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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Jammie kisses!


bonus if it happens when in front of people as Sherlock walks out of his room wrapped in a blanket.

double bonus if those are just the cookies mummy left him and Sherlock always gets the last one.

EXTRA bonus if their not even in a relationship...yet.

Do want!!! Very much seconded.

Not completely human (tw: consent issues)

You know those fics where due to some mishap two people end up having sex (sometimes going so far is being bonded to eachother) and one isn't entirely human? Like their a tentacle monster, werewolf, vampire, in heat and the other person doesn't know what that is, alien or some other fantastical creature ? Well what I noticed is that at the end usually their both okay with what happened and any displeasure is easily crossed over.

I LOVE those stories which is why they got me thinking what if one or both of the people were NOT okay with what happened and did not react (or did) how the other expected them too? Many scenarios for this: They would have been okay if they had the time to process it and consent first, they needed some warning before /bonding happened/ ("I was just signing up for a relationship not an immortal bond!" ) , neither are okay because they both had partners/crushes and feel like they cheated, and so many more.

So thats the prompt, thanks if anyone fills. :)

Re: Not completely human (tw: consent issues)

Reminds me a bit of that crossover with A Study in Emerald where Sherlock has to bond with John before a certain date and John's not too pleased with it. Have you read that?

RTYI welcomed :) (Anonymous) Expand

John was in an abusive relationship

John was in an abusive relationship, and joined the army to escape from it.

Sherlock decides to start a romantic relationship with John, who he knows is attracted to men, as well as the brainless women he insists on associating with. John is very reluctant. When he finally gives in, his personality changes and Sherlock is determined to find out why.

I'd like angst, h/c, and eventual fluff. The more you torture John, the better.

Re: John was in an abusive relationship

I've read something that sounds a little like what you want, in that John was in an abusive relationship. The army comes into play, but not much, and it's AU too; Sherlock and John don't know each other beyond neighborness.

Do you mind RTYIs?

Mormor death fic

Tried to post this yesterday but apparently it didn't work. Apologies if this shows up twice!

Jim and Seb are cornered with no way out, either by good guys (the authorities) or bad (rival criminals). Rather than give in to whatever fate awaits them, they choose to take their lives in their own hands. Up to you whether they go out in a blaze of glory, trying to take as many of their enemy with them before they're gunned down, or if it's a more quiet murder/suicide (with Seb pulling the trigger, obviously).

Not always right TW for /possible/ character death

I was just playing this Sherlock game and one of the endings for it is that Sherlock lets John die in order to be able to keep the data that would end up catching Moriarty. Personally I think he was bluffing or something but badly miscalculated how Moriarty would react because at the end he became darker and I think it implied he also became a serial killer due to John's death AND he retired.

So now I'd like something on this. Sherlock's hubris gets in the way but his life is not the only one on stake. John is the most affected.

Please concentrate more on how John has to deal with not only the consequences of Sherlock's actions but how he also has to deal with the knowledge that Sherlock let his hubris get in the way of their friendship and that he ended up gambling with John's life.

He DOES NOT have to be the scenario I posted above! I just wanted to put that because I wanted to give you guys an idea of where I got the inpiration from :)

+5 Sherlock honestly did not think it would end so badly. He was trying to buy some time (maybe Lestrade or Mycroft's team was about to bust John out?)or something of that sort.

+10 John doesn't die but is horrible injured.

Re: Not always right TW for /possible/ character death


First, WANT!

Second, what Sherlock game was that? I am very intrigued.

near death experience

Give me that moment right before someone is about to die. When they realize it and have lost all hope and have to decide whether to go accepting it, in a panic, or whatever other emotion they might have.

And then pull them back from the edge. The only thing I would really like is if the death wasn't suicide.

Bonus: How does that person function after like when their getting loaded in an ambulance or going home and such.

Bonus: Molly or John

Sherlock/John, in measurements of you

Everything is quantifiable, especially to Sherlock. If it exists, it can be measured; sometimes it's simply a matter of coming up with units.

He calls his units of caring (in his head) milliWatsons. If something bores him, he couldn't give a milliWatson. If it's transport, like food or sleep, that he needs, he might give a centiWatson (ten milliWatsons). If he comes across Irene, well, he might feel nearly a whole Watson then.

Bonus: while on the run post-Reichenbach, he's idly contemplating how much he give no shits (no milliWatsons) about something, and suddenly realized he's drastically undercalculated how much he misses John, and therefore has to revise the whole system, since he was off in his most basic unit of measurement.

Re: Sherlock/John, in measurements of you

The Sherlockian scale of Fucks to give is graduated in Watsons?! I want to read this now!

John/Sherlock or John gen, dogs

John needs to fill an emotional space when Sherlock's gone. Thing is, he's not comfortable (yet) filling that space romantically, since he and Sherlock — well, they weren't. But he can't just make new friends and have that whole in his heart fixed. In truth, without Sherlock it won't be, but he comes to the conclusion that the best substitute is a pet. A dog, more precisely. Perhaps a bulldog that he may or may not name Gladstone, or a retriever of some sort he might name Mary, or a mutt named Hamish. Or all three.

So when Sherlock returns (if he does; it could be before that) he finds Watson with three dogs who follow him from room to room and climb onto his bed at night and mope when he's gone.

And possibly a cat, too.

I just want LOTS OF DOGS!John, and preferably Sherlock finding this and being a bit perturbed by these big slobbering balls of fur that seem to never be more than a foot behind him.

Re: John/Sherlock or John gen, dogs

seconded because the image is too cute!

Dom!John/sub!Mycroft, AU

D/s world AU and established John/Mycroft(/Sherlock/Lestrade/upto the author). For some reason (upto the author), John punishes Mycroft (or whoever his sub is) by making them wear something uncomfortable under their clothes. Could be a rope bondage, some toy or something different altogether.

BUT on the same day, John gets seriously injured or shot on a case and is hospitalized. His sub is now terrified that John might die and the last thing they had interacted resulted in a punishment. So he refuses to take off whatever he's wearing until John wakes up and says it's ok, even if it's making him extremely physically uncomfortable in the process.

Kind of a long prompt, but a fluffy and alive!John ending would be much appreciated.

Re: Dom!John/sub!Mycroft, AU

Seconded so much!! Especially for John/Mycroft!!

(Mycroft says "livedom and". He wants it, too!)

John/Sherlock as neighbors

AU in which 221B is, in fact, two flats instead of one (221C can become D, or something). John and Sherlock are neighbors, but not flatmates. John still finds himself pulled into Sherlock's life, anyway.

This is the next thing on my list of stuff to write!

John Watson is Sebastian Moran's son.

For whatever reason, Moran brings his five year old son to Moriarty's place and asks his boss to babysit, or at least keep an eye on, John. Moran knows this is a bad idea but he has no other choice.

Moriarty hates kids, so at first he just ignores John. But when adorable and lovable John starts to ask questions and praising Moriarty for his clever answers, Moriarty can't help but to fall in love with the little guy. When Moran comes back to pick John up, Moriarty demands Moran to bring John again as many times as possible.

Bonus: Moriarty also brings John to his meetings with his clients. When one of his clients, a pedophile, starts looking at John the wrong way, Moriarty and Moran go all protective and badass, torturing the hell out of the pedophile. Oblivious!wee!John is oblivious.

Re: John Watson is Sebastian Moran's son.

omg so cute!

Sorry, but
Please please please someone fill this!

Also, definitely Top!Sherlock & Bottom!John pls :D

Re: Sexy picture prompt!

Unf, yes, please!

Re: Sexy picture prompt! (Anonymous) Expand

John/Sherlock John/Anthea(or Mycroft)

I just need more stories like this, where John is with more than one person and they share him

The Wonderful and the Different/1

He loved John, of course. He always would. But, he loved Mycroft first.

Spring: Mycroft and Sherlock
“What are frail? spring blossoms and youth.”

He knew the body was a traitor, its responses autonomic, unruly, disobedient, beyond his control. The body, his body, when presented with certain quantifiable data, for instance, touch of hands, flick of tongue, skin against skin, responded with: 1) elevated heart rate; 2) accelerated breathing; 3) increased salivation; 4) perspiration; 5) erection, etc., etc. Boring, but factual. Irrefutable.

Traitor, he whispered as he arched and ground his teeth. Traitor, he hissed as he twisted and shuddered, coming undone in the dark again and again.

Concentrate, he commanded. Concentrate! Do not let your body falter—

Involuntary. Defiant. He knew these things, knew them like he knew the periodic table, but he still cursed his own flesh and nerve endings when forced to face the inevitable, when Mycroft came to him in the night, stroked him, rubbed him, hands in his hair, down over the slope of his shoulders, down further to the slight dip of his waist, the length of his thighs, the length of him, whispering things, dirty things, things that made Sherlock twitch (I want to fuck you, Sherlock). Autonomic.

“Mycroft,” he said. He tried to make it sound like a warning but somehow it never did. “You are,” he tried again. “This is…beyond my control.”

He sensed Mycroft nodding, as he did when he knew he was right.

“There is nothing to fret about.” Light kisses on the inside of the thigh, fingers stroking, nails scraping.

“On the contrary.”

Mycroft tutted. “Don’t be frightened.”

“I’m not,” Sherlock lied.

“Good boy. It’s just a body, Sherlock. You must learn to separate that magnificent mind from your skin and bones. Enjoy what is being offered and do not analyze it.”

Spasming in Mycroft’s hand, muscles twitching, mouth open, sucking in and then expelling hot mouthfuls of air. All beyond his control, treacherous, traitorous body.

“Mycroft,” he said at last. “Why?”

“Silly. Because I love you.”


“And you love me.”

Sherlock ducked his head, tucked it into his brother’s shoulder. He nodded. It was, after all, true.

“Good boy.”

“Sometimes…” Sherlock trailed off.


“Sometimes I hate you, too.” Ashamed.

Mycroft chuckled sweetly in the sweet, spring evening air. “Yes. Of course you do.” Then he kissed him.

Sometimes it was wonderful.

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Sherlock in a humbler, having his balls spanked as punishment for running off on a week-long case without telling anyone.
Identity of his Dom is up to the author.

Bonus if he's dragged around on the end of a leash while still wearing it.

Re: humble

Oh, heck yes. Seconding to the moon and back.

Johnlock I Get Off

Sherlock likes to spy on John get off. John knows and likes that Sherlocks's coming apart because of him. Prompt for the song I Get Off by Halestorm (

Sherlock's first kill

Based on a discussion in the Rant Meme:

Sherlock has to kill someone either because of a case or part of the hiatus. It's actually the first time he's ever taken a life and ends up deeply disturbed by it.

I'd like it if both Sherlock and John are slow to realize this because of how cool Sherlock generally is about death. I'd also like John to be able to draw on his experience as a soldier to help.

No pairing preferences. RTYI's welcome.

Re: Sherlock's first kill

this could be very interesting, I hope someone fills it

TW? Object insertion etc.

Painful object insertion. Sherlock as the recipient, preferably John as the inserter.

Re: TW? Object insertion etc.


Lestrade: first time gay sex

Post divorce: It's Lestrade and [male partner of your choice]'s first time together. Only problem is, Greg's never been with a man before.

Basically Greg tries really hard to pretend to be more experienced than he is, because he's afraid the other guy wouldn't want him any more if he knew Greg's only ever been with women before. The other guy figures it out anyway, and proceeds to make the experience memorable in all the right ways.

Re: Lestrade: first time gay sex


American uni fraternity & hazing [TW: dub-con]

John attends university in America and decided to join a fraternity in order to make friends.

As a pledge, he had to be hazed ( in...unique ways. Most of these ways involved him having to be fucked in front of the entire fraternity. He had to do whatever sexual favour the upperclassmen frat brother(s) wished. This is an old tradition of the frat.

A year after John's hazing, he's made many friends and has made a name for himself in the fraternity. He becomes one of the leaders.

Sherlock has transferred from Cambridge to John's uni for some reason and decides to join the frat. Sherlock is John's first pledge who he has to haze. They eventually fall in love with each other.

Bonus if they move back to England to live together while John goes to med school.

Re: American uni fraternity & hazing [TW: dub-con]

Love it! Want! Very original!

What if sherlock doesn't wear ties because something happened in his youth (from a 6-year-old to young adult) that makes him uncomfortable at having a tie around his collar? It's up to the filler to decide how it works, but the trauma should be pretty specific for ties, else Sherlock wouldn't wear scarfs, and we can't have that, now can we?

If it happened in his childhood, it could be his family, or someone close to the family, but as a young adult, it could have something to do with the drug-use...

This should be from John's point of view. Sherlock's reaction to having to wear a tie makes him wonder, and gradually John finds out why.

Bromance or slash, it's alright. i'm gonna see it as slash regardless, if they are well in-character. ;)

As long as it has a beginning, the middle and the end, I'm not very picky if you tweak something to your liking.

tl, dr: Sherlock is uncomfortable with wearing ties (trauma), John realizes this and gradually finds out.

Or alternatively: Sherlock has a serious tie-kink and doesn't like to wear ties because they make him uncomfortable. *wink wink*


?/John and ?/Sherlock (foursomme, may have dub/noncon)


Sherlock and John facing each other as the two get fucked. I was thinking Sherlock gets fucked by Jim and John by Moran and that it was at Moran's insistence that this happened but it can be any one and for any reason.

Re: ?/John and ?/Sherlock (foursomme, may have dub/noncon)

Great! And make it totally noncon... pretty please!

Mycroft and Lestrade Pre-slash or good friendship

Mycroft has a fear of heights. They terrify him to paralysis, so he avoids them completely*. When out with Lestrade they find themselves somewhere very high with see-through flooring.

I'd like to see Lestrade helping him deal with that.

*A lot of people say flying doesn't count because their feet are on a solid ground of some sort, as long as they don't look out of the window they're fine, and if the plane does come down, they won't be able to see the descent anyway.

John rapes Sherlock (and others?) TW: Rape, Noncon, Dark!AU

After reading though all the "John's Forced to" rape prompts, I couldn't help but think why aren't there any "John Wants to" rape prompts.

So let's have a John Rape marathon, or something like that. John rapes whoever you want him to and enjoys it immensely.

Lets have a fill for each of our boys while we're at it.

Re: John rapes Sherlock (and others?) TW: Rape, Noncon, Dark!AU

Oh, yes - more dark!John, please... I'm not even sure if I'd prefer to see John as a serial rapist in one fic or have a brand new story for each possible pairing. Just imagine:

- John rapes Sherlock,
- John rapes Mycroft,
- John rapes Greg,
- John rapes Moriarty...

- John rapes EVERYONE!

Damn! I think I need to have my head examined.

Mermaid!Sherlock steals John

John doesn't die.

John is Captain John.
or it happens during a vacation and he is like 'HOW did this happen when I'm not doing anything dangerous.'

Re: Mermaid!Sherlock steals John

seconded because I very much want to see something like this!

OP (Anonymous) Expand
I need John h/c please. I don't care how or why or what form the hurting takes. Just don't make it end too tragically please :)

Will always second John whumpage!

Re: John whump (Anonymous) Expand

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