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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Mycroft/Lestrade - weight gain, appreciation, (loving teasing)

I'd like to see Mycroft at the tailor yet again, as his suits have become too snug for his frame, especially around his middle?

He didn't just add a couple of pounds, but kind of packed on many due to work and lots of stress-eating?

And please with some loving teasing, as in Greg saying that his old suits did not hug his belly well enough and that he should order them two sizes up, to save a trip to the tailor in a few weeks?

(Maybe with some Greg deliberately fattening Mycroft, "because these new suits are ugly, you need new ones!"?)

Fill Re: Mycroft/Lestrade - weight gain, appreciation, (loving teasing)

(( okay so this is my first fill ever and i'm so sorry if i messed up the format or whatever! but i hope you like it. sorry for the length. it's also not beta'd or britpicked!))

An angry huff of air escaped his thin set of lips as the tailor read off exactly how many inches his waist had grown, giving a soft chuckle about how “married men just eat better, Mr. Holmes”. Clearly they did, judging by how fat he’d gotten in the past months. Mycroft wasn't exactly thin to begin with, so the weight just added on to his ever-expanding waistline.

The tailor smiled again and left the room, the soft chime of the bell indicating that someone else had entered the shop. He immediately knew who it was by the heavy, a tad ungraceful footsteps, the gruff tone asking Sebastian (his tailor) where Mr. Holmes was. Soon those same steps were coming to his room, the door slowly opening.

Greg grinned at the sight of his love, standing in nothing but his pants and undershirt, his belly poking out slightly. “Mm, hello.” He purred, the brown, paper bag in his hand getting placed on the seat by the door. Mycroft returned with a smile, leaning into the other as his arms wrapped around his large waist.

“Hungry?” Asked the DI, his grin never dropping as his hands slipped underneath the undershirt. “What am I saying? Of course you are.” He teased, tone clearly full of love and affection as he kissed the nape of the bigger man’s neck.

Mycroft rolled his eyes fondly at the man currently wrapped around him, eyes never leaving their reflection before the pair. “You are the cause of this, you know.” He uttered softly, hands coming to rest on top of his lover’s.

“Well, yeah,” the older man started with a grin, continuing his show of affection. “All of your suits were horrid, My’. I did you a favor buy feedin’ you up.” He chuckled as he gave Mycroft’s soft belly an appreciative squeeze, it expressing his love of the extra weight. “None of them hugged your belly well enough either, if you didn't notice.”

Mycroft snorted. “Now they do. I can hardly button them because of you and your delicious French cuisine." He said softly, able to hear the tailor shuffling about the small shop. "I have a strong feeling that he can't find enough material to even make them."

It was Greg's turn to laugh, the man nodding teasingly. "Probably," he said with another soft chuckle, rough hands continuing to knead the soft belly fat."Maybe you should just start orderin' them two sizes up, love, to avoid the hassle of coming here every few weeks."

The taller man pursed his lips, sighing softly. "Perhaps that is a good idea. I do have no intentions on cutting back my caloric intake." Food was just far too delicious. With a warm smile, he turned his head to kiss his love, pulling back as he got scent of the treats Gregory had brought him. "Mmm, are those eclairs?" A bark of laughter escaped the other man's lips, untangling himself from the other to fetch the back.

"Your favorite." He commented with a smile, taking out to press it against his beloved's lips, the an happily enjoying his treat. Within a few seconds it was gone, Mycroft licking his upper lip to get the cream off it. "Piggy," Greg teased with a grin, leaning up to kiss him after uttering: "But you are /my/ piggy, after all."

Sherlock is a vampire, Mycroft is his son.

Or grandson. Basically, years ago, Sherlock had a family before becoming a vampire. Circumstances of all of it are up to the filler but at some point there's just vampire Sherlock and his human descendant Mycroft.

Sherlock has been locked at his age, watching Mycroft grow. I'm thinking Mycroft took his position in the government to help keep his father safe, control the flow of information and such.

Everything else up to the filler; rules of vampireism/vampire culture, just how Sherlock became a vampire and what became of the wife/mother.

Bonus: Sherlock/John

Double bonus: John is some other kind of immortal so Sherlock won't outlive him.

Mycroft says General Lineffo. A hint, perhaps?

Both Sherlock and Mycroft were adopted by a wonderful family when they were younger, John finds out when the two of them start thinking about kids and Sherlock insists on adoption.

S/J Sex in public place.

John gets off on danger and thrill, right? Well. What if that extends to having sex in public places, with the ever-present danger of being caught?

I want some dirty, filthy, secretive Sherlock/John sex in public places. Be creative with the places, please? Bonus points if, at one point, they're caught by Lestrade and he grudgingly arrests them for indecent exposure or something.

Random crossover idea inspired by physical similarities

I would like to see a story wherein John is the (grand?)son of Illya Kuryakin. Revelation, potential conflict, case, all of that is up to whoever fills.
Bonus for shocked reevaluations of John from Scotland Yard/Hudson/Holmses. Extra bonus for John being completely relaxed and sort of 'Why is everyone freaking out?' about it.
Genderswap, age changes or other such variations acceptable, but please no slash. I don't mind other people liking it, but I don't care for it myself and many stories that I would otherwise bookmark have been spoiled for me by that.
Thank you.

Re: Random crossover idea inspired by physical similarities


And I totally get what you mean. For me my anti-kink is genderswap/fem!slash but I don't care if anyone else likes it.

Something different

I've never asked for a prompt before but I just fell in love with this post:

And quickly discovered a new kink.

So, I'd like to see a situation similar to this but with more balloon play. It doesn't have to be even a bit close to that prompt at all. Honestly, whatever you come up with is fine by me!

Molliarty torture Sherlock (violence, potential for noncon, potential for major character death)

Jim wants to "burn the heart out of" Sherlock. Dark!Molly thinks this is stupid, is tired of trying unsuccessfully to get close to him, and wants to just shoot him already. They compromise with a plan to kidnap him, torture him, and then kill him. Filler's choice of how successfully they execute this plan and what brand of torture they use.
>If it ends with John coming to the rescue, bonus points for him managing to save the day without killing anyone
>If it ends in the Yarders coming to save the day, double bonus points for competent!compassionate!Sally.

How they meet again

John and Sherlock meet years later. Sherlock is investigating a branch of Moriarty's crime network . John is there as a doctor in some type of Doctors without borders program.

+5 After Sherlock his life did not fall apart but he is done with being a soldier for a while.

stars- You're ex-lover is dead as inspiration.

Re: This is all I could see happening, honest.

Love that song, and yes this is *very* Sherlock!

Sherlock/John, electronic communication

Sherlock/John, first time: sexting, skyping, phone sex, dirty talk, ANYTHING: there are not enough of these fics. I am burning for this. Preferable not a mini-fill, but I'll take anything.
+10 for filthy mouthed Sherlock
+10000000 for drunk John

Re: Sherlock/John, electronic communication

Adding my hell-to-the-yes for this one. I love dirty talk!

Thou shalt knot

(Inspired by a rereading of norabombay's primer ( I deeply, deeply apologize for this entire concept:)

Not only are there alphas and omegas, there are two flavors of each: pseudo-canid and pseudo-felid.

For this story, canid omega wants knot.

Felid alpha knots not.

The omega cares deeply for his alpha but finds the felid barbs knot satisfactory. Alpha similarly cares for his omega but is simply knot capable.

(I said I was sorry. Stop throwing things.)

Re: Thou shalt knot

Seconded for the puns.

Fuck-or-die where neither participant minds

Sherlock and John somehow get themselves into a 'fuck or die' situation with Moriarty (or another criminal- it doesn't really matter who). The thing is, They're actually already in a committed relationship, that their captor has no idea about.

They play along to faster get out of the situation.

Bonus: The one bottoming has trouble acting like they're mortified/scared/in pain.

My right arm if: They get out of the situation unharmed and one of them admits the whole thing was actually a big turn on.

Re: Fuck-or-die where neither participant minds

I swear that, if I ever learn how to write porn, I'll write this.
For now, just seconding it.

Fill: Showtime (Anonymous) Expand
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Nipple fetish (possible dub-con)

Sherlock has a huge nipple fetish and nearly cums in his pants when he

sees John's nipples for the first time. He wants nothing more then to

lick, rub and suck them for hours. So imagine his disapointment when

John tells him his nipple aren't sensitive at all and he doesn't/hasn't

gotten off with nipple stimulation ever.

John feels bad about it because he can tell how much sherlock wants

this. Sherlock feels bad because he really wants it, when he knows John

won't enjoy it as much as him.

John decides to make his nipples more sensitive by buying nipple toys

off the internet and making use of them during his breaks at the

clinic. They can be clamps or breast pumps, whatever author wants.

Sherlock finds out and either tells him it's fine and that they don't

have to explore his kink OR when he finds out he encourages John and is

hopelessly aroused by his partners willingness to explore his kink.

Prefer established relationship, but again it's up to the author.

Possible dub-con.

Bonus: If John gets caught in the process of nipple stimulation by


Re: Nipple fetish (possible dub-con)

I did not know I wanted that. Oh but I want it! Hnng, please!

Sentinel crossover with Mpreg prompt

I really want a Sentinel Sherlock crossover with Mpreg involving Mycroft and Lestrade. Preferably long and plotty. May include Sherlock and John.

If any such fics are out there, links will be much appreciated.

Thank You.

(TW: Aftermath of Non-Con) AU after Hounds of Baskerville

It's not true, what they say, that Mycroft Holmes doesn't feel. He's been feeling quite a lot these days. Humility, fury, concern, and, most cripplingly, guilt. Sherlock hasn't cried- not yet, but he hasn't spoken since his return. No one has outright said it to him, but Mycroft can hear what they're thinking, can ~feel it~, in their stares: It's his fault.  He's the reason Moriarty got to Sherlock, after all. He'd let him out, after telling Moriarty all sorts of private information about his younger brother. Sherlock has refused to see a doctor-Mycroft allowing him this right, least he could do, really- but it was pretty obvious to the elder Holmes brother what had happened.  Sherlock had a bit of limp, there were rope-burns on his wrists, teeth marks on his neck (most likely from Moriarty getting overwhelmed).   Bruises, in the shape of fingers, on his cheek (someone- ~Moriarty~ covering his mouth;  attempting to delude  himself into thinking that this, what he was doing, was consensual, that his feelings were reciprocated.) 

*please note that the story absolutely does not have to include this (I am painfully aware of how shitty a writer I am) this is just my way of saying what I want from this (to elaborate : Moriarty's obsession with Sherlock leads to rape, and Mycroft is guilty because he LET Jim out an Jim used what Mycroft told him about Sherlock to make the experience more 'intimate' )

** Bonus if Sherlock was a virgin
*** Extra bonus if Moriarty is so deluded that he thinks Sherlock's struggles are just a game, that Sherlock loves him back.
**** Extra extra bonus if Moriarty refers to it as "making love"

Re: (TW: Aftermath of Non-Con) AU after Hounds of Baskerville

I want this. Please.


In which Molly can tell that it's *not* Irene, from.... "Not her face"

Re: Molly/Irene

Oooh me like.

Fem!Moriarty X fem!Sebastian/fem!Sherlock (warning: possible dub/non-con)

"Ever been fucked with a loaded gun?"

*Would prefer it if it were fully informed, enthusiastically consensual!!

A Scandal in Bohemia

Where the Great Detective doesn't feel like 15 year old boy and Irene Adler is an independent character with believable motivations and doesn't need to become a pawn of Moriarty to achieve her goals.

Re: A Scandal in Bohemia

I believe someone under the username 'SACD' wrote an interesting Victorian AU fic based on that already.

(Also, seconding)

Re: A Scandal in Bohemia (Anonymous) Expand
Re: A Scandal in Bohemia (Anonymous) Expand

John knows he can survive Sherlock's death

I want to see a post reunion fic where Sherlock almost dies during a case and everyone (including Sherlock) is expecting John to have some kind of flashback and/or don't let Sherlock out of his sight. John is acting too calm and everyone thinks he's going to lose it any moment.

The truth is that John knows that he can survive Sherlock's death. He already did once(he's a soldier and a doctor, he knows death better than anyone). Sure he'll miss his friend and the first few months will be hard, but it won't be the end of his world.

John has made peace with Sherlock's death so seeing it almost happening again doesn't have the same impact. How does everyone react to this news?

Re: John knows he can survive Sherlock's death

Seconded! Very interesting and valid way to have coped on sone level.

John and Mary are risk-taking BFFs TW: terminal illness

John met Mary a year after Sherlock's death. Mary knows that she has no more than a year left. She makes a list of all the things she wants to do before dying and together they travel the world, getting into dangerous situations and having a great time.

John keeps Mrs. Hudson updated so Mycroft won't ruin his and Mary's fun. But Mrs. Hudson doesn't know the full stories. For example, she knows that John got a sunburn when their car broke, but John never mentioned they were in the Middle East trying to cross borders. Or she knows that they had to cut their stay in Las Vegas short but doesn't know they were running from a loan shark.

Sherlock comes back and wants John to return home but John will stay by Mary's side enjoying life until she dies. This time, there's someone who comes before Sherlock.

Re: John and Mary are risk-taking BFFs TW: terminal illness

I'd fill it, if I didn't have to study for exams. For now, seconded.

One of the boys is in a D/s relationship and has to wear...

....something at the command of his lover under his clothes. Specifically either of the following items (Note: THIS LINK IS REALLY NSFW. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED):

Couple are in consensual D/s relationship and no one else knows
Would love Mystrade, but it's up to the writer.

Re: One of the boys is in a D/s relationship and has to wear...

Would you mind giving a verbal description of the general items? The concept intrigues me but the NSFW linkage can be problematic.

Fire story


Prompt: The bobcat is John, the fawn is Sherlock.

TW: Bestiality

Mystrade puppy-play with Mycroft 'training' his new puppy Greg. Complete with breeding him with his dogs.

Special hell awaits me.

Re: TW: Bestiality

I would read this. And I ain't even ashamed.

Pushing Daises crossover

Basically, John is Ned.

For non Pushing Daisies watchers, let me explain: John (Ned) has the amazing gift of being able to bring the dead back to life by touching them. There are some conditions to this talent; he quickly learns that if something is revived for more than exactly one minute, something of similar "life value" in the vicinity drops dead, as a form of balance. Additionally, if he touches the revived person or thing a second time, it falls dead again, this time permanently.

(Note: in PD, Ned uses this ability to bring murdered victims back to life to interrogate them for 1min :D)

+100 Sherlock is John's Chuck; John brought Sherlock back to life once and now can never touch him again, but they somehow make it work.


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