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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Sherlock celebrates St. Valentine's - just not in the "traditional" sense


Sherlock doesn't really celebrate "holidays" other than those that are more obscure/bizarre.
Yes, this is mostly a crack prompt, and dark!Sherlock is fine.

Sherstrade Daddy!Kink

I would love a sherstrade with Greg having a daddykink and Sherlock willing to oblige.


Based off this series:

There's an MOD program, "Gunslinger", that cybernetically fixes up soldiers who are too physically damaged to live. This gives them enhanced abilities, and they're used as elite assassins. They also have a ticking clock on their lifespan--eventually the mods and drugs will kill them. Once the decline starts, nobody knows how long they've got -- could be days, could be a year or two.

John Watson is one of them; he was nearly killed five years ago, he joined the program, but now he's been in too long his mods can no longer be repaired. His nerves are shot and he can't even walk properly anymore. As a result, he's just been "retired" and has been sent back to England to live out his remaining days in peace. He's both bored and terrified of sitting around just waiting to die.

And one day, he meets Sherlock Holmes, a disgraced investigator who could really, really use some firepower of John's level. He's looking into corruption into the MOD unit that is in charge of the "Gunslinger" project. John is more than happy to join in, for however long he has to live, and Sherlock ... well, he won't give up John's life without a fight.

Sad ending is fine, as long as they get to have One Happy Moment.

Re: GunslingerGirl!John/Sherlock

Sounds lovely. Seconded.

Sherlock "helps" Ella with John after Reichenbach

The idea is basically that Sherlock gives Ella anonymous hints about how to maintain John’s mental health in his absence post-Reichenbach. He has reason to be concerned about John - maybe the limp is returning, maybe Mycroft is sending him alarming missives - and he has no faith in Ella’s ability to help John now that Sherlock is no longer around to provide adrenaline and entertainment. Since Ella is so rarely featured in Sherlock fics, it would be especially awesome if the story included her being developed as a character and deducing that the only person who would be able to provide these clues is Sherlock himself (thus upsetting Sherlock’s low opinion of her intelligence, if not skill as a therapist).

Re: Sherlock "helps" Ella with John after Reichenbach

Oooh, I didn't know I wanted this. Seconded.

Omegaverse prompt. Mystrade

Greg and mycroft got together pre- heat. There's been plenty of "normal" lovemaking. However now there's a heat coming on. Though he's looking forward to it the alpha in the relationship is quite nervous. I would like to read all about the alphas concerns ofcourse. And definately about the very succesfull heat that follows.

Feel free to chose who is alpha and who omega.

Bonus if one of the concerns has to do with a big sextoy his partner has

Sherlock kicking some ass

Sherlock witneses John getting kidnapped--and puts a stop to it. Violently.

Bonus if it's a gang of thugs/Moriarty's henchmen and he takes them all down using his brains and his vengeance (and maybe even some bamf John if he hasn't been roughed up too much, but if John is not incapacitated and can fight alongside Sherlock, please do have Sherlock subtly, or maybe openly, defending him). Basically I just want to see our boys kicking some butt. :) thanks!

Re: Sherlock kicking some ass

Yes, please!!

Lestrade/Mycroft, Portrait of a Marriage AU

Mycroft has being married since his early twenties, to a woman, because it's still an advantage in Whitehall to have a wife. His wife is aware of this, and while she likes Mycroft as a friend, is not in love with him. She is aware he has affairs with men when he's in London, normally complies her own dossiers on them and is very prepared to divorce Mycroft if he ever finds one he wants to marry (Up to author whether she has her own affairs or not). Basically, they have a marriage in name only.

Unfortunately when Greg Lestrade finds out, he is not happy. After the breakup of his own marriage, he's not willing to be the other woman (Man, you know what I mean).

Up to Author how things turn out, but I would love a happy ending.

Re: Lestrade/Mycroft, Portrait of a Marriage AU

Second!!!!!i love all mystrad prompts

Crossover with Lewis

Would prefer it if Mycroft knew James Hathaway at Oxford (maybe he's the one who approached him), but I'll take what I can get.

Sherlock and Female Scientist


Sherlock gives a conference/lecture at a forensic science institution. There he meets a female scientist that attracts him intellectually. Will she be able to lure him into a physical relationship?

Bonus points for sub!Sherlock, the woman being a physicist, jealous!John and some angst.

(I would write this myself but English is not my first language so I´m very limited). I posted this prompt yesterday in another place, sorry, newbie!

Re: Sherlock and Female Scientist

being a female scientist myself now i want this!!! i might attempt to fill.

Mummy Holmes Seduced Jim (Warning for underage)

Please hear me out if this prompt is a little wandering. I'm not sure if anyone here has read Seven Per Cent Solution, but one of the key things (And I feel like I should put this in spoilers) is that Moriarty had an affair with Mrs Holmes. When Sherlock's father found out, he killed his wife and then committed suicide.
So can we have something like that for our reality? pretty Please?

Carl Powers's Case

Basically the story of Carl Powers. Who was he and why did Jim kill him?

Stood Up

Mycroft is waiting at the bar for his date. He's 40mins late and Mycroft hasn't had a phone call or text so it's pretty clear that he's been stood up, but he's still waiting. Eventually, he has to go to the loo. As he's in there, Lestrade walks in. They make small talk at the urinal. Lestrade has also been stood up. He invites Mycroft to dinner.

Dinner, leading to lots of passionate sex. Will love you forever if you include rimming.

Fairy or Fearie Sherlock-James Bond X-over

It has been awhile since I've seen any new Fearie stories with Sherlock and I've never seen one with James Bond. So here is a prompt that I hope will be different.
Once upon a time a Human lord by the name of Holmes took a Fay wife. The result was that ALL of his children were also Fay including his sons, Mycroft, Sherlock, and Q (feel free to insert your favorite name for the quarter master). However none of them find this out until they are grown. How they find out and how they and their lovers take it is what I want to see from you anon.

For pairings: Sherlock/John and Bond/Q are prefered but not required.

Re: Fairy or Fearie Sherlock-James Bond X-over

O.P. here, I just wanted to tack on a coulpe of alternate spellings, Faerie, Fae and Fey in the hopes of making this promt easier to find.

Sherlock cat lady

Thinking John is planning to finally leave him and settle down Sherlock decides to get a cat, well a kitten to keep him company. John who is trying to finally gather the courage to confess his undying love for Sherlock is slightly confused by his new obsession (and slightly jealous).

Also I would really love for the kitten to be black and for it to be kept at the end of the fic.

Re: Sherlock cat lady

I started working on this, but I am not yet committing to finishing.

Re: Sherlock cat lady (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock can't accept John

I've seen several fics in which John is somehow supernatural and is worried that Sherlock will reject him, but of course he doesn't and they live happily ever after.

I want the opposite of that. I want a story in which John is supernatural and manages to hide it for awhile, but either it's forced to come out or he trusts Sherlock enough to tell him, and Sherlock totally shuts him down. Whether it's because of ingrained social prejudices or he's just frightened by the idea of the inexplicable, I want Sherlock to completely reject John because of his supernatural ability/whatever.

I want angst, but either a happy or unhappy ending is fine.


Sherlock is secretly a rabbit in disguise.

How else would he be able to work with the Yard?

Crack and humor encouraged

An experimental romance (Sally/Sherlock)

The reason Sally has so little good to say to Sherlock is that when they were younger, Sherlock proposed to Sally under the guise of a serious interest in commitment when he really just wanted to get his mother and Mycroft off his back about settling down (or you can come up with another reason).

Perhaps they'd previously had something of a casual sex/shag mates arrangement or maybe they'd gone on a date or two to see if there was any spark and there was a bit there. In any case, Sherlock talked his way around her doubts and the Yarders talked her the rest of the way--because Sherlock was a mess but he was a good-looking, genius mess with so much potential; she could do worse for a husband. Bonus points if a younger Lestrade was involved in some way. However it happened, Sally let herself say yes, she slowly let herself trust him (and that should take time!), and got close to him in return, even if he didn't intend for her to. Right before their wedding, Sherlock dropped the bombshell that he didn't want to get married, had never really wanted to marry her; it was an experiment. At least, that's what he said. (Bonus if he hid cold feet and fear of being disappointed or hurt behind callousness. Just as many bonus points if not.)

In any case, they didn't get married and Sally got her heart roundly pummeled along with her ego. She doesn't forgive him for that, because normal people don't lead each other on that way. Freaks who get their kicks hurting others do. If you can give the word "freak" some history for the two of them I'd love you forever.

TL;DR Years before the show, Sherlock became engaged to Sally as an experiment and jilted her just before their wedding by confessing. Sally hasn't forgiven him for playing her for the fool and Sherlock may or may not have deleted the entire thing from his hard drive. He may or may not also regret it.

John has an upset stomach. He doesn't expect Sherlock to care about something so trivial, but Sherlock takes his time to cuddle John and rub his tummy to make him feel better.

No crack, mpreg or genderswap please, just h/c with belly rubs. :)

Oooooo, I'd love to see this!! Seconded!

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Sherlock/Edmund Talbot/OFC threesome

I thought i had my libido under control but i just woke up, very agitated, after dreaming with Ben as Sherlock in my bed doing things i never thought of, and then another Ben dressed as Edmund Talbot appears and joins the action.
Can someone turn this into a fic.
PS: at some point Sherlock introduces a ball in the OFC´s ass.

Re: Sherlock/Edmund Talbot/OFC threesome

yes please!

Sherlock Gets His Wisdom Teeth Out

Sherlock finally, finally gets his wisdom teeth out and, having been put under during the oral surgery, John has to take care of him. Sherlock basically drapes his limp body over John and does nothing to help as John basically carries him to the cab, up the stairs, and into bed. While drugged, Sherlock has a very loose tongue and goes on about how he loves everything about John from his character traits to his physical features. Smut would be greatly adored, but I'll settle for fluff.

Fill: Wit and Wisdom (1/2)

"Your hands are amazing. Magnificent. I adore them," Sherlock sighed happily.

"That's great," John said, huffing and puffing as he half-dragged his drugged up flatmate up the seventeen steps to 221B. "Really, I appreciate it. Now if you could just try and support your own weight a little bit more, that'd be fantastic."

"Fan-tas-tic..." Sherlock said dreamily. "You know what else is fantastic? Your arse. Really fan-tas-whatsit. It's so round and firm and, and. Just... really bloody great, your arse."

John's face was beet red. He fumbled with the key in the lock, one arm wrapped firmly around Sherlock's waist as the detective slumped over his shoulder. Eventually he managed to get them both inside, and awkwardly maneuvered Sherlock over to the couch.

"Don' wan couch," Sherlock slurred. "Bed."

"Oh for... alright then," John grumbled. Next time, he'd get Mycroft to pick Sherlock up from the dentist's. Or any other minor surgery. Really, anything that required Sherlock to be sedated. The aftereffects were... well, they were something, alright.

"You're my best friend," Sherlock declared as John hauled him across the living room. "The very best. You're like the Stradivarius of best friends."

Then again, John considered, it wasn't all bad.

"There you go," John said, lowering Sherlock down onto the bed. "Try and sleep it off, okay? I'll make you a nice cup of tea when you wake up."

"Shoes," Sherlock said, looking dazedly down at the offending items adorning his feet.

John heaved the sigh of the long-suffering and got down on one knee to untie Sherlock's shoelaces. Once he'd gotten Sherlock's shoes off, he positioned his friend's long, slender legs in a comfortable position and patted him awkwardly on the ankle.

"Sleep well, Sherlock."



"Have I ever told you that your eyes are my favourite colour in the whole world?"

John pinched the bridge of his nose and squeezed his eyes shut, trying to stave off an imminent headache. "What colour is that, then, Sherlock?"

Sherlock was quiet for a bit. When John opened his eyes, he discovered his flatmate was frowning in a way John desperately tried to convince himself he didn’t find adorable.

"I... guess I don't know how to describe it," Sherlock said, sounding put out. "But I know it's my favourite colour, because they’re your eyes. And you're my John. You're brave and loyal, and you fight with chip-and-pin machines."

"That was one time," John protested, before the rest of the statement settled in. It made him a bit weak in the knees.

"I... Sherlock. You're drugged. Go to sleep, okay? We'll talk about this later. Or not," he muttered as he quickly exited the room.

Right. Tea first.

He found himself mechanically going through the motions of making tea, his mind preoccupied with Sherlock's uncharacteristically spontaneous and complimentary utterances. Was it just the drugs talking? Or did Sherlock really think... those things? Christ, he'd complimented John's arse. If that meant what John thought it meant, then... then what? Then Sherlock Holmes was attracted to him? Maybe even wanted to have sex with him?

All of which begged the question: how did John feel about this? He tried to examine his feelings as dispassionately as possible, but his libido kept getting in the way, letting him know that it was absolutely, completely, one hundred percent on board with all this. In fact, his jeans were starting to feel rather snug.

As he drank his tea, he tried to look at the problem from all angles. First and foremost in his mind was the fact that he didn’t want to lose his best friend. Sex would change things, and there was a significant potential for disaster. Could be dangerous, a voice in the back of his mind whispered, and really, he was fooling no-one, was he? The man he had been lusting after for months-- the man who, in his honest moments, he could admit he was already more than half in love with-- had more or less confessed his affection for John (that whole thing about his eyes? That had to be about more than just physical attraction, surely). There was no way John was going to say no.

That was, if Sherlock remembered any of this when he woke up.

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John is Female/Breast Groping/Smut

John is female and Sherlock is male.

One morning, Sherlock walks up behind John, presses his front to her back, slides his hand under her arms, and cups her breasts. Could be for an experiment, could be for pure curiosity's sake, I don't really care so long as it ends in filthy, obscene, rough, vocal smut and multiple orgasms for John.

Johnlock Intelligence Kink

John has an intelligence kink.

(If you know of any fics that has this theme, would you mind linking me to them??? This is seriously my biggest kink and I need to see some Johnlock involving this. I'd also love to see anything with Sherlock having the intelligence kink. Thanks!)

Re: Johnlock Intelligence Kink

Rtyi: sherlock as a sapiosexual

Omegaverse and orgasm denial

I have this image in my head of an omegaverse world where do to ~ scientific reasons~ an omega's heat ends once they've reached orgasm. SO, to get the best chance at having a baby(or just to fuck longer), the alpha has to keep coming in the omega over and over without letting their partner go overboard. If someone can do this with alpha!John and omega!Sherlock I would be ecstatic.

tl;dr: John cums alot but Sherlock doesn't.

Re: Omegaverse and orgasm denial



A Dom for a Dom

Both Sherlock and John are trying to woo the other by acting all alpha male. Thing is, their both naturally dominant so their having some difficulties trying to control each other.

Seconded! This sounds divine.

Instead of a crime solver, Sherlock Holmes is a bounty hunter.


Ok, now this - this right here? I needs it. Like woah.


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