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Prompting Part XXXIV
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock walks in on Sally and John

.. instead of leaving he starts to deduce what the other ones like and gives order like

"Yes, John bite her left nipple."

"Donovan grab his ass, he likes that."

And so on. Physical involvement of Sherlock optional. Maybe he starts to show what he is saying? "No, rub him like this."

Crack request

Five really bad/funny ways Sherlock returns and shows John h's not dead.

Re: Crack request

fanart RTYI:

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John/Sherlock/Mary Omegaverse

I haven't seen Mary be an active participant in an Omegaverse fic yet, and I'd like for that to change! I'd love to see alpha!Sherlock and alpha!Mary fighting over who is going to knot omega!John. Tag-teaming would be great, but it's not necessary.


Sherlock is a 5 speed kitchen blender.

Re: crack

Okay I can't help it.

There are days when he's as cutting as a master swordsman with a katana. And then there are some days where he lazes around and barely does his job.

His sleek slender form sits next to the coffee machine, though she's a bit shy. What appliance wouldn't be with him right next to them?

It could be that Mrs. Hudson had a bit too much of her herbal soothers that day, but she swears up and down that he works perfectly happily when the tea pot sits next to his side.

The small, sturdy teapot makes perfect tea each and every time she uses it and she nicknamed him Watson.

While Watson ( She gives him the name of John.) was inexpensive and served he for loyal years with only a chip on its handle to show the years, Sherlock was expensive: stainless steel blades that looked deadly; a beautiful glassy exterior and a black top. She knitted a tiny deer stalker for it just to complete the look. She was definitely on her soothers than, but the hat stuck.

Her sweet coffee maker always hiccuped in the morning next to him and Mrs. Hudson always has to scold Molly lightly.

There was a reason that the blender and the teapot got along very well.

OP: I don't even... where did this come from??

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John "stuart Little" Watson

Mrs. Hudson once rented 221b to a family. The family left in a rush, leaving behind their second born. A mouse! One they named John.

Mrs. Hudson raised John with love and John helped ensure that evidence was found when Mrs. Hudson and her husband went on a trip to florida.

Sherlock moves and Mrs. Hudson is delighted when she hears Sherlock arguing and talking to "himself" thinking he'd found John.

He hadn't. John has hidden himself away, and is suffering after a particularly nasty war to rid some rats that wanted to move in.

What happens when a criminal breaks in and attempts to murder Sherlock--and that criminal is very effectively subdued by a mouse...and sherlock's life saved?

Sherlock isn't a virgin, but he's not gay either. John had assumed it was one or the other, and had figured that either way he was safe enough when he kissed him, but he was wrong. It's fine, though. He can live with it, live with the shattered nerves and the longing that's always at the edge of his thoughts.

Sherlock doesn't understand why John would assume he's a virgin, or gay, or asexual, or whatever he's thought. He doesn't spend a lot of time with the women he sleeps with, no, but he does have sex, just like he eats and sleeps and does everything else John does in smaller, more fitful bursts. He didn't want John to kiss him.

He might now, though, but the thought scares him, and he thinks he's already lost his chance.

Or: John assumes Sherlock is interested, but they're really just two mostly straight guys who can't admit how much they want each other. And it's John who's slightly more prepared to deal with it, to both their surprise.

Yes please!

Omegaverse, non-con, forced sex change

Alpha!Jim kidnaps Alpha!Sherlock and with use of drugs or what have you, turns him into an Omega against his will and bonds with him.

non-con Moriarty/Sherlock or John/Sherlock

Moriarty either rapes a drugged Sherlock in front of John (who gets turned on by it despite himself) or forces John to rape Sherlock and Moriarty is turned on by it.

Basically as long as Sherlock's unconscious or too out of it to fight back and someone's watching it happen and turned on by it.

Re: non-con Moriarty/Sherlock or John/Sherlock


Sherlock's sick and get cuddled by a character of anon!writer's choice.

Sherlock once nearly killed John

Sherlock and John are finally taking their friendship in the next direction and are snogging and cuddling. Sherlock is naturally taking advantage of being so close and cataloging bits of John he hasn't seen up close before. He sees a small scar on John's neck and asks about it, especially concerned because it could have sliced thru John's jugular.

John says it happened when he was a resident - a filthy, unkempt young homeless man, found in terrible weather and brought into A&E, with an almost fatal overdose. John got his heart started again and kept him from choking on his own vomit and they were treating him when he unexpectedly came to, terrified, and lunged for a scalpel and managed to nick John with it before he could be subdued, resulting in John needing emergency treatment himself.

John doesn't bear any ill will towards the young man as he was out of his head with so many drugs and exposure and was just frightened and hallucinating and of course John didn't dream of pressing charges, he just was concerned and sympathetic. John tried to follow up a couple of days later when he was better himself, to make sure the young man got help but luckily he'd been claimed by family and placed in rehab and they didn't have his real name. John says he hopes the man is better and happy now. He jokes that he learned to keep instruments out of the reach of unpredictable patients.

The timing of the incident is right and Mycroft had told him he'd nearly killed a doctor, which is what convinced Sherlock to stay in rehab, and so Sherlock deduces that it was him, that he had nearly killed John. He confesses to John, embarrassed at what he was back then, such a mess that John hasn't even recognized him as that young man, and that John had seen him that way and he is amazed that John had saved his life then. Both are completely shocked. Instead of being disgusted John once again surprises him by being proud of him for turning his life around and becoming such a great man.

Re: Sherlock once nearly killed John

This is very intriguing! Seconding so hard!!!

Poking the author, lol! (Anonymous) Expand

The final frontier -- no, not Star Trek

John is recruited into the Minovia Cay space program.

Scary stories in small spaces

For Halloween, has recruited a dozen novelists to write scary stories -- in two sentences. Apparently this is something of a Reddit phenomenon, but I'd never heard of it until now. PZ Myers, at Pharyngula, has
produced two such himself and his readers are following suit.

There's your prompt. Write a two-sentence horror story: as PZed put it, "you can go for Hemingwayesque brevity or a Joycean ramble, but you’re only allotted two periods".



Two sentences only.

Re: Scary stories in small spaces


"I did as you asked. I came back for you John," said the rotting corpse of Sherlock Holmes.

John/Sherlock Sherlock/Lestrade Ex-With-Benefits

John considers himself a very understanding guy. So, it's ok that Sherlock works with his ex (Weird, yes. Maybe awkward, but okay nonetheless) And it's great that they still have a good relationship and get on so well (Lestrade is a great guy after all) And if they had casual sex sometimes as if it were nothing, well, it was non of John's business, right? (And John wasn't going to judge) The thing is, when John and Sherlock decided to, finally, be a couple he supposed that exes-with-benefits thing that Sherlock had with Lestrade was going to stop (Obviously)... When one afternoon John comes back to Baker Street from work to find Lestrade putting his shirt on and Sherlock naked in his bed he understands that no, it wasn't so obvious after all...

It seems that he and Lestrade have wonderful sex and Sherlock doesn't want to stop (Nor he understands why John seems so upset about it)

Re: John/Sherlock Sherlock/Lestrade Ex-With-Benefits


Insane Family Promt

Some bigwig in the police system comes down to Scotland Yard for some reason.
Maybe head of Interpol or something.
Anyway the tough no-nonsense women with her guard dogs and bodyguards (because she actually is good at her job and someone constantly tries to asassinate her, may be used for comedy)
starts cooing over her cute little godson.
Who's actually Sherlock.

Extra Bonus if she threatens Mycroft with the fact that she knows where his chocolate hob-nobs are.

Vampire AU

John is a recently-turned fledgeling vampire being shown the ropes by his centuries-old sire, Sherlock. The main focus of the fic should be on the relationship between the two of them and how John copes (or doesn't, if you prefer) with the change, but other characters (either as humans or fellow supernaturals) are more than welcome.

If anyone here happens to be familiar with the World of Darkness/Vampire:the Masquerade tabletop setting and would be interested in writing this for that 'verse I would be delighted- otherwise, I'll be quite interested just to see what you come up with on your own.


We had rape fills and the aftermath on how one dealt with being raped but let's switch it up a little with a different sort of aftermath.

Sherlock nearly gets raped but is rescued in time by John before it happens. The event leaves him paranoid and humiliated however, as he starts to grow uncomfortable around anyone who touches him or admire his looks, making him wonder if these people are thinking about doing the same things his attacker nearly did. He can't even understand why anybody would try to do this and has nightmares on what would happen if John hadn't come.

Re: Reprompt

ksfgklfjgf it WOULD be like sherlock to not completely understand. I'm working on a few fills now but if this is still open by the time I'm done, I'll fill it.


For some reason either Sherlock or John have to go away for an extended period of time--nothing terrible, just a job or similar that takes them away for a few months. John convinces Sherlock that talking, in this instance, is better than texting--cue lots of long-distance-relationship phonecalls (and bonus points for Lestrade et al hearing one side of them and realising that yeah, actually, this is serious). I'd just like fluffy and romantic and apart but dealing with it, please.

A friendly smack or two

In an exuberant mood, John gives Sherlock a matey smack on the bum, something totally outside Sherlock's experience. On another occasion John lightly smacks the back of Sherlock's hand to keep him from touching something he shouldn't...a series of friendly, affectionate touches from John.

Sherlock has never experienced these friendly (I can hear him in my head: Are they friendly? Why are they friendly?) gestures before in his life, in fact he can't stand for most people to even touch or brush against him but he doesn't mind it from John. And no one really tries to touch him but John doesn't think twice about it.

He is out of his depth trying to work it out. Why does John do it, why doesn't Sherlock mind, what does John gain from them? He never does it when angry so it must be a form of affection?

Basically, Sherlock learning about affection from John, who is just being John and has no ulterior motives except his own affection for Sherlock.

Re: A friendly smack or two

Hee, I'd love to see the look on Sherlock's face when John gives him a manly swat on the arse. God, if they would only do that in the series, priceless!

Repromt: It's All Been Done Before

What if Sherlock thinks John's relationship with himself parallels the one he had with Sebastian at university?

We all know Sebastian ended up hating Sherlock...
So this time around Sherlock is doing everything in his power to keep John.
What does Sherlock think he has to do to keep John?

(Only problem is, Sebastian was just a bastard boyfriend and Sherlock did nothing wrong the first time around.)
Does John find out...?

No crack.

Re: Repromt: It's All Been Done Before

Oh, this sounds so perfect. Seconding.

John Collapses

John does his best to keep up with Sherlock, a bit worried that if he doesn't Sherlock won't want him around any more.

During a long gruelling case with lots of stress and running around, and in which he gets very little chance to sleep or eat it finally catches up with him and John finally just collapses and is ill for a while. How would Sherlock respond?

Re: John Collapses

Poor John! I think that Sherlock (because he and John are so close) might tend to sometimes feel that John is an extension of himself and so it slips his mind sometimes that John might need a bit of rest and sustenance.

I'd enjoy reading this!

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The Holmes Family Takes a Stand

After Sherlocks death the family doesn't let things lie.
I'd like for them to very publicly come out of the woodwork to everyones shock and make life of the people hell who hurt one of their own.
For example sueing the Sun and Kitty Reilly for libel with the best lawyers in the country being Holmes.
Or showing up at the inquest into Sherlock to testify and when they give their occupations it becomes clear to everyone "Fuck! They own England!/The World"

Vetting the next Mrs/Mr Lestrade

Gen/friendship or slash. Sherlock (and John, if you like) is determined that Lestrade will not commit the same mistake twice. Once the divorce is official and Lestrade is showing signs of moving on, any candidate for the position of Spouse # 2 will be vetted, tried, tested, stalked and blueprinted with all of Sherlock's professional flair, while DI Oblivious (or is he?) goes on wooing them happily.

Up to author if Lestrade ends up marrying one of the candidates, or if Sherlock (and possibly John) thinks no one is good enough and enters the fray themselves.


SHERLOCK: You’re insane.
JIM: You’re just getting that now?

The catch is that Moriarty knows he's insane, but because he knows this, he can't be insane.

Not really sure what this would lead to, but just thought I'd throw that out there for anyone who finds it.

Omegaverse, alpha!Sherlock fucking beta!John

(or fellow alpha!John if you prefer). Bonus for long and careful preparation (fingers, toys etc.) to get John to take a big alpha cock and knot and Sherlock needing all his self-control not to just fuck John raw (at least not until he's ready...)


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