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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Fluffy Sherlock/Mycroft

I've never prompted anything on here so my apologies if I've done anything wrong.

Basically I just want some Sherlock/Mycroft cuddling and kissing or something like that.

Doesn't necessarily have to be Holmescest, but that's what I'd prefer.

Sometimes Jim wants to cut Sherlock open, crawl inside and just stay there, nothing between them at all .
(Sometimes Jim wants to stab John Watson in the heart, wants to skin him alive and wear him like a suit so that maybe Sberlock will love Jim, too.)

But right now, he's satisfied with holding his hand.

This prompt is absolutely beautiful. I second this TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!!!!!!!!

Soulbonded/Premonition/Dreaming Type Thing?

Both Sherlock and John have recurring dreams/nightmares in their childhood. For Sherlock, it's a dream about getting shot and dying in Afghanistan. For John, it's a dream about dying from overdose in the A&E.

When they hit adolescence, the dreams lessen in frequency and eventually stop completely. But, every time Sherlock and John are in close proximity of each other in adulthood (say, they pass by each other as strangers in the street, Sherlock is a patient in the A&E when John's an intern, what have you), the dreams come back full force and with horrifying intensity. Sometimes they get so bad that Sherlock and John will suffer physical after-effects, like getting really sick or whatnot. They never tell anyone about the dreams.

Then, when they finally meet (whether it fits canon, or happens another way entirely), something just clicks and they realize that they'd been witnessing each others' deaths/near-death experiences and there's some sort of soul connection or something like that, idek.

Re: Soulbonded/Premonition/Dreaming Type Thing?

Great prompt!!! seconded!

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Sherlock/John/Irene threesome

For some important reason (or perhaps just because he wants to try it for an experiment), Sherlock needs to have sex with Irene, but needs John to fuck him for him to get off. No established relationship. Irene is probably the instigator or at least very comfortable with it. Sherlock is a virgin.

Re: Sherlock/John/Irene threesome

I love this!

"What's best"

Because I want angst galore and a really sad ending:

Sherlock returns. No disguises. John sees him, freezes in the middle of the street and yells out his name. Sherlock sees John just as he's hit full force by a car.

John is in a coma and on life support. Sherlock is always with him. Though not brain dead, doctors don't expect him to wake or live without life support. Though she never visits him, Harry makes the decision to take John off life support. Sherlock does everything he possibly can to change Harry's mind and tells her he'll pay for the best fulltime care.

Harry orders John off life support. John never wakes and Sherlock is the only one there when John dies.

No crack.

Re: "What's best"

Oh my god... I'm crying. Seconded. HARD.

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Jim/John After the Trial

The one Moriarty came to see after his trial was John, not Sherlock. This whole thing is to bring Sherlock down in his eyes, to show John that angels fall.

And that demons are better suited to the older man's interest.

Lestrade's dirty, hiring a consultant off the books was just the tip of the iceberg, and now that one weird higher up is no longer making the proof disappear the Met are gleefully taking him down.

/If you could make Donovan an uncover officer investigating his team I would love you forever.

Oreo Cookies

Just did something stupid, and want it to happen in a fic so I feel better.

I was eating Oreo cookies at 2am and after removing the cream dipped one of the cookie halves w/o cream into my full glass of milk. When I go to lift the cookie out of the milk, it broke sending 90% of the cookie into the milk. Without thinking I automatically and desperately tried to fish it out with my hand. This left me with milk covering my hand, and the cookie stayed at the bottom because I could not reach it without my cup overflowing. Now I just feel like a dumb ass.

I would like this to happen to either Mycroft, Sherlock, John, or Lestrade.

I would prefer Mycroft to experience this.

Do you prefer slash or gen?

I think it's a cute prompt and I can very easily see it happening, especially at that hour. (It's happened to me at *all* hours!)

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TW: Non-Con Fuck or Die

Hey, I've been looking around a lot lately...where is all this fandoms Fuck or Die? I know it's a huge trope, and one I kinda love, but I've found like, three of em. Surely there has to be more?

Mostly just looking for fic where Sherlock is the one fucked. John as the other would be amazing, but anyone as long as its not Mycroft is good with me.

Fills or RTYI's very welcome.

Re: TW: Non-Con Fuck or Die


I love that there is quite a lot of smut in this fandom, but you are right, it is missing this.
You mind sharing which ones you found?
And I am not sure if this is what you are looking for, but I love this fic about John and Sebastian Moran / later Jim Moriaty.
Not really fuck or die, but the closest I can think of.

John*/other- Tw for underage

John *(Or whoever filler likes) had a *teacher in his youth that really adored him and made sure to show it romantically/sexually. The teacher (Or teachers) comes back and John is incredible conflicted by it because though they still feel something for that teacher what that teacher did to him goes against his moral code and he wants to turn him/her/them in. And then there is also the whole debate that is going on in his head of whether he was seduced and was able to give consent, and entered a mutual relationship with someone or just flat out tricked, manipulated into some twisted relationship, and raped.

* It does not have to be a teacher: guidance counselor, mall cop, park ranger... I'd rather it be someone with some slight authority but it could just be a neighbor. I was thinking young teen.

Tango dancing Sherlock

I would love a fic in which Sherlock dances very sensually with another character. Setting, dance partner and outcome are up to the filler.

Let´s have an orgy

After seeing the Fuck or Die again... How about something different. This time Moriarty doesn´t ask Sherlock to do someone or John etc.
No he captures John, Sherlock, Greg, Sally, Mycroft maybe Anderson Molly if you like and asks them to have an orgy or else...

Re: Let´s have an orgy

This, yes this. :)


Dear God please. I watched Nativity and I-- I need this.

So, John Watson returns from the war and, instead of meeting Sherlock, he ends up teaching, like Mike. Except he's teaching primary school kids. He isn't paid too well, but hey at least he can fail at chatting up the mums and drown in the noise of rowdy six year olds.

Anyway, Sherlock has got a case where he knows that the murderer has a kid that goes to John's primary school (let's call it St Bernadette's.) Sherlock has to be a teaching assistant there (the headteacher owes him a favour and gets him the job) until Parent's Evening, in which he can study all the kids' parents and suss the murderer. He has to spend a month before Parent's Evening at the school to gain the kids' trust and not look obvious to the parents that he's a detective.

And so, Sherlock and John meet. I know you're thinking that Sherlock and children shouldn't mix (so do both John and Sherlock) but the kids really love Sherlock and think he's brill and doesn't patronise them and etc.

Shenanigans and Johnlock fluff ensue?

BP- Wouldn't it be great if one of John and Sherlock's students saw them together, assumed they were going out, and then asks John/Sherlock for advice on their sexuality? Like, if it was okay to be gay? And John/Sherlock is really supportive? Yes, yes it would be great.

tl;dr john is a teacher and sherlock is on a case as his teaching assistant yay (but seriously read the prompt)


So much love for this!

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Reprompt TW: Abuse


Because of Sherlock's childhood and scarce (one or two) past abusive relationships, he has a very warped idea of how relationships are supposed to work. He thinks that if anyone is able to stand him long enough to be in a relationship with someone as worthless him, he deserves anything that person wants to do to him.

When John and Sherlock finally get together, Sherlock starts picking up habits he had from an earlier abusive relationship (e.g. not eating at all because abusive!boyfriend liked him boney, clearing his experiments away because that really made abusive!boyfriend mad, speaking less and less because his voice irritated abusve!boyfriend) and John can't figure out why. He tries to be nice and get Sherlock to open up, but the nicer he is, the more Sherlock tries to get John to behave the way his previous boyfriends did, hitting him and having violent sex and can't figure out why he's being so nice.

TL;DR Sherlock is used to abusive relationships, so when he and John make it official, he starts changing his behaviour and can't figure out why John isn't being violent with him.

And male Sherlock. I am up for whatever genders you want for the other characters or whether you want johnlock or not. I just really want a fem!john and a male Sherlock. Werewolves, omegaverse, crack, fluff, angst, I'm game for whatever. So long as John has a vagina.

Re: All I want is fem!john

*falls to knees in a half begging/half relieved gesture* YES! All the yes!

John is bipolar. He suffers from a break down, and Sherlock does not know what to do. Or he helps him work through the bad days.

Sherlock becomes a doctor

Sherlock accurately diagnoses myasthenia gravia/epilepsy/other medical condition as the cause of death, and John jokes that maybe he should be the doctor. Sherlock calculates how much seeing John every day is worth to him (in his mind, they would work at the same place) and comes up with an answer. Everyone else is very much horrified. Lots and lots of horror.

I'd read any pairing or rating!

Re: Sherlock becomes a doctor

Im not sure I understand this prompt...

Does Sherlock answer his question like 'I once diagnosed X in a persona and it came out wrong and X happened and they died because they believed me ' since he isnt a doctor?


'I would kill all the patients'

After the Return, Sherlock finds himself developing an unexpected (not necessarily platonic) kinship with of all people Anderson. They still don't actually like each other and never will, but Anderson is the only person Sherlock knows who hasn't greeted him by punching him in the face.

(Mycroft says "epithet", so I guess a lot of people swear at him too.)

Triggers for childhood sexual abuse.

Sherlock finds an old Watson family album while snooping through John’s things and is able to deduce through the photographs that John’s father sexually abused him.

Re: Triggers for childhood sexual abuse.

Oh my god... seconded.

"I'll be yours if you be mine"

Don't care who says it to who as long as there is a happy ending

Sherlock was disinherited by his family ages ago, because of his drug abuse. Instead all his money comes from an invention he patented. John finds out and feels guilty for using Sherlock's money.

Sherlock's friend Victor from university gets back in touch with him via social media having found Sherlock's blog.Used to being Sherlock's only pal. John slowly becomes more and more jealous of Sherlock's penpal. John ends up hacking into Sherlock's account and reading their communication.

What he finds surprises him.

I don't mind what John finds as long as Sherlock and Victor are only friends in this.

Turn right AU

So, in s01 e01 Molly asks Sherlock for coffee.

This time, Sherlock says yes because he's stuck on the case and perhaps needs some air. He walks straight past an old soldier and Mike (well, hides from Mike, who keeps bugging him about his flat) and heads into a coffee shop.

Sherlock asks Molly to be his flatmate, who happily agrees. Sherlock takes her to Angelo's, lets her chat with Mrs Hudson, and you know. But no one assumes they're a couple. Cousins, maybe, or close friends, but not a couple. No chemistry.

Molly doesn't come on cases. She doesn't complain about expeiments. Mycroft doesn't talk to her. One day, months later, when Molly thinks Sherlock is out, as she is folding Sherlock's laundry she says,' I'm a much better flatmate than John.'

Open ending.


This is brilliant, seriously brilliant. Question though: Would this be a dark!Molly, or has she done this, (replaced John), with good intentions? Are you thinking of a direct Doctor Who Something-On-Your-Back parallel? Christ, if I knew how this would even happen, I'd write it.

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Badfic Prompts

Prompt the first:

Sherlock: No, John. You ARE the demons.

Prompt the second:

sherlock by john

Sherlock was walking along a London street and one day he found a baby whaped in colth so he went to the baby and then Sherlock said"who left you here little one"and then the baby just cryed and then sherlock pick him up and hold him and then the baby stoped crying and then Sherlock said"your name is going be John"and then Sherlock and the baby went back to 221b baker st where he lived.Sherlock said"mrs Hudson I found this little baby in the street and then Mrs Hudson got up and walked down and said"how can people put baby in the streetsand to die".Then mycroft said"we are going to keep him"and then Sherlock was happy for someriseing.

Demonic possession case!fic

In the film series "The Last Exorcism" ( and It struck me how much the actress looks like Louise Brealey.

So here's the prompt: While on a case about a supposed exorcism he finds among his clients case files a video chronicling one of his successes. It turns out the young girl was Molly.

But what if the demon hadn't left her?


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