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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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breath play with leather gloves

Consensual breath play between Sherlock and John or Mycroft and Greg featuring the wearing of black leather gloves, wrapped around a throat.

Preference is Johnlock because of John's danger kink, but seeing Mycroft exercise that iron-strong control of his would also be nice.

Inspired by one of my favorite gifs of Mark Gatiss, and Sherlock's very own Paul Smith gloves.

TW: Dubcon

John stuffing Sherlock with anal beads, whether Sherlock likes it or not.

Fill: Sugarglass (1/1)

Sorry to be lazy, but I have filled this for you! You can read it here, hope it's okay:

I think I am going to make another prompt the sequel, so keep an eye out on this page ( if you like that kind of stuff.

Magical AU

Okay, so. I've read a ton of AUs where magic is widespread and the like, and Sherlock is particularly good at insert-magic-here.

I want a magical AU where unlike John and Mycroft and most the met, Sherlock has NO powers. Nothing at all. Which is why is ability to see and deduce is so amazing. And also why Mycroft worries so damned much.

Bonus if he gets in serious trouble and has to non-magic his way out.

Double bonus if there's massive hurt/comfort from magical John.

Any/any or gen- anything based off this link


Bonus- One of the characters is the monster.

sfw its a tiny horror story . Its cute and creepy.

John successfully deceives Sherlock (fluff)

Sherlock, John and some of their friends (or the Yarders or whoever, I don't care) have some sort of game night in which the game of choice requires alliances and deceptions (like Mafia, Bang!, Battlestar Galactica, etc). Of course Sherlock is able to deduce everyone's role/goal at the beginning of the game, but he mistakenly believes with complete confidence that John is on his side. When John finally reveals his deception, Sherlock is like "MY ENTIRE LIFE IS A LIE!"

Bonus points if John's ability to completely deceive him is a huge turn-on.

[Anything on this theme is fine, even if it's not for a game, just something where John deceives Sherlock for fun, non-angsty reasons and is successful.]

Re: John successfully deceives Sherlock (fluff)

Cute! Seconded.

Warning: Non-Con

It occurred to me that Sherlock would be the ultimate obsessive stalker, with his ability to find out the most intimate details about a person, and to hunt people down.

Have the fic be from the POV of a dashingly handsome criminal who becomes increasingly frightened as he is stalked by a smitten admirer who seems to know EVERYTHING about him, and threatens to expose his crime if he doesn't submit sexually to said admirer. The stalker seems to delight in his terror and total inability to escape surveillance (despite his huge efforts to that end) and plays with him like a cat with a mouse. After the criminal submits to the demand, he is turned over to police anyway, with a dire warning not to mention what happened between them.

The criminal could be a rapist, if you like, attracting Sherlock to get some vigilante revenge
Sherlock could just be uber-creepy and lacking in a moral compass, with the guy being a common thief/drug-dealer.

I'm seeing this as pre-John. Please play up the Dark!Sherlock aspect of this - think about all the ways he could use his mental prowess to destroy someone psychologically.

tl;dr Super creepy stalker Sherlock gets unethical satisfaction from a handsome criminal.

This pushes all my buttons in just the right way.

Yes please!

"I did it for you"

Sherlock comes back after three years and John doesn't forgive him. Even when Sherlock claims he did it to save John, Mrs. Hudson and Lestrade - John doesn't believe he would do it for unselfish reasons and says it can't excuse the pain he had to go through.

Some time later, John is about to get shot (or hit by a car) and Sherlock dives in front to shield him with his body.

As Sherlock lays on the floor dying, he asks John if he believes him now.

Only John still doesn't forgive Sherlock and refuses to comfort him as he dies. Because now he'll have to go through grieving all over again. And he won't be emotionally blackmailed into forgiving Sherlock.

Please no 'poor, woobie Sherlock'. I want him to die feeling nothing but guilt for what he did and knowing his friend won't ever forgive him.

"I... I don't feel so good"

Sherlock looks paler than ever when he says it, but that's not the most concerning thing: his eyes are wide, like he knows what's coming and he's afraid. Lestrade manages to catch him just in time, saying: "Oh no... Not again..."
John feels a bit hurt, because everybody seems to know what's going on exept him, but there's no time to think about that now: Lestrade is already asking John to help him, giving him instructions on what to do.

Re: "I... I don't feel so good"

Seconded! :)

"Sick" 1/1 (Anonymous) Expand
OP: Re: "Sick" 1/1 (Anonymous) Expand
Donovan is sent to 221b because lestrade just can't ( for whatever reason you'd like) - it's late at night and john's gone to bed. Sally sneaks up to 'try' and bust sherlock but she catches him in the middle of a violin concerto and she falls in love with him? something along the lines of that?

The policewoman from Moriarty's court appearance, who got the gum from his pocket, is Moran.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

Miracle (singer!Mycroft, singer!Lestrade, violinist!Sherlock)

Mycroft is under investigation when a scandal comes to light in the British government. He loses his job and now he is either bored or depressed. (I personally prefer depressed) So he creates, without Sherlock's knowledge or anyone for that matter, a musical duet called - Hurts. (Yeah I like their songs so why not. The British Government hurt him in a way so it fits).
So basically this would be a story where Mycroft sings with Lestrade who keeps it a secret from Sherlock all or most of the songs of the band Hurts. Sherlock could, I don't know accompany some of this songs (when he finds out of course when the first music video comes out. That look on his face...priceless) And John...hmmm...would be John :)

As to the's from Hurts new album Exile song Miracle. They released new music video and this idea just came to me out of nowhere.
If there was an idea like this before...sorry for repeating but I looked on the net and found only singer!Sherlock.

High School AU Molly/Irene


I just got this from and now I waaaaant it.

Molly/Irene, Teen, High School AU, Hypothermia, Baskerville Labs.

Slash preferable, but Gen is okay too.

Teacher!Sherlock/Student!John (high school)

I know we have a few few fills, but this is like my major kink (no shame guys, no shame) and I was wondering if I could get something from Sherlock's POV? Like him realising that
1. He's actually has a soft spot (and is lusting after) for John Watson 2. John Watson is not only 10 (or so) years younger then Sherlock, but John is also not doing very well in his class and he's the rugby/football captain (the type who bullied Sherlock when he was in school).
Can I get a build up that leads to hot sex on the teachers desk OR John giving Sherlock a blowjob under the desk and someone walks in?


Some of the pics of him can be found at:
my fav:

So bat !John is now a thing on Tumblr. My dash has new pics of the adorable lil fellow everyday but only two fics of him are out there. I was hoping that there would be fillers here that may want to try out writing him. It can be actual bat sized John or normal John but with bat wings (instead of say bird wings). Normal verse with this all beingsherlock's Baskerville's fault or AU where some people have wings are two things that popped into my mind but anything goes. smut or no smut, its all fine.

*looks at the Bat!John pictures* Goddamn, that's adorable.

Mycroft: Officially, fully

Even Mycroft can't help himself! XD

Molly fucks Irene's brains out. Irene's still trying to figure out what the hell just hit her.


Freaking out

So, there are lots of first kiss-type fics where John and Sherlock get together and then John has a sexual identity crisis. There are lots where they get together and then Sherlock has an I'm-supposed-to-be-above-all-this crisis. What I want is a fic where they're both freaking out at the same time. Bonus for super-cracky alternating between hyperventilating and pouncing on each other. ie:

JOHN: But I'm straight! *sticks his hand down Sherlock's pants*
SHERLOCK: I'm not supposed to feel this way about anyone who isn't dead *puts a finger up John's arse*
JOHN: I can't believe I'm getting off with someone who would compare me to a dead body! *takes off Sherlock's belt with his teeth*

Re: Freaking out


In between AU

John Watson was actually killed when he was shot. However, his determination to live made him a corporeal ghost.

John can interact with everyone as any living being. Except "nothing ever happens to me" and his hand tremour worsens as does his limp...he's begining to fade.

Until he meets Sherlock. When Sherlock Jumps, John loses almost everything. At the end of his session with ella, John returns to his bedsit and competely fades away.

When Sherlock returns, he discovers John missing. Not a single clue as to what happened. He searches endlessly for John.

One night, sherlock finally breaks emotionally. The complete power of his grief, guilt and anger somehow calls John back-but only briefly. John tries to explain what has happened but it only makes things worse. Sherlock begs John to stay, declares his love and asks for forgiveness. Before John can respond he disappears.
Mycroft is called by Mrs. Hudson who is terrified for Sherlock. Sherlock is placed in an institution. He spends his days begging John to return, to forgive him.

John never returns again.

I really like this prompt and hope you get a fill.
Perhaps this will tide you over awhile until you get something:
It isn't quite what you're asking for, but it's got the whole fading idea and is pretty angsty, so there's that at least.

Reprompt: Sherlock/Sherlock/John Time Travel.

I stumbled upon this unfilled prompt and really really really want to see it filled! Double the rewards, and no need to save me from Hell by making it all a dream or hallucination, as past prompts already ensure my reservations. Apologies for length... Mycroft says "throat nketsBa" so I view that as a very good sign.
Original prompt follows:

TW: dub-con, close to underage, weirdness, etc.
Long prompt is long, and weird prompt is WEIRD.
Because of Reasons and by way of Explanation, teenaged Sherlock ends up in the present day. (Possibly little bits of his life are different from present!Sherlock's, so they know they're from different timelines, or something). past!Sherlock is like sixteen/seventeen, mouthy, abrasive, cold, prickly, almost cruel, and definitely a virgin.
Naturally, all this leads to S/S/J sex.
present!Sherlock decides that he's going to take past!Sherlock's virginity. And it almost doesn't count as sex, and it certainly doesn't count as rape, since he's only doing it to himself. It's just intense masturbation.
So present!Sherlock proceeds to strip past!Sherlock, prepare him, wrap his hands around his waist and fuck him.
Bonus points for weirdly!not-quite-Dark!John: John does nothing to stop it, and talks about past!Sherlock like he's not even in the room, but also tries to make it easier on past!Sherlock. So he says things like "No, Sherlock, you have to prepare him more before you take him," and "For goodness sake, at least let him brace his hands on something."
Mega bonus points for present!Sherlock refusing to touch past!Sherlock anywhere unnecessary, and insisting that he come without a single touch to his cock.
More bonus points for John standing/kneeling/sitting/whatever in front of past!Sherlock (while present!Sherlock is fucking the stuffing out of him) and kissing him, caressing his legs, pinching his nipples, etc.
Super bonus points and a chocolate Internet if past!Sherlock stops talking once the first finger slides up his arse, so present!Sherlock takes over narrating what he's obviously feeling and thinking.
ALL the Internets if, while preparing him, John and present!Sherlock BOTH have their fingers up past!Sherlock's arse.
Naturally, try and save me from hell by making this all a dream, a drug-induced hallucination, or what have you.

TL;DR: present-day!Sherlock dub-cons his past self. John helps.

Fill: Everything else is (not) transport (1/?)

So.... I read this prompt and immediately an entire story idea popped into my head riffing off The Time Traveller's Wife in presentation and various practicalities of time travel. It includes the particular scene/setup in the prompt, but uhhh may have grown a bunch of plot and feelings and complications around it as well, including rather more time travel than is strictly necessary just to fill the prompt -- I hope that's all right? I will try my best to deliver that particular part, at any rate! I'll try and get this out as time permits over the week :)

If you're a fan of the aforementioned book, I hope you enjoy. If you're not a fan, I hope it's different enough for you to still enjoy. (For myself, I fall in the middle, but found the structure and a lot of tricks/details used in the book interesting and useful to transfer here).

This is all unbeta'd and unbritpicked for now -- apologies! Feel free to crit; if this goes well, I may clean it up and post it properly. It's not breaking down nicely between comment length limits so far, so apologies for any awkward break points -- *intentional* scene breaks are clearly marked.


Everything else is (not) transport

January 6, 1991 (Sherlock is 12, and 14)

There are rabbit prints in the snow, muffled over by tracks from tyres (familiar Escorts, CR-Xs, and Peugots from the village, the Aston-Martin from up the lane, one interloper Alfasud Ti Cloverleaf passing through, likely former village residents returning for holiday) and shoes (integer sizes 7 through 12, lacking 9 but augmented by 11 and a halfs -- sensible working shoes all, likely the groundskeepers; one of the size-10's has a limp: unfamiliar, hired after my time), as well as one set of prints from adolescent-sized bare feet. These drag over the rabbit prints, interspersed with furrows from knees and occasional hand prints, until they abruptly disappear where a there-and-back muddle of shod prints extends up from the house. Close observation reveals sizes 8 and 10, running very quickly (size 8 lags behind, as if reluctant) on the way there and staggering in ill concert on the way back. The rabbit tracks emerge from the mess that had since overlaid them, and veer off around the house. I stare at them through the window, knowing that farther on they will be ambushed by a set of fox prints emerging from behind a snow-muffled rise, and there will be a splash of red in the snow. A scarlet gash of arterial spray, and then more random droplets as the rabbit's neck was broken in a series of wrenching shakes.

Mycroft is rubbing my white feet, dunking them in the garden pail of lukewarm water, chafing them, dunking, soaking. It hurts. I bite my lip and say nothing. "Your feet are your life, Sherlock," he repeats. Over and over. It is one of only two things he bothers repeating himself on. He is afraid. That is irrational: clearly my feet will survive this occasion. The proof is right across the room.

Sherlock stands across from us against the far wall, arms crossed. He is disgusted, and a little taller than me. His fingers are very long. I look at my hands where Mycroft had forced them around the blanket draping my shoulders. The chemical burn between my left thumb and forefinger is echoed on Sherlock's, slightly paler. He sees me looking, and sneers. I stick my tongue out at him.

It is our birthday.

Mycroft glances up between us. "Oh for God's sake. Sherlock--" and he means the other one; we can always tell and he always distinguishes, the tone sharper and lifting at the end when he talks to his one, and softer and lower when it's me "--Sherlock, go clean up the prints."

Sherlock unfolds himself and his hands execute a series of sharp maneuvers behind Mycroft's back. I sit up straighter: British Sign Language. Interesting. I will have to learn that. Mycroft doesn't turn, but his lips move in irritated silent syllables at my feet; when he glances up I can read childish on his lips before he returns to his ministrations. A series of door-slammings follow Sherlock out of the house. Mycroft closes his eyes.

"How long has his voice been breaking?" I ask.

hint hint...

I want a fill where one of the characters come across a kink meme online for one of their favourite shows, and all the prompts are short and prompting, ie leave a little to the imagination/discretion of the writer.

Then Moriarty comes and writes prompts that are 100+ (or 500+) words long and spell out everything and are basically fill in the blank and ruins everything.

Re: hint hint...

Which character would be the most likely of them all to frequent a kink meme? I say Molly. Maybe Anderson or Sally? LOL... or Mrs Hudson? That would be crack gold.

Sherlock's heartbreak

I just want Sherlock dealing with some real heartbreak after breaking up with either Greg or an OMC. John's very unsure how he should handle it, he doesn't quite know how to approach Sherlock or how to comfort him, but he tries. He hasn't seen Sherlock be emotional like this before so it's a bit shocking to him.

It shouldn't end in Johnlock unless you should decide to make it into something longer so it can develop naturally.

So in essence what I want is John helping/comforting Sherlock after his boyfriend ends it with him.

Re: Sherlock's heartbreak

Seconding, especially with Greg as the other party. And a happy S/L ending.

OP here (Anonymous) Expand

A sort of reprompt; TW non-con and torture

Sally and Sherlock are kidnapped by some baddie, cause Sherlock knows something. They scoop her up as well accidentally, but notice she doesn't like him much, so they never touch her. They torture Sherlock, but he hasn't broken yet, and they are on a time crunch. So they call this number someone told them about, and ask 'Jim can you fix it?'

Moriarty gets the best present ever. He gets to work on breaking Sherlock with sexual violence and mind games and forced orgasams, etc.

He makes Sally watch because he figures it's more humiliating that way.

But Sally isn't some wilting flower, nor is she a monster, so in between sessions, she takes care of Sherlock, does everything in her power to help get him through this, and possibly even saves the day in the end.

Not Sally/Sherlock, just friendship, with Non-established JohnLock optional.

Bonus for massive amounts of hurt/comfort and everyone's reactions when they are rescued and find out what Sally did for Sherlock.

Re: A sort of reprompt; TW non-con and torture

Would absolutely adore this.

John watching Sherlock have a wet dream

Just as it says on the tin. I want John to witness Sherlock having a wet dream. Focus on Sherlock's body and his reaction as he sleeps (as well as John's). Up to the filler if you want to include what Sherlock's dreaming.

Re: John watching Sherlock have a wet dream


A Valentines Day Reprompt: Vampire Wedding

Sherlock is bringing John to a Holmes family wedding. However, he forgot to mention to John that the happy couple is them. Sherlock also never mentioned the fact that he is a vampire, as is the rest of the Holmes clan, or that he plans to turn John as well as wed him that very night.

Whether John finds out and goes willingly, must be dragged back, is hypnotized, or simply doesn't find out until he feels Sherlock's fangs on his throat, I leave up to anon. I just want to see the wedding start to finish.

Molly actually is Moriarty (Possible TW: Brainwashing, manipulation, torture, possibly dub/con)

Quiet Molly Hooper is actually the criminal mastermind. Clever enough to elude Sherlock, manipulative enough to drive a man to suicide, and evil enough to do so just to push Sherlock's buttons.

Up to the filler how pretty much any of this comes about/comes out.

Bonus: Sherlock does NOT figure this out before getting Molly's help to fake his death.

Bonus: She keeps up the tension John, deliberately trying to slowly drive him insane, turning him into an utter wreck.

Bonus: She manipulates Lestrade into helping her with covering up and/or perpitrating crimes.

Bonus: Mrs. Hudson is her soft spot.

(If there is already a prompt like this, please forgive)

RTMI's welcome.
Crack welcome.
Dark-as-ninjas-at-midnight Angst!fic welcome.

John walks in on Sherlock having a wank after several weeks of denying himself and it's like a come-explosion that gets on everything. Including John.


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