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I need a pole dancing Sherlock fic!!!

Ok, so I would LOVE it if someone would write a fic where Sherlock has to pole dance for a case and he's AMAZING at it and everyone is like "wtf *droooooool*." Johnlock is prefered.

Here is some inspiration. Except more revealing and more seductive hip movements.

Re: I need a pole dancing Sherlock fic!!!

Seconding SO HARD. I have a lady boner just thinking about it. Btw I found some more inspiration in case anyone is interested. And it's pretty sexy too.

Donovan redeems herself

Donovan knowingly sacrafices herself in some way for Sherlock and/or John. Maybe she finds proof of Sherlock's innocences and turns it in knowing that she'll likely lose her job do to her previous actions. Maybe she takes Moran's bullet for John. Maybe she sacrifices her life defending an unconscious Sherlock from a bunch of thugs. Something alnog that vein.

Re: Donovan redeems herself - OP

Please excuse my many typos in the above prompt. I was outside, on my iPhone, trying to press little letters in 5 degree weather.

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Calling not it

You are trying to write a serious H/C but Sherlock & John get in a fight over who's turn it is to be the woobie.

Re: Calling not it

"Hmmm..." I hummed over my flickering laptop screen happily. My fingers hoverd delightfully over the keyboard ready for work. It isn't too often I just get the urge to write, and when I do I usually like to linger at it. My two adorable boys were sitting behind me, one with a cuppa and another with a shut-up-I'm-thinking-something-important look on his face. What should I write? I can try going on the kinkmeme. Or..
"...Smut!" I break the silence with a small shout, in return I get two shouts of protest and at the very least one disapproving look.
"You've been writing smut for the past 6 fanfics." John sighed, "I think, if this will be going on, I may need to have a talk with you." 
I raised one eyebrow at him doubtfully but shrug and turned back t my empty word page. 
".. hurt comfort?" I test quietly. 
Sherlock makes an approving noise, though I believe neither I nor John knew if it was about the suggestion or something else altogether. 
John smiled and gave me a sharp nod of approval.

"It was after a rough case and John and Sherlock-" I started reading, being cut off by a very rude Sherlock Holmes "using the word 'and' so soon already really isn't the best of ideas." 
"Do shut up. I'm in a muse, or something, and you're killing it. You can read it later and do all the tough work.
"Now, where was I? Ah, yes; It was after a rough case and the boys both leaped into the flat exhausted." I shook my head at the terrible start and deleted it back to nada.
"Thanks a lot, Sherlock, my muse is dead. R.I.P Muse" 
Sherlock rolled his eyes.
"The boys -no- Sherlock and John leaped into the flat, both exhausted. They just finished a tough case and none of them had much sleep in he past week, running around between crime scenes and deserted ice cream factories."
"Ice cream factories?" John chuckled from behind.
"Oi! It's my fanfiction, and if my head says ice cream factories, so be it!" 
I rubbed my temples, a gesture long adopted from John, and resumed my writing "John gave one little chuckle, still high on adrenaline, and Sherlock looked up at him from the sofa he'd enquired with a small smile. John suddenly frowned, noticing smeared red on the man's shirt. 'Are you okay?' he asked, getti-" a sound, well, it rather sounded like a growl, stopped my writing. I turned back to see a very pouty Sherlock. 
"What?" I asked, annoyed for yet another interruption.
"It's the third time in a row I'm the one hurt."

Hello. It's late. I'm going to sleep. Was this even remotely what you wanted? Probably not.
I'll either continue this or start over tomorrow, when I gather my wits back. Night.

Re: Calling not it - OP (Anonymous) Expand
Due to an injury or illness, Sherlock now has chronic pain. As a former addict, pain management for Sherlock is problematic, but the pain is great enough he really isn't functional without strong painkillers.

Jesus Christ someone please fill this.

Also OP, thanks because you've given me the kick I needed to get back to my Sherlock has a chronic illness fic. Because fuck everyone if I can't get my chronic illness h/c I'll write it.

John's grown kid has not unrequited lust for Lestrade

Way back in the beforetimes, John accidently gets a girl knocked up. For whatever reason he's kept ignorant of this until the woman dies and/or the child decides to finally track down their missing father.

After moving in, over the next few years John's kid develops a crush on Lestrade and eventually acts on it, resulting in Lestrade getting some sexyguiltyhot sex.

Re: John's grown kid has not unrequited lust for Lestrade


Dirty, bloody sex in filthy places.

Sherlock has discovered a very, very specific kink. He likes to watch John beat someone to a pulp. Unrecognizable face and broken bones kinds of beatings, the more uncontrolled and violent John is the better. And the dirtier the location is, the better.

Then Sherlock tries his level best to fuck John through the nearest flat surface.

Sherlock runs a murder mystery company.

Warning: Extremely Specific prompt.

Sherlock creates and hosts night time murder mystery parties. They are expensive, exclusive, and specifically tailored to both intrigue and terrify each patron. The mysteries are extremely difficult to solve and often traumatizing for participants, but are extremely well respected among the haunted house (?) community. Only 5-8 people are allowed in at a time. Most people aren't able to solve the mystery, and most people say their "safeword" because they get too scared.
PLOT: A new group of people come in--John Watson, Molly Hooper and some others. Sherlock deduces their fears in preliminary meetings etc and creates a mystery for them. During the mystery, something happens and someone (not john or molly) dies for real. Sherlock decides he's not going to tell the guests about the real murder and tries to solve the mystery and find out who the killer is himself. John finds out, and for whatever reason, he decides to play along and help solve the crime.

I'd like it if the identity of the murderer isn't known until the end, and john has some moments of thinking perhaps sherlock is the real murderer. That way his homoerotic longing is tinged with moral dubiousness--is he the murderer? is he not? he's so sexy!

Massive sexual tension throughout, conflicted fumbles in the secret room would be great, culminating with some fantastically hot John/Sherlock porn.

Extra points for BAMF feminist molly whom john is friends with. perhaps she convinced him to go with her to the haunted house.

They take can take place at 221B if you want, but a huge old mansion in the country that just happens to be at a 221 baker St and has certain characteristics of 221b is good too :)

Re: Sherlock runs a murder mystery company.

Holy shite! I live for prompts like this.
It reminds me if that one Leverage episode I never finished and am still dying to know what happened, actually the prompt and that episode are really close (less gay sexual tension in the episode) so if you never saw it you should definitely give it a go!
I personally love building cases, so writing this could be a pleasure. I'm a bit in a loss of time (and as always, good skills and ideas) but I just might give it a swing anyway.
Either ways, +1!


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Dialouge Prompt: Ritchie!Watson meets BBC!Watson Post-reinchenbach

here's the prompt:
an AU - John is in a pub drinking comprehending Sherlock's return,when Watson comes up to him and says:

Watson: 'So what're you brooding about?' or 'What has the missus done?'
John: would you believe me if i told you my best friend faked his death and came back after three years?
Watson: very much yes, something like...that happened to me...
John: *Introduces himself* i'm John
Watson: Watson.
john: how did you know my name?!
Watson: no... my name IS Watson. John Watson.

Take it away honey.

Re: Dialouge Prompt: Ritchie!Watson meets BBC!Watson Post-reinchenbach

Yes please

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Post-Reichenbach, In Disguise Sherlock / John

Sherlock is on the run after "the reinchbach fall" episode but having no contact with John is too much.

He starts visiting or contacting him disguised and in unexpected places such as the toilet at a pub, an alley or even when John is asleep thinking that he just dreamed the whole thing.

Bonus: due to the circunstances (maybe he is drunk) he doesn't think he is the real Sherlock.

Mycrofts bad morning

Mycrofts having one of THOSE mornings. The kind when you get out of bed, step on your dog, trip on your night gown, slip in the shower, fall down the stairs, spill your coffee on your clothes, and cant find your car keys no matter WHERE you look and you cant be late!

The key words for this are "fuck it I'm going back to bed"

Darling anon, a question

Are you looking for gen fic or is the operative word "fuck"?

Not truly sorry.

Warning: Very long prompt.

tl;dr: Sherlock does something unforgiveable to John. John leaves 221b and leaves Sherlock. Sherlock asks for forgiveness. When John is dying he doesn't forgive Sherlock and tells him why: Sherlock never expressed real sorrow for what he did. His asking for forgiveness was to guilt and shame John. John dies.


Sherlock does something reprehensible and unforgiveable to John. To sherlock, whatever this was he thinks John should understand since he was forgiving of the experiment at Baskerville.

John does not forgive Sherlock. He leaves 221b and cuts almost all ties with him. He still speaks to lestrade and Molly and a few friends from lestrades team. Lestrade and molly are disgusted by Sherlock and while they allow him to still consult, treat him only civily.

Sherlock tries countless ways to bring john back. He even goes as far as hurting himself convinced that John will feel guilty or sorry. It doesn't work.

Sherlock lives and works. But he misses John desperately. He insists Mycroft keep a constant surveillance on him. The times John is injured or ill and ends up at hospital, Sherlock sneaks in to watch him.

John's trust in others is forever broken and he never marries or keeps a long relationship.

Sherlock continues to try and gain forgiveness. Through the years. One night, Sherlock's mobile rings: John has been attacked. He won't live; he saved a life by stopping a mugging.

Sherlock goes to the hospital and into John's room. Again he begs forgiveness, yet as will all his's how his life is terrible without John.

John makes Sherlock understand something very important before he dies: It's not about you. Through all of this, every single time you've not asked for real forgiveness, you're not're doing everything to excuse your behavior and have only tried to guilt me and made me fee terrible for my valid feelings of something you did wrong.

John dies angry and never forgiving Sherlock. John's revalation shocks Sherlock. For it's the truth. And Sherlock knows it...and he is horrified.

No Crack.

Innuendo bingo

Sherlock is cursed/dared/manipulated into speaking solely in innuendos. Reactions ensue when he goes about cases, converses with Mycroft, etc... Preferably Johnlock

Re: Innuendo bingo

Anon, I'm going to attempt this. It'll take a while, because I'm going to have to watch a Carry On movie or two (ooh, Matron)

Dear prompt fillers, let me tell you of my week; I went for an interview with another firm that misread my resume and called me by accident, came back to work to be told if I was going for interviews, resign or be fired, resigned, was told I'd be dumped if I didn't find another job, adopted a badly sick cat off the street, found out she was pregnant and frantically tried to find a shelter or charity to take her.

TL;DR: I've had an awful time, and you should fill my prompt.

Sherlock whacks his head hard one day and suddenly everything in the world is clear. Crystal clear. He can look at absolutely anything or anyone and know everything.

This is his worst nightmare.


He doesn't know HOW he knows. It's not deducing. He just KNOWS. All the fun is gone out of EVERYTHING.

Well, if Sherlock's going to be a dick about taking a case Mycroft is so graciously offering him, then why not punish him by seducing his best friend?

After all, It'll piss off Sherlock and John's got a nice ass.

Re: Johncroft

Oh yes, this needs to happen.

Sherlock never became a consulting detective - something distracted him from the Carl Powers case, or he never saw it, or something. But he's in a completely different area of work.
John followed exactly the same path as in canon.
So did Moriarty.

Mysterious fill

The wind felt as though it could have cut right through him.

There were a lot of suicide methods he could never fathom. At least with drugs, people thought it would be painless. They were wrong, yes, the body generally went into some awful convulsions, if it didn't try to vomit back up the chemicals, but he could see why people thought it was the best option. Hanging? There was the whole set-up, finding somewhere high enough and strong enough to bear his weight, where the noose would be above head height, and once he'd done all that, he had to hope his neck broke or someone found him or he was in for a few painful hours of slow suffocation.

Throwing himself off of a bridge...

... well, there was the fall. Forty feet, maybe, before the foam. The longest second's fall. He'd hit the water like concrete, and if he was still alive when he broke the surface, he had drowning to look forward to. If he could pull himself up, the even slower killer of hypothermia awaited.

With both hands on the stone barrier, he bent double, peering into the darkness below. This far out, the streetlights didn't catch the water. The bridge was clear of traffic. At five in the morning, even London slept, fitfully.

The coldest calm fell over him. There was no pain now, no anxiety, no nightmarish thoughts on the edge of his mind, too fast to ever keep up with, or keep track of. One foot up on the narrow ledge, and then the other.

All it would take was a strong gust of wind, but he wasn't that kind of man - had to do everything on his own terms, in his own time. He'd rather face the fear of taking the final leap than have it end suddenly and surprisingly.

Should have gone with the gun, really.

John Watson nearly jumped out of his skin, and off the bridge, when someone spoke behind him in a quiet, measured voice that sounded like a thunderbolt in the silence.

"Are you going to jump?" the amber light splattered the stranger's shadow three times taller across the tarmac of the empty road, but he himself was short. A smooth, sleepy eyed man in a suit he wore like a second skin, standing in the centre of the motorway. With his hands in his pockets, he regarded the Thames' next victim, the next swollen corpse to wash up on Canary Wharf.

"Don't try to talk me out of it!"

"Oh. No. I'm not," his dark eyes cast down for a moment, and back up. "Don't let me keep you."

"Well... well... right, then!" but John was spooked now. He turned back toward the breeze and the water, but the stranger was still there, presence burning at the back of his mind. He couldn't think of anything else now. His moment was being ... well... gatecrashed. It should have been private. It was his last few breaths. He deserved a bit of peace to take them.

But John couldn't even argue that he wasn't being given it. The silence still stretched out.

The man paced across the bridge, and leaned his elbows on the cement of the safety wall, looking up at him with a half smile that seemed awkward, or faked. "Lost your nerve?"

"Shut up."

They waited, together, another few moments, but neither made a move. Slowly, the newcomer looked left, and then right, as though indicating that no, no-one was waiting for him, or stopping him.

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Exhausted Lestrade

Greg Lestrade is over-worked, , stressed, going through a hideous divorce, and has a bad habit of not knowing when to stop pushing himself (from everything from not eating to not sleeping).

Eventually, it gets to the point where his body and mind just can't take it, and he passes out.

If pairings, then S/L/J or Sherstrade or Johnstrade is preferred. Any rating is welcome. I just don't mind a little H/C for our favorite D.I.

Re: Exhausted Lestrade

Seconded! I loves me some Bakerstrade (my new just now made up term for john/sherlock/lestrade)

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Sherlock and Molly talk virginity

Sherlock asks Molly to have sex with him, as lack of interest in the act doesn't necessarily make the data any less useful. Molly does not jump at the opportunity.

"It's a rather vulnerable position, isn't it? Even without any emotional attachment. A man, your first time; either you won't be able to get it up or you'll finish in 30 seconds. I can't imagine you wanting me - wanting anyone you know, but especially me - to see you like that."

Basically, I just want Sherlock and Molly to have a frank conversation about sex and first times and the entire concept of virginity. Whether or not they actually get it off is up to you (though I never say no to hot fic sexy-times), really I just want the conversation.

Re: Sherlock and Molly talk virginity

I am intrigued. Seconded!

Marriage AU/ possible Omegaverse

Upon returning from the war John finds himself in urgent need of a partner or else find himself being assigned one.
He meets Sherlock who is recently(ish) widowed having lost his husband on a foreign expedition. Sherlock and he agree to marry and pretend to be lovers in order to avoid suspicion. Sherlock and John quickly find themselves falling in love with each other and everything is great until Sherlock's supposedly dead hubby Victor shows up and complicates things.

Bonus; Victor doesn't want Sherlock back as he and Sherlock are just friends and always have been, however Victors return means Sherlock and john's marriage is no longer valid.

Extra bonus; Despite having been married before Sherlock is a virgin before John.

Whose Deduction Is It Anyway?

I've been watching old reruns of whose line is it anyway and had a strange almost cracky idea. How about Whose line is it anyway? But instead of improv comedy, 4 members of the Sherlock cast have to deduce stuff depending on the members of the audience, and also maybe some improv games that some how involve deduction?

Preferably the four members being:





But feel free to swap out any except John and Sherlock since I love those boys to pieces. :)

Re: Whose Deduction Is It Anyway?

I just want to say first -- SECONDED! And (not to hijack) this puts me to mind of the old UK one where Greg and Cllive would snipe at each other.

sherlock discovers the joys of sex

Okay so lets say Sherlock was just celibate and along comes *insert here* who helps Sherlock be comfy enough to feel safe and give the lucky person his virginity.

Cue sex and Sherlock becoming and addict.

+100 Lestrade and co are worried after Sherlock stops bugging them for cases and starts treating the job like a (very enjoyable) job. ...And Sherlock starts going out have kinky sex with said partner.

So sweet I love it, and what Sherlock say in the end, that John is not only good for his health is… perfect.
I really enjoy read this, thanks for sharing this story :)

FtM!Sherlock's secret gets in the way. Triggers: mentions of noncon

I have no idea where this came from, but I'd like a fic in which FtM!Sherlock is accused of rape. (Someone sets him up? Someone's genuinely confused by a similar-looking individual?)

Sherlock could easily disprove the accusations with a quick drop of his pants but doesn't want to risk his secret and have the Yard (and John?) act differently around him as people have done in the past.

Whether or not John knows is up to the author. If there's a pairing, I'd prefer Johnlock or Irene/Sherlock (Irenelock??).

Re: FtM!Sherlock's secret gets in the way. Triggers: mentions of noncon

Bonus: I forgot to add, if you could include something about some of the *particular* Yarders that we all know and love being all like "I knew it!" or something, that'd be super-duper-awesome!

Just read amazing urban honey pioneering bee keeping fill where Sherlock keeps bees IN THE FLAT.

Lets say that happens and either John or Mrs . Hudson or Lestrade (or all) put their foot down firmly (I'm thinking Lestrade would be (I'm not stepping foot in your flat esp. If its Lestrade/Sherlock). The person dislikes bees inside the flat and is possible very scared of them. Just maybe.

bonus-Sherlock tries to cure the person of their fear . It doesn't end prettily and bee catcher comes in the next day to get rid of all the bees and relocate them safely to somewhere courtesy of Mycroft.

Bonus- Mycroft sends pics to Sherlock of his bbs.

Any/any or gen- bees^^^^

Bonus- A wasp gets in and Sherlock is all like "imposter!"

Strange things are happening in Sherlock's mind palace. One of the rooms is locked - and he can't get in.

Re: The locked room mystery

Oo, that gives me chills!


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