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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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  • RPF (real person fic, i.e. fic involving the actors themselves) is not supported at this meme.
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This Night

I've recently fallen in love with the Black Lab song 'This NIght.' Could I get a songfic? There's a few lines that seem so perfectly postReichenbach to me….

"There are things I regret/You can't forgive/You can't forget"
"So take this night/wrap it around me like a sheet/I know I'm not forgiven/But I need a place to sleep"
"So take this night/Lay me down on the street/I know I'm not forgiven/But I hope that I'll be given some peace"
"There's a game/That I've played/There are rules/I had to break"
"There's mistakes/That I've made/But I made them my way"

The whole song, really, is so plaintive and lost, exactly how I imagine Sherlock to be, trying to find a way to return to the home he had, after the time away (I imagine in this instance, it would be the full three years) and not finding it right away. I'd like a happy ending if possible, because I'm a sucker for adorable, slightly broken people realizing they're perfect for each other—but only after a struggle to get there.

Kate Bush Song Prompt

Fill inspired by the song Walk Straight Down The Middle by Kate Bush.

Listen here--

Dark!Sherlock haunting

Dark!Sherlock commits murder, the only trouble is now the victim won't leave him alone. The ghost keeps reappearing, first in the flat, then everywhere Sherlock goes. The ghost is visible to others and Sherlock has to go to great lengths to prevent John from discovering this misdemeanor. Sherlock is eventually surprised to learn that the ghost doesn't harbor any ill feelings towards Sherlock for the killing, however unfortunately they now appear to be bonded to each other.

Re: Dark!Sherlock haunting

this...misdemeanor? the murder?

I'm all for persistent ghosts, though.

John wakes up. Triggers for non-con, violence and overall creepiness.

Inspired by an old creepypasta I recently rediscovered called "Wake Up".

Link here:

During his first year at university, John was beaten and gang-raped by a group of sadistic criminals who nabbed him off the street late one night while he was out alone exploring his new surroundings. Traumatized and suffering from severe physical injuries, he slipped into a deep coma and found his sanctuary in a fantasy world he created in the depths of his own mind. In this world, he lives his life exactly as he was meant to live it, only he is never attacked and doesn't even cross paths with the men who assaulted him. He becomes a doctor, goes to war, meets Sherlock, tangles with Moriarty and so on and so forth.

But one day, he stumbles across a strange note similar to the one from the creepypasta, and he slowly begins to understand that he now has the choice of continuing to live in this made-up place in his head or of facing the evils that have befallen him in the real world.

I read somewhere that a person could choose to wake up if they see an opportunity to escape or retaliate against their rapist/torturer. I've also read it means that they've come to a point where they simply have to confront what has happened, so they "wake up" to try to accept it and move on. Bonus points if one of these theories is somehow incorporated. More bonus points if John, should he choose to wake up, still meets Sherlock.

Sherlock/John is always appreciated but not necessary.

Re: John wakes up. Triggers for non-con, violence and overall creepiness.

Do want!



Sherlock leaves John at a crime scene. When he finally reaches home, Sherlock hears on the news about a fomer army medical doctor that was killed after being hit by a car. It's not far from where John was.

Sherlock can't reach John, lestrade won't answer his mobile and mycroft is off...somewhere.

John's fine, although he knows it's absurd, he was hurt by Sherlock and decided to turn off his mobile and go for a long walk.

When he returns home he can't quite figure why Sherlock is acting the way he is. It's almost as if Sherlock is sorry. And relieved. And worried? Who is this un-masked man?

No crack.

Re: Left (Anonymous) Expand

Threesome in Omegaverse

Everything I've seen about the Omegaverse has pairs bonded - one alpha and one omega.

How about one alpha and two omegas? Let's say it's possible to form a stable bonded triad under such circumstances. Do the omegas go into heat at the same time (like women on periods)? Or are they planned out?

Really this is an excuse for a threesome in the omegaverse. :)


Young Sherlock with braces. Ilovemyjawn on Tumblr and ineffableboyfriends have brace lock and I would love some fanfic to go with it <3

Re: Brace!lock


Kid!Lock, Sherlock is a terrible father

A kid shows up on Sherlock's doorstep- maybe it's Irene's child, maybe it's the result of an "experiment" in his university years, whatever, it's his child and he has to take care of it because it's mother is sick/dead/on the run from an international crime syndicate.

And he's TERRIBLE at it. Like, not just awkward, but genuinely sociopathic. He thinks the kid is stupid and annoying and let's them know it, loses his temper, occasionally puts on his "I'm a normal father" mask to get them to do something but drops it as soon as it's convenient, etc. Think his treatment of Mollyx1000

I don't know, I just really want a kid!lock fic where the kid doesn't magically fix all of Sherlock's pathologies and all of his worst traits are exacerbated by the stresses a kid brings.

Bonus points if the kid is his daughter.

Johnlock optional (I don't really ship it, so whatever pairings you want, though John's urge to be a decent "step-dad" warring with his co-dependency on Sherlock would be interesting in the context of a relationship.)

or, playing hide and go seek by yourself (another link)
(tw warnings for links: horror & creepypasta (and all that lovely goodness) and... death? possessed teddybears??)

I stumbled across this a few days ago and, well, things like this really intrigue me! And then I got to the bottom and -

"Oh, and another note of warning - DO NOT PLAY WHILE SOMEONE ELSE IS IN THE HOUSE. There is the possibility that they will be “found” instead of you. And something terrible will happen to them. You must be alone in the house when you play."
Basically, all of this culminated in:

Sherlock investigates a string of very similar, very suspicious deaths in which at each scene they find a teddy bear next to the body and a message painted in blood: "I FOUND YOU" (or something similar). At first, Sherlock thinks it's a serial killer, until someone points him in the direction of the above links. Sherlock's understandably dismissive at first, but as time goes on and more bodies pop up with absolutely no leads ever, he's forced to admit that maybe there was some truth in those stories after all.

But, of course, there's no way Sherlock's going to take that story at face value. So he decides to play it himself.

Now, there are options for ways this story could go!

Through door "Paranormal": Sherlock follows every instruction to the letter. Only, he doesn't tell John because John was going out anyway. Problem is, he doesn't count on John coming back during the night and unwittingly becoming the victim. After a few hours, Sherlock tries to end the game, only to find that the teddybear's ended it first by killing John.

Through door "Far More Likely Reality": It actually is a serial killer, who's been picking his victims based on people that specifically announce that they are going to play this game (eg. through a forum), stalks them to their house, and... well, kills them while they play. Sherlock announces he is going to play, and manages to catch the guy and figure it all out and happy fun times for everyone!

O' course, all of this is horrendously specific. Honestly, I'd be pleased as punch for absolutely anything based around the Hitori Kakurenbo game! (I'm sorry this is so long and specific ._.)

Edited at 2013-02-12 05:55 am (UTC)

Re: Hitori Kakurenbo

Seconding with all my heart and soul

Apparently today is Mycroft's birthday

So how 'bout some birthday sex?

Mycroft/Lestrade, Mycroft/John, Mycroft/Sherlock, Mycroft/Jim, Mycroft/Harry, the Equerry (oh God, yes), anything counts ss long as Mycroft gets it good for being the birthday boy!

Preparing for baby

I had a dream where Sherlock and John were both pregnant and taking pregnancy classes together. Sherlock was only going because John somehow convinced(forced?) him to and he had a scowl on his face the whole time. The specific class they where taking in the dream was prenatal yoga, but I think there where others too.

If this could somehow be made into a fic the author would likely get a firstborn. (pun intended)

Dick World

Sherlock and John end up at the penis museum in Iceland, either for a case or a flight of fancy. And of course their going to end up having sex during their visit. :D

Re: Dick World

There's a penis museum?? Why was I never before informed of this!


Mycroft forbade him from becoming a consulting detective so he became a psychic instead.

Bonus: John figures it out pretty quickly much to Sherlock's surprise.

Bonus: Lestrade and John helping Sherlock get clean means things go more smoothly.

Extra bonus: I was honestly picturing this being really young Sherlock like early 20s (younger? slightly older?) who needs to listen to Mycroft because he is still either dependent on Mycroft in some way or because younger!Mycroft is X1000 more controlling and manipulative since its before he fully learned how to be diplomatic and the power may be going to his head a lil bit.

Re: Psych!Sherlock

YES! OH MY GOD YES! Why didn't I make this connection? This needs to happen!

"How do you confuse <Character Name>? Put him/her in a round room and tell them to sit in the corner."

Bit of a crack!prompt but I can't get the thought of of my mind now. It came up with Anderson in mind but I wouldn't mind seeing other characters as well.

Yet another Hobbit reincarnation fic

But with a bit of a twist, because Smaug isn't the only Tolkien character Cumberbatch is voicing, and I've been re-reading the Silmarillion and it gave me ideas.

After the world of Arda has ended and been remade, EVERYONE gets reincarnated. John is Bilbo of course. Sherlock is Sauron, who's being given a second chance. Moriarty is Morgoth, who wants his favorite apprentice back. They don't have their old memories (at first), but the amount of time Bilbo carried the ring has created a connection between with the Dark Lord which draws them together.

Bonus if Moran isn't Thorin, and if Mycroft isn't one of the Istari.

Double bonus if Gollum is also drawn to Sherlock in the form of a stalkerish fanboy.

Some form of John/Sherlock, either sexual or platonic, is prefered, but not required.

Sherlock/pseudo-de-aged!John, OMCs/pseudo-de-aged!John

After a couple of months with few paying cases, Sherlock and John are financially tapped out, and now thugs are after John for gambling debts and/or after Sherlock for old drug debts. Desperate times call for desperate measures. When Sherlock stumbles across a case involving a group of men preying on teen-aged boys, he has a brilliant idea. John's small and, in spite of the greying hair, quite boyish looking. Sherlock realises that using his own make-up and costuming skills--and the judicious application of a razor to unnecessary body hair--he'd have no trouble making it possible for John to pass as a young teen. With Sherlock posing as a pederast, and using John as bait, our boys set out to infiltrate the sex ring. Things get really interesting when Sherlock realises he's horribly attracted to boy!John, and John realises he really likes the risk, danger, and massive amounts of sex involved in the enterprise. Being a fetish object for an increasingly lust-addled Sherlock is just icing on the cake.

tl;dr version of prompt. In pursuit of justice, using costumes, make-up, and a bit of shaving, Sherlock creates teen-aged!John and whores him out.

Play it straight or play it cracky, it makes no nevermind to me.

Re: Sherlock/pseudo-de-aged!John, OMCs/pseudo-de-aged!John

I had no idea how badly I wanted this until just now. Seconded!

Lestrade can restrain everything but his curiosity.

Years ago, when he first deduced Lestrade's wife was cheating, Sherlock casually offered a little reciprocal adultery along with the information. The good Inspector chose to "cling to antiquated and unreturned notions of monogamic fidelity," but that doesn't mean he didn't wonder what it would have been like. Lately he seems to be imagining it more and more often, at increasingly inappropriate times.

Bonus: Lestrade looks at John, following Sherlock so closely, and wonders if he received a similar offer. The thought shouldn't come with mental images, but God, it does.

(Mycroft says "stories". Get on it!)

Re: Lestrade can restrain everything but his curiosity.

Lestrade fantasies must be seconded!

He does know how to...

John's been working extra shifts at the Surgery. Despite the 'flu jab he gave Sherlock and himself, he becomes very ill. Sherlock has been working a case. He becomes annoyed by John's coughing and sneezing and runny nose. He decides to lock John out of the flat because he's too distracting. When John is finally able to get back into the flat, Sherlock is furious. Until he enters John's room to yell at him about all the noise his coughing is making and discovers John non-responsive. Hospital, pneumonia, and eveyone disgusted at sherlock (even sherlock himself)...except for John.

No crack
H/C for John.

Mini rant about 'those kind of rants'. Scroll by if don't want to read
I know that some will find this OOC, or think whatever with the recent attacks on such prompts, but I'd really just like a good H/C with a dash of arsehole Sherlock who then realizes what he's done and guilt and anger from him and comfort for John from Sherlock.

If you don't like my idea, please scroll by. Everyone has their kinks. And I know that some people's headcanons have Sherlock incapable of being caring, and loathe the idea just like others hate Woobie!Sherlock or Emotions of a glass of stale water!Sherlock but it's a kink meme.

Sorry for the mini lecture but I just hate how people are leaving attacks on well intentioned fills, and prompts. This isn't the place to tell people how much you hate a fill because it doesn't adhere to your dream, or you think it was an attack. And it isn't the place to attack people by saying how OOC their prompt is because "that character" wouldn't act a way. Everyone has their headcanon, everyone has their kink and this is the place for them.
end mini rant

Note for OP.

I wanted to applaud you. I can guarantee you that people are having a massive hateboner for you and saying that your additon to your prompt will keep them away. Or make them not want to fill it or just insult the hell out of you.

I think that what you've said is great, and I think it needed to be said with the recent attack of horrid comments on fills and prompts. You have a lot of guts and you are 100% right. I really hope you get a fill and I apologize in advance for any idiots that decide to complain about you and your words.

OP here (Anonymous) Expand
OP (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock/Cabin Pressure: Heartbreak

Seducing a nice bloke just because he looks a bit like John's dead flatmate is Not Good, but John's past caring. There's so much about his feelings for Sherlock he didn't grasp until it was too late. Surely this relationship, however twisted, will give him a bit of closure?

Martin Crieff can is almost blissfully happy. He's never had a more considerate boyfriend than the doctor who took his heart(and bed) by storm. But sometimes John stares into Martin's eyes like he's looking for somebody else behind them, and nothing Martin does can wipe the heartbreak from his face.

Mycroft/Harry (the equerry), blowjob and orgasm denial

Harry (the equerry) giving Mycroft a long slow blow job, teasing him and making him beg to come.

Misfits AU

Any pairing (sherstrade is my otp but unnecessary) but I just want a Misfits AU because I feel like it would be hilarious

Sherlock/Naoki Urusawa's "Monster" Crossover

I really hope I'm doing this right... I feel like I definitely requested this wrong err sorry

Howdy, kink meme! Any of you familiar with Naoki Urusawa's epic of a graphic novel "Monster"? Good.

Now, what if we replaced the characters and messed-up relationships in that with everyone's favorite Sherlock characters? For some reason, I can't get the idea of Dr. Tenma, the amazingly kind doctor driven to the brink, as John and Sherlock as Johan, the sociopathic yet beautiful serial killer. But, really, you can do whatever you want--Sherlock could be Inspector Lunge or Johnlock could be the Johan-Nina set or Moriarty could be Johan--it's whatever you want! Whatever setup suits your fancy is fine with me.

In fact, you don't need to combine characters at all if you don't want to! You can just take the plot of Monster and twist the Sherlock characters in it, with John teaming up with Sherlock to catch the Johan figure (probably Moriarty) while simultaneously trying to clear his name. But it can be whatever you want.

If any of you don't know the plot to Monster but are interested in filling this, I'd be more than happy to give you a pretty generalized explanation of the plot! :)

Basically I'd love a fill is either heavily or loosely based on the plot of Monster. Thanks so much!

(Psst. I like Johnlock, but it doesn't have to be sexual or even kissy-kissy between them if it doesn't fit; it's not a requirement at all and I'd sort of prefer focus on the case and the tension it entails. I usually like it onesided on Sherlock's part, but this fill can be whatever you want, with whatever pairing you want. Have fun!)

Mycroft always has the latest model

Mycroft always has a young, attractive personal assistant/bodyguard. He prefers leggy brunettes with brown eyes, regardless of sex. He always seduces them and they always fall for him. Lestrade was his first assistant and was heartbroken when Mycroft broke up with him; he's never fully gotten over it. Sally was his assistant before Anthea and she's very bitter towards anyone with the name of Holmes. Before she was dumped, she and Sherlock were actually friends.

Bonuses: After Anthea gets dumped for the newest model, Sherlock decides to interfere and after a sufficient grieving period sets her up with Lestrade.

Sherlock and John (background Johnlock is preferred but not required) set up an intervention because Mycroft really can't keep breaking the hearts of all these perfectly nice people.

Mycroft says nesholl soul, apparently he is eviler than I thought.

J/S Tattoo Kink

I actually have two prompts that came to my while getting my latest tattoo done.

1. Ever since seeing a tattoo John got in the army, Sherlock has devloped an ink kink. He eventually asks John if he'd give him a tattoo. Sexiness ensues.

2. During a case/at a crime scene/etc. John has to strip in front of the Yarders and they see the elaborate tat he has of Sherlock's initials/name.

Re: J/S Tattoo Kink

I second them both, but more the second one. I'd love to see the Yard's reactions to John's elaborate ink in Sherlock's honor.

It wasn't that John disliked sex, really....

It wasn't that John disliked sex, really, it was that Sherlock had been pushing in and out of him for the last 3 hours. But at Sherlock gave a particularly rough twist to his left nipple, John moaned and didn't really care. (No idea where this bunny came from. It could be a different pairing if you feel like it. And this isn't meant to be Omegaverse.)


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