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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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John "Three Continents" Watson

I'd love to see something where John is with some of his army buddies and Sherlock is along for the ride and when they refer to John as John "Three Continents" Watson, Sherlock gets really curious about why that's his nickname, and then have the story disintegrate into pure, obscene porn with top!John doing dirty, dirty, dirty things to bottom!Sherlock, showing rather than telling Sherlock why he's called John "Three Continents" Watson.

Re: John "Three Continents" Watson

Cannot stop a plot bunny from spinning.

Three Continents Watson showing why he's called that ontop of the bar in front of his mates admist wolf whistles, drooling, and catcalls?

Oh god. I may have to fill this.

Okay. I have a huge, raging virgin kink. Meme: I'm not even de-anoning for this .I have no shame whatsoever.

So as a couple Sherlock and John are totally exploring all of their kinks and on a John Kink Night, Sherlock gets a text/letter/email/post-it note that John has a seriously large virgin kink where he's the virgin and bottom.

Meme. You do not know. How. Much. I . Want This.

A few ideas ..
Nervous, anxious, "am I doing this correctly" John.

Sherlock researching the shit out of virgin kinks and satisfying John immensely- which positions would be too deep, which positions a virgin should never start out with, etc!


If roleplaying is not your thing, then this could even be young adult!Johnlock and have John be an actual virgin that doesn't know much about male on male sex. :)

I just want lots of virgin kink.

Re: Virgin Kink

Yes, please!

Hair-trigger adjustment

J/S are and established light Dom/sub couple.
Sub!lock really likes orgasm control and edging, games Dom!John is always happy to try and play.
Only problem is that Sherlock has the most delicate hair-trigger imaginable. One stroke too many and it's over almost before it's begun. John's terribly understanding even if it's rather a disappointment to all concerned. He cares for his sub and knows Sherlock's embarressed by it.

Which is why he can't resist when Sub!lock askes Dom!John to help re-train his impulses; protracted denial, painful chastity devices, regular prostate milking and swift, hard punishment for coming without permission. It's a little harder than they usually play but but God it turns out to be fantastic.

Re: Hair-trigger adjustment

Oh my.



So very.


Nobody hurts John Watson...

Yes please!

Sherlock and John have been married for xteen years . It's still all fine, still very much in love, still a healthy (if less intense) sexlife. Than John compliments some one other than Sherlock . Cue silly insecure Sherlock and slightly amused (and flatered) John.

Mycroft says "his". Damn straight!

Minifill: Jealous

"You complimented that woman's hair," Sherlock said sullenly.

"I was being nice," John replied cheerfully. "You should try it sometime."

"I don't waste my time with superficial pleasantries," Sherlock sniffed. "And neither should you," he added, darkly.

John's eyes widened suddenly. "You're jealous," he said, grinning.

"Don't be absurd," Sherlock replied, too quickly. And was that a hint of colour on his cheeks?

"You are! You are so jealous," John laughed, then moved in for a hug, which Sherlock grudgingly accepted.

"Oh, Sherlock," John said, leaning in to give him a peck his (delightfully pink) cheek. "I really was just being nice, you know. Why would I want anyone else, when I've got you?"

"No reason," Sherlock said, awkwardly trying to extricate himself from the hug. John was having none of it. "I was not jealous," Sherlock insisted weakly.

"Of course you weren't," John said fondly. "Because there's no need." And to prove his point, he leaned up to kiss his husband, breaking it off with a pinch to Sherlock's bottom.

"Cuppa?" John asked innocently, moving towards the kitchen.

"Like hell," Sherlock growled, and dragged his husband off towards the bedroom.


AN: Tooth-rotting fluff, I know. I'm not sorry. XD

Re: Minifill: Jealous (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Minifill: Jealous (Anonymous) Expand

AU - Disposable penises

In an AU where humans shed their penises after having sex (like sea slugs do) some kind of case-fic involving shed penis identification leading to a murder suspect or something. I don't even know, I just want disposable penis case-fic. All pairings welcome.


Re: AU - Disposable penises


Sheriarty Masturbation

During Reichenbach Fall, Sherlock gets himself off to Moriarty's genius. He's alone in the living room/flat and he either figures out (or thinks he figures out) Moriarty's plans or he's just wanking to the intricacy and perfection that is Jim's giant brain.

Options: Jim sees the whole thing via one of his planted cameras (He can figure out what Sherlock is wanking to or not). Sherlock keeps his eyes fixed on the IOU apple. Penetration with random household objects. Lots of lip biting & focus on Sherlock's mouth while he's at himself would be much appreciated.

I'd like this to be solid Sheriarty, please. No Morans or Watsons need to appear or be at all mentioned.

Re: Sheriarty Masturbation

Seconded. Seconded so hard.

Mycroft's Piano

Mycroft has a piano with keys made from human ivory, human ivory from Sherlock's past enemies.

Re: Mycroft's Piano

Human ivory? O.o

Re: Mycroft's Piano (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mycroft's Piano (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mycroft's Piano (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Mycroft's Piano (Anonymous) Expand
Whenever I read Harry,I don´t think of the equerry,I think of John´s sister.So I want Mycroft/Harry Watson. I know she´s gay,maybe it was a drunken mistake?
I just want the awkward morning after and John´s reaction


Awesome. I think if Sherlock has the awesomeness to turn John bisexual/gay/Sherlocksexual
then Mycroft has the power to turn Harry straight!

No offense to anyone that is Bi/Straight/Gay/Whateversexual.

Mycroft/John sex

Anything kink you want, except Non-Con/Dub-con

He's Getting Warmer


I have nothing else to say.

(Deleted comment)

Re: Sherlock and Tourette's

Since you said feel free to correct you....

Yeah. You've got it wrong, sorry.

John Watson/Martin Crieff/Sherlock Holmes

Before John Sherlock had only ever loved one person. His younger half brother Martin Crieff. Martin was sent away, however because of Sherlock's borederline obsession/over protectiveness which caused him to nearly kill another child over Martin. When Sherlock and John book tickets with an airline called MJN Sherlock is suprised to see his beloved younger brother. He's even more suprised to see John's and Martin's lusty reactions to eachother, which pleases him because that means he can have both his loves with him.

Omegaverse- Omega John likes taking care of himself

Wow that title is just so misleading. cough

Okay omega verse where John has never been taken care of or looked after like is 'proper' for an omega. Omega's typically were looked after very carefully as soon as their omeganess begins to show. Alphas are expected to actually provide for an omega. If an omega is upset or needs to punch someone their Alpha(s) should be there to do something about it. Rare is the omega that can't wrap an alpha/beta around their finger because of the Alpha's strong, biological desire to please and provide. In addition, because there isnt many of them (or there used to not be) they may also have more than one partner at a time (usually frowned upon if beta). New tech makes it easier for omegas and even betas to have kids though so this tradition is being lessened. However, it has not gone away.

PROMPT: okay thats the backstory I imagined but since its so bloody specific feel free to do away with it completely. :)
Omega!John has never had an easy life. He honestly thinks that all this hype about 'taking care of an omega' and all this talk from alphas about how 'easy' omegas have it is just a bunch of bull. None of the omegas he knows have ever had it 'easier.' This may or may not be due to the fact that his family never believed in giving their kids a freebie just for being born omega or alpha and sent them to a school that followed those beliefs or because he was born somewhere nontraditional/with people to busy scrapping by just barely to worry about such things. IDK I'm up for anything the filler anon comes up with. Then when he goes to uni hes too busy being broke and getting into doctor school/graduating/the army where he constantly has to prove himself.

Cue going back to London and BAM. He gets hit with all those 'omg omega=protect' attitudes he never truly thought exist and thought died out years ago.

TO SUM IT UP: Omega!John has never been taken care of properly until he comes back to London at some point (after being shot or even before and when he is younger) and gets to settle down a bit and realizes hes been hanging out with incredible nontraditional people for most of his life because now everyones going completely out of their way to take care/provide for him.

Sherlock dislikes omegas due to how "easy" they have it if he is not an omega himself.

If at first he thinks Sherlock is the only sane one. When people realize Sherlock treats him like everyone else they are horrified (unless he is an omega himself).

Sherlock is a beta and Mycroft an omega.

Re: Omegaverse- Omega John likes taking care of himself


Shaving kink (Is that even a thing)

I have just found out that,while I like my men with facial hair, watching them shave is sensual.The shaving cream,the razor going up and down against their skin...
Anyways,I want someone discover this kink too.
Any pairings are welcome (But if you make this Johncroft I will love you forever)

Re: Shaving kink (Is that even a thing)

Yes, yes, yes! Also seconding Johncroft forever!

Re: Question for OP (Anonymous) Expand
OP here (Anonymous) Expand


The highly sexual conversation Jim had with Irene about Sherlock. I wants it.

(Maybe they can talk about a threesome??)
(Maybe it can go in into later in the episode and they can swoone over Sherlock together??)

Sherlock fakes being terminally ill for a case

Hi. It's my first time posting here, so I hope I'm doing it right.
I sort of got this idea from an episode of House, Half-Wit, which is my favourite episode ever.

I'm desperately in need of a longish bromance fic where Sherlock fakes (lung) cancer or whatnot in order to catch an angel-of-death kind of killer who takes out patients. It could start out with Sherlock noticing some kind of pattern during his visits to the morgue. As he takes on other cases, it keeps nagging him at the back of his head, he figures out the victim profile and decides to make it a long term project in order not to scare the serial killer while he closes in on him. He teams up with someone inside the hospital and slowly starts faking the symptoms, the tests, the paperwork, etc. As he needs it to be as believable as possible, he keeps everyone in the dark and acts it all out in front of his friends. When John finds out about his condition by picking up the symptoms, there's lots of fussing and angst, people being people and John being absolutely devastated while Sherlock is all cool and studies everyone's reactions. In the end he ends up in the hospital "dying", right where he wants to be, the killer is caught and drama over the fact that Sherlock is a heartless twat follows. More angst. Soppy apologising. MAKE ME CRY.

So yeah, that's my idea. I've always seen it as a long fic, as there are so many possibilities for character study from different perspectives, so feel free to go nuts. Or not. Just throwing it out there. >_> *puppy eyes*

Re: Sherlock fakes being terminally ill for a case

You can read the canon story. It's called "The Dying Detective"

Sherlock is married to his work now

... but he wasn´t always. Actually he was married to Sally once but then "let her down" as the work and the crime scenes were more important. That´s also why Sally believes he will kill one day: he just loves crime scenes too much.

++ if they still care about each other but you have to look really close to see it.

Re: Sherlock is married to his work now

Yes please!

John comes home to Sally/Sherlock

John comes home and finds Sally and Sherlock having rough sex in the living room. What does he do? Does he join in? Does he go to the kitchen, makes tea and popcorn, and watches? Run wild!

Re: John comes home to Sally/Sherlock

Yes please a second time!

S/J Relationship with Angst about (Imagined?) Sherlock/Irene

John is convinced that Sherlock is in love with Irene Adler. Despite this, he offers himself as a substitute for Sherlock in her place after her "death" because he is in love with the detective and prefers to have the physical aspects of the relationship over nothing at all, even if his feelings are unreciprocated.

Aside from sex (in which John is always on his front and Sherlock never looks at or speaks to him), their relationship doesn't actually change much after they become a couple.

Up to the author whether or not Sherlock is actually in love with Irene or does in fact have feelings for John. Also up to the author as to whether or not John finds out that Irene is alive. Could be a happy or sad ending. I just need some serious John-angst in the story.

Re: S/J Relationship with Angst about (Imagined?) Sherlock/Irene

Hi there OP,

I'm working on a fill for this prompt, but it's kind of gotten away from me, and I wanted to ask a few questions before I venture further; I've never done this before, so I'm a little hazy on the line between "hijacking" and "acceptable thematic drift."

1) Is it all right if Irene doesn't show up for awhile?
2) Is it the physical logistics of the sex that matter to you, or the emotional freight it carries? Would you be okay with some sort of different physical arrangement, if it was workmanlike and impersonal and the emotional effect on John was the same?


Sherlock the Wedding Planner

Sherlock is married to The Work - and that work is wedding planning. People come to him from far and wide to plan their weddings because even though he is a rude bastard his weddings are always perfect, tailored to the happy couple's every want and need.

Then, one day Sherlock is employed to arrange the wedding of John Watson and Mary Morstan. What does he do when he starts to get feelings for the groom?

Re: Sherlock the Wedding Planner

Dear God, this would be super-hilarious and also awesome. I don't know whether to hope for a cracky or a non-cracky fill. (perhaps one of each?)

Abandoned Prompt:Young junkie rent boy Sherlock solves cases

2010-12-07 02:02 am (UTC)
Lestrade thought that the man was just another junkie supporting his habit through prostituting himself and threw him in the cell with the others. It wasn't until the man had solved four of the crimes sitting on Lestrade's desk, proved one of the men in jail with him innocent, and told Lestrade that his wife already knew he was still smoking, that he began to realize this one wasn't quite like all the others.

tl;dr Lestrade books Sherlock for prostitution while he's a druggie, Sherlock solves crimes from behind bars.

Oh my fellow devotees of young junkie Sherlock, this was a beautiful thing three chapters in and was abandoned. Can I get something similar
(Mycroft says moreadom LORD. Now that sounds encouraging)

Slutty Bottom Jim

Jim is being a brat and making comments about the size of the other person's penis to whichever character you like. Eventually the other person snaps and fucks him hard, right there, right then.

This is what Jim wanted all along.

Give me some submissive, slutty, bottom Jim, I beg of you!

Re: Slutty Bottom Jim

DEAR GOD, PROMPTER, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE? Slutty bottom!Jim is my favorite thing. Ever.

scavenger hunt

while he's on his hiatus sherlock leaves notes for john to find.

"Happy Valentine's Day." "You too. Now duck."

John's been in a number of relationships. He enjoys spontaneity and dislikes feeling that on a particular day he's required to demonstrate love for another person in particular ways. If you truly care for another person, he feels, you can show it in many different ways and on any day; you shouldn't be made to feel that you're somehow failing as a romantic partner if you don't express it in these specific ways on this specific calendar date.

Sherlock's utterly baffled by the cultural expectation that romantic affection be demonstrated on a particular arbitrarily chosen date. He's equally baffled by the notion, inculcated and promoted by certain highly lucrative industries, that said affection can only adequately be expressed by an expenditure of money on chocolate, flowers, jewelry, or certain activities which our culture has designated as "romantic". Oh, and that box of chocolates is shaped nothing like a human heart.

They wind up spending an incredibly romantic Valentine's Day alternately crouching in and dashing through damp London alleyways, finally tracking down and apprehending the Valentine's Day Killer (or some such miscreant) before going home and fucking each other's brains out.

Re: "Happy Valentine's Day." "You too. Now duck."

YES YES YES seconded


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