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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Was that it? (Sherlock/Molly)

Sherlock and Molly have sex.

Sherlock is awful and leaves Molly feeling very unsatisfied.

Re: Was that it? (Sherlock/Molly)

Seconded. I love bad sex prompts.


Mycroft prefers his porn written in CAPSLOCK.

AU, obviously. And this is me working out some personal stuff through these two lovely boys.

John Watson, recently divorced, is struggling to make ends meet as a single dad with his child. Stubbornly wanting to stay in London, and equally stubbornly not wanting to go to his only family for help, he decideds to take a flat share with one Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock & John develop a close relationship. Romantic preferred, but an unshakable friendship is okay too.

Over time, John's Ex becomes more and more erratic, irresponsible and finally verbally (if not physically) abusive to John's child during her visitations. John has never tried to stop his Ex from seeing their child, because he believes that even though they couldn't make it work it's in the child's best interest to have a stable relationship with both parents. Until the Ex stops being stable. Counseling hasn't helped.

Now John has to decide, does he keep trying to make this work? Does he take action and cut his Ex out of his child's life?

I'd like to see some angst on John's part. Anger at his Ex for being such an utter shit. Disappointment in himself for not being able to stop it. Guilt for wishing sometimes that his Ex would just disappear. Fear about what a court battle would do to his child. Bigger fear that he could go to court and LOSE. Biggest fear that his child will end up screwed up for life and there's nothing he can do about it.

Bonus points for Sherlock being supportive, emotionally & financially if necessary to help John do what's best for his family.

TL;DR John's Ex is abusive to his child. John & Sherlock must decide how to handle it.

Death and his companion

I’m a big fan of Childrin R Skary by Katy Towell (they’re animated horror stories, mainly about creepy little girls. Look them up on youtube!) Anyway, there’s one story called Death and Elsie about Death going to collect a little girl, except Death is lonely and the little girl is nice to him so decides to let her stick around as his assistant after he’s reaped her. So what I want is something along those lines with Sherlock as Death and kid!John as the little girl, please&thank you!

Re: Death and his companion

I've been steadily making my way through Katy Towell's videos now, and I really must thank you for that because they are brilliant! After watching them, this prompt is something I need in my bones. Seconded with gusto!

Lestrade in a punk rock chick getup ...

So I was looking for/at pictures of Rupert Graves, because of reasons.

I came across this little gem:

What I would love from you, dear generous fillers, is a fic explaining just how our favorite silver fox, Detective Inspector Lestrade, came to have such a picture of him in existence.

Everything is permitted:

Gen, slash, het, crack, not!crack, rtmi's, pre-show, post-show, during show.

All I really ask is that it be an *actual* photograph, not someone playing a prank on him.


Mycroft says: Toffier Scotland. It's like he knows!

Re: Lestrade in a punk rock chick getup ...


I'm actually kind of surprised that not more have been made of that role.

Young Dracula

Ingrid Dracula consults Moriarty to get rid of her annoying younger brother, Vlad. And hopefully her father too.

It is not the case he expected.


"I want to be yours, belong to you. I want a scar, like yours. Not the same as yours, perhaps not from a gunshot, but as bad as yours. And I want you to give it to me."

Johncroft Arranged Marriage

Yay, tropes

Mycroft is set to have an arranged marriage with John Watson. At first he is apprehensive and understandably unhappy, until he meets John. John is sweet and funny and makes Mycroft feel like a nervous wreck. Though he doesn't show his nerves, Mycroft is very awkward and doesn't know how to talk to John and become friendly with him.

Then Sherlock comes in and finds he likes John as well, but only as a friend (please no love triangles c:), so he whisks him away. John likes Sherlock even though he's a bit crazy, and the two are fast friends, solving London's crimes.

Mycroft is insanely jealous and angry with Sherlock for stealing away his fiance, so he sulks and passive-aggressively does nothing while he watches. When he does get a chance to see John, he's very curt and after Mycroft spits out a few spiteful remarks about Sherlock and his "friendship", John gets it.

He proves to Mycroft he's the one he wants to marry, and fluffy yay-ness <3

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Re: Johncroft Arranged Marriage


Tired of John's dating Sherlock buys him one of these:

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<<<<and waits for John to praise him.>>>>

Oh God ... Sherlock ...

Thanks so much for updating. This story is among my favourite fics ever, it pushes all my buttons and your writing is fantastic.

Post-Reichenbach, John taking care of Sherlock's kid

Sherlock has a kid that he doesn't acknowledge (maybe he never knew, maybe the kid was born when he was a cocaine addict, I don't care). John doesn't find until after Reichenbach, when for some reason the kid ends up in his care.

Prefer eventual John/Sherlock, or at least Sherlock observing from afar, but I'm really not picky.

RTYI (Sort of)

There´s this lovely fic Sophia

Hope you like it!!

Warning:The epilogue was accidentaly posted between the first two parts, so beware not to read it.

Johnlock Video Request

I've seen someone request videos once or twice and figured I could give it a try.

I found this song on youtube:

Tell me it isn't perfect for John post-Reichenbach. So I want a John-centric MV made with this song.

The lyrics to the song are available in the description of the video if anyone needs them.

Perfect boyfriend

After John and Sherlock sleep together for the first time, Sherlock starts acting oddly (for Sherlock). Complimenting John's jumpers, making breakfast in the mornings, sending John flowers at work. It completely freaks John out, and he misses Sherlock's crazy, abrupt manner. It turns out that Sherlock thinks this is how people in relationships have to act, and he's terrified of losing John if he acts like his normal self.

Re: Perfect boyfriend

Madly seconded

Re: Perfect boyfriend (Anonymous) Expand

Request for More Porn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has anyone ever heard of coke can cocks?

Ngghhhh, take it however you like it Meme.

A little help from...(AU)

Sherlock's ability to solve crimes isn't because of his ability to deduce. He can see, hear and interact with the ghost of every murder victim. They irritate the hell out of him and he solves the cases as quickly as possible so they can disappear.

When Sherlock is called to the murder of a former Army Doctor, he is shocked to discover that John Watson is quite likeable. He's not mad, or (too) stupid, or irritating. However, John doesn't offer any help in his own murder. As much as Sherlock likes John, he's frustrated as to why John refuses to help.

Then, at St. Barts, Sherlock meets Mike Stamford again. Mike asks Sherlock what it's like to be on the case of John Watson: The man that Sherlock insulted when mike brought him in as a potential flatmate.

Sherlock didn't insult John because he didn't like him. He insulted him because he was frightened of his own attraction towards John. When he inadvertantly reveals this to John, John begins to finally disappear; he tells Sherlock that it's too bad he decided to be so insulting...otherwise he'd have a roomate. John hired someone to kill him. He never reveals who killed him (not moriarty).

Sherlock seeks as much information about John as he can. He never forgets John and his role in John's death begins to change him for the better.

No crack

Wow, I'm sorry this is so wordy. I hope someone still does it. I NEEEEEEEEEED this like oxygen, I really cannot stress this enough..

Sherlock, who feels like he has always been open about his sexual preference ('Girlfriend? Not really my area.'/ boyfriend?'I know it's fine.') realizes that he is falling desperately, passionately in love and overwhelming lust with John but has seen the adamant way he declares to anyone/everyone that they are not a couple, he is not gay, John is falling just as deeply for Sherlock but his inner dialogue is fighting it kicking and screaming, protesting it, denying it, trying to convince himself he could not possibly be sexually or romantically attracted to a man. Alot of John hating his horny dirty thoughts and trying to stop himself from swooning when Sherlock starts laying the wooing on thick! Sherlock, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how to seduce, yet not frighten!,'straight' John. ANGST ABOUNDS!!! At the end, please have John explosively succumb to his desire and attack Sherlock or maybe he decides to seduce right back? **extra love, bonus points and sprinkles on top if you include the two of them somehow letting everybody know they're finally Official***

Anyone / Anyone - AUTO ANAL, starting with the phrase "GO FUCK YOURSELF"

Wherein one is angry, and the other's a fine troll.

You know when you get your dick at least half hard, bend it backwards, and shove it into your ass repeatedly? Quite possible in reality depending on the degree of endowment.

Pocket John

I don't really care what else just pocket John being cute.

Teacher's pet (dub-con themes in consenting roleplay)

Student/Teacher D/s roleplay.

Student!Sherlock is failing Dr Watson's incredibly important Bio class. Not because he's stupid but because he's lazy and unmotivated.
Dr Watson has been struggling to curtail his lustfully sadistic thoughts about the beautifully arogant Sherlock for months now, and given such a golden opportunity to bring him down a peg or two he makes the most of it.

In return for a passing grade he'll keep Sherlock as his 24/7 sexual pet for the rest of the academic year. And he'll make absolutely sure that Sherlock learns everything he needs to know to pass his exams even if he has to literally beat it into him.

Bonus for John marking their contract with a padlocked collar and Sherlock getting his arse caned hard while John throws in random questions from class, adding more strikes to the tally every time Sherlock is unable to answer correctly.

Bonus Bonus for humiliation play or Sherlock being kept naked and confined to a cage or enduring tight bondage even during lectures.

Re: Teacher's pet (dub-con themes in consenting roleplay)

Hmm, this is definitely something in my range of interests...I do have a few questions, though:

Are you okay with spanking, cock cages, CBT, desperation play, nipple clamps and/or sensory deprivation? I'd hate to step on a squick...

I'll take bondage, caning, and humiliation as givens. :)

Anyone / Sherlock, Post Reichenbach, Dub Con

So Sherlock returns, and he invades your place of living unannounced in the middle of the night where you may or may not be intoxicated with the drug(s) of your choice.

You think he's a hallucination (maybe you've hallucinated his presence before), or part of a dream where you lust after each other / enact Revenge!rape because how DARE he die on you and make you so very sad,

so you proceed to completely take advantage of him...or start beating him up if you're not interested in sex.

Sherlock ends up liking it, or feels guilty/confused enough to play along (for a while).

whoops, supposed to be Anyone-who-has-trouble-believing-Sherlock's-alive / Sherlock

in case that wasn't clear

From "1227 QI Facts to Blow Your Socks Off":
Seahorses are the only fish with a neck and the only family of animals where the male gives birth.
Run with it, please. I expect crack, yes.

Greg is gay

Greg doesn't have a wife. He never has, instead he has a long term somewhat secret gay lover. When he joined the police force they were still very homophobic and as a result he pretended to have a girlfriend (and later wife) in order to fit in. His partner Mycroft understands completely being in a similar situation himself.
Knowing society is more accepting now Greg keeps trying to come out to the rest of the yard. Hence all his fictitious wife's cheating.

Sherlock knows about all this and keeps pushing for Greg to come out.


“Perhaps now, Sherlock, you can understand how it feels to care deeply about someone with this condition.”

Just to prove a point, Mycroft has John kidnapped and doesn't return him until he's thoroughly addicted to some drug. More than anything, John wants to get clean -- but addiction is physical. Sherlock helps him through it.

Bonus if Lestrade, who himself cleaned Sherlock up, helps Sherlock deal with this.

Re: Addict

Ooh, chilling and heartbreaking prompt, OP! Seconding!


Sherlock is part cat. John tames him and turns him into a house cat.

Mycroft is Greg's lazy house cat (and the government)

Re: Catlock

Yes, please. +1


Sherlock in a Nazi uniform.


OP: angst - with John being a a British secret spy?


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