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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Teen au

John's dad is super protective and is very, very suspicious of Sherlock.

Looking for fluff!

Asexual Cuddle Day.

Asexual!Sherlock and caring John. A day at Baker Street with no high-profile cases. John playing with Sherlock’s hair (maybe it’s the only thing that can slow him down for a few minutes.) Bonus points for featuring Sherlock working on cases in between, and the way they can make each other laugh. Fluff decidedly acceptable.

Mini Fill: Blue Skies are Calming 1/1

Sorry if this wasn't what anon wanted but it deffinetly is fluff. Is also probably riddled with errors, my apologies!

John watched Sherlock pace the room and sighed. There had been a lull of interesting cases over the last couple of weeks, which was good for London, but not so good for Sherlock. He had been running himself ragged the past week trying to stave off the boredom that threatened to consume him. John was pretty sure he hadn't slept in over 48 hours.

He sighed again and shifted on the couch so he was sitting on an end with a pillow in his lap. "Come here Sherlock." He uttered just loud enough for Sherlock to hear him.

Sherlock for his part stopped dead in his tracks and looked at John with a startled expression on his face--he had forgotten John had been in the room again.

"Well come on." John said, and Sherlock looked torn. Finally he used his put upon expression and acted like he was merely humoring John. John, however, knew exactly how much Sherlock loved this.

Sherlock settled into his lap with a huff and stared at John as if trying to convey that it wasn't going to work this time. John smiled and started to run his fingers through Sherlock's hair. Sherlock's eyes fluttered shut almost immediately and he arched slightly into the hand in his hair.

Within a minute or so John could feel the tension start to leak out of Sherlock's exhausted body, and it wasn't long after that that John felt Sherlock's breathing even out.

Sometimes John thought very quietly to himself that Sherlock's problem was that he felt that he and to prove he was brilliant constantly. John then was happy to provide a way for Sherlock to escape that need, to give Sherlock a time when he didn't need to be the most brilliant person in the room, a time when he did t need to think. If John had to pet Sherlock's head to make that happen then by god he would.

John glanced down at the sleeping Sherlock and smiled. John would probably be stuck on the couch for a few hours, but he didn't mind too much. He'd been meaning to finish that book for ages anyway.

So this fic has officially broke my fic cherry, it's the first I have finished and posted anywhere, I hope OP has enjoyed!

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toy soldier

I saw this pic on tumblr and it's just too amazing

Basically, John is literally a wind-up soldier. Whether Sherlock built him or just found him (or we never even find out) is up to the filler, as is the plot really. I just think it's a cool idea.

Gen is preferred but if the filler really wants to write slash, that's fine too.

The Modern Toy Soldier 1/?

Damn plot bunnies... Unbeta'd nor britpicked.

Sherlock had seen him while on a case, just sitting on a shelf in the shop where the suspect had been reported hiding out. Turned out the old man who'd owned the shop didn't know the suspect had hidden away there, but was able to tell Sherlock who he really was, and where he would likely be. After the case had been solved, Sherlock found himself returning to the shop. Sitting in the same spot he'd seen him before, was the toy soldier. Sherlock picked him up, and started to look him over, when the old man suddenly spoke from behind him.

"Curious thing about that toy is that he's wearing a modern uniform." Sherlock couldn't help but jump in surprise. How could that man be so quiet in a shop so small and so full of things? "In all my years, I've never seen such a toy." The old man took the soldier from Sherlock, and wound the key in his back. He set him on the floor, and the toy began to march around in a circle. "That's about the only typical thing he does. I swear he's alive. One moment I'll set him on one table, the next he's over in the window!" The old man shrugged, picked up the toy, and handed him back to Sherlock.

"How much?" Sherlock asked.

The old man shook his head, "Take him. Like I said, I think he's alive. Can't put a price on a life, now can I?"


That night, Sherlock had set the toy on his fireplace, just next to where he kept his letters stabbed with his knife. Even though he told himself he wasn't going to bother with it, he found himself curled up in his chair studying the small soldier. The old man was right, but not just about the uniform. His hair, and even how old he looked, all suggested he was made for the modern age of the toy soldier. The other thing the old man had said also rang in his mind. Could this toy... really be... alive? Sherlock shook his head, and set the toy back on the mantelpiece.

Many weeks past, and the toy hadn't moved from his spot on the shelf above the fireplace. Sherlock had all but forgotten he was there, until he was pacing back and forth, trying to work out part of a case.

"...So the only logical no...he said he was in a meeting...his twin!" Sherlock snapped his fingers. "The twin had also wanted revenge because of a prior relationship, so they simply switched places to make it seem like the brother had never left the office, but the twin is right handed and the killer is left handed!"

"Brilliant!" A voice seemingly from nowhere exclaimed. Sherlock jumped in surprise, not only from the voice, but from the complement.

"Who said that?!" Sherlock yelled. He looked around his flat cautiously. He was certain he was alone, except... Sherlock turned his head to the fireplace, and narrowed his eyes at the toy soldier on top. He, seemingly, was still standing at attention, just as he always had been. "You're not fooling anyone." He felt a bit ridiculous at the fact that he was talking to a toy , but who else could have spoke? "I'm no idiot; I know that I'm the only one here. Besides you, that is." Sherlock moved in close to the toy. "Go on. Out with it." He continued to stare at the toy, until...

It blinked.

Sherlock moved back, not actually expecting it to move. It might had spoke, yes, but Sherlock was going to write it off as outside noise.

"Alright. Damn it. I should have kept my mouth shut." The toy cursed, and sighed, "My name's John Watson." He said, "And...well I guess I'm a toy soldier. That's the easy answer anyway." John moved to sit down on the mantelpiece. " are alive." Sherlock said, still not believing the sight before him.

"Yes, I'm alive, and I'm not really a toy soldier. I was, well, still am, an Army Doctor." John said.

Sherlock was still looking over the now talking toy soldier in shock. "How...How are you alive?" he asked.

"Well, technically I'm not. Just metal and gears is all I really am. I- can't believe I'm going to say it - I was put under a curse by a witch."

Alright, it's late. Maybe I'll post more later. Love this prompt by the way! :)

john has friends!

In the aftermath of a case John gets quite ill and has to stay confined to the flat for a while, so he posts a note to his blog to that effect (something like "sorry guys, no new cases for a while, I have xxxxx and have to stay in, enjoy this writeup in the meantime").

and then john's friends in the area show up to say hi/bring good wishes/a ugly houseplant/whatever. i want to see sherlock (and john too) surprised at, well, how many friends john has managed to pick up. i'd like to see sally and donovan show up too and gritting their teeth when sherlock insults them.

basically, a whole lot of sweet fluff, please. feel free to rot my teeth. i don't care about pairings one way or another.

please no crackfic or rtyi's.

flames will be ignored.


Re: john has friends!

sally AND donovon? that might be tricky ;) like the prompt though.

Sherlock/Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

Crossover, fusion, whatever.
Those of you familiar with Mr Rogers' Neighborhood ( may remember that the host would often stare into the camera at the young audience and address it directly. He would say things like, "I like you just for being you," or talk about how to deal with emotions, in a very reassuring manner.
I would love to see a young!Sherlock or old!Sherlock reacting to an episode or to Mr Rogers, whatever floats your boat.

Re: Sherlock/Mr. Rogers Neighborhood

His Fic would be very special to me. there isn't anything like it, like it my friends. I like it.
Seconded !

Sherlock and his favourite things

I got this idea from a fic i recently read (it was just one sentence where John was reminiscing about Sherlock.)

You know how everyone has 'Favourite' things, e.g. favourite colour, ice cream flavour, sweets etc.

I just wanted a fic where john talks about Sherlock's favourite things, but because Sherlock is Sherlock, he has really really weird favourite things, like his favourite sweets are vomit-flavoured jelly beans because they aren't boring and occupies his time. his favourite bird is a pigeon because of all the germs they carry. favourite colour is one that doesn't exists and favourite animal is a Raven because they remind him of himself

You get the idea, things that aren't essentially normal to favourite.


Woke up this morning with this idea in my head:

"Sherlock Holmes never existed. It was a hallucination created by John while he was unconscious after being shot in Afghanistan."

Can someone make a fic out of this?

Re: Sherlock wasn´t real

[Spoiler (click to open)]

Re: Sherlock wasn´t real (Anonymous) Expand

HP xover - squib Sherlock

I've read a lot of HP fusions with the characters at Hogwarts, but I don't think I've seen any with Sherlock as a squib?

Sherlock never attended Hogwarts because his pureblood parents were too ashamed to let others know of his status after perfect Head Boy Mycroft blazed his way through school. Sherlock is NOT bitter about it, thanks - he claims he doesn't need magic anyway, it's the brain that matters after all. But he memorizes all the theories and formulas, both magic and scientific so it's all in his mind for reference even if he can't use it, and works as a detective solving cases for the Yard when it's clear magic was involved in the crimes. Lestrade's a Muggle who's in on the Wizarding secret but doesn't like dealing with the MoM, so he turns to Sherlock because he doesn't want his memories wiped clean after he stumbles on a magic-related case. John, a mediwizard, was injured from the Second Wizarding War (or still Afghanistan, whichever) and though he's looking for some peace and quiet, ends up living with Sherlock and they solve cases and run around London, etc.

Moriarty is either a jealous Muggle who discovered the wizarding world, or a squib who's fed up with being treated like a second class citizen; he likes screwing around with Sherlock because he sees an intellectual equal in him and rejoices in finding another person who doesn't rely on magic to be clever or act superior. he's got a bunch of wizarding folk working for him to do his dirty work but at the end of the day he thinks they're all ordinary anyway, like 'regular' people. in TGG Moriarty assigns Sherlock to solve wizarding cases without magic, trying to prove nonmagical folk trumps wizardkind maybe in the hopes of one day becoming an opposite of Voldemort idk

tl;dr - squib Sherlock solving magical cases and having to out-think magical criminals, many of whom are hired by squib/Muggle Moriarty. they're jerks to each other but love knowing there's someone else who's Clever without powers in the wizarding world and knows what it's like dealing without magic; but they won't say how excited they are because they don't want to admit they're both a bit bitter. Poor John gets swept up in the mess.

RTYIs also welcome of course! I dunno if this has been done before but really any squib/nonmagic-Sherlock-in-the-Wizarding-world at all would make me v happy.

Re: HP xover - squib Sherlock

Is it possible to be inlove with a prompt?
Because I think I´ve just fallen for yours

Skyfall crossover, overprotective Holmes brothers

Jumping into "Q is a Holmes" wagon.

Despite being the middle child, Sherlock is always treated more like the youngest child due to his dangerous/destructive habits. Thus why both Mycroft and Q are devoting themselves on protecting Sherlock.

Just because Q doesn't make it so obvious like Mycroft did, it doesn't mean he isn't stalking his older brother. Infact he might be even worse than Mycroft as there is no privacy whatsoever when Q is involved. CCTV, phone lines, texts, Internet, bank accounts, you named it.

Mystrade, Johnlock and 00Q for pairings.

Extra points if Sherlock actually goes along well enough with Q and likes to treat him as the baby brother once a while (despite Q is the one who is doing the protect work in his own way).

Mycroft and Sherlock brotherly love

Mycroft has seen some awful things, over half of them due to his own orders, but the worst thing he witnessed was his brother having an awful seizure one day in his office, or the Diogenes club.

And worst was watching John immediately take charge of the situation whilst Mycroft just could only stand there, horrified.

It is completely up to the author why Sherlock suddenly has a seizure, all I ask is that it is set during the time of the series and it is his first seizure.

Re: Mycroft and Sherlock brotherly love

Seconding all non holmecest Holmes Brothers prompts.

5+1 BAMF!John galore with a smidge of BAMF!Sherlock

A 5+1 about five times John saved Sherlock and one time Sherlock saved him.

Basically, lots of BAMF!John, Damsel!Sherlock, and preferably no relationship/kiss/acknowledgment of feelings until the +1
(But really, whatever)

Sherlock/John, Amnesia/Brain Damage/Missing

Okay, all you talented writers out there. Take the opening scene posted at my journal below and run with it.

Re: Sherlock/John, Amnesia/Brain Damage/Missing

Did you write that intro? was kind of awesome. I think you should just go for it!

Shameless Sherlock/Martin

I just discovered Cabin Pressure, and I really want to see these two in bed together- for reasons.

Mycroft says "same"- I think he knows what my attraction to this pairing is.

Re: Shameless Sherlock/Martin

ohhhh yes pleaseeeeeee i need this

Gen or Sherlock/John - Cocaine

When Sherlock's high on Coke he's NICE.

Feel free to go from there. Plot bunny jumped in my way when I had no time for it, for some reason I'm itching to see this.

Re: Gen or Sherlock/John - Cocaine [FILL FILL FILL] Micro

"Oh John! Let me wash your clothes! The kitchen and the bathroom is clean; I threw out all my old experiments and I cleaned all the glassware and put it in the designated containers!"

A few moments later. " John! Let me iron your clothes for tomorrow, you have to look nice and dapper for your patients."

John buried his face into the newspaper, touching the record button on his cell phone, as well as setting the laptops, both his and Sherlock's on record at different points in the room.

This was just too hilarious.

"John! I made you some more tea." Sherlock bloody Holmes was high. And so very polite. Cleaning and making him tea.

"Thank you Sherlock." He sipped the tea and raised his eyebrows in surprise. It was just how he liked it.

"There's a roast in the crock pot, a vegetable salad in the newly cleaned refrigerator, and I bleached the counters and stove before cooking, I promise."

John turned his head to gaze at Sherlock, wearing his customary suit, and a damn Kiss the Chef apron over it. His face was flushed and his gray eyes were cutting back and forth across the room.

" Thank you, Sherlock. I'm sure supper will be quite lovely. We may have to invite Mrs. Hudson up for dinner."

Sherlock nods emphatically, making an Oh sound as he flitted off to dust over a speck he must have just noticed he missed.

John returned to his paper, smiling and planning on exploiting the next time that a criminal force feeds Sherlock a bit of coke.

Age gap - J+S or J/S

FEEL FREE to only use a part of the prompt or concentrate on the past or the present only/more. As long as fill has some elements from this I won't mind at all. :)

I really need kid!John having grown up along older (teen?)!Sherlock. John has always admired Sherlock and thought he was the coolest thing ever. Sherlock didn't ever not pay attention to his captivated audience /friend and was shocked when he saw that John grew up and into a kind, BAMF young man that was still incredibly fond of him even if Sherlock himself could be very waspish and tended to forget him a bit more now that John was grown up.

Than John gets brought along on one of Sherlock's legitimate police-cases (perhaps after a while of not seeing each other...I'm thinking they lost contact after one of them moved or something). And cue Sherlock getting called a "cougar" and cradle robber and getting side eyed because my gosh John looks so young.

John ends up joining the military still during Sherlock's absence.

Sherlock ended up on drugs during the time he wasn't with John but once Mycroft found him again Sherlock decided to get himself clean with Lestrade and Mycroft's help. Im thinking Sherlock was scared of finding John again because what if he didnt like him anymore and such.

+1OOOOO If at some point you stick lil!John into a dress or makeup and Sherlock thinks its adorable and honestly doesn't care about the fact that those are 'girl things' or if someone walks in one older!John in a dress while the two are going at it.

The Holmes brothers as children

I'm FASCINATED with Sherlock and Mycroft's childhood, so any story with them as children growing up in that huge house with their (odd?) parents is welcome, specifically between the two brothers.

-Mycroft dealing with a new baby brother
-Sherlock displaying extraordinary abilities as a child, Mycroft trying to top him

Etc etc

Been reading a lot of Wallace Stevens lately. Found this:

Flyer's Fall

This man escaped the dirty fates,
Knowing that he did nobly, as he died.

Darkness, nothingness of human after-death,
Receive and keep him in the deepness of space-

Profundum, physical thunder, dimension in which
We believe without belief, beyond belief.


Not quite sure what I'm looking for: Is this said at the funeral? Personally, I'd love Mycroft to show up, maybe reflecting alone at his house or at Diogenes (because if anyone reads poetry out of this lot its probably him)-I don't know. Obviously, angst is expected but would fluff at the end is more than welcome. :)

The Secret Diary of a male escort/consulting detective, by Sherlock Holmes

Where Sherlock Holmes is a male escort, capable of deducing every kink and desire of his (female/male) clients, and who never refuses to solve crimes in his free time thanks to his regular client Inspector Greg Lestrade.

And one day, he meets John Watson.

(Sherlock/John; Sherlock/Lestrade; Sherlock/clients etc)

Re: The Secret Diary of a male escort/consulting detective, by Sherlock Holmes

i didnt know i wanted this so bad. Seconded!

Bonding AU

In this AU, people have the ability to bond with their partners, but it is done incredibly rarely, even amongst married couples, because of the dangers involved to both partners both during and after it is complete (as well as the still high prevalence of divorce). Forced bonding is considered a violation tantamount to rape.

Five years ago, after having worked with him on a couple of cases, Lestrade comes upon an overdosed Sherlock, on the verge of death. In desperation, and without really thinking through the consequences, he bonds with Sherlock, thereby allowing him to save his life. He's able to get him to a hospital, (and later rehab) but is slightly horrified at himself for what he's done. However, their association continues, and Sherlock doesn't seem at all bothered by it, or even really acknowledges it, besides being slightly more mellow towards him than anyone else. Lestrade is still ashamed and tries to make it up to him by giving him way more leeway than he probably deserves, but overall their relationship remains one of begrudging respect/looking out for the other, and Lestrade assumes Sherlock has forgiven him.

Enter John. And on whatever timeline (either pre or post Reichenbach, doesn't matter) they become incredibly close. And he and Sherlock finally decide that they want to bond - because it turns out, Sherlock actually had no idea he was bound to Lestrade all this time (attributing any changes to him getting clean).

I just want a fic about the aftermath (or more development of this world, if that suits you better). Jealous Lestrade, paternal Lestrade, threesomes, betrayed/horrified Sherlock are all fine. Prefer Sherlock/John ending, with Lestrade somehow okay too, but honestly, anything would be good.

Everyone is born with half a song (well tune) and the desire to complete it by finding their other half. Obviously this is quite difficult as many things can sound good together but very rarely do they sound amazing.

Thankfully some are born musicians, people with the ability to complete songs (matchmake).

Sherlock is a musician.

Johnlock preferred but feel free to run wild!

I like it.

Sherlock/Multi, Crossover Push, Pregnancies, Noncon and all things Angst

This is a silly idea that came into my head at seeing some people rp and it won't go out. If someone could write this, please, the more angst, the better.

Sherlock finds himself kidnapped by Moriarty but he isn't alone. With him there's John Watson, Molly Hooper and Cassie Holmes. He finds himself in one of Moriarty's new dirty games, where he is forced to choose between John and Molly. No matter who he picks, Moriarty finds a way for Sherlock to have sex with Molly, then threatens to rape Cassie but has Sherlock do it for him instead. Moriarty enjoys to see Sherlock having sex and manages for several months to keep the four locked up (despite escape attempts).

Then, when they finally find themselves free, it has become clear that both Molly and Cassie are pregnant with Sherlock's babies.

But Sherlock really just loves John.

- Could be Sherlock was working on the case to find Cassie's mother (who was supposedly taken by the USA Division), and that's why Cassie became involved.
- Could be Cassie is Sherlock's cousin which would cause for incest and MORE angst.
- There could be brilliant escape attempts but Moriarty is just THAT clever
- Love the threat of Moriarty wanting to add Adler to this but somehow Irene outsmarts him (perhaps this leads to a rescue arranged from the outside like Lestrade and Irene)
- For Molly to soothe Cassie and for them to share an understanding
- John being a sweetheart and loving the thought of babies, and acting as the one who keeps everyone together.

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Wanted: a Sherlock/Star Trek cross over. A few ideas for how you could accomplish this...
-Sherlock gets to go to Starfleet academy
-Rewrite S1 and S2 major plot pints using ST locations
-Have the crew of the enterprise go back in time to the 21st century and somehow meet Sherlock and co.

bonus points for lots of lulz and at any point having an amazing argument/meeting between spock and sherlock.

Re: Crossover


Overprotective uncle Mycroft

The child´s parents are the world´s only consulting detective and a army doctor?
Nowhere near as overprotective/scary/intimidating as his/her uncle,the British Goverment.
Pleased make it fluffy

Re: Overprotective uncle Mycroft

Yes, please!

When Sherlock was a child, he read somewhere about the practice of fasting against someone or something you wish ill. This is his one superstitious practice: when he says he doesn't eat on a case because digestion slows him down, he's at best shading the truth. He may by now believe it does slow him down, but at some level of his consciousness he's actually fasting against the person responsible for the crime he's trying to solve.

By "fasting against" do you mean like a hunger strike?

Sherlock: Paintball!AU

Remember the painball episodes in Community?
There is a game at Scotland Yard, last man alive wins a prize. What prize? It's up to you.

The most badass, ridiculous, amazing paintball game. Sherlock thinks he can win, because he's a genius. John thinks it's going to be easy, because he's a soldier. But let's not forget the other players.

Re: Sherlock: Paintball!AU

Seconding to eternity!!


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