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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Orgasm Denial/Delay

this isn't covered nearly enough so:
Sherlock has a vibrator put in him by John for the better part of 12 hours (or longer depending on the filler) and John stimulates him more through touches and nipple stimulation


Orgasm denial/delay and then instead of letting him come explosively he milks him so he isn't satisfied


Fill: Better than a Seven 1/2

A/N: Hope you like it, have fun!

Better than a Seven

John should have thought of this earlier. It's no use to let Sherlock get bored, when there's nothing to do, he'll wind himself up in an ever-tightening spiral, to the point where he'll tear the place apart if no case comes his way. The key is not to let him get bored.

Sherlock isn't bored now, tied to the sofa, wrists together over his head, ankles apart. His legs are spread, his right one bent down, toes curling against the floor, his left leg lifted up on the back-rest. The bondage is not tight, not uncomfortable, but there's no room for him to really shift his position. And it's such an inviting position.

John can sit quite comfortably between his legs, he can watch telly while still keeping an eye on Sherlock. He just needs to raise his hand and he can adjust the vibrator peeking out of Sherlock's hole or add some lube when Sherlock's getting dry. He can stroke his cock very slowly, idly petting it.

Sherlock is not allowed to talk or to beg, or come for that matter. But he wouldn't be able to come anyway with the slow pace John is keeping. And when the soft noises he makes get too loud, John will just stop for a while. It's very effective, Sherlock has become so good at being silent.

When he behaves well, and to be quite honest, Sherlock doesn't really have a chance to misbehave like this, they have a cuddle. John knows Sherlock likes it when he lies on top of him. He probably gets a bit cold, naked on the sofa. It's draughty in here sometimes.

John quite likes what the chill does to Sherlock's nipples, though. He likes how they soften first, when the heat of his lips closes around them, only to harden again when he starts rolling them with his tongue.

John gets a bit drunk on Sherlock's soft skin and his shudders. He can do that for hours, just snogging and teasing, mapping that perfect body with soft touches and kisses. Sherlock becomes so beautiful after a few hours of this. Not that he isn't always beautiful, but in moments like this, all the sarcasm and the careful distance disappear. So responsive, trusting and open.

When it gets late, when John becomes too turned on to stand it any longer, he unties Sherlock and leads him to the bedroom. He loves it when Sherlock spoons behind him, his hard cock pushing between John's legs, slick smooth flesh pressing up against his balls. Ho loves Sherlock's hot mouth against his neck and his panting breath against his ear, Sherlock's shaking hands masturbating him.

When John comes, Sherlock always tenses. It's the most difficult part, he told John once, not to come himself when they're doing this and John feels so lovely in his arms and tastes so good and his thighs squeeze tight around his cock.

John likes to go to sleep like this, too, after a bit of cleaning up and checking that the vibrator's batteries are still good. Sherlock told him that he can't really feel the vibration any more at this point. It's still arousing, but after so many hours it's like the low hum has become part of his arousal, rather than a cause of it, to the point where it's disorienting when it stops.

John sleeps in short bouts in nights like this, too warm with Sherlock draped over his back and Sherlock's forearms cradled over his chest.

John isn't sure if Sherlock really gets to sleep at all. He might doze off now and then. That's probably when John wakes up with Sherlock rutting against him. John always rolls back a bit then, stilling Sherlock's hips. Sherlock always kisses the nape of his neck sleepily, a thank-you, and lets his hand be lead down to John's cock. It's a good distraction for him.

If anyone could write a sex scene between John and Sherlock where there is a lot of emphasis on come, that would make me very very happy.

Points for anyone warning that they're going to come, that something is going to make them come, any kind of dirty talk involving come (but not tooo over the top?), either of them coming on the other, etc. Any of that. Pleaaase.

Lestrade and Sherlock or Lestrade/Sherlock, the King Arthur trope

I'm really fond of Jim's little tale, where Lestrade is King Arthur and Sherlock his faithful knight, and the other knights get jealous and try to shake their bond apart. Somehow, I'd love for Lestrade to find out about it after the Hiatus, once their trouble are over.

As a bedtime story, told to Greg on a night neither can find sleep.

Or Sherlock calling Lestrade "sire" on a crime scene with a flicker of a smile.

Or Greg finding Moriarty's film while trying to prove Sherlock's innocence.

Gen/friendship or slash, your choice.

Re: Lestrade and Sherlock or Lestrade/Sherlock, the King Arthur trope

ooo i like this!

Sherlock + Mycroft, brothers and enemies, friendly enemies/foe yay (no holmescest)

I would like an AU in which Mycroft is the de facto ruler of the British Empire and Sherlock is a rebel leader who likes to make trouble for Mycroft. They have been fighting for decades, but at the same time are always looking out for each other, because in the end, neither wants to destroy the other--the world would be so boring without another Holmes.

I just want some brother/friend/enemy/captor/ally/enemy/prisoner/brother/enemy/saviour sort of action.

I'm sure this has been done before, so RTYI very much welcome!


THIS SCREAMS younger John and sherlock

Sherlock/John Dom/Sub contract

Sherlock and John are in (or about to partake in) a Dom/Sub relationship. I don't care who is which. I don't even care if the fun sexy times are written or not.

WHat I want to see is them negotiate the contract. It could be for a specific event, a specific time, or life.

Drugged Sex (Dub con or constentual)

Someone is drugged and getting fucked and liking it very much (at least at the moment).

Sherlock/John, Irene

To add some spice to their sex lives, Sherlock and John employ Irene for the night. It's okay if she has sex with one (or both) of them as long as she doms them both and the boys have lots of (commanded) sex together too.

Re: Sherlock/John, Irene

oh yes please!!!

Irene, Sherlock/Molly

Molly, dom in training.

Sherlock/John firefighter roleplay

I don't care which one of them wears it, but I want Sherlock and John making use of that firefighter outfit Sherlock was trying on as a disguise in ASiB and role playing one of them rescuing the other and then having all the sex.

John in a nappy

Sherlock finds out that John likes to wear nappies.

Jon is psychic and thinks Sherlock is too

John is psychic, Sherlock is a genius.

When they meet both Sherlock and John think they have found someone like them for the first time. Sherlock's amazing deductions make John think that Sherlock is psychic, while John's psychic abilities make Sherlock think that John is a fellow genius, someone who actually observes.

And then shenanigans?? Maybe they find out the truth, and there's angst. Or they find out the truth and decide to not let it change anything.

Re: Jon is psychic and thinks Sherlock is too


Mrs. Hudson needs some lovin'

Mrs. Hudson/Wilf (from Doctor Who)

Re: Mrs. Hudson needs some lovin'


John Watson M.D, fallguy

John takes the Reichenbach Fall for Sherlock

certain forces give Sherlock the impression that John has been killing people for Moriarty in exchange for keeping the deception away from the public

when Sherlock finally manages to contact John, John cooly responds "I used to kill people to keep you safe, Sherlock. What makes you think I could ever stop?"


Re: John Watson M.D, fallguy



Needleplay image prompt!

TW: needleplay,r:22,s:141,i:264&biw=1600&bih=712

(Screened comment)
(Screened comment)

Younger Sherlock

(Anonymous) - Simple Minds 'Premonition'

I seriously see this as Sherlock in his younger days (in my headcanon he dropped out of uni) and this was his way of earning money

Size Kink

Sherlock has got a big BIG cock

I will always second a size kink. Especially if it's Sherlock. Second second, second!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Re: Size Kink (Anonymous) Expand

Omegaverse dark!John roleplay

Omega!Sherlock has non-con fantasies about his Alpha!John.

He wants Dark!John to keep him prisoner, purposefully denying him the supressant drugs that keep his heat under control. The sudden withdrawl of synthetic surpressant hormones sends Omegas into an incredibly intense heat, which would leave Alpha!John free to fuck Sherlock into the floor without any sort of resistance.

Bonus for 'forced bond-bite' and impregnation fetish- lots of talk of John filling Sherlock with cum, breeding him, keeping him chained to the bed completely immobile as he grows fat with John's litter, and Sherlock getting off on the idea of being held captive indefinitely as John's helpless brood mare.

Re: Omegaverse dark!John roleplay



Anthea is unexpectedly upset by the apparent suicide of her employer's brother. If she knew Sherlock survived is up to author.

(put this in the wrong place earlier. oops.)

I've just seen this great video( ) of some soldiers jokingly making a video for Call Me Maybe and it got some plot bunnies jumping around my head.

Someone is trawling youtube in the middle of the night and finds a similar video with a certain ex-army doctor in it. He's younger and isn't wearing an awful jumper but it is most definitely John Hamish Watson. The video is then spread around like wildfire. What is everyone's reaction to the video?

John ISN'T embarrassed about it in the slightest. It was a lot of fun and it makes him laugh when he watches it.

W funny- I just saw this video too and was thinking the same thing- seconded!

John as an unintentionally brilliant James Bond type : )


Sherlock accepts a case for Mycroft because it promises to be a real James Bond adventure and John’s birthday is approaching. He had been unsure of the perfect gift and this is ideal. Mycroft is surprised that Sherlock agreed so quickly but quickly realises his motivation and is even more surprised at Sherlock overlooking his disregard for Mycroft to simply do something because John will enjoy it.

John, of course, is initially oblivious to Sherlock’s motivation but is very happy with the excitement of the case. There’s a trip to Europe in a top-secret aircraft, deadly foreign spies, people trying to kill them in novel ways and John being allowed to eliminate them instead. The goal is to recover bits of nuclear weapons/plans for world domination or what-have-you that would have real detriment to the free world. All things that John loves, including his joy of watching Sherlock be brilliant and their usual amazing teamwork, so he’s having a blast.

The case ends with John’s daring rescue of Sherlock and the defusing of a bomb he is secured to inside a cable car (actually being put in this specific situation had NOT been a part of Sherlock’s plan, to his vexation). The car is fast heading towards a ski resort in Reichenbach where many international VIP’s (including Mycroft and the British P.M.) are meeting secretly for some very important reason.

John achieves his rescue by somehow reaching and climbing a support tower midway up the mountain, dropping onto the top of the moving car and in through the escape hatch. The bomb is set to go off when the car arrives in the resort and time is ticking down. He might defuse the bomb on his own or Sherlock tells him how, or maybe Mycroft talks him through it on the phone.

That Sherlock lives, the bomb doesn’t go off, the officials survive and the weapons/plans/whatever are recovered/resolved are largely all down to John, and Sherlock is amazed at how just how well his gift has worked out and says so. John is pleased and flattered that the case was accepted solely for his enjoyment.

Throughout, John has just been his usual, ordinary self; he’s not trained as any sort of special agent. Though this case is a bit different than what they do in London, John just did what he needed to do to get the job done while keeping Sherlock alive, as always.

John insists that his own involvement be downplayed as it will be better for their business if Sherlock remains the one in the forefront and Sherlock, while wanting John to get credit, does see his point and allows that maybe John remaining the constantly underestimated secret-weapon of their team is very handy. The important people who need to know about John’s capabilities already do, after all.

Perhaps 007 type jobs are offered by various governments who have officials in attendance and John turns them down without hesitation, as he is happy with his current situation. Mycroft would like to get John to work for him for the good of the country but he feels better knowing the John is looking after Sherlock fulltime. Sherlock thinks it’s brilliant that John prefers to stay with him, as John obviously enjoyed this very much and is very good at it.

So Sherlock is, still reluctantly, publicly lauded as the Reichenbach Hero when it really was John, and John is quite happy with that.

Obviously this is the part of the film where Bond winds up in bed with the romantic interest and Sherlock points that out to John, who is pleased that Sherlock hasn’t deleted their Bond nights.

If slash is your cup of tea I’d love to see a first-time encounter here with John being very patient and gentle (to highlight the fact that he can be rough and brutal to the bad guys one minute and completely focussed on being caring and tender to Sherlock the next – bonus points for Virgin!Sherlock and John’s first time with a bloke) and if it isn’t, a knackered John and Sherlock falling exhausted into one bed to sleep and have a platonic cuddle would be fine.

I know this is a detailed request and won’t be disappointed if all of the elements can’t be worked in. I have had this scenario in my head for quite a while and don’t think I would do justice to the telling myself and so I would love to read other folk’s interpretations of the premise!

Re: John as an unintentionally brilliant James Bond type : )

OMG YESSSS!! Please please please people, fill this over and over again!!

(TW: Vomit, possibly) John hates things that move

John has never liked being in/on cars, boats, trains, or airplanes. No that he doesn't enjoy a trip, he just doesn't wish to get sick.

Basically, motion sick!John and a scornful or giggly Sherlock for extra cookies.

Bad Guy Breeding Humans, Surprise Johnlock Family (W: non-con)

A nasty big bad decides he/she wants to breed humans for some reason, and chooses Sherlock for his intelligence. I'm thinking there is recently established Johnlock when they are abducted, perhaps John as collateral because he won't let them take Sherlock without a fight, or for some other nefarious purpose of your choosing. A woman with desirable genes is another prisoner, and Sherlock's forced "mate". These three band together with an us-against-the-world mentality, and try to make the whole experience as bearable as possible for each other. You can flesh out the operation and other prisoners if you like, or not. Feel free to rough everyone up, but I'm not looking for torture-porn.

After some time, when the pregnancy is established, S and J are dumped back home. They heal, support each other, and work the case, which proves difficult to crack. There are feels and denial about the possibility of the baby. When they finally solve it and get there, Lestrade and the force behind them, they are too late to save the mother, but are able to save Sherlock's child. Bonus points for John having time to promise her he will care for her child as his own w/ S. Both boys are surprised by the strength of their paternal feelings. Hurt/comfort and familial fluff ensues.

Overall feel of protectiveness, h/c, fluff, and a bit of angst, not soul-crushing angst and pain, please!

Re: Bad Guy Breeding Humans, Surprise Johnlock Family (W: non-con)

This is one of the most awesome prompts ever and I need it like air.

Cooking with Style (Mycroft/Lestrade, PWP)

Mycroft + Greg, cooking together naked and fucking.

Bonus for creative and unhygienic use of cooking utensils.

Re: Cooking with Style (Mycroft/Lestrade, PWP)



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