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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Rear Window crossover/AU, J/S

Long Prompt:

Consulting Detective Sherlock Holmes breaks a leg on a case, and watches his neighbors through his window (especially fascinated by the dominatrix across the courtyard). His nurse (not housekeeper!) Mrs. Hudson and informal girlfriend Joan Watson take care of him. Sherlock deduces that a murder has occurred solves it with their help, Joan all the while trying to convince him that she can take care of herself well enough to be his partner on cases. John/Sherlock and maybe Lestrade/Molly

Sherlock=L.B. Jeffries (James Stewart)
Girl!John=Lisa Freemont (Grace Kelly)
Mrs. Hudson=Stella
Jefferson Hope=Lars Thorwald
Lestrade or Mycroft=Det. Lt. Doyle
Molly=Ms. Lonelyheart
Irene=Miss Torso

The characters just fit so perfectly that I had to prompt this. I may have read a similar prompt, but I can't remember for sure and I couldn't find it.

tl;dr sherlock characters in the plot of Rear Window

Re: Rear Window crossover/AU, J/S

The characters just fit so perfectly that I had to prompt this. I may have read a similar prompt, but I can't remember for sure and I couldn't find it.

Yeah, I posted it here

Though I wasn't specific about who was in what role except for Sherlock.

Sentinel AU Crossover

uuuuuuunf I need more crossovers with sentinelverse.


really. really.

After velvet_mace, RyuuzaKochou, and Hisstah's stories I really really need moar!!! :O

ANY and all recs are welcomed but I would really love a fic~~ please this awesome crossover'verse needs more works! <3

Re: Sentinel AU Crossover


I'm fascinated by the sentinelverse and wish I knew more about it!


Set in 1901?

John Watson, a journalist coming to Paris to write about poverty and love, stumbles into an awful detective agency (Division Detectives: Lestrade, Donovan, Anderson), who introduce him to the Moulin Rouge:

An exotic dance hall for men and women
who like men and women.

John is entranced by the dancers, male and female, and loves the show-runner (Mycroft/Zidler). However, the star of show is really stunning. Sherlock Holmes, with his snowy skin and carved angles and icy eyes.

John desperately wants Sherlock, but another has their eye on him.
The Duke of Monroth, James Moriarty.

The story basically follows the plot of the film and we can just ignore the fact that Homophobia was going pretty strong in those days.

Johnlock, un-requited Sheriarty.

Can follow the film's ending if that's how you roll, but I'd personally prefer happy times.


this already exists

check a03

Soulmates and beastiality johnlock

Most soulmate fics are really fluffy and barely discuss taboo type pairing, i want something's bit darker.
My prompt, John isn't human but he and Sherlock are soulmates anyway.
Preferably John is some type of dog. Sherlock found John when he was too young to realise his bond with John is unusual.

I would love for you to slowly have Sherlock realise the limitations and problems of the bond but have him still love John anyway. Preferably including their sexual explorations but not necessarily.

Additional info
while both humans and animals have soulmates Sherlock and John relationship is highly unusual the only one recorded/know to cross the species barrier.
as a result of their bonding john shares Sherlocks life force causing him to live longer than normal for a dog. John can't speak but the two docommunicate telepathically.

Understandably Sherlocks relationship or full extent of it is probably secret.

Feel free to go where you will with this

Re: Soulmates and beastiality johnlock

I will approve of all bestiality prompts.

whoever fills this, could you fill mine too? I think it might be somewhere in the last part. *shameless promoting, unless that's frowned upon here*

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Trained to wet the bed (tw watersports)

This comes from the rant meme and there's an excellent fill already taking place, but I'd love to see someone do something more focused on the secret domming!

Someone (your choice) is discovered changing their sheets. It turns out that their flatmate/friend/partner has been secretly dominating them and training them to wet the bed as a sign of submission. What happens next?

Can go as far as you like - nappies etc - or stay at D/s level.

Re: Trained to wet the bed (tw watersports)


(can I get a link to the fill you mentioned?)

S/J Masturbation

Sherlock and John are totally absolutely not gay for each other. They just like to watch each other masturbating.

Casual "sex" becoming a relationship or pure PWP, as the author sees fit.

S/J kissing at a stakeout

Sherlock and John are at a stakeout and they are bored out of their mind. Out of the blue, John suggests kissing, Sherlock finds it dull. Three-continent-Watson proceeds to show him how "dull" kissing can be. Sherlock has an epiphany. In the next weeks, they somehow have to go on a lot of boring stakeouts. Sherlock desperately hopes for a repeat of the performance.

Please pardon the silliness. There is just never enough kissing.

Mycroft says "because". If that's not convincing enough...

Omegavere Xmas

Is it too early to be making Xmas requests yet? Because I would really like a fill where a very happy Sherlock presents John with the perfect gift: a positive pregnancy test

Re: Omegavere Xmas

It's never a bad time for Omegaverse prompts

time travel virginity

Sherlock somehow manages to travel back in time, he meets student John and takes his virginity.
Upon returning to future John proceeds to fuck Sherlock using the techniques Sherlock taught him.

Other way round is fine too

Re: time travel virginity

This is brilliant!

Sherlock - The Casebook: The Skull as Soup Flavour

I got the book last week, and the best thing by far in it are the little post-it notes between Sherlock and John in John's scrapbook - which according to Sherlock only old ladies and pre-pubescent girls keep.

So anyway, I've been in stitches and I'd love to see some of the stories behind the notes. Some ideas:

- How John was bitten by a large spider Sherlock "appeared to be using as a bookmark".

- The skull used as something to give the soup flavour. Sherlock thinks Mrs Hudson is doing that. I don't think she is, but maybe John would do it? Sherlock would be all, "And people think I'm the crazy one."

- How Mycroft got hold of the scrapbook and what he thinks about it. If someone wrote me a John/Mycroft about this, I would love them forever. I mean, just consider this post-it: "Can you feel that, John? Like the brush of silk on the back of your neck? That is the attention of the SAS, John, the delicate touch of rifle crosshairs. Please remove all this material or Mrs Hudson will have the unpleasant task of cleaning brain matter from the pile of your terrible hearthrug." Creepy, but kinda classy, right?

Anyway, long prompt is awfully long, sorry! But I just couldn't resist, there's just so much material there!

Re: Sherlock - The Casebook: The Skull as Soup Flavour


The Casebook is a pure GOLD MINE of wonderful prompty goodness.

Dialogue Prompt

"it appear that we're intellectual equals."

"You take that back right the fuck now!"

Sherlock takes a bullet for mycroft. Angst away! But happy ending please

There are not enough brotherly love fics (or at least I can´t get enough of them)

Girl power

I need some girl power so I want BAMF Sally and BAMF Anthea ( and BAMF Mrs. Hudson if you want to ) to team up and rescued our kidnapped boys- meaning Mycroft, John, Sherlock and Lestrade.

Bonus: If the kidnappers are Moriarty and Moran and the girl totally outwit them

Yes please!
Team awesome to the rescue!

Mystrade, D/s AU, dog show

In a world where everyone's either a dom or a sub it is custom for doms to show their subs at a 'dog show' to win prices for obidience and beauty. This year dom!Lestrade is sure to win.

Bonus if every sub taking part in the show is examined before he is allowed to register.

Omegaverse, Mycroft as a price

In ancient times Alphas who were interested in the same Omega fought each other till death. Now they settle their fight in front of the court. Sherlock, John and Lestrade all want Mycroft and neither wants to back down. So they bring their problem to trial. The judge decides that the one who manages to impregnate Mycroft will get him as mate.
So each of the men will fuck Mycroft in front of the whole court. Afterwards the bailiff will plug him up to keep the semen of the Alphas inside him until his body absorbs it, thus giving each man the same chance to father an offspring. Nine months later they will make a paternal test and Mycroft and his child will be delivered to the successful Alpha.

Re: Omegaverse, Mycroft as a price

That sounds incredibly sordid and wrong and ohmygod I love it. Seconded forever.

Mycroft/Jack Harkness

Angry, heated sex.

Against a wall, over a desk, anything!

Bottom!Mycroft preferred.

Mycroft used to be like Sherlock

When he was younger Mycroft was very similar to his brother; suffering from insomnia, sensory overload and with generally erratic behaviour. However, after being scouted by the government, Mycroft's superiors thought he could never reach his full potential the way he was and so ordered him onto anti anxiety medication to subdue him. He has been on them ever since.

It can just be that story or someone finding out and trying convince him he doesn't need them.

tl;dr: Mycroft has been on anti anxiety medication for years. When off them he is less Ice Man and a lot more... Sherlock.

Bonus: The drugs are the reason for Sherlock and Mycroft's feud because little brother sees it as hypocritical (and is possibly just the slightest bit concerned for his brother's well being, not that he'd ever admit it).

Re: Mycroft used to be like Sherlock

Holy fuck, yes!

Warnings:Holmesest and Non/Dubcon.
The reason why Mycroft diets is because (darkish)Sherlock likes it when he is large and has been forcing himself on Mycroft for years. Mycroft didn't want his brother's attentions and went on diet.Ever since then they have been fighting.

Okay, maybe it's just me (being twisted as a corkscrew) but to my mind this makes perfect sense.

[Seconded so very much!]

Reprompt: Mycroft is dyslexic


Mycroft is profoundly dyslexic.

Reprompt: Mycroft needs a bit of TLC


Mycroft is epileptic. He hasn't been feeling too well and in the middle of arguing with Sherlock, has a seizure. Sherlock uncharacteristically panics, John goes into BAMF!doctor mode.

Re: Reprompt: Mycroft needs a bit of TLC

Seconding because:a)I have epilepsy, b)BAMF!John,and c) Worried!Sherlock

hell hath no fury like a protective Sherlock

Even as petty as his and Sherlock's arguments and overall rivalry can get, Mycroft knows never to bring John into them.

The first (and last) time he did, Sherlock punched him square in the face.

Re: hell hath no fury like a protective Sherlock

kehehe - would love to read that :)
+ 10000

Sherlock gets high, and as a result, turns into a needy slut. John finds him, tries to look after him while resisting his advances, but sherlock won't take his hands off him, and theres only so much john can resist...

slutty!high!sherlock please :D

oh God yes!

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Magical Realism AU. It's possible for people to switch hearts(emotions). John and Sherlock accidentally run into each other and switch hearts. Sherlock finds himself to be more emotional during his job and John starts to be more analytical. They're desperate to find each other and switch back.

alpha!Sherlock/omega!John - squirting

Because I don't think I've ever seen this in omegaverse before...

I want alpha!Sherlock getting extremely turned on when he's fucking omega!John outside heat and John suddenly squirts when he comes. A lot.

Cue to an embarrassed John but then Sherlock gets overly enthusiastic and wants to do all sorts of experiment about it: if what his omega is squirting is the same lubrication omegas have during their heats, how much does he squirt, how many times consecutively can he squirt, etc.

Bonus if alphas don't knot with omegas outside heat, so Sherlock loves to pull his cock out and watch John squirt all over it.

Extra Bonus if Sherlock wants to lap it all off.

tl;dr omega!John suddenly squirts when he is being fucked by alpha!Sherlock. Sherlock gets extremely enthusiastic with this.

I know that in omegaverse omegas usually produce a lot of lubrication but I always viewed it as dripping and getting wet like women do (except even wetter) and not at all as squirting. So I hope you guys can get my drift.

Re: alpha!Sherlock/omega!John - squirting

Seconded so hard it hurts!!!

Sub's choice: ice or fire?

Just as they're about to head out of 221b on a case, Dom!John gives Sherlock a choice: which oil does he want under his foreskin and on his hole? Peppermint, or cinnamon?

(Thank GOD for anonymity.)

Re: Sub's choice: ice or fire?

Just imagining that is making me flinch! *goes to hell*

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