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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Threesome and rimming

My absolute deepest kink is threesome smut especially where the 3rd person rims the one being penetrated. ^^ Or he could just stick in his fingers alongside whoever's cock. *hot* Or both.

After the person on top comes I want the 3rd person to suck off the spent cock and then eat out the other. Anything else could happen once the above is in the scene.

I love S/J/L. So maybe Lestrade fucks Sherlock and John is the one who is having fun playing with the spot where they are joined.
Just make it hot please, with nice loving words despite the filthy sex. ^^

You can change up the pairings too or even replace one of S/J/L with Mycroft. XD

Mind Palace

How about Sherlock and John fucking in Sherlock's Mind Palace because Sherlock realises this will give them a slight empathic bond.

You can also mention how Sherlock discovered/was told this. It would be funnier if Mycroft tells Sherlock reluctantly with lots of blushing and such... It was a Holmes family traditional way to ensure loyalty in their close friends/bodyguards etc. ^^

Re: Mind Palace

Yes! I will second this! The part about having a little "talk" about family history is a nice touch.

seriously injured sherlock

sherlock is somehow very badly injured and john is the one that has to intubate him. hurt and comfort and angsty goodness, please!


As the result of a head injury, Sherlock develops some form of aphasia ( John helps him cope.

Sherlock and John (and others?) play Gloom.

Sherlock tries to use chemistry to create a libido for himself so that he can sexually satisfy John. It works too well.

Yes, I am asking for crack, pure, uncut, crack.

Sounds cracktastic! Seconded!

Another day at St Trope Hospital of London, as it struggles to deal with the influx of damaged Sherlocks, Johns, Mycrofts and Gregs.

Why can't Jim be hurt as well? :C

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It surprises me that nobody has thought about making a crossover between the asylum's sherlock holmes and the bbc sherlock holmes. That movie has mechanical dinosaurs, a mechanical lady who is also a bomb, sherlock chasing a mecha dragon on a hot air ballon and sherlock's other brother (not mycroft) who is paralyzed, evil, and wears an iron man suit. So I demand that this movie be rewritten as an episode of the series, because the crack probabilities are endless

Delicious Archive Fail

Jim finds the Delicious archive no longer works, so he cannot find his favorite fics.

He proceeds to track down and kill every member of the Delicious team, then getting his own people in to fix it.

Re: Delicious Archive Fail

I suppose you could fix it without the wholesale slaughter beforehand
?? Rant meme is thataway ---> you can be as passive aggressive as you want.

Worst Seat on the Plane

Sherlock and John are given a case outside of London that requires a long plane ride. Like, a ridiculously long plane ride. A few hours in Sherlock gets restless and starts deducing the other passengers. John tries very hard not to kill him.

*Bonus points if one of Sherlock's deductions is that a couple nearby is having sex in the lavatory.

Voice kink - Underwear kink - Sherlock drives Fem!John wild by seductively describing her underwear.

Sorry long prompt is long (and Sherlock probably sounds like a total perv in this *shifty eyes*).

No established relationship. Having a photographic memory, Sherlock has memorized all of Fem!John's clothing, including her underwear (from seeing it in her room or when she's doing laundry or whatever). When he looks at her each day he's also gotten very good at deducing which underwear she's chosen to wear. For some reason one day he mentions which pair of underwear she's wearing, and Fem!John finds herself unexpectedly turned on that he knows. He of course notices she's aroused, which he finds very, ahem, stimulating.

So Sherlock starts mentioning her underwear from time to time, often bringing it up in completely inappropriate places, like during taxi rides, in the middle of a stakeout, riding in a lift, while they're having dinner at a restaurant, et cetera, with his descriptions growing more and more detailed and sexual in nature: what the material must feel like, how the cut of it fits on her body, how he would take it off of her...

Bonus if at some point Fem!John gets dressed up for a case and Sherlock's brain goes tilt when he deduces she's going commando. If you want to include him talking about her bras as well go right ahead.

TL;DR Sherlock turns on both himself and Fem!John when they're in public places by talking seductively about her knickers.

Re: Voice kink - Underwear kink - Sherlock drives Fem!John wild by seductively describing her underw

Wow, did not know I wanted something like this.


Five times John restrains himself from throwing Sherlock over his lap and spanking him...

and one time he doesn't. ;)

Re: Five times John restrains himself from throwing Sherlock over his lap and spanking him...


...Also, thirded, fourthed, and fifthed.

John just can't catch a break.

John's had kind of a rough day at the surgery, and all he wants to do is go home and relax. But on his way home, John witnesses several different crimes and has to give statements about them all before he can go home. Maybe he witnesses a mugging and decides to help out? Perhaps he overhears some couple having a row and ends up calling the police on account of domestic violence? Or he catches some moron attempting a B&E. Either way, John just wants to go home already but crimes follow him wherever he goes.

Bonus points if:
-Lestrade shows up to th e majority of these crimes and is like, "Haven't I talked to you like three times already today, John?"
-Sherlock repeatedly texts John to bring home milk, but John forgets to do so because of all the commotion.

Re: John just can't catch a break.

Bit late I know, but I am totally on this :)

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Mystrade Frasier fusion! (sort of)

Sherlock and Mycroft's dad is a surprisingly normal ex police officer. After being shot in the leg, he is forced to move in with Mycroft.

Holmes Sr rejects all the eminently qualified health care workers Mycroft tries to hire for him until Greg Lestrade comes along. Mycroft is prepared to despise him, but to his own surprise he falls heads over heels in love with him instead.

Greg is clueless, Sherlock is despairing, and Mycroft is a besotted idiot.

Re: Mystrade Frasier fusion! (sort of)

I need this.

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RTYI's are very much welcome.

John gets de-aged to the age of 16 or 17.

And finds that this Sherlock Holmes person who claims to be his flatmate is so fucking hot. ( Or very fit in English terms [I love English colloquialism])

And that Mycroft Holmes is pretty damn attractive too.
And that Molly Hooper is so sweet and cute, but he thinks to himself that she's a freak in bed.
And that Greg Lestrade is a D.I.L.F ( Dad I'd Like to Fuck).
And that Jim from I.T. can come over and fix his computer anytime he wants to.
And that Irene Adler can use that riding crop on him anytime she needs to.
And that Sally Donovan and Anderson, who are incredibly obvious that they are fucking, can definitely invite him to have a threesome.
And that he would totally be up for a gang bang by Mycroft's Secret Service.

John: My god, has my older self gotten a leg over that?

Sherlock is in his Mind Palace pose and John is completely riveted to the statuesque beauty that Sherlock presents ( Who the fuck isn't???)

Sherlock has to tie John down to the chair to be able to think without the pheromones from John.

Yes, Okay I love a slutty John!

I second this XD

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Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade, anal

She's always been curious about it, but she's never had a boyfriend she trusted enough to ask for it before.

He makes it good for her.

Re: Molly Hooper/Greg Lestrade, anal

yes please!

Time Traveler's Wife A/U

I know this has been done before, but I come bearing a twist! I just hope you guys like it...

Sherlock as Henry, John as Claire. And that gene Sherlock was born with that allows his traveling? James Moriarty was born with it, too. The only difference is that he, unlike Sherlock, can control it. Unfortunately, it isn't long before Jim realizes that hurting Sherlock is as simple as hurting John, and he plans to take advantage of that.

Sherlock/John and one-sided creepy!abusive!Jim/John.

Re: Time Traveler's Wife A/U

Seconded! I really hope someone fills this.

"I don't just do what your brother tells me."

Mycroft Holmes/Greg Lestrade, D/s, rough sex.

Just because Greg always ends up doing what Mycroft wants in the end doesn't mean he doesn't fight him every step of the way.

Mrs Hudson is Sherlock's dealer

So there is a scene in TGG where Mrs Hudson comes in with shopping and is in the background unpacking it while Sherlock mopes. At one point she holds up what looks to be like a small bag of weed. Coupled with the remarks about herbal soothers, and the fact that she owns and rents out at what must be an absurdly low price, a house in central London, well....

Mrs Hudson is a drug dealer - its how she met Sherlock, and she still gets hold of stuff for him from time to time. No one but Sherlock has the faintest idea.

Bonus: Mrs H inherited the business from her late husband. No need to throw the baby out with the bathwater, after all.


Sherlock as the gonzo reporter, fighting for The Truth, chain smoking, doing a metric ton of drugs and he is the only one who can see The Truth! Also much general contempt for the world at large.

No real casting requests beyond Sherlock in the role of Spider. Some suggestions, though ... Lestrade and John as Filthy Assistants! Jim as The Smiler, Mycroft as Spiderlock's boss/editor whose name escapes me just now.

Seriously, two paragraphs of Sherlock ranting about the Truth and eating cloned caribou eyes with one hand and mind-altering pills with another would be wonderful.

Bonus internets for a Mrs. Hudson / Maker connection, a la "I'm your maker, dear, not your drug dealer."

Molstrade, blowjob

They're in bed, and she's taking her time.

Re: Molstrade, blowjob

Yes. Do want.

Suits, Suits, Suits

I've just started watching this really interesting documentary:, called "The Perfect Suit", and now I can't stop think about suits. No suprises there.

So give me anything with suits, preferably starring John and Mycroft. Maybe John being dragged to a tailor and being absolutely baffled by the variety of pocket forms to choose from. (I certainly was - frog pocket?) Or Mycroft driving a tailor to tears because he's that specific in what he wants.

+100 bonus points if it's John/Mycroft!

Mycroft says "that dancecil", so I guess he agrees and wants to go dancing afterwards.

Re: Suits, Suits, Suits

All the yes for this prompt.

An Unusual Combination

Sherlock is an Omega... and a vampire.

Everyone knows the status quo with regards to Alphas, Betas, and Omegas. But the existence of vampires is NOT common knowledge.

(Rest of longish!prompt is;dr at bottom)

John is basically oblivious until [Sherlock forgets his suppressant pill due to a long case, or insert whatever trope you prefer here, as long as it results in...] Sherlock goes into heat and John is basically forced to jump his bones. (Oh, what a hardship-- as if they both haven't been pining for this for ages.)

This would be all well and good with Sherlock (despite his intrinsic dislike of his "inferior" gender, but if he had to be with SOMEONE, who better than John?), except that, well, you know, vampire and all that jazz. AAAAND... he's the kind that has to feed to have sex. (But... he goes into heat either way? D: Goshhhh that would suck)

So, yes. Sherlock in heat, John offering to "take care of him," Sherlock reeeeally wanting to say yes, but then having to explain the whole vampire thing-- or at least the "You need to let me drink some of your blood first" thing. And John being like "...and I get to fuck you, too? ...Sorry, is that actually a QUESTION?" and then proceeding to do so.

Tl;dr - Basically, just Sherlock as a vampire AND an omega-- he doesn't like being an omega, but it's not necessarily a secret, but the vampire thing is. He has to feed to have sex, and when he goes into heat and alpha!John is all ready to help him out, he then has to explain about being a vampire and stuff, which he expects to weird John out. But then they have sex anyway.

[I would REALLY like to see vampire/omega!Sherlock though, preferably with alpha!John, but honestly the rest is optional.]

Flu!Sherlock with no John to turn to

Sherlock, during the Hiatus, is in the States and gets the horrible flu that's been going around.

Flu 1/1

Sherlock pulled a kleenex from the night table beside the bed. He winced slightly as the tissue rubbed a particularly sore spot.

"So, it wasn't the waitress?"

"Or the Sous-Chef or the-the..." Sherlock broke off and grabbed the bowl that had been sitting to his side. "...the busboy." Sherlock twisted the top off a water bottle, risned his mouth and spat the contents into the bowl. "One moment John." Sherlock grunted slightly as he stood. He walked to the bathroom and emptied the bowl into the toilet. Sherlock then washed his hands and face. He slowly returned to the hotel bed. "I had the strangest dream."

"About the case? Oh. Hold on."

Sherlock could hear the sound of three other voices from John's phone. Though he couldn't unserstand what they were saying, he could hear the distinct sound of a John that was holding back some considerable anger.

"So. Strange dream?" John sighed.

"What are they demanding now?"

John groaned.

"Oh. John- just-" Sherlock retched into the bowl again. "Dry heaves."

"That's better than the vomiting."

"Hmm. What were they demanding?"

"I've refused to attend 'art therapy'. As if that will aid in healing this damn-"

"Draw your feelings? Perhaps you should illustrate your story about the Guillotine Man. That will make your stay more interesting."

John's laughter filtered through the phone. "So. About this dream? Missing me or something?"

Sherlock huffed "That's exactly the thing." Sherlock rubbed his stomach and grimaced "I dreamt that I nearly died beacuse you weren't here to "care" for me during the bloody 'flu." Sherlock snorted "Mycroft tortured you in one of his warehouses for being "a heartless, horrible man" that "abandoned my brother in his time of need."

John giggled. Sherlock smiled at the sound.

"Must have had a fever. Honestly, you didn't let me "care" for you during the last one. If I recall you grabbed some bottles of dioralyte and locked the damn door."

"One thing I have gained during this trip is the wonders of Gatorade. Far less vile than dioralyte."

"Yes, well, we'll remember that for next time." John sucked in a breath.


"Nothing, Sherlock. Continue about the case."

"Stop being so damn stubborn about the pain medication John. It doesn't make you look weak."

John grunted. "Aww, my dear, I think you're missing me."

"Oh, shut up."


"Yes, John?"

"You haven't thrown up for nearly forty minutes. Drink some more Gatorade and go to sleep."

"Only if you take your pain medicaion John Hamish Watson."



"Talk tomorrow?"


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Mycroft/Molly/Lestrade TW: Double Penetration

None of them are in a relationship. Lestrade's in the middle of a divorce, Molly just got dumped by Jim, and Mycroft is, well, Mycroft.

Perhaps over a case, the three come together to form a solid relationship.

And Molly gets double penetrated by her new and older lovers.

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Re: Mycroft/Molly/Lestrade TW: Double Penetration



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