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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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tiny facial-hair related spoiler

So we know John has that awful mustache at the start of series 3. And Sherlock just waltzes back into his life like nothing ever happened, and they move back into 221b, but John can't quite forgive him quite yet and he obstinately refuses to shave the moustache off when Sherlock tells him to. So Sherlock devises an experiment that end up singing the moustache off. Bonus points for a series of unfortunate attempts.

Re: tiny facial-hair related spoiler

OP, I'm not sure if you meant singeing or singing, because honestly both are hilarious.


Wolf in sheep's clothing (gen)

Five times someone realized that John Watson was a wolf in wool jumpers.

Bonus points for the Yard, because for some reason I love freaking out Anderson.

Re: Wolf in sheep's clothing (gen)

Seconded !!

Fairytale of New York - Sherlock/John

Since Christmas time is upon us, the radios have been blaring out the usual abundance of festive songs, and after hearing it again and again, Fairytale of New York by The Pogues and Kirsty McColl ( has put an image in my head of a Sherlock and John relationship.

A bit angsty, them fighting over little things, stopping each other from doing things they want to do etc, but still loving each other at the end of it all.

Top!John, sub!Sherlock, voyeur!Mary

Established John/Mary/Sherlock 3-some. John and Mary both love to Dom but neither is especially interested in subbing. Sherlock loves to sub but isn't interested in romance or playing happy families. They come to an agreement.

Bonus for John and Mary having totally different domming styles and diverse methods for keeping Sherlock in line while playing.

Double bonus if Sherlock knows he's really misbehaved when it's Mary administering the spanking, because she's far more vicious than John when armed with a suitable paddle.

Super optional bonus for Sherlock making such a dramatic fuss crying and pleading for his spanking to end (but not safewording) that Mary pauses to ask John his "medical opinion" about whether Sherlock's arse can take any more. John prescribes an additional [number] in addition to Mary's original total, for lying about being in distress in order to get out of his due punishment.

Re: Top!John, sub!Sherlock, Dom!Mary

Bugger, wrong title. Was thinking about something else and didn't notice.

John meeting a homophobic Mummy and Father Holmes

When John and Sherlock start dating Sherlock refuses to under any circumstances introduce him to Mummy and Father Holmes. John thinks this is because Sherlock is embarrassed by him, But It's actually because the elder Holmeses are very old fashioned and homophobic.

Bonus for BAMF!John taking on the elder Holmeses.

Re: John meeting a homophobic Mummy and Father Holmes

Damn second.

Sherlock with post-partum depression

Sherlock (omega-verse preferred, but fem!lock is okay) suffers from severe post-partum depression after the birth of his child. John does his best to help.

Gen or Sherlock/Anyone Sherlock likes to masturbate in weird places

Motivated by this quote from Capitulation by moonblossom:

"...Probably in the gents' at the Yard, or Mycroft's office, or some other equally inappropriate locale, because he'd derive some sick glee from it."

Sherlock liking/getting himself off in random odd places in public.

Bonus: Someone (Doesn't matter who as long as its not Anderson,) knows and records it and/or expose him on purpose to have exhibition sex.

Re: Gen or Sherlock/Anyone Sherlock likes to masturbate in weird places

+1! Definite interest here!

it's been too long

All I want for Christmas is some genderswap pregnancy fic. S/J preferred.

Re: it's been too long

Seconding because yes it has been too long.

Re: it's been too long (Anonymous) Expand

Moriarty, Other/Sherlock- Dedicated Enemies, h/c, angst, noncon, kidnapping

Someone other than Moriarty rapes Sherlock. Moriarty can't tolerate that level of disrespect to his most valued enemy. So, he kidnaps the rapist and kidnaps Holmes and then provides Sherlock with a state of the art torture chamber to get his revenge in.

If you want to turn it into a Sherlock/Moriarty fic, that's fine, but I'd rather it didn't start that way.

No-Holds-Barred Exhibitionism

John and Sherlock sometimes like an appreciative audience when they have sex.

Their fucking is more intense when they can play to an audience as well as reading cues from each other. They welcome audience input in the form of narrated commentary, requests/directions or spontaneous expressions of approval.

After their performance, maybe everyone just goes home, or maybe the voyeurs disperse and get the orgy going, or maybe they're in a group where they take turns providing the entertainment every time they have a gathering, and after that all the guests do whatever the filler's muse says.

Prefer no humiliation or heavy BDSM (light spanking ok). The idea of people taking photos or video recordings doesn't appeal.

The Illustrious Client

I just want to see one of my favorites of the original stories adapted to the modern setting. Make whatever changes you see fit - my only requirement is Kitty Winter as a total badass - but you probably wanted that anyway.

Re: The Illustrious Client

I've updated a few stories as part of a longer work. If I do take this story on too, I will post that chapter here for ya!

"Mrs Turner next door's got married ones" - meddling Mrs Hudson

So Mrs. Hudson has this sort of competition with Mrs Turner going on: One day some friendly neighbouring bickering turned into competing who's the better landlady, who's more political correct, more tolerant and so on. Mrs Turner clearly had a lead over Mrs Hudson (with her gay tennants about to get married) so when Sherlock calls her about her flat one day she sees her chance to catch up: Sherlock and his new friend John have a good chemistry and if they're not a couple yet well it's not something that can't be remedied.

I'd love to see Mrs Hudson trying her hardest to get the boys together, get them to come out, get them married, adopt a few babies.. And of course all that without Sherlock or John noticing what she's doing.

(I really don't know where this prompt came from. I hope it makes some sense - it did when I went through it in my head! XD)

Re: "Mrs Turner next door's got married ones" - meddling Mrs Hudson

I want this so badly it hurts.

Question: Do you want Mrs. Hudson succeeding and causing Johnlock or just Mrs. Hudson hoping for Johnlock?


We've all read the stories where Sherlock is an omega who breaks the stereotype. But what if Sherlock was just like the other omegas and wanted a family and an alpha to love but had been told so often growing up that he was too much of a freak for anyone to love, so he had built up walls and gave up that dream

Re: Alpha/Omega

Aww, poor Sherlock! Would you take RTYI? I think I know of a story that uses some of these elements.

Re: Alpha/Omega (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Alpha/Omega (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Alpha/Omega (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Alpha/Omega (Anonymous) Expand

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Lestrade as Two Face

During a court case, the defendant throws sulfuric acid on Lestrade.

Whether or not he becomes Sherlock's (and the newly appointed DI Donovan's) newest foe is up to the author.

Also if you give him the abusive, alcoholic father past I might love you for life.

Re: Lestrade as Two Face

Ooooh seconded!

Crossover with the Hobbit- Thorin and Co., John Watson (Bilbo), Sherlock (Smaug)

One moment Thorin's dying on the Battlefield, the next, he's waking up, fully healed, on the ground in a strange land called 'London'. He starts walking around (attracting quite a bit of attention with his Middle-Earthian get-up). Thorin's relieved when he runs into a familiar face.

Bilbo (now calling himself John Watson) is shocked. As an effect of traveling to the Undying Lands and (if you want to make it canon) maybe something the elves did, he's been able to live through the ages at the same age as he was when he went on the quest, coming and going from Valinor as he pleases. Bilbo doesn't know how Thorin got there, but he takes him back to his flat and introduces him to Sherlock (who is Smaug in human form).

The three return to the Undying Lands, where Gandalf and the elves are able to explain how Thorin has been brought back from the dead. However, with this comes a bittersweet twist. Fili and Kili have been brought back as well, but were captured by some enemy of Thorin's (Azog, Thranduil, Bolg, someone else). Thorin might not like working with Smaug, no matter what form he's in, but who better than the Greatest Detective of all time to help him find his nephews?

Re: Crossover with the Hobbit- Thorin and Co., John Watson (Bilbo), Sherlock (Smaug)

Could be fun !

Sherlock/Moriarty- Noncon Kissing

After seeing that Sherlock "is him", Moriarty proposes a deal with him. He'll call off the Snipers (and maybe allow Sherlock to get rid of Richard Brook), if Sherlock spends the next fifteen minutes doing whatever Moriarty wants. Reluctantly, Sherlock agrees. He expects to be forced to do anything from having sex with Moriarty to being forced to break some law. However, all Moriarty does, is make Sherlock kiss him. For fifteen long minutes.

Pokémon Gijinkas....

Sherlock (as an absol - meets John (a growlithe/arcanine - )

the rest is all up to anon.....

(images are cowslips -

Plan Gone Wrong

A plan involving Sherlock breaking into a locked home (maybe for a case or something) goes wrong when he gets stuck in a window. John finds him, and teasing ensures. Can be smutty or just plain old fun, I don't really mind either.

Re: Plan Gone Wrong

God please stop sending me great prompts that I want to write so badly but can't because I'm writing too much.

I can image Sherlock,considering that he's skinny as a stick, to attempt to hop out of the smallest overhead attic window and discovers that his hips can't get out nor his arse lol.

Re: Plan Gone Wrong (Anonymous) Expand


Sherlock wants a big cock buried inside him. From anyone really.

Mycroft is always willing to give Sherlock what he wants.

John/Sherlock past non con denial (potential underage?)

Established relationship.

John finds undeniable evidence (photos or videos) of Sherlock being subjected to noncon activities. Sherlock doesn't have to be underage, but the other person looks significantly older than Sherlock.

Issues/strange parts of their sexual intimacy all comes together for John and everything suddenly makes sense: about how Sherlock sometimes shies away or doesn't want to do something in a specific way or has to do something in a specific order etc.

Sherlock strongly denies it's him. He tries to claim that the evidence were from an old case, but it definitely wasn't him. It's not that he's deleted it and doesn't remember. He is just determined to believe that is the truth and he needs John to believe him too. Except, the cat's out of the bag.

Re: John/Sherlock past non con denial (potential underage?)

Seconded! All my internets and bonus cookies for a fill, please.

Making Love

I have no problem with good old fashioned hot monkey sex, but I've kinda been wanting some schmoop. My very vagueish plot is John is upset or having a bad day. Not anything dire like Harry's dead or he lost patient really, just sometimes you have a bad day. Sherlock picks up on this (maybe it's the limp coming back, maybe John forgot to make Sherlock tea, whatevs) and brings John over to their couch.

Snuggles ensue, maybe a Bond movie, and slowly John starts to relax and the mood lifts. Then I'd like sloooooow build up to the sex. Snogging on the couch, groping etc. They move it to the bedroom (though if you can make it 'making love' on the couch, do it) and its slow, drawn out, intensely connecting sex. I don't care who tops but I kinda feel top!Sherlock would work best in this sitch.

Feel free to play around with the details. Maybe it's Sherlock in a strop because he's bored and John doing the cuddling. I'm not terribly picky but I'd kinda like this a bit on the vanilla side. I think it would just go with the mood better. No BDSM, water sports, orgasm denial etc. And please no crack. Normally I'm good with a bit of crack (I definitely think you should be able to laugh with your partner during sex) but I want all the feels in this one.

tl;dr-long, drawn out making love between (pref. established) John and Sherlock. Can be pre- or post-TRF. RTMIs welcome!

Re: Making Love

Awwww I need this too right now. Seconding!

Re: Making Love RTYI? (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Making Love RTYI? (Anonymous) Expand

[trigger warning for non-con elements/general nastiness]

Sherlock is kidnapped. Over the next few days, his abductors send John photos of the detective bound, beaten up, in varying degrees of distress, and occasionally being sexually abused.

When Sherlock is found, John has to not only help bring Sherlock back to health and get over the traumatic experience, he also has to deal with the fact that all those photos--Sherlock tightly bound, his mouth stretched around a ball gag, foreign fingers reaching toward his trousers--really turned him on.

tl;dr: While Sherlock is kidnapped, John finds photographs of him in distress arousing.

Re: [trigger warning for non-con elements/general nastiness]

So deliciously wrong. Seconding!

The Other Brother- Moriarty/Mycroft, Moriarty/Sherlock, h/c, angst, noncon

Moriarty's obsessed with Sherlock, but that's nothing compared to the way he feels about Mycroft. To get under Mycroft's skin, he kidnaps both brothers and forces Sherlock to blow him while Mycroft watches.

Please no Sherlock/Mycroft, forced or otherwise.

Thicker Than Water (1/3) - NON-CON

A/N: Fair warning that Moriarty has his way with both brothers in this fill. Mycroft offscreen, Sherlock onscreen. There's also one-sided Johnlock for angst.

Mycroft hears his mobile chime in the pocket of his suit jacket as he's approaching the front door of 221B. With a put-upon sigh and a skyward roll of his eyes, he takes it out, thumbing an icon on its screen to open the waiting text.

Go away, he expects to read. Instead, the message says, Dear me, Mr Holmes, what a fine suit you're sporting today.

Reflexively, Mycroft's gaze lifts, sweeps across the top-floor windows of the building on the other side of the street. Moriarty hasn't seen fit to taunt him personally in several months. Not since he unravelled the Bond Air scheme. Something has evidently changed. He wouldn't feel motivated to break such a long stretch of silence otherwise.

Half a minute passes, and the mobile once again chimes, signalling the arrival of a second text.

Don't be alarmed, love. Sherlock and his little pet are safe. For now, at least. It's you I'm after. Dinner?

Mycroft promptly fires off a text telling Anthea to raise Sherlock and John's surveillance statuses to highest priority. Then he jams his mobile back into his pocket and knocks on the door, offering Mrs. Hudson a thin, forced smile.


A week later, en route to the Bolivian embassy to smooth over a diplomatic incident, Mycroft hears his mobile chime. Intuition tells him it's another text from Moriarty before he's even pulled the device out of his pocket.

The red tie again? Must say I'm rather disappointed, Holmes. I prefer the blue one with the teensy umbrellas.

Cold fury seething low in the pit of his gut, Mycroft types, What do you want?, then hits the send button.

You, in all ways possible, and some that aren't, Moriarty replies a minute later.

Dread strokes a tingling path down the length of Mycroft's spine. For a moment, he can do nothing but stare at the words on the screen, but then the feel of the car pulling to a stop alongside the embassy jolts him back to the present. Shoving his mobile back into his pocket, he shuffles out of the car and into the brisk, blustery March downpour.


By the time Mycroft exits the embassy, night is settling over London like a dark, smothering shroud. Getting into the backseat of the car, he lets his head fall back against the headrest and releases a long, wearied sigh. A minute later, the peal of an incoming text shatters his momentary respite, and he duly removes his mobile from his pocket.

Dear, oh, dear, Mr Holmes. What kind of big brother are you? Letting poor Sherlock out of your sight for so long!

Time seems to grind to a halt. The rush of blood in Mycroft's ears overtakes all other sound. He draws a slow, deep breath through his nostrils, compacting his lips into a firm line as he tamps down a rising frisson of terror.

There will be dire consequences should even the slightest harm be done to him, he texts back.

A split-second later, he hears an answering ping from the front seat, then a high, warbling giggle. The previously anonymous driver twists around, favouring him with a hungry, impossibly black gaze and a predatory grin. "Oh, come now, Holmes," Moriarty chides in a taunting lilt, "we both know that's a completely empty threat."

A criminal goes around, kidnapping beautiful men. Sherlock goes to investigate as a target since he fits the descritption of the victims. It backfires when he gets captured. He soon finds out he is part of a heram among the others who were captured.


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