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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • Multiple fills are encouraged, and all kinds of fills are accepted! Fic, art, vids, cosplay, interpretive dance — whatever. Go wild! :D
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  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
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weird anime fusion thing

Okay so has anyone ever seen Revolutionary Girl Utena? (look it up on YouTube if you haven't, its awesome) I was just watching it and, well...

Mycroft kind of IS Akio/Dios/The End Of The World. And that makes Sherlock Anthy. Which actually WORKS in the most bizarre way ever. And John is just as much of a ballbusting badass as Utena.

It's pretty much got something for everyone on this meme, incest, sexual slavery, fairytale symbolism, swordfights, obsession, betrayal, manipulation, cracky humour...

...yeah, I'll shut up now, but if someone could do the Sherlock version of 'The Tale of the Rose' or of the final duel (Utena v. Akio) and everything that happens there I'd love you forever.

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Incest in a place of worship -any/any

I was thinking Mycroft/Sherlock (mmmm age gap <3) but literally anyone and anyone. If you really want to make me a happy OP Harry/John or Sally/John (yep doesn't need to be canon siblings!) would be great too. Just two siblings going at it in some closet or abandoned corner of a place of worship and not getting caught.

Please no genderbent though , thanks. =3

Bonuses: If het I would love to see the sister taking control of the action and it getting a bit violent.

Regardless of the violence their is not huge power struggle or noncon.

One of them is either gay/a lesbian or asexual. They don't know if their doing this because of any actual attraction or because they started going at each other at a young age and now its more of a 'hard to break habit' that just happens. They don't want to stop though because they feel it brings them closer and its so much fun not getting caught.

They work/volunteer at said place.

TW: POSSIBLE underaged

Ima be honest I pictured one of them being like 18-20 and the other like 16 but its up to you.

+5 If its the sister thats older

As we all know John likes a good cuppa. So I'd like to see a fic where he has a tea kink - whether it's cracky or not, if Sherlock is involved or not... all up to you. But bonus points if it's non-cracky!

Re: Tea

RTYI? Tea Porn ( part of a series but readable on its own- Sherlock though, not John)
Not exactly a fill - but something to bide the time.

Warning : non con/ Rape (Sherlock / Molly)

Molly is working late at the morgue. Sherlock shows up and seems strangely... affectionate. Molly finds it great until she realises he is high (or drunk) and things go really too far for her. She pushes him away but he attemps (or manage) to rape her.

Sherlock deletes the event, and Molly doesn't press charges because of her feelings for him and because she feels somehow guilty.

But John starts noticing that something is wrong, especially in the way Molly acts around Sherlock afterwards. He confronts his friend.


It will last for approximately 48h.

In the meantime, fill as much as you like, but don't post any new prompts.

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Please post your prompts on Part XXXIII now!

Here You Go- Libations Lead to Liberation (In An Alley) PART 1


It started when she took off her coat in 221B. When Greg had gone to the Christmas gathering John was throwing, he could thought that he would be caught off guard by how undeniably sexy Molly Hooper was. Her dress showed off all of her feminine curves, and Greg caught himself gawking. He collected himself, offering her a drink, and eventually, that one drink turned into four.

The pathologist found herself more than fond of the idea of getting a little tipsy, especially if Greg was offering. Fortunately, he was- in fact, he asked if she wanted to duck out and go to the pub. She agreed, and once there, they matched each other drink for drink. Both were a bit more than tipsy, and with being more than tipsy, they both became God awful flirts. They talked, finding each other really great company. Greg’s hand then moved to her thigh. Molly bit her lip and smiled; she liked where this was going. The sweet, innocent, shy Molly was still there, but a-few-drinks-in-Molly was far more flirtatious and far more interested in forgetting all about her troubles with the aid of a sexy DI. Taking his cue, Greg leaned in and kissed Molly soundly. He was met with encouragement; so much encouragement, actually, that they were soon full out snogging right there at the bar. After a few moments, their hands wandering, Greg leaned in,

“Do you want to get out of here?”

Molly nodded quickly, taking Greg’s hand and leading him.

“My flat’s only a few block’s away.”

Greg nodded dumbly, following dutifully. They started down the street, and then suddenly Molly tripped. Greg caught her, holding her up, and the pair began laughing. They laughed so whole-heartedly that they needed to step into the nearby alley to catch their breath and have the walls hold them up. Recovering, Molly suddenly got the whim to kiss Greg, which then took him by surprise. Drunken logic also told her to start rubbing her hand up his thigh, all reservations degraded. Pulling away, Greg started jovially, “Woah there, I’d hold off if I was you, or I’ll have you up against the wall,” he finished, attempting a chuckle. To his surprise, this not only did not dissuade Molly, but to perhaps her own surprise, caused her to moan softly.

She went with it, pulling Greg close and backing herself up against the wall, reclaiming his lips with hers. Though he was still shocked that dear, sweet Molly seemed to be asking to be fucked in an alley, he was too turned on to refuse. He kissed her in earnest, tongue dominating her mouth. She melted underneath him, one hand in his hair, the other groping him. Greg’s hand wandered up her skirt, making Molly thrust to meet his hand.

“You little tart, you’re desperate for me, aren’t you?” said Greg, breaking the kiss. Molly nodded and moaned in desperation at the words, still rocking on Greg’s hand has he caressed her through her knickers. Greg smiled at her obvious need, whispering into her ear, “Take them off.” Molly obeyed, shucking her panties immediately, caring nothing for where they ended up.

Re: [fill][2/2]

This is so lovely :)

Re: This is all I could see happening, honest.

One of Tim Minchin's finest!
Great choice!

Re: J/Mary, S/J (One-Sided?), Memory Loss

Did you post it anywhere else? It's been deleted. :(

Re: This is all I could see happening, honest.


Re: J/Mary, S/J (One-Sided?), Memory Loss

The link doesn't work any more! If you didn't post it anywhere else, could you post it here please? I would really love to read this fill.

that is beyond hot!

sighs i just like fluffy fics

John is used to using different endearments, like love, darling and dearest with his past girlfriends. When he and Sherlock get together, it's only natural for him to use them with Sherlock, too. Sherlock gets flustered, because even though he says the pet names are stupid, he secretly likes when John uses them (and even finds it adorable.)

oh no

oh my god i'm sorry for some reason i didn't notice that post about this thread being closed

could my prompt be moved somehow?

(Deleted comment)

Re: Fashionable people buy the latest clothes stand out from [url=

Great prompt! This could be really hot if it's done right!

Crack fic!

Can I please just have a crack fic where Sherlock and John are so bored that they watch Sharknado together? Maybe with Sherlock screaming at the TV at how ridiculous it is and John laughing hysterically? :)

Re: Crack fic!

>.< I didn't realize this thread was closed. Sorry!!

Movie Crossover

Pasific Rim(movie) crossover with Sherlock and John as pilot and co-pilot. I would love to see them riding a Jaeger. They could find out their feelings about each other via the neural bridge. And it would be awesome if they would sacrifice themselves in order to save each other. But please no caracter death!

That was wonderful. I hope you continue!

Mary forces Holmes to have sex, gets impregnated, goes to Watson for delivery

Upset because she thinks Watson just married her to escape his feelings for Holmes, Mary forces Holmes to have sex with her. Nine months later Mary appears at their door in contractions. Holmes ends up having sex with Mary to help her break her water.

Re: Mary forces Holmes to have sex, gets impregnated, goes to Watson for delivery

Early Sunday morning I received a telegram from Watson asking me to pick him up at the train station and I arrived just as the train pulled along side the platform. My first thought was that he would be arriving alone and so I was rather shocked when Mary exited the train with him. From the telegam, which arrived not long after the couple would have arrived to their hotel, I assumed that the honeymoon had gone awry. I still did not know what had happened but I’d assumed that they had had a quarrel, in the train perhaps on their way into the shalet.

Watson, whose expression was less than cordial, barreled down the platform in my direction holding his suitcase in one hand and dragging Mary with the other. From all appearances, he did not seem pleased that she had chosen to return on the same train as him and stormed past me and into the handsome I had waiting at the curb.
“Good afternoon” I said and tipped my hat to the woman as she climbed into the cab behind her husband.

“You may as well come” she said looking angrily at me so I grabbed the gunnel above my head and climbed in as well. The tension was thick and I, fearing Mary’s wrath, sat in silence for a few moments before inquiring as to what I owed the pleasure of their untimely return. Mary just glared at me.

“You had no need to send for me to retrieve you” I stated looking between Watson and Mary “You could have made your own way home from the station.” Watson did not respond. He simply cast his eyes to the floor trying to avoid my gaze.

“John, Mr. Holmes is speaking you” said Mary. He ignored her. “John.. will you not speak to me at all” she demanded trying to take his hand in her own. Watson remove it quickly and tucked it between himself and the door. I was still confused. Judging from Mary’s wrinkled attire and their early arrival in this morning, they had not slept since yesterday but had turned around after reaching their hotel, making the journey back to London immediately. I had promised Watson that I would not read his bride but in these circumstances I thought it perfectly reasonable that I should deduce for myself what had happened given that no one deemed it pertinent to explain why I had been dragged out of bed so early in the morning to be ignored in the cab when they did not need me to get back to London on their own.

“Watson, I had assumed that there was a case that needed immediate attention or you were hurt, surely I was not required this morning to ride with you and your new wife, to play the mediator in some childish quarrel?” After some moment of thought Watson looked up at me with kind eyes and tried to explain the predicament.

“No, dear Holmes, I, we had not intended on returning so …” he trailed off, looking dismally out of the window.

“Watson…” I asked.

“Holmes…” he said reluctantly.

“Mary?” I looked at his wife, who was sitting nervously awaiting his next words.

“Holmes…” he started again and then she broke in. “Holmes” said Mary “we, I, NO Watson, has something on his mind, that…he will not speak to me…he will not talk to me, to explain what is on his mind…surely, surely you can deduce…”

deaging Lestrade kidfic

Lestrade gets deaged by plot device, ends up about 7 years old. (Mentality of a 7 year old is requested for this prompt, whether he retains his adult memories or not is up to potential filler)

For reasons, John and Sherlock have to take care of him and hide his real identity while they figure out what happened and how to reverse it. In the process, all the kidfic schmoop, with lilLestrade having standard childhood traumas like skinned knees, a bad cold, a lost teddy in Tesco, etc, along with plot related trauma.

BAMF!Parental! John and Sherlock, Adorable!cuddly Lestrade with a dose of hellion, gen schmoop and ass-kicking. Slash is okay between John and Sherlock, or one or both of them might be in a relationship with adult Lestrade before the deaging incident, but no underage at all please.

TLDR: Lestrade gets deaged into a 7-year-old. John and Sherlock have to keep him safe and take care of him while they figure out how to change him back.

Re: deaging Lestrade kidfic

Crap. Will re-post appropriately, sorry.

Christmas Present

I know, it's far too early for Christmas, but I can't help this image of John sprawled sexily under Molly's Christmas tree. Maybe starting out surprised ("How did you get in?") and then trying, and failing, to make it to the bedroom. Please?


I was browsing to some older parts of the mee and came across this lovely prompt that remains unfilled. I think it realy deserves another chance.

Sherlock gets called in on what seems to be the murder of a former child prodigy. Sherlock comes to the inevitable conclusion that this wasn't a murder but a very clevery disguised suicide. With the case closed he finds himself incapable of moving on. He sees so many similarities between his life and that of the victim that he simply can't help but wonder why he's not the one on the morgue.

I think you allready know where I'm going with this. By comparing the victims life to his own Sherlock learns that he is far from a lone wolf. I would like a fill in which Sherlock has an "aha erlebnis" about the people in his life. Mycroft, Molly ,Mike , mss hudson , lestrade . Maybe even Anderson and Donovan? Most definately John ofcourse. (And if it were up to me even Sarah. I feel the glare of a million angry shippers upon me now but I liked her. She seemed good for John and I think she might just be able to handle Sherlock)

But Sarah or no Sarah. Gen or slash. It doesn't matter. Just no wobbly Sherlock. I think this is more of an internal process?

Re: Reprompt

Ooooh! Second!

Omegaverse Prompt (OmegaSherlock/OmegaJohn)

This is a plot bunny I've been wanting to write for months now, but I am unable to put into words. I hope that someone likes this prompt and will fulfill my dream of seeing it come to life ;)

Idea: Omegaverse. Alpha Females and Omega Males are fully bi-gender, though depending on their secondary gender, their capability to either Dame and Sire is drastically reduced.

Pre-Reichenbach: Sherlock and John are a Male Omega couple. Though they only have a 10% change of producing any offspring together, that doesn't stop them from trying. When the Reichenbach Fall takes place, neither Sherlock or John knows that they are both pregnant.

Post-Reichenbach: Sherlock returns from his three year hiatus and is desperate to introduce John to their son Hamish. John, believing that Sherlock abandoned him and their son Sherrinford, refuses to have anything to do with him.

Outcome: Hamish and Sherrinford, due to an amazing fluke of genetics, are practically identical twins. What beings the family back together is when the boys are snatched by a serial child abductor who kidnaps twins.


A story based off of this picture please!

Lost in his mind palace

Initially Sherlock fled into his mind palace to escape the horrors of what they were doing to him, but now he's lost and can't find his way back out, even though he can hear John and knows its safe now.


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