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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Crossover with "Elementary"

Sherlock Holmes meets Sherlock Holmes. Either one of them has a case in London or in New York, where they meet and help each other with the case (I'm sure both Sherlocks would love to finally have somebody as brilliant as them to talk to who is not evil or related to them. And Joan and John could exchange stories about their respective geniuses)

Gen or any parings, everything's fine with me.

(Deleted comment)

Not Sherlock 1/2

"What the fuck was that about?" Lestrade watches a furiously pacing Sherlock.

John shrugs and then winces as a doctor injects lidocaine into a large, deep gash in his right calf.

"That..." Lestrade breaks off as Sherlock begins mumbling to himself. "...what was that?" Lestrade motions at Sherlock.

John lets out a short yell as the doctor injects more lidocaine into the deepest part of cut on John's calf.

"Shouldn't he go to surgery!" Sherlock's face is deep red as he screams at the doctor.

The doctor ignores Sherlock.

"Sherlock? Sherlock!" Lestrade grabs Shelock "what. The. Hell. Happened?"

Sherlock lowers his head, covers his eyes and whispers.

"Say again?"

"Role playing!" Sherlock screams out.

"Role playing?" Lestrade frowns.

"Yes." Sherlock begins pacing again "apparently, the insipid, underage, idiotic, dull, stupid, moronic, bland--"

"Okay!" Lestrade shakes his head. "Explain."

John giggles "we have a meme." John smiles "a kink meme."

Lestrade stares at Sherlock for several seconds "as in.." He motions between John and Sherlock.

"Yep. Apparently, we have a gaggle of underage fans that like to make Sherlock an emotional imbecile."

"John, stop speaking." Sherlock moves closer to John and watches the doctor. He nods his approval at the tiny stiches. "I decided that acting out the 'kinks' of these adolecent, brainless, twats, might help me to understand the younger generation."

John shakes his head "y-you just wanted to be coddled you little woobie baby."

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Being Human fusion (spoilers for s5e1)

Fusion with the latest series of Being Human. Takes place before BH s5 begins, maybe?

John didn't just shoot a cabbie at the end of A Study in Pink... he shot the very devil himself.

Clever, unkillable, trapped in a physical form. He talks to people and then they just kill themselves.

Posessions and spookiness and the Devil out for revenge on John by tormenting and controlling Sherlock would be awesome.

Mycroft/Lestrade delicious hate!sex Reprompt from part XV

Mycroft and Lestrade hated each other on first sight. Maybe Mycroft said something demeaning about Lestrade, Lestrade brushed Mycroft off as some useless government ponce, whatever. They just don't get along.

One day, after Mycroft shows up after Sherlock goes a bit too far to solve a case, he and Lestrade have an enormous row that ends up in the best sex of their lives. Even though they still hate each other, they agree that the sex was good enough that they can fuck each other once in a while.

Gradually they start to fall for each other, but both think that the other still hates them, so there's a lot of misunderstandings and confusion and angst. :( But then a happy ending, thanks to Sherlock or John figuring it out and forcing them to get their heads out of their asses.

original prompt:

Re: Mycroft/Lestrade delicious hate!sex Reprompt from part XV

I'm not even a big Mycroft fan but I want to see this happen!

Mrs. Huddson is really Jim's Mom

Hudson is Mrs. Hudson's maiden name, which she revered back to once Sherlock put a stop to Moriarty, Sr's dastardly dealings in Florida. She has a son, James, who she hasn't seen in years.

Go from there.

You can add in Jim's canonical brothers if you'd like.

Molly/one of the guys, enlarged clitoris

Molly's clitoris measures nearly 2" when erect. Though she herself has always found it rather interesting, less than flattering comments from former lovers have made her somewhat self-conscious regarding her peculiarity. Please give me one of the guys (would prefer Sherlock, Jim, or Greg) making her feel incredibly sexy.

All my love if Molly's bedmate is very vocally enthusiastic about wanting to suck her "cock".

Re: Molly/one of the guys, enlarged clitoris

I'm tentatively trying to fill this now. I say 'tentatively' because there's some angst, and I'm not sure if that's okay with you? It's only soft angst. And hopefully I can write something hot enough to make up for it.

It'll be Sherlock/Molly.

John can stop time

Does anyone remember the kids show 'Bernard's Watch' where a boy can stop time using an old watch?

John has a watch that can stop time. How does he use it? Does it alter the series or does he just use it to take a break when Sherlock starts being too annoying?

Pause and Effect 1/?

I have never seen the show in question, but this prompt is great and I have an urge to fill it anyway. I hope this is kind of what you're looking for? Also, if you like this enough to want me to continue it, would you prefer gen or is Johnlock okay?


John was six years old when his grandad gave him a very interesting gift.

"This watch is very special, Johnny," old Grandfather Watson told his only grandson, placing an aged and worn pocket watch into a pair of small, awaiting hands. The dull brass was cool and heavy against his palm, a major contrast to the leathery warmth of his grandad's skin. John curled his little fingers around the trinket, wide blue eyes examining the delicate swirls and curlicues woven into the metal.

"Why's it so special, Grandad?" he asked.

Just then, there was a sparkle in old Grandfather Watson's eye that spoke of mischief. Of wonder and adventure, the youth and exuberance he possessed in days long gone. It was something John had inherited from him. "It has a very special power," he said, tapping the closed surface with his fingertip. "Open it up, lad."

John did as he was told, clicking the button along the side and releasing the lock mechanism that kept the watchface hidden from prying eyes. He opened the watch, staring down at the hour, minute, and second hands. All three remained completely still. No ticking could be heard from inside, no turning gears or metal clinks. Confused, John looked up at his grandad. "It's not working," he muttered dejectedly, saddened to discover that his new present was already broken.

But Grandfather Watson just smiled and patted down the messy blond hair atop John's head. "It's not broken, Johnny. It's a time stopper."

"Time stopper?"

His grandad nodded and, much like when the watch had been closed, he tapped the face with his fingertip. "If there is ever a time when you need things to stop, or just pause for a moment, you can use this watch. It will stop everything around you."

"Like when I pause a film?" John asked.

"Very much like that," the old man said with a smile. But the smile quickly dropped and his expression became serious. "But you have to promise me that you won't tell anyone about this, okay, Johnny? It'll be our little secret."

"Okay, Grandad," John agreed, taking one last look at the watch before hooking the long chain around his neck and hiding it in his cable knit jumper. "I promise I won't tell."

"There's a good lad," Grandfather Watson said as he leaned back in his rocking chair, wincing slightly when his bones and joints protested the movement. "You run along and play with your sister now."

John nodded and quickly dashed off to find Harry, the watch beating a timeless rhythm against his chest.

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TW: Non-con

Post-Reichenbach. Moran captures Sherlock (and John?). Moran fists Sherlock.

Re: TW: Non-con

Oh, fuck yes.

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John & Mycroft friendship/trust, John is framed

John's steadfastness has convinced Mycroft that he's trustworthy. John sees past the mask and knows that Mycroft loves Sherlock. They both genuinely respect and admire each other, and strike up an odd friendship.

One day, Sherlock disappears with signs of being kidnapped/injured. Files containing sensitive information go missing from the building Mycroft works in (Mycroft has been inviting John to his office for chats over tea). Evidence turns up that show John was a mole planted by Moriarty all along. Despite the cold hard facts sitting in front of him, Mycroft for once gives in to his emotions and refuses to believe that John betrayed the Holmeses.

(feel free to create your own 'John is framed' scenario. I just want to see something where Mycroft trusts John and know that he would never betray either of the brothers. I wouldn't be opposed to John/Mycroft, either)

BBC Fortysomething (crossover BBC Sherlock/Fortysomething)

Rory Slippery witnessed a murder and knows the killer. He's put into the witness protection under the wing of Mycroft Holmes. So he becomes Sherlock Holmes as a disguise. For 5 years he maintained a persona of a high-functioning sociopath who loves adrenaline and is former-drug user. "Made" (Mycroft's idea) his own job - as the consulting detective.
After Reichenbach Fall and all that happens, Sherlock Holmes "dies" and Rory Slippery comes back to life, with the murderer being dead, he and his family is safe. He can go back to his old self. Or can he?
What would John Watson do if he found out his dead friend is actually alive and ordinary? What about Lestrade and especially Donovan - Anderson team? Would he still be the freak or would they become best friends?

Paul Slippery, Estelle Slippery, Daniel and Edwin Slippery - Rory's family. What his brothers done in those 5 years he was away and what about his dad and mum? Olf friends and foes of Slippery's family are coming back and they bring back good old fun situations :)
Besides Dr. Paul Slippery has unresolved stuff with Dr. Ronnie Pilfrey.

I had watched Fortysomething again this past few days and I thought why not? Could be really funny. If you haven't watched it you should. If you're a fan not only of Benedict Cumberbatch but also Hugh Laurie's well then you'll love it

Hello meme,

We are still looking for archivists to help us with the Delicious/Pinboard archive. If it’s something you think you would enjoy doing, please contact us. It will require as much or as little time as you want, and no computer skills are required.

Also, we have noticed an increase in snarky comments on long prompts.We would like to remind you that prompts of all sizes are welcome, but that dickish comments are not. If the length of a prompt puts you off, just skip it and read the multitude of shorter prompts the meme has to offer.

Re: Mod note

Cn you please explain a bit more about what an archivist would actually do?


Two possible scenarios:

1. John realizes he is head over heels in love with his flatmate and best friend Sherlock Holmes.

Too embarrassed to tell the man himself and also very confused with his apparent change of sexuality, he confesses about his feelings to an old friend of his, Mike Stamford, because he feels it's fitting seeing as he introduced them in the first place.

Mike is very startled and a bit bemused at first but he's still very understanding and tries to give John advice, maybe even goes to talk to Sherlock and give him little hints, etc

Ends with some Sherlock/John fluff :D

2. Same scenario, only it's Sherlock who realizes he has feelings for John, is confused about these feelings and confesses to Lestrade. Bonus for Sally Donovan overhearing, butting in and being annoying.

Same, ends with some fluffy Sherlock/John huggy moments :D

Prompt for AU's of this AU

Prompting anything for Wee Doctor If it is sparked by, heavily reliant on, existing in or related to this awesome series, I want to read it!

Fill: Sovereign Princes 1/2

...We meet like sovereign princes of independent states, abroad, on neutral ground, freed from our contexts. -The Four Loves, C. S. Lewis
It was an extraordinary day in central London when sunny fair weather coincided with a lull in politics, projects and policies. A near impossible combination so far as Mycroft Holmes was concerned, yet his more indulgent side was not above taking the small block of time to savor such a rare treat.

Dismissing Anthea and leaving the car, Mycroft settled on a delightful café-style restaurant with tables out on the pavement and trees providing shaded ambiance without blocking out the sky- it was perfect. He made note of the CCTV blind spot; ideal for future covert-public meetings.

Later, the irony of this thought was not lost.


Concealing a start (he'd not thought himself distracted, yet had not seen an approach from among the diners or staff, and anyone from the main walk would certainly have caught his eye) Holmes looked up from his mostly finished lunch and raised a refined brow.

Plenty of time to engender a state of high alert.

Hands (dry and nails clipped- semi-retired health professional; skin rough from years abroad in harsh climates, tan faded; corresponding marks of familiarity with handguns- illegal), a standard-issue cane (security for a weakened leg caused by past injury), overall posture (ex-military officer not recently discharged), handmade woolen jumper over a neat button-up (lower- or middle-class conservative traditionalist background), face- Oh!

“W.” Mycroft maintained outward calm. “This is highly unusual.”

The man who could easily be a much older John Watson shrugged slightly. “Spontaneous things usually are, I've found. May I?”

“Yes of course.” As W pulled out a chair Mycroft's mind was already spinning through accumulated data and the improbability of being outside the reach of underlings who could politely insist on extending hospitality. Thoughts of the mobile sitting comfortably in his pocket were instantly discarded. “Spontaneous, you say?”

W (almost certainly Watson) settled comfortably. “As is much of my life. I was perhaps just as surprised as you are now to find myself presented with this opportunity.” His smile was genuine, and matched the aware eyes. “I privately never thought we would meet in person.”

Mycroft fleetingly acknowledged the equivalent of being scrutinized by a Holmes, if a dispassionately critical sweep could be compared to W's frank (discomforting) air of astuteness. Young John's ability to cut at the heart of things was evidently a trait come by honestly.

W appeared in his forties, formerly a career army doctor (surgeon?) with the rank of major or captain. Discharged after being wounded in action, so loyal and unconventional (a front lines surgeon could be nothing but). Superficially a mid-tier generic accent, his economic grooming, clothes and few items (each individually common or second-hand) showed merely a practical working-class Englishman.

More facts slotted into place. It seemed young John was a blatant attempt at recreating this man (by his enemy no less; why?) achieved by design, accident, and some boyish emulation. Ergo, this was W's preferred guise.

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Medical research.

John begins having nosebleeds and headaches. Sherlock does medical research on the internet and is terrified with what he finds. He insists John see a doctor because of the many diseases his symptoms indicate. John tells Sherlock it's just a nosebleed and the headaches are from the increase in cases. He warns sherlock about the dangers of internet medical searches.

Sherlock is right though. John's nosebleeds and headaches are the symptoms of a serious disease.

No crack.

Re: Medical research.

I want to read this sooo badly!

*trigger warning for dub/non con* Consensual Sex Turns Bad

Sherlock and John are in an established relationship and having sex when one of them takes it too far and it becomes dub/non con. I don't mind who is doing what. It could start out as fairly vanilla sex or maybe it's a kink scene gone wrong. Overstimulation, name calling and shaming dirty talk are a huge bonus.

Re: *trigger warning for dub/non con* Consensual Sex Turns Bad


Yes please!

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Glass dildo

Sometimes, when he's got him all tied up nice and tight, Dom!John likes to fuck sub!Sherlock with a huge, clear glass dildo. He can spend ages, happily forcing it deeper into Sherlock's hole just to be able to watch the stretched pink tightness of Sherlock's insides squeezing and rippling around the smooth, see-through walls of his favourite toy.

Re: Glass dildo

Seconded to the power of infinity.

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Groudhog Day, Lestrade-centered

Pretty much what's on the tin. I've seen Groundhog prompts for John or Sherlock, figures, but I'd love to see a version where poor Greg has to try and fix everything over and over again, perhaps on the day Sherlock jumped? Or in any other circumstances. Gen or pairing/s of your choice.

Re: Groudhog Day, Lestrade-centered

Seconding this one so hard. Lestrade angst is great angst.

Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Douglas and Lestrade as pub buddies

I can picture them exchanging tales of woe about work, marital troubles over PE teachers and Tai Chi instructors, going cold turkey on smoking/boozing, and, if you want to go the slash way, their mutual crush on an oblivious, married-to-his-work coworker. If not, gen or any pairing is fine.

Bonus if they end up playing a word game - after all, TGG showed us Lestrade loves horrible puns.

Re: Cabin Pressure/Sherlock, Douglas and Lestrade as pub buddies



I've seen a few teacher/student prompts and fills for Sherlock/John but I'd like to see teacher!Jim seduce a helplessly infatuated student!John (with no Sherlock around to distract either of them). Slight dub-con is fine but I'd prefer no outright non-con and for John to be of (or above) the age of consent.

Feel free to switch the prompt and have it be student!John who is the seducer (with Professor Moriarty being unable to resist such a delicious and intriguing temptation, even though he tries to fight it at first). If you do go that way, extra love if you make young John cunning and smart and far more interesting than Professor Moriarty initially thought he was.

Re: Teacher!Jim/student!John

Seconding, especially option 2!

Pensive sherlock

This is an old one but it remains unfilled. I'm not OP but I can't seem to let this one go :

In case there are people to lazy to look it up here's The original prompt:
Sherlock gets called in on what seems to be the murder of a former child prodigy. Sherlock comes to the inevitable conclusion that this wasn't a murder but a very clevery disguised suicide. With the case closed he finds himself incapable of moving on. He sees so many similarities between his life and that of the victim that he simply can't help but wonder why he's not the one on the morgue.

I think you allready know where I'm going with this. By comparing the victims life to his own Sherlock learns that he is far from a lone wolf. I would like a fill in which Sherlock has an "aha erlebnis" about the people in his life. Mycroft, Molly ,Mike , mss hudson , lestrade . Maybe even Anderson and Donovan? Most definately John ofcourse. (And if it were up to me even Sarah. I feel the glare of a million angry shippers upon me now but I liked her. She seemed good for John and I think she might just be able to handle Sherlock)

But Sarah or no Sarah. Gen or slash. It doesn't matter. Just no wobbly Sherlock. I think this is more of an internal process?

Re: Pensive sherlock

I remember seeing this. And wanting it to be filled. I still do because it's a lovely , lovely prompt. But it will take one hell of a writer to fill it.

Homeless ex-soldier John Watson takes up as companion and protector to homeless blind street musician Sherlock Holmes.

Gen, or gen turning to Johnlock.

ETA: Bonus if Sherlock is relieved not to have to sleep in fetal position curled protectively around his violin.

Edited at 2013-02-08 07:32 pm (UTC)

Re: Street people

Man! The amount of potential this prompt has is just... jfarhufnarfhaffrke!


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In spite of claiming to be drug-free and 'married to his work', Sherlock is a total coke whore. Anything goes as long as he gets his fix. What happens when John, who has nobly been keeping his feelings about Sherlock to himself, finds out that Sherlock puts out for coke?

Smuttier the better. Love to see any/all: gangbang, double penetration, object penetration, sounding, CBT, bukkake, watersports, extreme bondage, pain (cutting, scarring, branding, electric shocks, whips, chains, fists.)

Bonus points if Sherlock suffers from limp dick because cocaine is vasoconstrictive. Double bonus points if Mycroft is the one who tells John about Sherlock's shenanigans and provides CCTV/video/audio/photographic proof. Triple bonus points if Mycroft orchestrates everything, from (anonymously) supplying Sherlock cocaine to helping John 'punish' Sherlock.

Re: CokeWhore!Sherlock


Yes please!
with a cherry on top!

Sherlolly Angst

Married Sherlock/Molly

After several years Molly gets tired of Sherlock's behavior (harsh comments, disappearing for several days without giving news...).
She announces him that she wants to divorce (and get custody of the children if they have some).

He doesn't take it well at all...

Sherlock's sex toy collection

John accidentally stumbles upon Sherlock's collection of sex toys (mostly different types of dildos and vibrators) and is, to say the least, rather shocked (and quite turned on).

He can't stop thinking about it and imagining Sherlock using them on himself and eventually Sherlock finds out.

Cue Sherlock putting on a show for John becaue even if he isn't that interested in having sex with another person he has no problems being with watched (or letting John control the remote-controlled vibrator).

No crack, RTYI's are fine!

Re: Sherlock's sex toy collection


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John/Sherlock cab frottage

John rubbing Sherlock to completion in the back of a cab.

There are never enough of these.

Re: John/Sherlock cab frottage

UNF. Yes, please.

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