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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Re: Johnlock, Mistaken abuse

Every so often Sherlock shows up to a case with fresh bruises, and/or walking stiff and funny. Everyone knows he has a new boyfriend, a fresh from Afghanistan soldier that no one's actually met yet. Two plus two equals Sherlock in an abusive relationship.

In actuality John's been teaching him self defense, some special moves he picked up in the army that Sherlock is keen to learn. Eventually they stage an intervention. Sherlock is amused.

Re: Johnlock, Mistaken abuse

I can just picture John being all adorable and fluffy and the perfect boyfriend yet he gets accused of harming Sherlock.

Seconding so hard!

Sherlock/John Omegaverse playing with sex roles?

Omega/Beta, I don't mind who's which. In Omega/Beta relationships, the Beta usually takes the alpha roll but in this story, Omega!Character enjoys domming their Beta.

Death God Sherlock

Dark AU where Sherlock is some god of death/grim reaper etc.

He takes an unhealthy interest in John and becomes obsessed. John, for his part, just wants to escape and is driven to the point where he attempts suicide. But since Sherlock is the god of death, there is no escape for John.

Something along the lines of a twisted Hades/Persephone

Obliviated John


After Reichenbach, John meets a new group of friends, and eventually gets to the point where he tells them about Sherlock and how he can't ever sleep or do anything anymore because all he sees is always Sherlock. They ask him if (hypothetically) he would choose to erase Sherlock from his memory, and after thinking about it John decides that he could probably live easier if he had never known Sherlock. Of course, these people are wizards, and perform a thorough memory charm on John that erases all traces of Sherlock.

When Sherlock comes back, he finds out that John has no recollection of him whatsoever. Sherlock, a wizard who chooses to live a muggle life, knows that trying to bring the memories back could cause irreversible brain damage, and is torn on what to do with a John that doesn't know him at all.

Johnlock, amnesiac John, angst.

Les Miserables fusion

AU in Les Miserables verse. I'm most familiar with the musical, but any version is fine.

John as Jean Valjean and Sherlock as Javert

Although Sherlock has no interest in upholding the law (he only does his job because Mycroft coerced him into it somehow), John interests him, and surprises him. When John breaks his parole and practically disappears off the face of the earth, Sherlock goes off on a quest to find him to figure out the mystery that's eluded him for 19 years, his excuse for Mycroft being that he wants to bring John to justice.

He catches up once when Fantine (Mary, maybe?) lays dying, and John manages to escape him again, this time with a child in tow, making Sherlock even more intrigued.

Johnlock preferred, but gen is ok too.

Bonus points:
Molly as Cosette and Lestrade as Marius
Irene as Madame Thenardier

Re: Les Miserables fusion

Seconding like woah

warning: underage sexual abuse

Very early in his career Mycroft is assigned the role of aide to a visiting head of state, tasked with keeping the man happy and favourably inclined toward the British government during his stay in England. The man has a predilection for young boys. With no idea how one procures such services, and unwilling to let his superiors know how out of his depth he is, Mycroft petitions teen-aged Sherlock to play the part. Mycroft believes, and assures Sherlock, that he'll only need to be a pretty boy on the dignitary's arm, but of course the reality is very different. The man is a sadist and a pervert. Sherlock, naive and awash with adolescent hormones, doesn't realise that orgasms shouldn't necessarily come at such a high cost, and wanting nothing half so much as to please his brother, doesn't complain to Mycroft when the dignitary expects more than escort services. Mycroft, desperate to make good on his first important government task, refuses to see what he does not want to see.

johnlock bestiality

I don't know what's wrong with me. I'm craving very graphic bestiality, particularly if it involves sucking animal dick . One of Sherlock's experiments or because of of a case?

Something with John catching Sherlock doing things with a dog or a horse, being totally repulsed initially, and then gradually seduced into participation, would be nice.

Or Sherlock dragging John into a case involving bestiality, and one or the other or both of them role-playing an 'animal lover' and totally getting into it.

Or something involving either or both drugged and strapped to (a) breeding stand(s).

Totally consensual, non-con, dub-con are all great. Anything really, as long as it includes one of the boys with a mouthful of animal spunk.

I've read everything on AO3 that's Sherlock related and tagged with bestiality, but am feeling a bit 'more, more, I'm still not satisfied,' about it all.

Potterlock or Rivers of London crossover/fusion

'How often have I said to you that when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth?' --Sherlock Holmes, The Sign of the Four

An amused John throws Sherlock's dictum in his face when they become enmeshed in a case that actually involves magic. John is absolutely delighted that magic exists, but a stubborn Sherlock refuses to believe the evidence of his own eyes and categorically insists that there are either scientific explanations for the phenomena they encounter, or that they've been dosed with psychotropic drugs.

Sexual/romantic relationship is neither required nor particularly desired, but if there is one, please may it be Johnlock. Unless, of course, you want to pair one or the other or both of them with Severus Snape or Thomas Nightengale :)

Sherlock's New Experiment

Sherlock needs to run an experiment on a man with a larger than average penis for a case. He drags a clueless John all over London trying to find an appropriate candidate who won't object to the experiment. Finally, John gets fed up and asks what exactly they are trying to find.

When Sherlock explains, John is exasperated once again by his flatmate's inability to tell him anything about what they're doing, but also just a little bit smug. "Sherlock, you've got an appropriate and willing test subject right here."

However, when Sherlock actually goes to conduct the experiment, he gets a little ..distracted. Suddenly, he wants to conduct a completely different experiment - namely, what it would feel like to have the whole thing inside him.

Re: Sherlock's New Experiment

porn for a case is my abfav porn

John+Sherlock, It's this or wet trousers.

John,trying to keep Sherlock from overheating, wrestles the long coat off his shoulders and stores it in his suitcase. Several hours later Sherlock is getting desperate for the loo but isn't able to go because of his shy bladder he also isn't able to wet himself without drawing attention because John has taken his coat.
By the time John notices something wrong and gets Sherlock to tell him about his problem, the luggage has been loaded up and they won't be seeing it again for hours. John makes a quick run to a corner store and buys a small package of adult nappies. Sherlock is angry but John tells him that he really doesn't have a choice.
Sherlock puts one on. He is desperately trying to hold off until he's back at Baker Street, but that is over two hours away. Besides, even if he did try to go he would just freeze up. John does his best to comfort Sherlock, but he knows the other man won't be able to make it.
John giving Sherlock liquids before he knew about Sherlock's problem then feeling guilty.
John noticing Sherlock silently crying in pain, fear and frustration.
Sherlock gripping John's wrist when he wets himself.
John slipping Sherlock another nappy to change into.
John spooning Sherlock and ignoring weird looks.

((I know there are other Shy Bladder!Sherlock fics out there, but I have read them all. How ever, I have never read one that involved nappies.))

Sherlock got burnt (angsty dark!lock)

"If you don't stop prying... I will burn you. I will burn... the heart out of you." ... And he did. Right there, at the pool, in front of Sherlock, Moriarty burned/killed John. Driven mad with the loss of his first friend (whether he realised his feelings for John before or after his death, or if it stays platonic is up to the author), and watching it happen, Sherlock joins Moriarty. A few years later, stuck in this love/hate loop with a madman, Sherlock gets a text: " I'm alive. Let's have dinner. JW "

A bored Sherlock shoots holes into the fabric of the universe

Mrs. Hudson is not pleased.

Re: A bored Sherlock shoots holes into the fabric of the universe


Sherlock can smell John's pheromones

Because of [insert supernatural ability here], Sherlock can smell it when John gets aroused. That's why he makes the "married to my work" comment, and thereafter at crime scenes it's, "Anderson, quit thinking so loudly and John, do try to stop lusting after me so odorously."

John, of course, is in denial. He's just going through a dry spell since Afghanistan and generally randy, and anyway, Sherlock, it's a bit not good to make deductions about what's going on inside a man's trousers.

Bonus: At some point Sherlock throws up his hands and snaps, "Fine! Let's have sex!"

FILL involving wholock don't kill me please (1/2)

Being a demisexual son of the most charismatic fixed point in the universe was never an easy thing. For one thing, the looks he had inherited from his father made his arse prone to being slapped if he stepped foot into even the most vaguely sexual of territories, like clubs. Plus, if he flirted - even simply for information - for too long, some would start to smell...odd. It didn't take long to realize they were giving off pheromones.

But things always got interesting when he got a flatmate. Usually, the poor attitude he had inherited from his mother's side of the family was enough to keep people who knew him - properly knew him - at bay.

But this John...he'd been...interesting. Besides, Sherlock had always found that hearing someone was a doctor gave him a thrill of excitement - damn his father and his father's stories. Still...soon enough, they were running about and trying to solve a case.

When they stopped for a stakeout at Angelo's, John's questions seemed dangerously flirtatious, but Sherlock couldn't smell anything specific. Still, he didn't usually develop feelings for his flatmates - romantic or friendly or sexual - and so he shot John down.

Later that night, he found himself overwhelmed with awe as he realized that John had shot the cabbie for him. That not only cemented their friendship, but a deep shoot of affection buried itself in Sherlock's heart.

It was after that that Sherlock found himself spiraling into loving John. It's why he didn't mind when he started to smell pheromones coming off John that were clearly caused by Sherlock in a sheet or just after a shower with simply a towel around his waist. But Sherlock was comfortable with things the way they were. Being quietly in love with John, knowing the man was attracted to him and not planning to act on it, and having a friend.

And then, of course, Lestrade got involved with a homicide caused by an alien. Sherlock knew when he saw it what it was, and he sighed exceptionally deeply. Still, he didn't get annoyed until he heard Sally Donnovan say: "Some special ops are coming from Cardiff."

Sherlock pinched the bridge of his nose and herded everyone away from the crime, knowing his dad and his dad's team would be much more pleased if they could arrive to an empty scene.

Sherlock got jittery as they waited, and at one point he snapped quietly at John that this was not the place to be fantasizing about who or whatever he was fantasizing about, because John absolutely stank of lust.

John blushed vividly and denied such a thing, though the smell cleared out fairly quickly after that.

And yet, as his father's SUV arrived and the team emerged and his father came into view, a whole new stink bomb filled the air.

"Dear Lord, Captain," Sherlock greeted him as the team walked closer. "You just love to bring pheromones to the party, don't you? It's indecent, really, how many of them are aroused at a crime scene," Sherlock said slyly.

"Oh, fuck off, Holmes," growled a new addition to the team he hadn't met before. Former police officer. He scanned his memory.

"Hm....Cooper, wasn't it?" he inquired. "At any rate, I know what's going on just as much as you do. Moreso, if I dare say."

"Stop bragging, Sherlock. We know your brother is all mighty. He's the one that called us out here in the first place. Get over here," laughed Jack, and Sherlock went. He was pulled into a hug and had his hair ruffled, and soon Torchwood had handled everything.

Mycroft/Harry the equerry (past dub-con)

Harry is (mostly) straight and he's happily married, but he doesn't deny he always had a soft spot for Mycroft Holmes. Even after all these years he still fondly remembers that steamy one-night stand they shared at the beginning of their careers - until one day he finds out from a third party (perhaps Sherlock tells him, or he gets his hands on Mycroft's old hospital records, or maybe he gets the insight from a gleeful Jim Moriarty - whatever works for you) that Mycroft remembers the event very differently than he does.

The thing is, the night they slept together they were both quite drunk, but Mycroft more so, and even though he didn't want to have sex (at least not under those circumstances) he was in no condition to fend off Harry's advances while Harry was too eager to notice. This revelation comes as a shock to Harry because he always assumed their coupling was consensual and Mycroft never said anything; in fact, afterwards he always acted as if he was a willing participant and even flirted casually with Harry (although he did make sure to maintain some physical distance when he did so).

Now, riddled with guilt, Harry seeks out Mycroft to beg for his forgiveness - but Mycroft still stubbornly refuses to admit what really happened and Harry is getting more and more desperate in his attempts to make amends and help his old friend deal with the past...

Re: Mycroft/Harry the equerry (past dub-con)

An excellent prompt. Seconded~

Snowbound : )

Sherlock and John, along with Mycroft and Lestrade, snowbound somewhere remote.

The twist is, that while John and Sherlock know that Mycroft and Lestrade are together and Mycroft and Lestrade know that Sherlock and John are together, neither couple is admitting that they know about the other two and also don't want to openly reveal their own relationship in case the other couple doesn't actually, positively, know about them, even though they are pretty sure that they do.

Which is patently ridiculous as it's Sherlock and Mycroft we are talking about here, but they are uncomfortable thinking that the other might be having sex so it's easier to ignore.

This results in two very much in love and lust couples, romantically snowbound in a two bedroom cabin, dancing around trying to be romantic and shag their partners senseless without being noticed by the other couple.

Just Johnlock and Mystrade please, no partner swapping or groups, but other kinks are just fine...

Re: Snowbound : )

Lol, sounds like an epic Shakespeare comedy! This would be brilliant!

Re: Snowbound : ) (Anonymous) Expand

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