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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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John/OMC "helping hand" in Afghanistan

I've read lots of fics where John questions his sexuality when he realises he's attracted to Sherlock. Very often, John's thoughts mention the "helping hands" he got/gave fellow soldiers in Afghanistan. I would like a fic set back when John was in the Army, about those furtive wanks in the dark and eventually exchanging handjobs with a fellow solider. Oh, and John considers himself straight, but how he deals with it is up to you.

Sherlock loves John's belly, but John won't keep it. Sherlock gets an idea.

Inspiration from this post:

(Should be an already established relationship)

Sherlock just LOVES John's belly (He discovers this just before they had sex before), but unfortunately, with all the running and rugby playing that man does, it just doesn't stick around for long.

First, Sherlock tries slipping him more food here and there, but still, nothing. He goes to Mrs. Hudson to try and get her to bake more, she doesn't have the time, or is never in the mood. Sherlock's about to give up when (either a case, or just having to show up at) a birthday party gives Sherlock an idea.

He (somehow) is going to blow John up.

How can he do this? Is it possible? (Sherlock needs to ponder this.)

Eventually, through the wonders of science, he finds a way, and slips his (whatever Sherlock creates) into his food/drink.(Depends on the end result of the experiment)

(Bonus: John could get revenge for this, and stumble upon the leftover serum/whatever you come up with. >:) )

Re: Sherlock loves John's belly, but John won't keep it. Sherlock gets an idea.


John/Sherlock/Irene(?)- Sherlock's in the middle (slight dubcon???)

I would LOVE anything like this:
Irene (or any other female including OC or crossover that fits w/ prompt) and John like fighting over Sherlock. Irene is gay andor is not attracted to Sherlock sexual but wants him romantically and because of his big brain. John wants Sherlock sexually too.

+5 Sherlock likes the attention BUT he is also sometimes pretty scared of them because of how intense they both are when they gang up on him. Can be 100 percent consensual but someone might've read this line as dubconish so I warned.

+10 Irene likes to give pointers, cuddle with Sherlock, heavy pet him, and hold him as John does dirty , dirty things to him.

Sherlock/John terrible puns

So you know those porn parody movies with the punny names? I want Sherlock and John to go on a case where a porn star is killed, and they go undercover, only to find out the porn franchise is based around their cases. Like, 'A Study in the Pink' or 'The Spanked Blonde' or 'The Aluminum Crotch' or " The Gay Interpreter' etc.
(It's actually really fun trying to come up with these names...)

Bonus points if, because they're undercover, the directors don't realize they're the real Sherlock and John and cast them to play their porn counterparts.

Cookies if they have ridiculous porn names like Shercock Holes and John Thomas Wantsome. (That was horrible. Sorry.)

Re: Sherlock/John terrible puns

Sounds fun! Seconded!

John is a superhero (you choose his power/s), but no one else knows. Except, of course, Sherlock deduced it the moment they met. At first he was unimpressed, as there had been nothing about any heroic activity going on in London.

But soon, as Sherlock cures John's heart, more and more sightings of a masked man doing heroic things happens in their general area. Sherlock deals with this as you will. Preferably eventual S/J.

:) Please, I love superhero!John... and maybe Sherlock being a little starstruck, haha

Excuse me, I'll get back to you when I'm done giggling like a little girl at the thought of John in tights and wearing a stupid cloth mask.

Please, for the love of god, can Moriarty be a super villain? Like one of those absurd villains who have a tank of freaking sharks with lasers on their heads? XD

Re: Superhero!John (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Superhero!John (Anonymous) Expand

Any/any- scared of their significant other

So often in supernatural or fantasy stories a person finds their loved ones other worldly features hot . Which I totally love.

But in some movies and legends vampires/werewolves/fairy creatures/tentacle demons /etc can also take on truly terrifying forms. Actually just a mouthful of sharp teeth (or two huge sharp canines) is terrifying enough so any extra appendages are liable to give someone nightmares.

I'd like to see that. A person gets together with someone who isn't 100 % human and sometimes has nightmares and sometimes (when they've been up for a while or heard a particularly scary story or something rattled them) gets pretty scared or freaked out over their loved one and maybe what she/he does. It doesn't stop them from loving there other person (probably) but its hard to not be.

+5 This happens at least once during sex or an intimate moment when the supernatural person is too into it to stop and realize it/control their appearance and their partner is too ashamed/petrified to say anything

+10 they have to develop a safe word or something.

Re: Any/any- scared of their significant other

Aphelion, by marlowe_tops:

"Lovecraftian romance in which John finds out that some of Sherlock's strange behavior was actually intended as courting rituals, and that his acceptance of the behavior was taken as consent. Meanwhile, bored prince Sebastian's choice of a new mate ends up being far messier than he expected."

(TW: Self-harm, self-injury) Lestrade

Lestrade is an adult who self-harms.

Either gen, Mystrade, or Lestrade/wife, please.

Catch me if you can AU (with John as the criminal)


John isn't as brilliant as Moriarty BUT Sherlock can never seem to understand his motivations (mostly because he doesnt act like a criminal and sometimes even helps ).

How everyone else (including Jim) is in this is up to you.

+5 John eventually gets off all charges by helping bring in Jim.

Greg Lestrade dated the same girl throughout uni and married fairly young. Now divorced, he has no idea how to actually be single.

Molly's always fancied herself a liberated, independent woman, but Sherlock's fall makes her realize how much more adventurous she could be.

Both at a loss, Molly and Greg agree to help each other navigate the waters of singledom and adventure. Which would be much easier if they didn't want to shag each other's brains out.

Greg/Molly romcom - learning to be single

Subject lines are useful. Being sober while prompting - also useful.

(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand
(no subject) (Anonymous) Expand

John's Ladder (John/Sherlock)

I want something based on the song Jacob's Ladder by Mark Wills.


If you use a Fem!Sherlock please keep her name Sherlock, because it pulls me out of the story when the name is something different.

Dark is Rising Fusion


"An Old One hardly ever lets his name be recorded anywhere. Generally you people manage to effect history in ways no man ever knows."

When Mycroft turned 11, he met a group of HIGHLY INTERESTING PEOPLE. Mycroft is not so much the 'British Government' as he is 'The Watchman of the Light'.

Re: Dark is Rising Fusion

I remember this! from pt 20 lol.
digging for gems, indeed.

Re: Dark is Rising Fusion (Anonymous) Expand

Irene is Molly - Jekyll and Hyde style.

Molly, after being brushed off by Sherlock one too many times, invents a serum to make herself a little more... extroverted.
It works. She's not just some silly infatuated girl any more. She is a woman. The woman.
Unfortunately Molly's always been a good girl. Far too good. She's been repressing Irene's urges for too long. And now that Irene's out she aims to misbehave. And Molly's going to have to cover Irene's tracks otherwise certain consulting detectives and consulting criminals might get suspicious.
Can follow canon or go off on it's own path, but I would love to see someone re-work Belgravia with this idea.

Re: Irene is Molly - Jekyll and Hyde style.

I like it.

John is a patient in psychiatric hospital. Sherlock get to know him when investigating a case.

Kind of thinking John is the only victim ever survived from the most notorious serial killer "J".(Moriarty, who seems to be obsessed with John) And Sherlock can't help to wonder why.
But it's fine if you have other ideas. Please go wild.

Pocket John

While faking his death Sherlock finds missing John the hardest part of being gone. At one of his lowest points he steals some of John's DNA and makes himself a Pocket John to carry around and keep with him always.

Magical Realism or Crack are both fine.

Do you just carry on talking while I'm away?

Sherlock talks to John while on his Hiatus. What does he say? (Could be a 5+1 kind of thing, but doesn't have to be.) Gen, please, my loves.

(Note: First kinkmeme fill, go easy on me please! Sorry about how short it is.)

The second time Sherlock talks to somebody who isn't there, he gets annoyed with himself. He's slipped far, far back into the embrace of his addiction and chainsmokes for the next few hours to make it up to himself, and then he rings Mycroft.

"You're in Thailand," Mycroft says when he picks up, "Have you any idea what time it is here?"

"The Government never sleeps," he retorts.

"What do you want?"

"An update."


Sherlock falls into a stubborn silence, grappling with himself whilst Mycroft sighs impatiently down the line.

"He's still alive, if that's what you wanted to know," Mycroft says eventually, with not quite enough exasperation in his voice to cover the underlying note of pity, "He has a new girlfriend. Name of Lisa, if I recall correctly. Quite attractive."

"That's not what I wanted to know."

Mycroft has an uncanny ability to see through his lies. "Goodbye, Sherlock. I'll ring you next month."

Sherlock puts the phone down and steeples his fingers, staring through the flaking grey wall in front of him into some thought he can't quite bring himself to acknowledge. It's a twist of something that can't be analysed, although his mind races for a few minutes trying to before it finally burns itself out from the effort and lets the thought take its course.

"Lisa. Really, John," he says aloud, "I suppose you've shown a smidgen of deductive logic if you've ascertained that I might be the common factor in the failure of all your short-lived relationships." He lights another cigarette.


Afterwards, it seems almost a waste of mental energy to suppress the ridiculous impulse to speak to John. He procures a skull from a backalley vendor who is no more dangerous than the second-hand goods he's selling, but it does nothing for him when placed on the windowsill, grinning at him. He stares it out and then his mouth speaks effortlessly to an imagined presence somewhere to the right of him: "Since you're the doctor, you can tell me: Is this all a sign of mental instability far more intense than my usual?"

There's no reply, but he feels a little better.

It's a hot day in April when he finds himself on the run from a triad thug in Hong Kong, ducking into a construction site and hiding behind the scaffolding. He's panting, but when he hears the thug move away to search elsewhere for his British prey, he laughs. It's the kind of laugh that can only be produced by sheer, warm-blooded relief coursing through the veins, a laugh that's dizzying and slightly wild and sounds, as John once put it, 'like you're the only sober one at the party and you're overdoing it pretending to be pissed'.

"Despite the excellent cardiovascular exercise, I'd prefer to avoid a repeat incident," he intones dryly, a breathless grin on his face, "Don't you?"

The next time Mycroft rings, the conversation is stilted and broken up with large periods of silence. They can both feel the other being evasive, and so carry the conversation on for longer than it needs to be, waiting for the reveal.

"Sherlock," Mycroft says eventually, forcing the name reluctantly through gritted teeth, "I know we have avoided this subject since your disappearance began, but I feel it was an unwise decision on my part."

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Re: Fill (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill (2/2) (Anonymous) Expand

Shallow Hal inspired fic

Except not really. Imagine Sherlock and/or John trapped in an elevator with someone who after talking to them "curses" them. The curse, who's cursed, angst vs comedy: the choice is up to you. Good luck!

Mycroft/John - brining the British Government down

There's just something about John that makes me believe he could bring the the British Government to its knees. Or bend the British Government over a desk. Or- you get the idea.

Can I just have John completely dominating Mycroft. It doesn't have to be dom/sub (though it can be if you want, I'd never say no to Mycroft calling John sir), just as long as it's John fucking Mycroft. Hard.

Re: Mycroft/John - brining the British Government down

Seconding! Johncroft for the world!

Mystrade - weight gain, fat appreciation

I've seen a lot of prompts, were Mycroft worries over is weight, especially after being taunted and teased by Sherlock, so can I PLEASE have some happy, heavy Mycroft?

With Lestrade at his side, making him feel good about every pound he gains. Enabling it even, because he knows just how much Mycroft loves to eat?

Basically: happy, fat (really fat, not just plump or chubby), well rounded Mycroft, not minding outgrowing his clothes time and time again, because Lestrade still loves him.

Bonus: if he flaunts his new, huge body in front of Sherlock, making his brother speechless.

Re: Mystrade - weight gain, fat appreciation

Possibly RTYI -

It's a bit angstier and not quite what you're after, but it *does* have Greg rather enamored with Fat!Mycroft.


Gregory finds a photo album of Mycroft when he was overweight...and he likes it...a lot. Which might not be a good thing.

In some universe of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson........

*first time they lay eyes on each other*

Both Men: " I'm going to fall in love with him and there's nothing I can do about that. It's fate/destiny"

You know what? Correct me if I'm wrong, but Sherlock in BBC universe seems to know that they're soul mates already. The not correcting the assumptions that they're together seems to be a hint that he knows.

Sherlock wants to be the Wife

In reference to the Sherlock Holmes, Ritchie-verse, films:

1) Holmes wouldn't mind being Watson's wife! ( The jailyard scene when talking about Mycroft's summer home.)[ SH 1 ]

2) They were ballroom dancing (together) and no one in Victorian London gave a damn? [SH2: Game of Shadows]

Now transpose this to BBC!Verse.

The Unseen Positions

I don't have a preference of who tops or the relationship. Greg/Mycroft, Sherlock/John.

There are not enough porn!fics with the following sex positions or in the following places

Reverse cow(boy)
Cowboy- I definitely need more of this
Chairsex- Reverse or regular
Kitchen counter- specifically one of the cowboy positions
Greg's carsex
Mycroft's carsex
Old Abandoned Warehousesex
( This could work with Johnlock, not only Mystrade)
Greg's Desksex
Greg's deskchair-sex
Sherlock's bed-sex

That is all.

This is the couple's actual Sex List

Re: The Unseen Positions

I want to second each and every one of these individually and separately.

Re: The Unseen Positions (Anonymous) Expand
Re: The Unseen Positions (Anonymous) Expand
Re: Fill 2c/14: Cowboy (Anonymous) Expand

DeAged Mrs. Hudson

I'd love to see a de-aged Mrs. Hudson, possibly the result of trying to tidy up the flat and spilling the wrong chemicals or something.

Bonus: She continues to act her age, despite looking mid 20's - scolding everyone and just being the worlds best gramma.

Double bonus: Everyone who meets her before realizing it's Mrs. Hudson has a 'oooh, sexy mama!' moment when they first see her, then get all flustered when they realize / discover who it is.


AU where johns a hunter and hes hunting fawnlock for his dick to cut it off and sell it but turns out he gets the D in a very different way



Typical Johniarty...but it's not TW: Stalking, Rape, Thrill Seeking

Jim grows obsessed with John, sends him interesting presents, texts, calls him, tries to meet up with him at every chance he gets John alone, is very possessive of him and jealous when he's around other men and women rather John's dating them or not, your typical Johniarty stalker fic.

Except, the thing is, despite knowing better, John likes it. He likes the attention, feeling wanted and possessed. It bothers him that the people who are cruel to him or dump him end up hurt, maybe even dead, but the thrill of knowing that Moriarty needs him that bad makes his heart flutter. The possessive and seductive texts and calls he receives go straight to his cock and all John can think about is how he wants Jim the same way.

It's a wonderful, dangerous thrill for John. He knows it's a bad idea, but he can't wait for Jim to come for him, to rape him, to make him his.

Edited at 2013-01-29 12:26 pm (UTC)

Re: Typical Johniarty...but it's not TW: Stalking, Rape, Thrill Seeking

Yeah, hi, uhm, one ticket to hell, please. The direct line, no stops. No, I don't need a return ticket, I'll be living there, thanks.

So, yeah, seconded.

Johnlock, Vampire AU

Alright, all I want is a Johnlock Vampire AU; the two of them are like these vampires that met in idk like 1800 London and Sherlock stopped John from killing someone (because he doesn't know who turned him and he was left abandoned to deal with it, but you can change that if you wish) and John and him became friends and they got seperated (bonus points if by Moriarty, also a vampire) but over time they kept meeting each other in all these different places and would fall in love all over again. Double bonus points if it was Moriarty or Moran who turned John but they don't find out until way later, like 2012, 2013. Triple bonus points if they meet up in the World War II era, and Sherlock's a Nazi (QUADRAPLE BONUS POINTS if he's like a double agent for the UK but John doesn't know that) and John's fighting with America or the UK or something. A cookie if Sherlock's the oldest vampire alive.

Vampire Laws or whatever are yours to play around with

Re: Johnlock, Vampire AU

Sherlock in a Nazi uniform.

That concept is really fucking scary.


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