'd be able to recognise in anyone else.

Of course, he didn't see her for what she was - partly due to the fact that she played her part so well, and partly because - well. There was a part of this that seemed to like to imagine her in another role.

(One evening after Bill's case was done and Sherlock had consumed a great deal of some naughty substance or other and was on the point of passing out he'd buried his face in her lap and mumbled and called her mother. She'd smiled, and patted his hair.

"There there, my clever boy," she'd said. She'd thought I am going to have such fun breaking you.)

She'd had to walk a careful line at first - she had to appear interesting enough to stay close to, without arousing his suspicions. She engaged his interest by introducing him to her husband. It wasn't much of a sacrifice: it had been getting to be time to cut Bill loose for a while. It wasn't worth the veneer of suburban gentility, the unflinching nature of his loyalty to be tangled up in all his sordid and poorly covered up crimes. Covering up his rapes and murders no longer seemed like an exciting challenge, but had gained the quality of a chore, somewhere above laundry on her list of favourite household tasks, but below baking. (She did love a good apple pie).

The smile on Sherlock's face when he finally produced the final piece of evidence that would put the nail in Bill's coffin was really quite intoxicating. They attended the execution together. Sherlock stood close, not touching her, watching with keen eyes as Bill was strapped in to the chair. She could hardly keep her mind on what was happening, on the twitching and jerking of Bill's corpse. It seemed to her that all the electricity was in the room with her, in that narrow space between her and Sherlock, in the knowledge that behind those keen eyes that lovely clockwork mind of his ticking away so beautifully. She felt she could sing.

"You don't seem upset," There was a peculiar tension in Sherlock's shoulders as they head into the diner for lunch afterwards.

Mrs Hudson glanced at him carefully. Was he beginning to suspect-? No, she decided. It was a different kind of struggle going on behind that painfully young face.

"Well," she said calmly. "He was an awful man. I'll have the banana pancake please, dear. And a lemon meringue pie for my friend." she said to the waitress.

Sherlock looked at her steadily for a long moment, and then abruptly relaxed, something like a smile curling the corner of his mouth. "I'm not hungry."

"When you're with me, dear, you'll eat." Mrs Hudson said.

Sherlock rolled his eyes, and shuffled his feet in his chair, a parody of childish rebellion, but when the pie arrived, he ate.

Watching him bend low over the plate, Mrs Hudson felt a rare stab of sympathy. All this time, he must have felt as alone as he did. Well, no matter. They'd found each other now.

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