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Giggles at the Palace
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Re: Can't things just be simple? 4/4

Mycroft led them down the hall to any empty room. The moment the door closed John rounded on the elder Holmes. "What is going on here Mycroft? No. You know what? I don't care; just will someone please tell me what happened to Sherlock?"
"Introductions first I believe. Victor Holmes this is the infamous Dr. John Watson you've heard so much about. John this is-"
"Oh. You're the flatmate?"m.
"Quite. Now about Sherlock; from we can tell, it appears that early this morning Sherlock was called in by DI Lestrade. While he was inspecting the crime scene Sherlock found evidence that, quote, 'any imbecilic four year old can see it points straight to the whereabouts of the criminals'. Unquote. He decided against waiting for the police and went after the gang himself. Unfortunately his opponent got the upper hand, and Sherlock had a knife in his abdomen. This is the part where it gets... delicate. John, it appears my brother neglected to mention a rather vital piece of information about himself. You see Sherlock has been in a committed civil partnership for the past three and a half years to Victor. They are by every right... married to one another.""
"Oh come on. Sherlock's not married! He would've- well actually he is, he's married to his work, he told me that practically the day we met!"
Victor snorted. "He really said that?" A softer expression passed over his face. "That was sort of a private joke. When we first met, I was just starting out in the world of politics. A rather dangerous criminal organizations decided I must've been worth something. Lucky for myself, so did the British government. He took my kidnapping case as a favour to Mycroft."
"...You were his work."
"I was his work."
John continued to frown. "If he's married to you, why did Sherlock need a flatmate?"
"The thing about Sherlock is, he's... not good... on his own. He needs someone. A year after we exchanged vows, I got promoted. The position, it involves a lot of traveling. My career would've been over if I didn't accept it. If I had my way Sher would have come with me, but... he wouldn't have been happy with a life on the road like that. "
"You've seen Sherlock's work, yeah? The sort of people it attracts? The ones in my life aren't much better. We had a lot of close calls. And because we were both men, the danger was that much worse. It made it difficult for us to trust many people with the knowledge of us."
"He trusts me enough to live with but not-"
"May I point out that this is Sherlock. There's every chance he told you in minute detail about his marriage to Victor, John. You simply... may not have been home at the time."
"That's really very plausible isn't it?"
"It is. I'm going to kill him. I'm really going to kill him. He shouldn't have gone off on his own like that!"
"You really do love him don't you?"
"Wouldn't have married the git if I didn't."
At that moment a nurse appeared at the door. "Oh Mr. Holmes there you are. Sherlock's just come out of surgery, he'll be waking up in a few minutes if you want to go see him."
The nurse led them along to a private room.
Sherlock's bleary eyes settled on the two men. He let out a pleased hum. "Victor."
"I can't leave you alone for five minutes can I?"
"No. Don't ever do it again."
"I won't I promise." Victor pulled the chair up as close as he could to Sherlock, placing a tender kiss on his forehead.
John felt like he was intruding on a reunion that could be labeled as intimate. He watched them for a moment longer trying desperately to ignore the want, the need to be the one on the receiving end of those loving tender looks Sherlock gave to Victor. Swallowing back his feelings John left the room.
"They're very happy John."
"I know."
Mycroft stepped from the shadows he had been lurking in. "Their relationship may not be ideal, but they've made it work."
"I know."
"I can only imagine what harm it would do to Sherlock if anyone was to try and get between them."
John turned to stare Mycroft straight in the eye. "I know." With that John took his leave. No matter what John feelings for the detective were, John knew he would never try anything now that he understood the truth. Victor was the one Sherlock had chosen. John was just the friend.
It was better this way.
It was.

Re: Can't things just be simple? 4/4

This kind of kills me but in a good way:) I hate that John is unhappy but he loves Sherlock enought to leave him and Victor alone.

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