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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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John has to crossdress for a case and decideds that he likes it (Johnlock!)

I want to John to be put in female's clothing for a case(like all out, make-up dress, slightly padded breasts, bra and lacy panties shaved legs and high-heels) and at first doesn't really like it, but grows more comfortable in it as the night goes on. After the case is over he buys clothing a little more his style (maybe cotton panties and just more comfortable clothes in general) and wears them when Sherlock is out of the country on cases. Sherlock comes home early and then deliciously hot sex happens. Please.

Re: John has to crossdress for a case and decideds that he likes it (Johnlock!)

Seconded! Please?

Looking for a story where John is genuinely, 100% straight. Sherlock is not as asexual as he appears, and falls in love with John. Eventually, the two have to have an awkward conversation.

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FtM Sherlock

FtM Sherlock based around/inspired by this poem:

There was a little girl,
Who had a little curl,
Right in the middle of her forehead.
When she was good,
She was very good indeed,
But when she was bad she was horrid.

Mycroft says: rvewome should. I think he wants this one done. Get to it ;)

Re: FtM Sherlock

The poem is really cute, but just to let you know, an FtM is a 'he' not a 'she' so the poem would be more applicable if Sherlock was a MtF.

Re: FtM Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand
Re: FtM Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand

In which Jim masturbates loudly and vigorously in his court-cell.

With Sherlock just a wall away.

Takes place in Reichenbach, obviously.

Re: In which Jim masturbates loudly and vigorously in his court-cell.

oh yes, seconded

Reprompt from part XV

(not OP)

One day Lestrade's identical twin brother shows up. Mycroft's all, "This is like a dream I once had..."

Time travel

Newly invilided John finds this advert in the paper:

Time travelling companion wanted. No previous time travel experience required. Bring your own weapons. Safety not guaranteed.

Naturally he responds.

Johnlock preferred.

I can't promise anything but I like this prompt enough to think up of some ideas.
Question: Would you mind which time period Sherlock comes from? Also, I take it you want WhoLock?

Re: Time travel (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock/Avengers crossover

Seen a few good fics if John filling in for Coulson and being awesome ans helping the Avengers while he believes Sherlock is dead, but it usually just focuses on John looking after the Avengers and not them helping John overcome his grief.

So would like to see a fix where John looks after the Avengers and is awesome, but also where the Avengers eventually realise he's got problems of his own and help and look after him.

Bonus: trip to London where John ends up in his usual amount of trouble helping Lestrade on a case and the Avengers have to rescue him.

Mrs Hudson at a crime scene

For some reason (ie, John's out of town, Sherlock was taking her to a doctor's appointment), Sherlock has to bring Mrs. Hudson to a crime scene with him.

With Sherlock half trying to show off to her and half feeling embarrassed by her fussing over him. And the rest of Yarders reacting to the sight of Sherlock with a sweet old lady he clearly adores and who loves him back.

And if anyone knows of any RYTI, please send them my way.

Re: Mrs Hudson at a crime scene

This sounds lovely. Seconded!

Captcha says: officers steekee

From the Mixed Up Files of Mr Sherlock Holmes

Ok- this may sound a bit weird, but when I was growing up ACD and The Mixed Up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler were my favorite books. Any way I can get a young Sherlock as Claudia? John as Jamie? i don't care if you want to make them adults and slash or kids and gen or cracky as hell. There's a violin case waiting to be filled, people to hide from in a museum,and a mystery to solve ( maybe computer files and a password instead of filing cabinets)- I think it could work.

Sherlock makes John come without touching his cock

*And* without prostate stimulation. Basically I just want John to come without having his cock/arse touched at all. Any other touching is fine--it's up to you what that entails.

Maybe John is really, really turned on by dirty talk. Maybe his nipples are ridiculously sensitive. Maybe he gets off on getting Sherlock off? I don't know, take it whereever you want, but John's pelvic area is not allowed to be touched.

Super mega bonus points for kissing that is so intense and deep that it might as well be fucking.

Re: Sherlock makes John come without touching his cock

yeeees, this needs to happen!

John/Lestrade genderswap

Genderswapped John/Lestrade lesbian porn.


Misfits fusion

Sherlock and John got caught in the same storm the Misfits did. And got (kind of crappy) super powers.

Sherlock is death personified.

Bonus for non angst or crack.

Post Reichenbach cocaine withdrawal

Sherlock returns from the dead and John forgives him, even considers moving back in or does so. That is until John finds out that Sherlock is using cocaine again, and quite a lot of it.

John tells Sherlock not to talk to him again unless he's clean.

So Sherlock stops using. Mentally he is able to just stop but he underestimates how addicted his body has become.

Mrs. Hudson finds him having a seizure and calls an ambulance that takes him to the hospital. John has the night shift on A&E at the time...

(Seizures aren't really a common symptom of cocaine withdrawal but they do occur sometimes.)

PS: I know the prompt is quite specific so if anyone wants to fill but change some of the details, please go ahead.

Re: Post Reichenbach cocaine withdrawal

Seconded. This sounds really interesting.

(Screened comment)
This prompt has been deleted at the OP's request. This message has been left as a placeholder for the sake of the FPP.

Victor Trevor/Sherlock, ambiguous/experimental relationship

Sherlock and Victor, students, are mostly just good friends, but neither of them care much for how society defines relationships. It's not to strange for them, then, if occasionally their "visual study of anatomy" strays into "testing response to stimuli." (In other words, delightfully geeky sexual situations that would seem awkward and impersonal between near anyone else)

Re: Victor Trevor/Sherlock, ambiguous/experimental relationship

I adore fics where Victor is Sherlock's equal and they do "stuff" together. Any kind o stuff, really!


John is in a wheelchair after the war. But this doesn't stop him being Sherlock Holmes' kickass sidekick.

(Basically I just want more fic where disabled people are portrayed as awesomely badass.)

Re: Wheelchair!John


[After a 3-year Reichenbach hiatus]
"Bend down here."
"Because I can't reach up there to punch you in the face."
"Well it's either that or I punch you in the balls. I can reach those without trying. Choice is yours."

Re: Wheelchair!John (Anonymous) Expand

Sherlock is a virgin, bur not because he is asexual

... but because he has a really small cock, and the first person (your decision if male or female) he ever tried to have sex with ridiculed him and made him feel ashamed.
So Sherlock decided to never risk that again.

John tries to change that without knowing what he is up against as Sherlock refuses to talk.

Happy ending, please. As for the rest, a good mixture of fluff and angst would be good :-)

Re: Sherlock is a virgin, bur not because he is asexual

I need this like burning.

Koala case fic

Koala fingerprints are nearly indistinguishable from human fingerprints, even under an electron microscope. This is relevant to a case that Sherlock and John are investigating somehow.

Gen, slash, pairings etc. up to the filler. Humour is appreciated :-)

Re: Koala case fic

Though as they have tiiiiny fingers, they're only child-size fingerprints!

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Re: Koala case fic (Anonymous) Expand
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Treading on a common theme: not quite asexual Sherlock remembers sex is a thing

Sherlock isn't entirely asexual, but sex is the one thing he's actually embarrassed about. He can't deduce what people want, he doesn't know what to do, he's out of his depth. So it's just... never happened.

John is the first person he's met who he's really, 100% comfortable with and never embarrassed around, someone he truly likes and trusts. He remembers that sex is a thing he could potentially do, do with John (or fem!John) in fact, and manages to seduce a still-mostly-straight-but-maybe-sometimes-a-cock-in-the-bum-could-be-nice John. He'd just like to know what it's like, could definitely help with cases, etc.

Nutritional supplement

John's concerned about Sherlock's scanty intake of food. He's trying work out some way of persuading Sherlock to take more nourishment -- not even better nourishment, necessarily, just more.

Then he makes a significant and useful discovery:

Sherlock will eat very nearly anything, so long as he can eat it off John's body.

This is nice for both of them. Cue ice-cream, jam, fettucine carbonara, honey, scrambled eggs, jammie dodgers, fresh fruit, cheesecake, whipped cream with chocolate jimmies, Digby's Savory Tosted Cheese ...

(RTYIs eagerly and hungrily welcomed.)

Re: Nutritional supplement

Not exactly your prompt, but here are a couple RTYIs with wonderful Sherlock/John food porn.

Sweeter Than Skin

The first one is longer and the food part is only at the end. Both are NSFW c:

Mycroft Holmes meets The Wall

I've been rereading DC's pre-New 52 Suicide Squad, mainly because of my love for Amanda Waller. Whether it's comics Waller, JLU Waller, whatever Waller, I'd just love to see some sort of situation where Mycroft and the Wall interact. Gen or crack would be absolutely lovely.

And even though I doubt any exist RTYI's are definitely welcome!

Re: Mycroft Holmes meets The Wall

... I'm intrigued

Mycroft is an omega.

Mycroft is an Omega.An Alpha makes lude comments, tries to disgruntle Mycroft,tries to coerce him. Even going so far as to try and force his will on Mycroft, because Omega's are week and need to be able to follow orders. Mycroft puts him right in his place.

Mycroft is an omega. And if you don't like it you can go fuck yourself.

Bonus: Existing Mystrade.
Bonus: The Alpha gets put in place in public.
HUGE Bonus: Mycroft may be an omega but he's definitely the Top.


Sherlock has managed to learn how to literally blow people's minds. (Not in the form of a supernatural ability, and not necessarily through dirty talk, although of course that's a possibility.)

I FOR ONE have never encountered this (though spare me the pillaging and share some links if you have…) would LOVE to read about Mycroft/Lestrade going on a double date with Sherock/John

It *could* be on purpose, but what I’m imagining in my head is completely by accident with either both (or one) Holmes brother complaining

Maybe even trap ‘em in a building later on in the night, the power goes out and somehow they get separated. It becomes something like a hide-and-seek game where they’re trying to find each other… John ends up with Mycroft somehow, and BONDING ENSUES (much to Sherlock’s dismay later on, of course) while at the same time, they’re trying to find this operative looking to snatch either one of the brothers…

Mycroft’s omnipotence can be dealt with somehow, I imagine!! Maybe Greg had been pestering them the night before to have a night out without Anthea following them in a car a few blocks away… OH! I got it, maybe they’re at the movies and Lestrade forces Mycroft to shut off and hand over his phone, and when they get separated Mycroft has no way to contact his people and Greg doesn’t have a bloody clue how to turn on Mycroft’s insanely protected phone

Oh god, I’m sorry for sloshing all of you with this, I’ve been thinking about it for a while but I haven’t the time to write it out!

I love love love love love bamf!/protective Mycroft


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