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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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S/J with a kid and a surprise

Soo.. I was talking to my friend on skype and we were talking about the whole sexshop with Sherlock and John idea, which led to John finding Sherlock's porn stash, which led to them sharing one, which (somehow lead to this)


So yeah, my sould for a fill? Anybody?

Anthea's real name

is Mary Morstan

Re: Anthea's real name

Oh my god this is amazing.

h/c, phone a friend

John get sick and might be getting worse, Mrs Hudson is out of the house, and Sherlock doesn't know what to do at all. So at like 2 in the morning he completely panics and calls up Lestrade or Mycroft asking them to come over to 221B.

(I've already read "Running Hot" and "I get by", but any other rtyi's would be cool)

Re: h/c, phone a friend

Woud you mind linking to the fics you mentioned?

Slytherin Jim/Gryffindor John

John is a Parseltongue, and the sorting hat had once considered to put him to Slytherin, John pleads him not to. Not even Sherlock(Ravenclaw) knows his secret, but Jim somehow figures it out. John is willing to give up everything to shut him up, he is surprised when Jim only asked for his company, and even he sees the cruel spot from his words/action he still finds himself truly enjoys hanging out with him.
But things just went so wrong when "something" happened.
(non-con is fine if needed.)

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Re: Slytherin Jim/Gryffindor John

You read my mind. I was just looking yesterday for Potterlock featuring these two, sadly, I found not.


Sibling Rivalry over John - but his interest is in another!

This prompt might be a bit long, bear with me, please.

Well, there are a few posts about Holmes' sibling rivalry regarding John, though they usually end up sharing in a threesome. There are also quite a few of ones where John doms over Sherlock and Mycroft, sometimes both at the time +u+ And, admittedly Dom!John is HAWT. But then there are a disappointing lack of Johnstrade (I see John and Lestrade as equals or John on the bottom, but either way is fine).


I'm combining all of them.

Mycroft and Sherlock both want John, the kind, gently commanding soldier, to dom them. They both know John has interest in males too, so they are just flirting and seducing John using all their charms. But while John seems flustered, he doesn't seem to be interested. Neither want the other to have John, so they keep trying to out-seduce each other by planning awesome not-dates, giving presents, and leaving some suggestive... objects (toys, ropes, etc) ... around... . Author's choice whether John is aroused as a recipient or just weirded out in general.

(I don't mind the BDSM scene or not, but most of the ones involving the Holmes brothers seem to involve D/s, and ones involving Lestrade seem to be less so. I'm following such trend.)

Well, turns out John and Lestrade get together more often now the Holmes brothers keep each other occupied.

When the brothers finally settle/decide to make John choose between them they realize John's not there anymore, but already in a relationship with Lestrade, apparently as the catcher. Cue awkward coverups on both party, keeping up the presents and not-dates with John (and Lestrade if the author wants) to keep up appearance that they really were 'friendly gestures' and definitely not attempts of seduction. John and Lestrade know better, and up to author if they tease the brothers or play along.

TL;DR , Mycroft and Sherlock both want John to dom them, and while they fight over who gets John, the man himself hooks up with Lestrade. As the bottom.

Re: Sibling Rivalry over John - but his interest is in another!

I agree, there is not enough Johnstrade around!

5 times Sally thought Sherlock was the killer

5 times Sally thought Sherlock was the killer, but he wasn´t and 1 when she knew he was but covered it up

Re: 5 times Sally thought Sherlock was the killer

It's like the missing piece I've been looking for my whole life without even noticing (obviously)
It's faith.
Give me it.

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Sherlock/Lestrade crime!AU

I'm reading house of silk, and there's a comment from LEstrade about how in another life maybe he and Sherlock would be working on the other side of the law together.

So, give my criminal Sherlock and Lestrade, maybe coming together to pull of a big heist? Turf warfare leadin to hate!sex? Go wild with it, anons! Multiple fills/povs/takes on this are positively encouraged!

Omegaverse, Mystrade, proposal

Alpha!Lestrade and Omega!Mycroft want to get mated but they need the approval of the patriarch of the Holmes family. Lestrade expected to have to talk to Mycroft's father but the man is long dead. How does he react when he learns that the patriarch he has to talk to is the only living Alpha of the Holmes family: Sherlock.

Re: Omegaverse, Mystrade, proposal

Oh my god this has the potential to be hilarious. Seconded.

Humor and fluff (Johnlock)

After acting strange for several weeks or days John diagnoses Sherlock with an incurable disease: love.

Re: Humor and fluff (Johnlock)

Awww, this is totally adorable and needs to happen!!!

Serial killers Sally& Sherlock

After a particular gruesome case of a man who tortures/kills children but who couldn´t be convicted due to blackmailing or whatever, Sherlock overhears Sally saying that she wishes she could make sure that scum like this would never walk the earth again. Without thinking Sherlock answers with the way for a perfect murder for this guy.

When a child goes missing again, they pursue the man. It leads to a bond between them and whenever a particular bad criminal walks free they go and take care of them. But they have a code similar like Dexter has: only esp. bad murderers or rapists get killed which continue to elude the normal law.

Bonus: To make sure no one notices that they are actually planning a murder they hide their planning in their insults. ( "Sally its like the Robson case again. Back then you couldn´t read childlike clues and you cant now." tells Sally that Robson has gone free etc. "Yes Sherlock you said that for the ninth time now, don't you get bored by your own insults"- Meet you at nine at the usual place etc)

Extra bonus: "One day we'll be standing around a body and Sherlock Holmes will be the one who put it there" - She didn't say that she wouldn't be with him, did she? In truth Sally is always scared shitless they will get caught although Sherlock keeps reassuring her that he has made sure all evidence was destroyed. But what happens if someone finds out? And who is it? Will they tell the police?

Re: Serial killers Sally& Sherlock

Oooooo. Love this idea. May have to tackle it myself!


Sebastian Moran finds out who Molly Hooper is while Jim is "dating" her. He suspects that there is more to her than meets the eye.

Consent please, but I feel some stalking and creepiness in the lead-up might suit.


I just really want John giving sensitive!Sherlock his first blowjob. Filthy, descriptive, hot, with Sherlock squirming against the bed sheets, panting and moaning loudly and going completely out of his mind with pleasure.

Oh yessssssss!

Re: Sensitive (Anonymous) Expand
Sherlock doesn't like to eat (preferably at least some ED-related behaviours, but up to the author, really).

So when it gets really dire, John gets old case files from Lestrade and only tells him the details of the case over meals, prompting Sherlock to eat them whenever he gets too excited and stops to think.

I really love disorder-eating!Sherlock and comforting/caring!John.

Younger!Sherlock/Older!John - age difference kink in a dystopian London

Sherlock's 18-19 years old and John's anywhere from 24-35. They live in a terribly dystopian (possibly also futuristic) London where they are both struggling just to survive. They meet and get along like a house on fire. Maybe Sherlock hasn't yet become a detective, maybe John is still invalided from a war. Or maybe Sherlock's a resistance fighter of some sort and maybe he recruits Doctor!John, or John's a resistance fighter and he recruits Genius!Sherlock. Maybe they become vigilantes and start to fight crime on a small scale. Or maybe they work to overthrow the evil government / Mycroft / Moriarty / whoever and save society.

They DEFINITELY have some really hot adrenaline-fulled, danger-lurking-around-every-corner, "I shouldn't because you're kind of too young for me but God I really want to" sex at some point.

TL;DR Younger!Sherlock/Older!John. Dystopian London. Crime fighting or overthrowing the government or whatnot. Slow burn sexual tension. And then sex. Definitely some sex.

Re: Younger!Sherlock/Older!John

I second this :)

Random Decor

After Sherlock said "good afternoon to John" in ASIP, he moved out of wherever he lived before, and went searching for some "proper" furniture to put in Mrs. Hudson's flat.

Does he go shopping or searching through the junk heaps? Dumpster diving?


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