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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Lestrade is actually Moran. I want a relationship between Moriarty and Lestrade, bonus points if Leatrade cleans up one of Moriarty's crimes for him.

Crime lords secretly help Sherlock against Moriarty.

I'd love to see BAMF!Sherlock and BAMF!John doing what they do best, but from an unusually helpful criminal perspective.

Moriarty's always got his fingers in everyone's proverbial criminal pies. Several prominent crime lords are really very tired of it, so they decide to secretly help Sherlock.

Bonus points!
- The crime lords are huge fans of John's blog, and are regularly impressed by Sherlock.
- Mycroft, who realizes what they're doing, is a little bewildered by their support.
- Sherlock remains oblivious for quite some time.

I figured Sherlock doesn't bother crime lords much. Extortion and smuggling probably bore him.

Possible Cabin Pressure Crossover

(I prompted this on a tumblr page about a month ago, but realized it was way too long to be a requested ficlet prompt. But I can't get it out of my head. If it looks familiar, that's why!) Contains spoilers for all of CP!

Molly and Martin used to date. For whatever reason (maybe the pressure of having to hide Sherlock's secret?) they break up (amicably? angst? up to author!), and Martin begins dating Princess Teresa. The relationship progresses quickly, and Molly is invited to the wedding in Lichtenstein a few years later.


Sherlock is still off secretly taking out the Evil Empire piece by piece, and it's taking its toll. He has stopped himself from asking about John or even going back anywhere near the UK, because he knows the temptation to check in/reveal himself would be too strong. However, he hears that Molly is coming to Lichtenstein for the wedding, and can't help but arrange a meet-up and find out any word, in person, so he can deduce the truth for himself.

FIC POSSIBILITIES: (I will take any and all! Basically just a fic about what happens at this meeting)

* Molly reveals that John has moved on with Mary, and there is some h/c bonding and/or angsty sex as a one-shot, pre-return (because I still ship S/J, but if you want to make this totally S/M, that's fine too).

* Molly is actually totally fine at the wedding, really happy for Martin, and meets someone on her own. Or doesn't meet anyone, because she actually doesn't need to be in a relationship to be happy. Whatever. :) (Sherlock's part is up to author in this scenario)

Molly is now with John, and is trying to figure out how to hide it/break it to Sherlock. Bonus John cameo at the wedding! (Agh! That would be brilliant! Can you imagine the drama?! Yes, I am squealing over my own prompt ideas, I'm just making this shit up as I go, someone please stop me...)

Or anything else you can come up with! I just really see the initial pairings so clearly, and somehow, it just makes sense to me that Sherlock would use Molly out of London as an opportunity. If the Cabin Pressure side of things isn't working for you, you can take it out...or add more!

Kind of prefer at least some h/c and angst, but if this just screams crack to you, go for it. Who am I to control your muse?

tl;dr: Molly and Sherlock meet up in Lichtenstein at Martin/Teresa's wedding. Aaannnnd go!

Three days

Mycroft has some actual psychics in his employ. At some point, when John visits Mycroft, one of the psychics tells John that he has three days left to live, Sherlock will be with him when he dies(sherlock is not injured in any way) and he will die a hero and be remembered.

What does John do with his three days? How does Sherlock react to John's death? How does he react when he realizes that John knew all the time? How does John die?

Please no crack.

Re: Three days

Microfill, unbetaed and written directly in the comment box:

From the blog of John H. Watson:

22 August 2015

John told me once that if anything ever happened to him, he hoped I would write the final entry in his blog. So here I am, at John's request, though I honestly don't know what I'm meant to write. A eulogy? The epilogue of our story, the story of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes? (No, never that, John. There will never be an end to our story, because we are eternally bound, you and I, and not even death can change that.)

How can I possibly find words to honour the greatest man I've ever known?

I once told John that heroes didn't exist, but I was wrong. (See, John? I can admit when I'm wrong.) I do believe in heroes. John Watson was a hero - not just in his last moments when he sacrificed himself to save all those people, but always. That's what he was, who he was: a hero, in life and in death.

To the world, I leave you with the words of William Shakespeare:

“When he shall die,
Take him and cut him out in little stars,
And he will make the face of heaven so fine
That all the world will be in love with night
And pay no worship to the garish sun.”


Re: Three days (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Three days (Anonymous) Expand
So... John and Sherlock(/Fem!Lock) were in a sexual relationship even though they weren't married/mated/bonded. It didn't matter though because they knew they loved each other and were happy/content with their life.

Then Reichenbach happened.

It was shortly after the fall when Sherlock discovered he was pregnant. Logically, he knew it was a bad idea to bring a child into hid war against Moriarty's empire, yet at the same time he also knew this child was his last link to John. After all he was aware of chances that John wouldn't forgive him. So he made his decision, to ask Mycroft's help for his child's support and protection.

Three years later John was already engaged/married to Mary when Sherlock came back with a child in his arms. What he wanted was merely to give a proper goodbye/closure and let his child to meet his father for the first time. (Because John already moved on and was happy and Sherlock wasn't going to ruin that.)

Happy ending if possible?

Bonus: BAMF!Mary was the one to push them back together. (and then becomes the child's godmother)

Pretty please? I just want to fill my angst meter. ;u;

Sherlock/John, Cloaca

Sherlock has a cloaca, John discovers this, porn ensues. Feel free to embellish with other kinks/whatever else you want.

ghost in the machine (1/?)

Every month he spends one day in a remote facility in Basingstoke. It’s not large, half the size of most major hospitals, and shabby looking. Old. Like it’s been standing for a long time.

The locals don’t remember it. Its official name is Bio-Test Laboratory Inc., and yet it isn’t open to the public. Its mission statement is vague, almost non-existent. No one knows the nature of the research that goes on there.

There are a few other facilities of this kind across the country, all of them under heavy surveillance.

Any controversies surrounding their true purpose are immediately, silently, extinguished.


While he lived on his own – which he had for his entire life after Oxford – his frequent absences could go unnoticed.

There was simply no one to tell, no one to miss him.


“This is dangerous and profoundly stupid,” Mycroft says almost immediately after Sherlock meets John Watson, who hasn’t even agreed to move in with him yet. “It won’t just be your life, Sherlock. It will be his as well.”

“I can take care of myself,” Sherlock says, rage deepening at his own petulance, moron, and throws his phone into the fireplace at Mycroft’s soft, merciless laugh.


There are no existing heat suppressants strong enough for omegas with cloaxia, who make up .7% of the population. Interest waned with the sudden decline towards the middle of the 20th century, until it became reckless and impractical to continue spending exorbitant amounts of public funding on research. So they stopped.

The heat cycle of an omega with a cloaca doesn’t last as long as the average omega’s, but varies in intensity. Sherlock remembers seeing a graph when he was a child: the steady blue line of an omega’s heat cycle, overlaid with the erratically fluctuating red line that Sherlock was told signified his own.


Dutiful brother that he is, every month Mycroft sends a car for Sherlock. The driver varies, but the destination is always the same.

Once inside the facility Sherlock is signed in and taken to one of the rooms. The orderlies are pleasant but dull. Despite their familiarity with him, on every visit Sherlock is given a choice. He can spend 24 hours with a trained alpha (he hates that phrase – trained alpha – how vulgar) or he can go into isolation.

He has always preferred to be alone.

There are things meant to help him: painkillers (low dosage, barely effective), pornography, alpha-scent in small, generic bottles.

There are dildos that come wrapped in plastic, that smell like disinfectant and, no matter how big, are never, ever enough.


John is impressed by Sherlock, but not overwhelmed. He’s annoyed by Sherlock, but he doesn’t leave, doesn’t try to hurt him when Sherlock is being particularly nasty. Sherlock picks up a new habit he dislikes intensely: apologizing.

John laughs at him (laughs at him a lot), but it isn’t malicious. It isn’t alienating. Sherlock quickly realizes that John treats everyone the same: with humor, with consideration. But there is something warmer in his gaze when it rests on Sherlock.

(You’re attracted to him, Sherlock finally concedes to himself. Problematic. Fix it.)

But he doesn’t, and John keeps looking at him.


Sherlock starts running out of excuses six or seven months later. He hasn’t given John enough credit (they’ve established a pattern of this, Sherlock underestimating John, followed by John doing something unexpected, thrilling). John catches on after the first three months, and only grows more perceptive. His curiosity turns into suspicion.

“Belarus,” Sherlock sighs, flopping onto the sofa, “open and shut domestic murder. Not worth my time.”

“That’s, what, the fourth?” John says. “Awful long way to travel if you aren’t going to take any of the cases.” Something in his voice makes Sherlock glance at him. He’s caught off guard by John’s expression, narrowed, penetrating, and for a moment he almost looks like a reflection.

“I’ll only know whether I can take the case if I observe them first,” Sherlock says, lying, needing to get away from John’s eyes on him, “otherwise I have nothing to go on.”

John doesn’t pursue it.

The relationship between wolves and ravens -any/any


Something based on the above post. Metaphorical or actual wolf!John and Raven!Sherlock or some animal-human hybrid thing or anything else.

Re: The relationship between wolves and ravens -any/any

May or may not end up filling this but i'd really like to try because this prompt (and the tumblr post that inspired it) is awesome.
Some ideas I'm thinking about:
spirit animals
daemons (His Dark Materials fusion)
patronus and/or animagus (Harry Potter fusion)

do any of these sound ok or would you prefer something else?

TW: Non-Con, Fuck or Die


I would prefer if she's the one penetrating him with the use of a feeldoe, but I'm not terribly choosy.

Mycroft/Dr Who

Anything in which Mycroft has to work with the Doctor, and/or has a friendship or romantic relationship with him. I'd prefer 9 or 10, but whatever takes your fancy.

Bonus: Mycroft has a story similar to Madame Pompadour/Amy Pond, meeting the Doctor as a child and having him show up at random points in his life.

Fill! The Man Part 1a/?

To Mycroft Holmes he was always the man. He might have introduced himself as some point during their first meeting but he was too busy screaming at this point to notice.

Admittedly the way he had showed up and exposed his nanny as some sort of creature from another planet that tried to take over his mother's body was impressive. And admittedly they way he did the same with Mycroft's chemistry teacher -who he never really liked, especially not after the detention he got after trying to make Sherlock's birthday present in his class- seven years later was also very impressive.

More impressive though was how he somehow managed to look like he hadn't aged one day during this time. Neither seemed to have the blonde woman accompanying him. In fact he was also pretty sure that both of them were wearing the exact same clothes as they did the last time he saw them. He squeezed his eye, was very silent for almost a minute and then looked at the two adults, currently bickering like little kids about how doors were supposed to be locked.

''Are you from the government?'' The women stopped her rant about time-traveling Body Snatchers ruining everything and turned towards him. ''Not quite.'' she said, looking at him with something that was probably meant to be reassuring smile. ''But don't worry we know how to de-'' she was interrupted by the sound of his chemistry teacher throwing himself against the door. The man let out a laugh at that. ''Figures that that would be the first thing you ask Mycroft.'' he mumbled while moving some weird device over the look of the door. Mycroft raised one eyebrow. ''How do you know my name?''

The man stopped moving his device, mumbling something that sounded very much like a curse even though Mycroft couldn't figure out the language. ''We will met.'' he then said. ''In your future. And my past. Rose please give me that bottle over there.'' Mycroft raised his other eyebrow. He had learned that trick from his mother. Sherlock was still working very hard on copying it.

''That doesn't make sense.'' The woman -Rose- had handed the bottle over to the man, who was briefly raising it before smashing it against the lock of the door. ''Screwdriver is out of power.'' he said to Rose before turning around again and kicking in the door with the now melted lock. ''And you Mycroft will see that it does make sense. Soon enough at least.'' That was the moment Mycroft's chemistry teacher managed to break through the door and they were all too occupied with running afterward for Mycroft to ask another question.

He didn't had the chance to say goodbye. After his chemistry teacher melted in a spectacular way that reminded him that he really should test the affect of acid on flesh with Sherlock, Rose and the man had been busy running from the police one of his teachers had called . He was slightly disgruntled by the fact that he wouldn't be able to ask more questions. Or to thank them for saving his life again.

Fill! The Man Part 1b/? (Anonymous) Expand


Someone is being misogynistic (dammnit Anderson!) so Sherlock schools them on equality in epic fashion






Awesome prompt, goes hand in hand with Mycroft's porn written in all caps :D

Reichenbach Return looking different

So there was a tumblr post about Sherlock returning after Reichenbach looking different/how BC generally looks now (aka auburn hair and muscle-y). I would love if someone wrote a fic about John's response to his return and new appearance ending in some slash.

I'm also totally down with Sherlock returning and finding John much more fit (ex more muscular, better clothes, maybe dyed hair, or just whatever the filler wants!) and his reaction.

quick prompt

You'll be all better baby once I'm finished

use this somehow

Re: quick prompt

hey so i totally love this, but didn't want to go too far left field. were you thinking sexual or non-sexual?

Sherlock and John, running a long con

What it says on the tin: I want Sherlock and John running a long con (a confidence trick that lasts a long time--preferably weeks to months--and takes a lot of planning).

The focus should be on the con (and any minor off-the-cuff tricks they might do to support the long con), but I would also love if John's crack-shot/fighter/general badassery came into play, and I certainly wouldn't object to Sherlock whipping out some lock-picking or pick-pocketing skills.

Feel free to bring Lestrade, Mike Stamford, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, and/or Mycroft in supporting roles for the con, as necessary.

Pairings not necessary, but if they happen, I like John/Sherlock and Lestrade/Mycroft.

Omegaverse stable threesome

Everything I've read in the omegaverse says that one alpha and one beta bond and Bob's your uncle.

How about if one alpha has two omegas? They form a solid three-way bond, with lots of hot sex, of course. Your choice on whether the omegas go into heat at the same time.

Re: Omegaverse stable threesome

Would you mind if it was two Alphas and one Omega?

John/Mary Morstan - Dirty Talk

Mary loves that there's something a little wild underneath John's affable exterior. It's one of the things that drew her to him.

What she didn't expect, however, was his absolutely filthy mouth. It's not all the time, but every once and a while John gets fabulously descriptive, telling her how good it feels and how gorgeous she is and how much he wants her and listing every last dirty thing he wants to do to her in explicit, detail.

So, yeah. I want some hot John/Mary sex, with lots of dirty talk - the more explicit, the better.

Sherlock/John, Drug Abuse/Recovery

Based on the A&E television show “Intervention”.

London, England, spring 2012. The great city is abuzz with excitement as it prepares to host the world for the summer Olympic games. At 221B Baker Street, Sherlock Holmes, the world’s only consulting detective, has made a triumphant return home after successfully destroying Moriarty’s criminal web. After receiving a welcome in the form of first a punch (still avoiding his nose and teeth), a stream of curses, and then a prolonged hug from his flatmate and then another hug and a few tears (well, more than a few) from his “not your housekeeper” landlady, Sherlock has once again settled down to the familiar routine the three had established before his “fall”.

With the exception of one crucial element.

With the games only a few months away, law enforcement has been making a concerted effort to crack down on crime in the city. The combination of their efforts and the destruction of the vast criminal network once controlled by Moriarty, has left London with a significantly reduced crime rate, granting its citizens the opportunity to walk the streets in relative safety for the first time in many years. Good news, right? Maybe not if your name is Sherlock Holmes and you rely on that criminal element to keep you busy with the one thing that keeps your mind engaged and boredom at bay - namely “the Work”.

As the days and weeks drag on with virtually nothing to do, Sherlock soon finds himself returning to the destructive habits of his past in a desperate attempt to relieve the endless boredom. Soon one “danger night” is followed by another, then another, then another. John’s attempts to run interference prove futile as he is easily outsmarted by the detective time and time again. Soon Sherlock is a full-blown addict, no longer caring about “the Work” or John or anything else beyond getting his next high. Desperate for help, John turns to Mycroft and an intervention is arranged.

So it is one night that Sherlock is lured to Bart’s under the pretext that Molly has procured for him some rather fascinating body parts. When he arrives, however, he finds that waiting in the morgue are not his promised specimens, but rather a small group of people who make up his “family” – Mycroft, Lestrade, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, and of course, John, along with the interventionist. Immediately deducing what is about to happen, Sherlock begins to storm out, only to be halted by the voice of his brother, who assures him if he does so, he will immediately be arrested and imprisoned on charges of drug possession, as Lestrade recently conducted an unofficial “drugs bust” of the flat and gathered more than enough incriminating evidence to guarantee Sherlock a long stay in jail. Knowing the threat is not an idle one, Sherlock reluctantly remains. However, as each person in the room outlines their bottom line unless Sherlock agrees to get the help he needs – with Lestrade, it’s no more cases; with Molly, it’s no more body parts and banishment from the lab; with Mycroft, it is the loss of both his influence and money, both of which are often critical not only to Sherlock’s ability to function as a consulting detective, but which Sherlock needs at present to keep the law at bay and to provide him with the necessary funds to purchase his illicit narcotics; with Mrs. Hudson, it’s the threat of eviction – he merely sneers at all of them. After all, he has survived without all that before and can certainly do so again. Never mind that previous existence was nothing short of utter misery. But John’s bottom line proves much harder to ignore, for that bottom line is John himself. He makes it clear to Sherlock that unless he agrees to treatment right then and there, he will never see John again.

Will Sherlock capitulate and go to treatment? Or will he risk losing the one being who long ago became his entire world?

Bonus points for Sherlock, if he does agree to go, refuses to do so unless John comes with him.

Brain Damaged Sherlock

Sherlock suffers a severe head injury during a case, resulting in brain damage that leaves him unable to fend for himself. While John is perfectly content to take up the position of caregiver, he’s not the only one who wants to assume that role. Mycroft Holmes is determined to take possession of his now-helpless baby brother, and has the money and power and political influence to easily do so. What does John have to counter all that? A pair of gray-green eyes that shine with happiness and delight whenever he is near, and two arms that constantly reach out to him, begging to be held and cherished and loved.

Re: Brain Damaged Sherlock


Sherlock wears a chastity device because erections are annoying

I read a description about how Sherlock has really been working on becoming less human and therefore ignoring his body's needs and is less emotional. How about this includes squashing down those pesky erections?

Sherlock, of course, is annoyed when he has an erection. What's the point? It's so pointless and a waste of energy. So he wears a chastity device.

One day, Sherlock is hurt at a crime scene and back as 221B, & John insists on looking after him. John sees the chastity device. They aren't in a relationship at this point. Seeing Sherlock like that is utterly arousing for John, who can't believe *why* Sherlock chooses to wear one. He decides to convince Sherlock that erections are a good thing.

Hiatus AU/Omegaverse Moran/Sherlock TW: Non-con, body horror, forced pregnancy

Sherlock is an Omega, has been for sometime. At some point (author can pick situation) he is without his suppressants and goes into a rather violent heat.

The agent he is chasing – Moran, or could be another criminal of your choice – captures him and makes Sherlock his little precious pet – beating him if he tries to escape once the heat leaves, branding/marking him as his, etc.

If you want to not make it Omegaverse, that’s fine too, just include Moran beating Sherlock with a bullwhip/or branding him and then fucking him on a cement floor.

If author chooses Omegaverse please have Sherlock be faced with the possibility of being Sebastian’s brood mare.

Also up to author if/when he is rescued.
I'd prefer if Sherlock didn't develop Stockholm Syndrome, but being fearful/conditioned to obey Sebastian is fine though.

Re: Hiatus AU/Omegaverse Moran/Sherlock TW: Non-con, body horror, forced pregnancy

Yes please!

Revised Prompt - Sherlock/John, Alpha/Omega Verse

Sherlock Holmes, the world's only consulting detective, is cold, ruthless, arrogant, and has no time or patience for sentiment. He is also an unbonded Omega who is careful to take his heat suppressants, as, unlike the average Omega (and Sherlock, as he will gladly tell you, is anything but average), he has no desire to become the human equivalent of a broodmare to some hormone-driven Alpha male, popping out one baby after another year after year. Such purported “domestic bliss” might be satisfactory, even desired by other Omegas, but not him. He had better things to do. Like solving crimes and proving time and time again how utterly useless the local police force often was when it came to the same.

Then one day he is called into a case that proves extremely difficult and time-consuming to solve. As days stretch into weeks with no resolution, Sherlock becomes so focused on finding the solution he neglects to take his suppressants. One day he decides to revisit the crime scene, hoping to unearth some new clue that will put all the pieces together. Unbeknownst to him, Anderson has had the same idea. Also unbeknownst to him, he's beginning to go into heat, something Anderson, an unbonded Alpha, instantly realizes when the two bump into each other at the crime scene. Hardly able to believe his good fortune, Anderson wastes no time forcing himself on his hated rival, knowing that a successful mating will bind Sherlock to his side and leave him with little choice but to heed his body’s instinctive demands to submit to his Alpha. Of course that's the last thing Sherlock wants, but his vast intellect stands no chance against thousands of years of biology and he soon finds himself tied to a man he utterly despises. However, he is absolutely determined that his new status will have as little impact on his life as possible and does his best to limit his exposure to Anderson, including refusing to leave his flat at Baker Street or allow Anderson to move in. Undeterred, Anderson takes full advantage of the power he now holds over Sherlock, knowing the detective has no choice but to submit to his advances. He takes to "scenting" Sherlock at every available opportunity, rubbing his body all over the detective and practically smothering him with pheromones. He also makes regular visits to Baker Street, bedding Sherlock and knotting him frequently in a concerted effort to impregnate the detective, as the birth of a child would cement their bond to the point where it would become unbreakable. But already having made the disastrous mistake of forgetting to take his suppressants, Sherlock is not about to do the same when it comes to his birth control. Thus the situation remains at an impasse, with both parties stubbornly refusing to yield.

Then one day an ex-army doctor going by the name of John Hamish Watson, who happens to be an unbonded Alpha, steps into a lab at Bart's in the hope of acquiring a new flatmate.

Bonus points for making the first mating between Sherlock and Anderson as messy as possible, with copious amounts of lubricating fluid and sperm.

More bonus points for the scenario where John, while he is aware Sherlock is an Omega, has no idea the detective is bonded until they go to their first crime scene together. Anderson is already there and immediately pounces on Sherlock, "scenting" him furiously. While Sherlock is forced to endure Anderson's unwanted attention, John is left shocked and confused. It is unheard of for bonded pairs to live apart, so if Sherlock and Anderson are together, which is blatantly apparent, why is John sharing a flat with Sherlock rather than Anderson? It is also blatantly apparent from Sherlock’s reaction as Anderson leans over to sink his teeth into the soft, pale skin of his neck, that for the detective, this bonding is not a happy one. That thought does not sit well with John.

No, it does not sit well at all.

Warning for mega angst Sherlock / Molly

Sherlock and Molly lose the baby they were expecting.


Tattoo!lock pretty pretty pretty please?! Maybe Sherlock has tattoos that he hides underneath his shirt or he gets one or he's a tattoo artist? Both John and Sherlock have tattoos? Just tattoos! Maybe with some slash!

But also please no like "Sherlock gets John's name tattooed on him" because that kinda squicks me out...

Re: Tattoo!lock

Brilliant prompt - second this!!
i'm not the OP but can we have the Yard find out ??

Re: Tattoo!lock (Anonymous) Expand


I absolutely love Sherstrade and there is way way too little of it. I would be happy with anything really, but I would like a story where John finds out about Sherlock and Greg being a couple. I would appreciate something a bit longer (I'm not expecting 10k, just something a bit more than a minifill would be great).

Want some surprise, shock and disbelief from John, but winds up being amused (and slightly touched, but he would never admit that.)

Smut is always a nice bonus, but I just really need some more Sherstrade.

Re: Sherstrade

I also love the Sherstrade!

Sherlock Panty-Sniffer Holmes

Sherlock made the mistake of sniffing a pair of knickers ONE TIME while on a case (perhaps to check for unusual odors which would indicate a toxin that had been partially excreted through urination/sweat), and now the Yard won't let him live it down.

Really, I just want lots of good-natured (if a bit crass) fun, and the Yard getting the chance to make Sherlock as agitated as he makes them.

Fill: The Incident With The Knickers (1/?)

If there was one thing Sherlock could say he regretted doing at a crime scene, it had to be testing the victim's knickers for unusual odors which would indicate a toxin that had been partially excreted through urination or sweat. It was the one incident that no one at Scotland Yard would let him live down.
Lestrade had texted him, desperate for Sherlock's help on a case that had everyone confused. The scene of the murder was in the victim, a woman of about 30,'s flat. Sherlock had taken John along with him to the scene and began to observe the body and the flat as per the routine. His results on the body pointed to a possible drug being administered into her system to aid with her death, but he couldn't be sure yet.
Sherlock had moved around the flat, glancing at the body and then at the surrounding areas as his mind raced for another clue. Usually while at a crime scene Sherlock tended to ignore everyone else except for John, and even he slipped his mind on occasion. This time was no different.
Many people from the Yard were there on the case, including Donovan, Anderson, and, of course, Lestrade. Most everyone stood and watched as Sherlock pranced around, going from the body to a furniture item, back to the body, and then to a seemingly random item in the room. No one knew what types of calculations were going on his mind, but then again, they never did.
Everyone in the room seemed to be watching Sherlock at the moment when he went over to the victim's basket of dirty laundry. Quite a few people looked puzzled, while others looked curious. Sherlock seemed to not even realize there were others in the room, not to mention the fact that they were all watching him.
They all watched as Sherlock picked at the discarded clothes. Suddenly, Sherlock picked up a pair of knickers from the pile. As if it wasn't thought provoking enough, Sherlock did something with them that caused a reaction from everyone in the room. He sniffed them.
Everyone was stunned and confused for the first moment. Then, Anderson started snickering, which seemed to set off others in the room. Many of the Yarders laughed, while some looked plain confused and shocked. Lestrade was staring at Sherlock as if he had gown two heads, and John looked torn between amusement and disturbance.
Yes, toxin administered approximately 3 hours before..what the heck? Sherlock looked up, confusing written all over his face. People were staring at him. Okay, not unusual. People were laughing. They were laughing at him? It seemed so. Why? And why was Lestrade staring at him like- oh.
"Have you got a fetish we should know about, freak?" Donovan smirked, laughter issuing once again.
Rather annoyed, Sherlock had explained why he had sniffed them. Everyone saw the reason now, but that didn't stop them from poking fun.


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