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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Perent Mycroft (can be mystrade)

Inspired by this:

"No matter how big and bad you are, when a two year old hadns you a toy phone you answer it!"

Sherlolly - Sherlock lashes out (warning! Slight verbal abuse/Borderline Darkfic) H/C

Sherlock is running an experiment on how verbal abuse can make people react particularly spouses, and decides to use Molly as a test subject. Cue harsh insults and jabs pointed at her for hours [the more demeaning the better. Oh god i'm going to hell for that sentence alone...]. Molly doesn't know that he's faking it though and while she can take it in stride at first, his words become too much for her to handle and she has a near mental breakdown because of it. H/C after he realizes his stupidity that she didn't know he was faking isn't necessary but would be appreciated.

Because the amount of Sherlolly fics on here isn't all that high and i'd like to see Sherlock display his true sociopathic nature on someone besides john. Please?

Reprompt from part 25 (not OP)

When John starts dating a few months after Sherlock's fall, everyone is happy for him... so no one dares to tell him that his girlfriend, Mary Morstan, bears a striking resemblance to his dead friend.

But really, why shouldn't she?

She's Sherlock in drag after all.


Re: Reprompt from part 25 (not OP)

I like this! Might try to fill it. Maybe.
For now, I'll just second it <3

Sherlock and claustrophobia

Sherlock, claustrophobia. That's the prompt. Do whatever you like :D

Anything based on either of these lines:

1) ...nothin' feels better than blood on blood
2)Well if it was any other man, I'd put him straight away
But when it's your brother sometimes you look the other way

/Writing mental slash for Boss characters feels really wrong

falsely accused

After the Reichenbach Fall Sherlock finds out that one of Mycroft`s bosses is corrupt. He starts to investigate him, but hasn't informed Mycroft yet. But the man is onto him very quickly and doesn´t like to be spied on. He sets him an ultimatum: He is to rape and try to Murder Donovan and get himself caught and let himself be convicted. If he doesn't the man will let his brother, John, Mr. Hudson, Lestrade etc vanish.
Sherlock breaks into Donovan´s flat as he´s told to do but can´t bring himself to hurt her. Instead he tells her that the others are in danger and they fake the rape, the murder attempt etc.

Sherlock is put into jail and sentenced to many years. He tells Donovan its all right, as long as the other´s are safe. She should go on with her life. Sally cant do that, but also cant get Mycroft or Lestrade or John to help as they are still being watched. What does she do?

Maybe she tries to transfer Mycroft and starts work against the criminal boss there ?? Or??

Sherlock and Lestrade, Rumour has it

As a social experiment, Sherlock starts a carefully-crafted rumour about Lestrade (in a clever enough way that the rumour can't be traced back to him). Perhaps to check how long it will take for the news to reach all of Lestrade's co-workers, or how stupidly credulous people can be, etc.

The experiment is quite successful. A bit too successful, in fact, as Sherlock soon realises that a rumour is the next best thing to a live-in Gremlin. It multiplies, it grows into monstrously unexpected shapes, and it's extremely difficult to catch up with and rein in, even when you have Jimminy Cricket-Watson yelling "BIT NOT GOOD" in your back.

Take this the angsty way (the rumour turns into something really nasty that could in fact harm Lestrade), or the humorous way, or the romantic way... as you like it! I'm partial to S/L, but any pairing goes.

Re: Sherlock and Lestrade, Rumour has it

Seconding this. Immensely. I did not know I needed this until now.


John in a pair of heels so high he can barely stand.

Tall Tells Pt 1/?

Oh my god, I couldn't resist.

"Sherlock, I cannot bloody walk in these shoes." John refused to budge from his spot, in his chair. He gave the 6 inch pair of converse-like boots a disgruntled look before wrapping his arms around himself. He felt utterly naked. An extremely tight pair of leather pants clenched his crotch, while a second skin of a shirt threatened to rip from across his shoulders.

Of course Sherlock had gotten him the outfit.

"Of course you can. They're wedges, they give more support! Stand up John!"

Having given up the protest that he was not gay several months ago, John heaved himself up and tried not to cock a hip and put his hands on his waist. He was not the girlfriend in his relationship.

Sherlock scrutinized his very form down to the single fibers, muttering inaudibly under his breath to himself.

"Put on the jacket!" Sherlock gestured angrily to the thing that was mostly chains.

"You put on the jacket!" John huffed, wobbly taking a step backwards from it.

" It wouldn't go with my outfit. Just put the damn jacket on, we're going to be late!"

Sweeping the jacket from the couch, he forced John in it before pausing, now just noticing that John was eye level with him, save a few centimeters. He could no longer see over the blonde's head.

Re: Tall Tells Pt 1/? (Anonymous) Expand

Ocker Moran

Sebastian Moran was actually discharged from the Australian Defence Force. He grew up in rural Queensland, and is about as Ocker as Steve Irwin.

When he goes out on a hit, he looks at the picture and tells Jim, "No wuckin' furries, mate! Done in a jiffy!"

He also constantly calls Jim "mate" instead of "boss" and it drives Jim crazy.

Can be gen, crack or J/S, I'd just love to see Ocker Moran.

Re: Ocker Moran

I laughed so hard. Omfg. This needs to exist. I wish I knew anything about how to write an Aussie.

Re: Ocker Moran (Anonymous) Expand

sherstrade | attention seeking

Id really like to see a fic with Sherlock acting like a petulant child while Greg is trying to work but its only because he feels neglected/ wants attention. Doesn't have to be slash, it could be paternal! Lestrade.

this is perfect.
I needed this in my life.

Fic inspired by 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

A Sherlock POV fic inspired by "There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" by The Smiths. Sherlock is falling in love with John. It's raining.
It would be cool if the fic was to take place during a case; John and Sherlock are running to and fro trying to catch a criminal and they have an almost moment under a bridge.

Re: Fic inspired by 'There Is A Light That Never Goes Out"

awww! seconded!

Pokemon AU

Because there aren't enough Sherlock/Pokemon crossovers. XD

John is a retired Pokemon league champion who now works in a Pokemon center as a nurse or whatever with Nurse Joy. Sherlock is the local Pokemon professor (up to filler what studies he specializes in, like how Prof. Elm researches evolution specifically, etc.). There's a minor lab accident that causes some of the Pokemon injuries, so Sherlock takes them to the Pokemon center to be healed up. He meets John, and the two form an unlikely friendship. Possibly relationship?

Bonus points if Lestrade works with Officer Jenny and they need Sherlock's expertise in solving crimes committed by Team Rocket/Aqua/Magma/Plasma/Galactic/whatever.

More bonus points if Sherlock doesn't recognize John as a former league champion until a young trainer comes in and recognizes John, promptly freaking out because he /she looks up to him and decided to become a trainer because of him.

Long prompt is long.

Re: Pokemon AU

oh my god
yes please

Mystrade spanking.

Lestrade spanking Mycroft...daddy issues? please?

Re: Mystrade spanking.

Hnnnng seconded.

Street gang AU?

Please? Maybe with all of them in rival gangs, or one of them is older, or John is part of a gang Sherlock uses for information? Anything at all, and if you know any RTMI's I'd be very grateful. Thank you :)

Conversation gregg/John prompt

I was wondering if someone could write me a fill including this conversation:

Gregg, were are you going?
Oh say hello to our mother in law for me.

question about prompt for the OP

Is Gregg and Helli someone and something from another series?

Did you misspell Lestrades first name? Did you mean Hell and it was a typo?

With "mother in law" this is obviously an AU but I don't know if it's also a crossover that you forgot to mention or thought people would just know(if that's the case,for future prompts never assume people will know what other series/book/whatever you mean)

Sherlock/John Harry Potter AU (with Snape as large part of the story)

So I spent all day yesterday reading Sherlock Harry Potter AUs, and all of them were brilliant. But one idea keeps coming back to my mind, I always picture Sherlock as a Slytherin, and I wonder if he was there during Snape's time (I'm thinking when Snape is a teacher, but before the Harry Potter pops back into the wizarding world) how would he feel about Sherlock? Part of him may admire Sherlock, they would share some of the same hatred of stupid people, I'm sure he would give out a few points here or there when Sherlock showed up some of the students from other houses, and he would probably turn a blind eye when Sherlock said harsh things to some people because Snape has been thinking it himself. And there might be a part of Snape that really sympathizes with Sherlock, both of them being outsiders and disliked by many people, and really only having one friend who isn't even in their own house. But I bet there would be a part of Snape that hated Sherlock, hated him for the fact that he could read his whole past at Hogwarts without having to look at his memories, that he could just see the pain from the bullying and losing Lily as clearly as if it was written all over Snape's face.

So I was looking for a Johnlock story, where Sherlock and John are best friends, and Sherlock is in love with John, but John just hasn't caught up yet (maybe he is already in love with Sherlock too, but just doesn't think the feeling will be returned) and the only person to recognize what is going on (except for Dumbledore of course, because he knows all) is Snape. And at first Snape despises Sherlock for it; making fun of Sherlock in front of his peers for having pet from another house, docking points from both their houses when he catches out together, and putting John down because he hates how loyal John is, hates the fact that the boy seems intent to stick by Sherlock and keep people fro making fun of his friend even when some suggest it would be best for John is he stayed away form the freak. But then Snape sees Sherlock alone- maybe he and John just got into a row because Sherlock did something Not Good, or maybe John's been spending time with Sarah and Sherlock is watching them with distaste from afar, maybe both) and Snape realizes that Sherlock is just as vulnerable as he was. That he could possibly lose John to if he's not careful. And maybe Snape will warn Sherlock of this, will tell him not to get too caught up in the dark side of things because it could chase John away, and tells him to stop this insufferable business and just make a move on John already.

So long story short, I was hoping for a fic where Snape sees the parallels between his story and Sherlock's but with a happy Johnlock ending.

I know there's a lot of debate over what house John would be placed in, and I'd be fine with either Gryffindor or Hufflepuff. Gryffindor would certainly parallel Snape's story with Lily, but I also like the idea of Snape sneering that at least he didn't for fall a Badger of all things, and Sherlock snapping back that on the contrary Badgers are known to be quite loyal and maybe things would have turned out differently if Lily was a Badger.

Bonus points for:
-Sherlock getting in trouble for constantly sneaking in John's house dormitories (I keep seeing one of the teacher being exasperated and threatening to charm the doors and stairs if he doesn't stop, and John kind of laughing because really have they met Sherlock? He's bound to find a way around them)
-John being a BAMF and protecting Sherlock at some point, and earning some admiration from Snape because he didn't realize the boy had it in him
- John getting hurt at some point and has to spend a night at the hospital wing. Snape finds Sherlock sneaking into the room after curfew, but recognizes the fear that the boy has been trying to keep hidden behind his mask all day so he lets him go to John.
- and just lots of Sherlock/John goodness, whether it be them constantly getting in trouble because Sherlock has them running all over the castle, or helping each other in classes, or getting caught making out in hallways after curfew after they finally get together
- and anything else you want to through in from the HP world

Re: Sherlock/John Harry Potter AU (with Snape as large part of the story)

Is there a tl;dr version?

Re:TL;DR (Anonymous) Expand
"Are you trying to display contempt for this court, Mr Holmes?"
"I was endeavoring to conceal it, my lord."

Every time Sherlock has to appear as a witness in court, he ends up in a holding cell.

Someone needs to make this happen please. If only to evict the Sherlock as Mae West image I have in my head now.

Warnings: kidnapping, loss of senses, temporary (or potentially permanent) bodily harm

Sherlock, John, and Molly have to escape from Jim, however Jim has made it so that:

Sherlock can't see or speak, but he can hear.

John can't speak or hear, but he can see.

Molly can't hear or see, but she can speak.

Whether this is done to them medicinally or physically somehow is up to the author. I'm imagining something temporary and reversible, but I won't object if you want to go darker than that. Gen would be great, but I'm also open to Sherlock/John, John/Molly, or Sherlock/John/Molly.

Re: Warnings: kidnapping, loss of senses, temporary (or potentially permanent) bodily harm

oooh! Yes please seconded!

Tw: Assault/rape

John is cornered and gang raped by a criminal-and his friends-that Sherlock caught. John goes to hospital for cuts that need stitches and some broken bones, and lies that he was mugged. He refuses to make a report and returns home. John tells Sherlock about the "mugging" but Sherlock soon deduces that John was raped.

John doesn't want to reveal that he was raped as he feels it makes him weak, dirty and useless. Sherlock refuses to reveal that he knows John was raped because he can tell that the secret is important to John.

Both men struggle with the reality of John's rape: Sherlock trying to keep things "normal" for John whilst wanting to tell John that he isn't the weak person he(john) thinks he is and, obviously, wanting to seriously damage the men that attacked John. John, with the after effects of his rape, and the fear of Sherlock finding out.



Sherlock wasn't wrong - Harry IS John's brother....

...but John couldn't stand to see that smug bastard know he was right about everything.

In A Study In Pink, Sherlock reels off a series of deductions about John. John corrects him about one: "Harry is short for Harriet."

It's not true. Harry IS John's older brother. Now Harry wants to come visit John, and John wants to keep the truth from Sherlock knowing Sherlock will crow about being right. What does he do?

(OP adores S/J, but gen would be fine, too.)

Re: Sherlock wasn't wrong - Harry IS John's brother....

So ... I read the prompt, ran off to write a little fill for the prompt. ALmost instantly forgot the actual prompt, and wrote something rather different. Where John has to find a fake Harry because Sherlock wants to meet John's sister. Should I post it anyway?

Those who know

Molly helped Sherlock to die. Now, she must lie, in some way, every single day. Watch the pain that Sherlock's death has caused so many.

Molly is very slowly "falling apart" herself and it's affecting her physically and emotionally. Mycroft has been tasked by his brother to watch over John. However, one day Mycroft literally bumps into Molly and sees what every lie is doing to her.

Mycroft reveals that he knows Sherlock is alive. He and Molly begin to meet. A meal here, a visit to just sit and talk there.

Nothing romantic. Just the very strange but very strong connection between two people who could not be any more different yet form a true friendship.

oh my god, yes! please can we just make this happen?

Someone gets the funny syphilis

Listening to the Buffy musical episode soundtrack, concequently thinking of Buffy and this line pops into my head ...

Xander: I'm sick of being the guy who eats insects and gets the funny syphilis.

So here's the prompt.

Any male on Sherlock saying "I'm sick of always getting the funny syphilis!" in absolutely any context that is *not* the character quoting or referring to Buffy in any way.

Crack fic totally welcome.

Based on the idea of that P.S I love you film/book (of which I know only the premise so I'm not asking for a copy of the plot or anything), Sherlock leaves/sends John letters to be opened at regular intervals post-Reichenbach.

What the letter say, tell him to do, if Sherlock is really dead or not (make it au if you like), I don't mind. Just John being left letters by a Sherlock he thinks is dead and how John reacts.

P.S The letters don't actually have to say p.s I love you, I'm not sure I can actually imagine Sherlock writing that.

Re: P.S I love you

I can't access delicious and pinboard is acting wacky but there's a WIP fill of another prompt exactly like this. It's several parts.

Mycroft isn't well

Mycroft catches the norovirus.

Lots of unwell Mycroft with some fluffy Lestrade attempting to take care of him.


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