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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Johnloock rape gangbang

Sherlock (or John) holding the other, trying to comfort them, maybe even helping him make it easier (e.g. talking to him in a soothing way, fingering him to prepare him properly, stroking his cock to get him distracted..) while Moriarty and his men rape him. Please no directly Sherlock (or John) raping the other. Pre-slash or established relationship is both fine.

I can see Moriarty granting them to console the other in order to fuck with their minds as well. I'd love to see Sherlock's conflicting emotions from anger to despair when he can't think of a way to get them out of this except to go along with it, to trying to make it as easy for John as possible to worrying about him..

Catlock Omegle prompt

Sherlock sat on the sofa beside John, in a kitten’s body, vaguely wishing he hadn’t told John that he had a case from Mycroft that would take him out of town, because it meant John wasn’t looking for him. John was still under the impression, even after the week or two since he had found the cold, confused-looking kitten in an alleyway, that Sherlock was an actual kitten, and so he just would not leave Sherlock alone. His hand kept dancing across Sherlock’s vision - a gesture, Sherlock knew, designed to bring out the predatory instincts in a cat and get them to ‘play’. Between the fact that it was working, forcing his eyes into tracking it, and the fact that Sherlock was annoyed that it was working, Sherlock eventually began to start wholeheartedly trying to catch John’s hand, or at least swatting it. He tried to look fierce, and he directed an annoyed, threatening meow at John that translated to: “Stop that. I can only win here. Moriarty changing me into a cat means that I can bite you and you’ll write it off as me teething.”

Re: Catlock Omegle prompt

Is this a prompt? A fill? More of this, please!

IS WIN: final quote.

Parent!lock - Parent Trap

Sherlock was resolutely ignoring the screen as his daughter watched a movie in the other room. He knew she was trying to worm some information about her other father out of him, given that it was "The Parent Trap", of all things. He closed his eyes tightly, hoping she would never guess just how much the movie was hurting him, as he remembered John leaving with two identical children and Mycroft bringing back only one of them. He reached for his phone.

((Unsent)) Your daughter is too much like you. Movies for emotional manipulation. Miranda likes dying her hair. ….What does Athy like? What does she look like? Did you change her name? I know we called her Athy because of my middle name…Suppose I’ll never know, now. ….Why did you stop loving me? - SH

Then he set the phone aside again and went out to the living room. He flopped onto the sofa beside Miranda.
“Alright, I concede. What do you want to know about him?” Sherlock huffed.

Re: Parent!lock - Parent Trap

oh my god I NEED THIS. T_T

Teacher!Lestrade and Student!John

Lestrade is a teacher to 16 year old John. Through whatever hand-wavy events, John ends up fucking Lestrade in his office. I'd very much like to see John insulting Lestrade's cock, making him present his ass, and using Lestrade's tie to choke him/hold him in place. Bonus points for object insertion.

Ideally, I would like this to be consensual or dub-con. And I won't complain if Lestrade likes it so much he comes back for more ;)

Re: Teacher!Lestrade and Student!John

Yes please!

John is raped by a woman. Because of the shame attached to it/ whatever reason you choose. John does not only refuse to report it he then proceeds to hide it from everyone. Sherlock realizes something is different but can't figure it out/ is distracted by a case. When Sherlock figures it out, how he proceeds is up to you.

oh please. please please.

Sherlock/John - dialogue prompt - discussions of rape and its aftermath

Sherlock to John: "Rape does that to people."

Re: Sherlock/John - dialogue prompt - discussions of rape and its aftermath


Dark! Alpha/Omega with Dubcon (Johnlock)

They have an arrangement - they both take suppressants and when the heat comes, they use protection. Sherlock however, in the name of science and possessiveness, stops taking his and/or switches John's for sugar pills.

I want to see dub-con like hell here guys. Without the suppressants it's harder to think clearly and behave more like people and less like desperate animals. Sherlock tampers with the birth control - either by not wearing a condom and telling John he is (if you want to make him the alpha) OR by pricking holes in it/tearing the condom without John knowing (if he's the omega). By the time John realizes, the knot is in place and struggling only spurs on the mating. Sherlock doesn't care if he finds out. The heat's only just started after all, and he intends to break John the way one breaks in a horse by the time it's over.


Re: Dark! Alpha/Omega with Dubcon (Johnlock)

I would love this with a possessive Alpha Sherlock.

Every girl and probably every boy knows the habit of girls to do each other's hair, right?

I really like the idea of a fem!Sherlock never having had friends who would do her hair (people who would stick gum in it and force her to cut it, yeah, but not brush/braid it when bored) and she got really jealous in school of others. She got over that as time passed, though.

Except when she's sitting at the table at 221B Baker Street, half-asleep, one day, her flatmate fem!John starts running a brush through her hair. Cue shock/objection/instant relaxation, what have you.

Five times Sebastian Moran tried to get into Jim Moriarty's pants, and one time he succeeded.

Unrequited Mycroft/Sherlock, Mycroft POV of Johnlock slow build with both oblivious.

My first attempt at prompting, so I apologize profusely to this dear, beautiful community if I do something wrong. Mycroft POV please, season 1, season 2, and/or any unspecified time period. PiningMycroft. Unrequited Mycroft/Sherlock. Jealousy, insecurity, dread over the increasingly important role John is playing in Sherlock’s life. Mycroft has never made his lust/feelings/both for Sherlock known and doesn’t intend to -- some social taboos are stronger than even Sherlock’s disregard for social norms -- and Sherlock never realizes them, because he’s brilliant when detached but oblivious when not detached. Mycroft will never act on his feelings but still can’t help the dread he feels. Sherlock is falling for John and vice versa but neither knows it yet. Inspired by two things in the scene in The Great Game when John bounds up the stairs to 221b to make sure Sherlock is all right after seeing the news at Sarah’s: (1) Sherlock says “John” in a remarkably softer voice than usual, and Mycroft gives John his trademark Mycroft dismissive/withering/assessing look, which I like to think is insane jealousy and heart wrenching fear over what John is beginning to mean to Sherlock. And (2) throughout Mycroft’s explanation of the Westie case to John, John literally can’t keep his eyes off Sherlock. Mycroft is talking and John glances at Mycroft then glances back for several beats longer at Sherlock who is sitting in his chair fiddling with the violin, then John does it again, and again. Delicious! I adore Mycroft and I believe he tenderly and unconditionally loves Sherlock, yet my OTP is John/Sherlock. I cannot even bear to see the name Mary Morstan. So apart from Mycroft/Sherlock fics that are pre-John or where John is conveniently absent, this is my ideal situation. Voyeurism would be great, if it can be called that when Mycroft is only watching Sherlock and John’s easy physical intimacy, smiles, lack of personal space, obvious jealousy from both over any perceived love interest/competition (and John’s girlfriends, of course). Anything else the author deems right of course, and many, many thanks!

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Sherlock/Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor 2 spoilers ahead!)

So in Thor: The Dark World, there's the whole Convergence thing happening in which a good chunk of London gets destroyed because of the convergence point being in Greenwich.

My question is, what was the cast of Sherlock doing during The Convergence?

Bonus points if Moriarty takes advantage of The Convergence and tries to infiltrate one of the other realms.

I'm mostly thinking crack!fic for this, but I'll take anything you guys can come up with! XD

lolita interpretation

I just read a similar idea and got stucked with it.

Basically, its a lolita crossover, with Sherlock being the manipulative, sweet little teenager that drives Dr. John Watson, former soldier, insane. It don't need to be exactly like the book itself,but it will be nice to see the relationship between Sherly and John growin' and the later really knowing the wrongness of it and -internally, at least - don't giving a damn.

I don't know if there is a fic like this already, so if anyone knows, please, share with the world! \o/

Because I misread another prompt: Mime kink

Yeah pretty much what it says on the tin. I was perusing part XXXI when I came across a request for "mine" kink. And I misread it as mime kink. I prefer Johnlock so here's my idea: One of the boys (John maybe?) has a thing for mimes. Maybe because they're quiet, maybe the makeup, whatever you can come up with. Sherlock, being the master of disguise that he is, indulges him.


Sherlock discovers that at some point in John's past, he was a mime (talent show? busking for extra cash during uni?) and becomes unexpectedly aroused.

Crack most definitely welcome!

Re: Because I misread another prompt: Mime kink


It would be amazing if Sherlock/John uses his mime skills to do fake fucking or blowjobs.

Johnlock or Gen: Sherlock the mad bad guy scientist and John/Greg the fighting team


Sherlock is a known scientist/genius of the world that solves cases in his spare time between experiments. Unfortunately his personality, how he deduces people, and constant observation makes people discredit him, hate him, or call him nicknames such as 'freak.'

Cue Sherlock not taking it any longer when 'they give that one fellow Jim a Nobel prize but not him even though he found the cure for cancer dammit,' and he becomes a super villain. Like Doctor Willie or Doctor Robotnick with a robot army, giant mechs, etc. and attempts to take over the whole world with fabulous expensive scarves and goggles. Oh and a squeak mallet hammer.

Nobody could beat him so far but ALAS! Lestrade and John to the rescue! This newly formed team went together to defeat the evil villain!

So Lestrade/John go and save the world by defeating Sherlock and Sherlock ends up joining them in some odd fashion and they form a three band superhero group with gadgets and robots a la Yatterman.

Bonus: Anderson/Sally tried to beat Sherlock before as their own fighing team and failed epically.

IF you don't make this 100% crack and in character I will love you. (Hell I might write this myself.)

RTYI are welcome that are similar. I really just want to see a dorky MAD!Science genius like Sherlock and Sentai heroes.

Re: Johnlock or Gen: Sherlock the mad bad guy scientist and John/Greg the fighting team

Holy flying sack of AWESOME! Oh please, for the love of all that is good, someone write this!

CBT cock spanking

Punishment play.
Sub!lock likes to play the part of the misbehaving sub, because he has a kink for recieving discipline and corporal punishments.
Dom!John is happy to oblige and likes playing the disciplinarian, frequently setting rules that are so arbitrary or unattainable that Sherlock is almost guarenteed to break them no matter how hard he tries.

Sherlock's punishments are wide and varied, but one thing remains constant: Masturbating without permission is always met with a direct spanking to his cock and balls, usually with a short leather strap John keeps just for that purpose. Sometimes, if he's been particularly bad (good) John will take the tawse to his arsehole as well.

Bonus for coming while having his balls spanked. And for getting painfully turned on at how much it hurts to sit down the next day.


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