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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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omega verse

Alpha John and Omega Sherlock are finally getting ready for their wedding.

But then in the middle of the wedding, Sherlock goes into heat....

Re: omega verse



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Reprompt: Incest warning (but not blood related)

Children sometimes say they will marry their parents when they grow up. John thought it was cute when young Sherlock, who he adopted, says it to him for the first time.

John grows wary as time goes by and Sherlock reaches adulthood... and still says it.

Re: Reprompt: Incest warning (but not blood related)

Still seconding this,and I will forever do so.

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Imagine Us Together 7/? (Anonymous) Expand
John's Sherlock guardian angel.

Links to stories like this is appricated.

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Incest warning!

Mycroft has a lot of power but he's never met anyone who understood him. This changes when he meets a young man named Sherlock, who just like him, deduces his life. They start to spend time together and slowly, Mycroft reliezes that he's falling in love. He's overjoyed when Sherlock feels the same.

That joy shatters soon when he brings Sherlock to meet his parent and he recoginzes Sherlock, finding out that they are brothers, seprated by birth at a young age.

Mycroft doesn't know if he should stop or continue this relationship.

Re: Incest warning!

I'd read that.

had a thought.

Mike Stamford was, very very briefly, Sherlock's Jam!Watson.

Oh my god :D I can see that

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Omega and mpreg

Alpha John wants a baby. He discusses it with Sherlock and Sherlock eventually warms up to the idea.

Because I find conceiving sex hot.

Re: Omega and mpreg



Sherlock gets a dog while in hiding.

Fill for Company: Man's Best- No, wrong. Man's Replacement Friend Pt 1/?

Man's Best- No, wrong. Man's Replacement Friend

Sherlock has always found the insistence that dogs are man's best friends to be idiotic at best. If anything, they are just a replacement for a person's true best friend. People don't want to feel lonely when they aren't around the people they care about, or they don't have people to care about in the first place, and thus they get a dog. So. A replacement.

And well. Ever since Sherlock had had to leave John behind, he had not been able to keep from speaking out loud, as he had become accustomed to bouncing ideas off John, whether or not he was truly following or not. He was now utterly alone, without even the skull for company, and he had no desire to mingle with the idiots of the world. Thus he supposed this counted as being lonely.

He did not want to admit that missing John was likened more to missing an organ or a limb, that a part of himself had been torn out of him without so much as a by-your-leave... No. Delete. He has no space on his hard-drive for such drivel when he's trying to take down Moriarty's spider web.

In order to rectify this situation, he decided that it would be prudent to get one such replacement friend from one of the local shelters near his current hideaway. He donned one of his multiple disguises, locked his flat behind him, and went down the pavement in search of the shelter that he had seen on the way back to his flat one day.

Once he arrived at the shelter, he snorted at the sign plastered on the door, which proclaimed that age old statement about dogs being man's best friend, before entering the building, cringing slightly at the bell that chimed merrily as the door swung open. He had never understood the need for such bells, a quiet chime would do just as well. He walked over to the counter, tapping his fingers impatiently on its surface as he waited for the clerk to come assist him.

The girl that came through the door was young, 16 or 17, just recently broke up with her boyfriend and has been working extra hours at the clinic to distract herself from it, and thus knows the personalities of the current boarders the best of any of the other attendants because she's been the one working for most of this week compared to the other's. He could tell from the circles under her eyes, the tan line around her neck which was once where a necklace was, and the calendar said that one of the employees was away on holiday. She'd be the perfect one to help him, if not for her immediate and unfortunate attraction to him. He rolled his eyes impatiently, he didn't need another Molly, and thus interrupted her before she could try to pull him.

"I need a dog." He announced, looking at her expectantly. She startled, apparently not expecting his abruptness, before tucking her hair behind her ear and tittering a bit nervously.

"Well we do indeed have dogs here. What kind of dog are you looking for?"

Yes thank you, that was obvious. He refrained from saying that portion out-loud, however, as it might make her change her mind about being helpful in finding him a replacement fri-skull. (He wasn't going to continue on with that rubbish sentimentality) Instead, he grinned at her charmingly, laying it on slightly thick, and said,

"Well, I don't really know much about the types, but I'd like a quiet, loyal companion, one that is easily taught and doesn't cause a terrible ruckus. Do you know of a dog like that?"

Sherlock buys a new smart phone with an annoying auto "correct" feature. Hilarity ensues.

Oh god I can see it now....

"You said you want to shag my sunflower in your bong? J"

"NO NO! I said I want you to met me at the starship harbour! SH"

"Aeroplane! NOT Airplane! Bloody technology."

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If you think you had it hard, try Christmas shopping for Sherlock aka 5 times Sherlock deduced his present before John even got it wrapped and one time John was able to surprise him.

Heh, that would be a cute fill.

Ben Bernanke inspired Jim/John

I'd love Jim to be Ben, madly obsessing over his love/hate attraction to John.

It doesn't have to be John, as I could also see this as Sherlock or Mycroft, I just have a preference for Johniarty.

(Spam? I hope it goes through this time)

"Well done, Sargeant Donovan."

Sherlock's first crime-scene encounter with Sally Donovan after his return shocks everyone except Sally and Sherlock.

Re: "Well done, Sargeant Donovan."


Sherlock squirting...

I can't get the idea of Sherlock squirting (i.e. female ejacualation) out of my head.

I don't mind how he ends up with lady-bits, it can be some crazy AU where it just happens, he can have both, he could even be FTM and decided when he was younger that he didn't want bottom surgery for whatever reason... (Perhaps he thought no-one would ever get close enough to see down there anyway...)

ANYHOO. I just want John fingering and fucking Sherlock til he has multiple orgasms and squirts and completely soaks the bed. Then John fucks him when he's dripping.

P.s. I'd prefer it if the word 'pussy' isn't used, I just hate it for some reason! :P


Re: Sherlock squirting...

I need this like yesterday

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RTYI? (Anonymous) Expand

Old friends...

To his surprise John discovers that Sherlock and Sally give each other christmas gifts. When he asks Sherlock about it he replies "It´s (our) tradition."

Re: Old friends...

Well, I'm curious for a fill.

Crossover, Gen or Author's Choice of Pairing - Sherlock & Co. in Kate Daniels' universe

With the most recent Magic Rises book in Ilona Andrews' Kate Daniels series, readers got to see a bit of what the magic waves have effected in Europe, but that pretty strictly central Europe, not London.

I'd love to see Sherlock and all the others in the Kate Daniels' universe, still in London but dealing with the fact that technology is now unreliable and magic is starting to rise again. Anything in this vein - maybe a slice-of-life fic, that just shows how the Scotland Yard is the equivalent to the PAD? Dealing with supernatural elements now. Sherlock ecstatic with new and ever-more-interesting crimes, learning more and more about this new world. John a battle-hardened warrior who's used to working in a company until his knee gave out so badly that the medmages couldn't heal it, and now he wears a magical splint that fails when the tech's up. Mycroft and the government trying to deal with everything.

Or perhaps Sherlock's part of an ancient family of warlocks, only he doesn't call upon one of the gods the way that the rest of his family does - he studies all magics. Perhaps John's a shapeshifter, badly scarred from silver poisoning that invalided him from wherever. Perhaps Moriarty's a Master of the Dead.

These are all just suggestions, of course - go wild! I do ask that if this doesn't turn out gen, that Moriarty is only ever paired with Moran. Any combination of John, Sherlock, Lestrade, and Mycroft is welcome. (i.e., John/Sherlock, John/Lestrade, John/Mycroft, Sherlock/Lestrade, Mycroft/Lestrade, even Sherlock/Mycroft if holmescest is your thing.) I just ask that Molly is not exclusively paired with Sherlock or John, and that Irene is firmly not attracted to men, period.

Rocky Horror, John/Sherlock

This is kind of embarrassing, but I've been dying for a Rocky Horror Picture Show-trope fic with Sherlock dressed as Frank-n-Furter.

For whatever reason they have to find someone (a suspect, an unwilling witness, a possible associate, whatever) who Sherlock knows is attending a particular RHPS screening. He decides that he and John should go in costume to better blend in, and does the whole bit with Frank: corset, heels, makeup. John's never seen RHPS and doesn't have a clue what it's about, but winds up, thanks to Sherlock's insistence on detail, in gold shorts anyway.

While Sherlock's trying to find their target, John's baffled at everything that's going on and a little weirded out (and turned on) by Sherlock's outfit. Then he catches the Charles Atlas song.

Bonus points for:
-Rocky being the second choice for John's costume, but for some reason the Brad thing didn't work
-Molly being at the show dressed up herself (as Columbia, preferably) with friends

Re: Rocky Horror, John/Sherlock

I have been trying to get the soundtrack out of my head since Halloween when I took a virgin friend to see it.... seconded!! !
There's a photo manip on tumblr by barachiki of Sherlock as Frank and John as Rocky that is outstanding.

John and Sherlock have been just recently married and everything is going well. But an accident happens, leaving Sherlock with amnesia.

He can only remember John on the first day they met.

John is upset, but determined to win back Sherlock's love. He may or may not keep a secret about them being married and their true relationship until he feels the time is ready to tell him, but Sherlock probably figures it out eventually.

Angst with a happy ending please.

A young Sherlock goes to rehab for his drug problem. His doctor is John Watson.


TW: slavery

Most stories where Sherlock is the slave, John frees him right away.

I want a different take of it where John decides not to free Sherlock. He treats him Sherlock like a person and lets him do what he wants but refuses to legally free him. It could be because he fears Sherlock will be recaptured or, going into his selfish side, is lonely and doesn't want Sherlock to leave his life.

John sleeps whenever he can

If there's anything the army teaches you it is the art of catching up on sleep whenever you can; lying on hard ground, stones digging into your back, or crouched down, leaning against a rock face, or (if you're really pressed for sleep) standing up, firearm cradled against your chest - if there's an opportunity to get some much needed rest, you take it.

Sherlock likes to work himself into a frenzy during cases and can stay awake for days on end, but John's an actual normal person and needs his rest. Luckily he's an expert at finding moments to recharge whenever Sherlock drags him along on one of those day long investigations.

(Bonus points if they're at a crime scene and John's asleep standing up, leaning against a wall, and someone notices/expresses concern and Sherlock just waves them away with a "Oh, stop being an idiot. John's simply sleeping").

No slash, please!

Mummy Holmes and Mommy Watson are unlikely penpals

Mummy Holmes and Mommy Watson are unlikely penpals. They start out commiserating about their sons and their reckless adventures, and then somehow become BFFs.

Re: Mummy Holmes and Mommy Watson are unlikely penpals

Oh yes please!!!!

Johnlock - incest

John and Sherlock are in an established relationship when they find out they're (half-)brothers. How will they deal with the news?

RTYI welcome!

rimming, possibledub-connish vibes

I would really like a fic with rimming and lots of dirty talk focusing on humiliating/degrading the person doing the rimming. I'm picturing it in the context of a consensual relationship, but would be happy to read dub-con or non-con too if that's how you're feeling it.

Any m/m pairing is okay.

John/Sherlock, omegaverse fertility issues

Woops, posted this in the wrong place ...

Either John or Sherlock as infertile Omega who is carrying a lot of shame/guilt. John or Sherlock is the first Alpha who doesn't care and loves him anyway. Plenty of angst and schmoop ... sexytimes welcome, as well.

Links to similar fics welcome, too!

Re: John/Sherlock, omegaverse fertility issues

I'm actually working on a fic that has almost this exact same premise with a good deal of angst, drama and feels thrown in for good measure.
Will link when done :P

Sherlock is *not* good at something

I want to see a fic where Sherlock is not good at something. He doesn't start off good at it and he doesn't get better with practice. And it is frustrating because he is a genius damn it! I don't particularly care what it is. It could be something case related or it could be something John tries to use to entertain him when Sherlock is bored.

Bonus 1-It's something crafty like knitting or crochet.
Bonus 2-Whatever it is, John is better at it than Sherlock.
Bonus 3-Sherlock goes into a strop and John makes it better.

Gen or Johnlock, sexytimes or not, Post-TRF or Pre-TRF-its all good. I just want to see Sherlock being frustrated at something because who hasn't tried something that they just. Can't. Get?

Intense emotional distress related Alopecia

During a very difficult time, maybe the hiatus or the aftermath of the return, or something completely different, Sherlock loses his hair.

How does he cope with it? How do other people respond? Some people find their hair starts growing back, usually somehow different, but many people lose their hair for good. I'd prefer the latter for Sherlock.

Please no crack.


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