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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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John, Bad Day Fic

John has, like, the worst day (week?) in the history of forever. Tough work schedule. Got a cold. Stubbed his toe. Got a sliver. Almost got run over by a bus. Stuck in long lines at the store. No time for breakfast. Or lunch. Et cetera, etcetera.

Basically, even Sherlock can't deduce the half of it, and when he flippantly remarks on John being grouchy because of x, y, and z, John gives him - in detail - the entire alphabet of reasons for why he is "grouchy."

H/C would be lovely! Gen only, though, please. ;)

Re: John, Bad Day Fic

This would be awesome. I really want to see John explode on Sherlock. Seconded!

TW: Suicide, Implied Character Death

One day, while they're investigating an apparent suicide, John mentions that suicide runs in his family. (Maybe one of his parents, an aunt or uncle, and a grandparent? The odd cousin?) Sherlock thinks the idea is absurd because "suicide is an act, not a heritable illness, John"--his words. John for his part only smiles wanly and tells him, "You don't have to understand, just don't blame yourself if I...if something happens. There's nothing you can do. It's the way us Watsons are put together. Something to keep in mind."

Sherlock keeps it in mind, but it never really helps.

Use any variation of the dialogue above to tell the story. Whether Sherlock files the remark away for later deduction or takes it as a warning sign and acts on it is up to the filler. Whether it actually is a warning sign is up to author!anon as well. A small look into the motivations of his various late family members would be amazing, too. Maybe once was assisted due to illness, one was debt-related, another loneliness, another was an escape from a miserable home, and perhaps the last was a case of too much happiness to bear. I just want to see numbers backed up by individual stories.

TL;DR John confides to Sherlock that suicide runs in his family and tells him not to feel responsible should John meet the same end. Sherlock doesn't ever know how to feel about that.

Re: TW: Suicide, Implied Character Death

I second this.

Family History [1/5] (Anonymous) Expand
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Re: Family History [5/5] (Anonymous) Expand

Prostitute!John, John/Sherlock

In all the prostitute!au fics, Sherlock is the prostitute. But what if it was John? How did he end up doing it? How does Sherlock and John meet? Does Sherlock actually want John's services for himself or is it for a case, or something completely different? And after their first meeting, where do they go from there?

Re: Prostitute!John, John/Sherlock

There actually is a fic where John is a prostitute, he does it as a hobby and is how he meets Sherlock, who is on a case. Sherlock unintentionally looses his virginity to John as well. I don't have the link though sorry.

Alternate meeting, John thinks Sherlock is French

Sherlock is in one of his "disguises" when Mike introduces John to him, pretending to be a Frenchman with only rudimentary English skills. John has to work hard to remember enough of his school French not to embarrass himself speaking to Sherlock.

Sherlock and Mycroft grew up bilingual (French mother), and automatically answers in the language he is spoken to in, without giving it thought. It takes months before John learns Sherlock is English.

Re: Alternate meeting, John thinks Sherlock is French

Well... if he has a French mother, then he wouldn't really be English, OP. He'd be bilingual.

Do you mean that John goes several months without knowing that Sherlock actually speaks perfectly fluent English? Because he was pretending to be a non-English-speaking Frenchman? How could this happen, living in England?

... Also, do you speak French well OP? If I were to fill this (no promises), then would you prefer there to be a significant amount of French dialogue in it, complete with John's rudimentariness? I think it'd be kinda fun, but only if you could understand it. Or would it be easier for you to just have the entire thing in English?

Mycroft/Lestrade Orgasm Denial

Greg keeps Mycroft cock nicely locked up in a cage. He only unlocks him now and then, so Mycroft can fuck him just the way Greg likes it, but Mycroft is not allowed to come. If Mycroft was good, Greg loves to tease his nipples and arse till the come dripples out of his soft, caged cock. They first only want to try the cage for a few days, but then both find it so hot that they keep postponing the day Mycroft is freed and it goes on for month.

Threesome John/Molly/Greg

They go for a pint and Molly has a little too much to drink and admits she actually never had an orgasm while having sex with someone. Admittedly she's only dated jerks until now.
John and Greg are NOT jerks, they are sex on legs and Molly will be a very very lucky girl.

Re: Threesome John/Molly/Greg

I think I have to write this... I know it's an older prompt but if you're still watching, please stay tuned!

Sherlock!Be Right Back AU (Black Mirror) (John/Sherlock)

(warning, bad english i'm sorry)
Specific request but I'm really curious about how this could work:

If you haven't seen the tv show Black Mirror, you should because it's very good.
Based of the synopsis of the episode Be Right Back (expect spoilers)

After the death of Sherlock (Reichenbach), John is very depressed and can't move on. Mike tries to help him, gives him the link of an online service that lets people stay in touch with the deceased. By using all of this past online communications, text messages and more, a new Sherlock Holmes can be created virtually. John is horrified by the idea at first, but after a while finally tries this online service. At first, it's only text messages on his mobile phone, but John wants more: now he can actually talk to this false!Sherlock over the phone by uploading a few videos (thanks to Lestrade? You know the video in the Scandal episode i don't know), photos he found in Sherlock's room onto the online service.

John talks non-stop with virtual!Sherlock, realizes his feelings for his friend after his death. When artificial!Sherlock tells him about the service's next stage, a body made of synthetic flesh that the program can be uploaded too, John accepts.

It's really specific but I'd love to see how someone would write it, how it would end (the Be Right Back! ending is really disturbing but excellent).


John was desperately trying to ignore the younger-than-normal Sherlock who sat across from him glaring daggers.

"I don't like you" he said.

"Yes I know. You've told me." John sighed exasperated.

"Victor is a million times better than you" younger Sherlock hissed.

"Yes you've said that too." John sighed again and prayed that his Sherlock would come home from God knows where soon and figure out how to get this brat back to his own time period.

Re: reprompt

I want this.

John is annoyingly approachable, that is there is something about John that strangers find reassuring(his appearance maybe?) and as a result will approach him to ask for all sorts of help. John finds this incredibly annoying but helps them regardless.

tw: possible dubious consent. Vampire trope. John owes Sherlock a year of service.

Vampire trope, can't help it. Vampires purchase the 'contracts' of humans who need to sell a year of service (a year of blood and work) for cash. Children have their contracts sold at age 15(ish?) and the vampires may claim their year of service any time until age 35, when they expire, claimed or not. John's family was poor and had a contract for him. He thought he was out of the woods when at age 34, Sherlock appears to claim his year of service.

Other possibilities: some contracts contain sexual clauses. Does John's? OR Sex is a common expectation, and John thinks it wouldn't be so bad, but Sherlock got bored of sex long ago.

Re: tw: possible dubious consent. Vampire trope. John owes Sherlock a year of service.

Love this! I'm totally writing something for it. Could take a while though...

Sherlock / Molly Sickness

When Molly falls seriously ill, Sherlock finally realises he cares.

Lots of H/C and Happy ending please.

Johniarty wing/soulmate au with some Johnlock

There are humans who grow wings when they find their life long partner. The wings will grow and mature as long as that person stays near.

John comes from such a family of wing people. Getting your wings is a marvelous event celebrated by the whole family, but it's kept secret from everyone save your life long love as the wings will soon become hard to hide.

Shortly before their encounter with Moriarty at the pool, John begins to grow his wings. He keeps it secret, waiting for the right time to reveal it to Sherlock, but he's ecstatic. This means he's found his partner and it's Sherlock! Why else would he only grow his wings now?

But John's wings aren't growing any larger and Sherlock clearly isn't interested past friendship. He doesn't understand, who else aside from Sherlock could possibly click with him so well? There's no one new in his life. The only new person he's really been around since the pool was...Moriarty.

It'd be nice to see John and Jim slowly work their way into a real relationship. And, I don't know, maybe Jim has a wing fetish or something.

Sherlock/John/moriarty TW NON CON

AU(-ish) where moriarty isn't insanely evil (yet) and he gets raped. The Scotland Yard calls in Sherlock and John to figure out who the rapist is. During all this, Sherlock and John start having feelings for the shy man and invite him to stay at the flat during the investigation ( because he lives alone i guess). Bonus points for moriarty slowly going mad.

Cracky kid fic

Sometimes kid fic authors write their young characters as impossibly intelligent 2 year old adults. Which is alright, but would be better if it was intentional. Because really, it would be great if Sherlock had to live with a child who knows all.

So, that's what I want to see: A child who is magically all-knowing and hyper-intelligent Sherlock in a battle of wits (or awkward deductions).

Avatar Fusion

Jim and Sherlock are both Fire Nation.

Jim challenges Sherlock to an Agni Kai... over Molly.

Jim just really felt a connection with her. And does not like the way Sherlock treats her.

Up to filler what type of Bender Molly is, and if she assists Sherlock or Jim.

Bounty hunter!John and consulting detective!Sherlock meet

Bounty hunter!John and consulting detective!Sherlock meet. Okay so I have an idea in my head about them but if you happen to have another idea thats much shorter /minifill or just a PWP on these two meeting in some dingy bathroom well who am I to stop you? ;)

So lets say John didn't meet Sherlock but instead ran into someone getting attacked ( or any scenario with danger), dropped his walking stick, and jumped in and saved them. He notices his limp and hand shaking disappears . He is a doctor and pretty smart so he connects the two. Sometime later in the week with his limp coming back and his depression increasing he notices an AD or a TV show about bounty hunters. Bam new leash on life.

Then Sherlock runs into him during a case or because a case involves bounty hunters. And they either keep running into eachother and maybe even catching each others criminals or they team up (eventually).

Re: Bounty hunter!John and consulting detective!Sherlock meet

I think this implied I only wanted minifills or porn if it didn't follow what I wrote. >_> I did not mean that sorry guys. I meant that anyone can fill with whatever they want . ;-; thanks

Bonus (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock turns into a demon when aroused

Based off the movie My Demon Lover ...

I can see that the reason that sex is not something Sherlock participates in on any level is that, due to a curse (or some other reason determined by the filler) whenever Sherlock gets aroused, he turns into a demon.

Up to filler if this is a *complete* transformation, where he takes on the mind and personality of a demon, or if it's just a physical thing where he's still Sherlock but with a demon body.

Of course this hasn't been a problem for him, but then John moved in and ... well, that's up to the filler.

tl;dr - Sherlock avoids sex because arousal turns him into a demon. John makes him aroused. (Greg is also an acceptable trigger)

I would prefer that it *not* be cracky but I won't say no to any kind of fill, really!

Re: Sherlock turns into a demon when aroused

*question from possible filler*

Could it be John and Greg? Or did you simply one of them?

Girl!Sherlock/Guy!John in university, please! If there are already any out there, please link me!

Playing With Feet

John has a foot fetish;

He likes massaging them, he likes kissing them, he likes sucking on the webbing between the toes. He likes being given footjobs.

Sherlock has the most lovely long feet. Especially when he's keeping tempo barefoot.

Yessss, I would love for Sherlock to keep tempo using John's cock

Mycroft says anizoet 12-inch.

Well who is 12 inches Mycroft????

Physical exam barter deal

John has wanted to give Sherlock a check-up for a while so he offers him a deal. Sherlock will come to the clinic and John is allowed to perform every test or exam on Sherlock that he sees fit.

In return, Sherlock is allowed to do the same to John. John knows Sherlock is fascinated to perform some 'experiments' on a living human being and can't refuse the offer.

S/J reprompt part 17

John comes back from Afghanistan and starts working as a primary school teacher. Sherlock is one of the parents whose child thinks Mr Watson needs someone to cheer him up, and that someone should be their daddy. Humour and fluff and matchmaking ensues.

Sherlock/John, Mycroft/Lestrade would be win.

But seriously just go with it.

High on Molly

TW: Drug use, maybe dub-con

Sherlock gets back on the drugs during the Great Hiatus and Molly's worried. Well, you know 'Molly' is another name for ecstasy. Molly gets Sherlock hooked on her instead with a little psychological conditioning. Give me Molly catching Sherlock using, reading him the Riot Act, and realizing it's a bust, devising a plan to get him off the stuff. Bonus points will be awarded for Molly pouring lines of 'Molly' on herself for Sherlock to lick/sniff off and for gradually transitioning to using candy or powdered sugar instead until she isn't using anything at all.

Re: High on Molly

I've been trying to come up with a prompt for this since I heard of ecstasy being called "Molly." Seconded!

Landlord Love

John is shot and discharged a few years early and, in need of money, takes a job as landlord of the block of flats Harry owns on Montague Street. There he meets Sherlock Holmes, world's worst tenant and only consulting detective.

Misunderstanding on the Tube

John is berating Sherlock to clean up the damn kitchen-laboratory and the sitting room on the tube.
The passengers on the tube think that Sherlock and John are having a little lover's spat.

Lovely old, gossipy ladies "mentoring" John amiss his "We're not together!"'s while Sherlock is given the "Slip your clothes underneath the bed or in the closet or you won't be getting any [sex]" from the other side of the train.

Mycroft/John/Lestrade (sort of)

Mycroft indulgently wanking while fantasising about John + Lestrade getting it on together.

Re: Mycroft/John/Lestrade (sort of)

please, yes


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