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Prompting Part XXXII
Giggles at the Palace
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Kate/Irene - hair play

Playing with hair is such a bullet proof kink of mine. I'd love to see Kate undoing that tight updo that Irene has going on, combing it, running her fingers through it, styling it, washing it, putting product in it... Just any kind of hair play, really.

It can be whatever filler wants other than that; if it's a precursor to hard BDSM sex that'd be great, if it doesn't go sexual that's great too, if Kate and Irene secretly enjoy vanilla sex in their private life, that's good as well. Anything you want. Just. Playing with hair.


Sherlock always assumed he was asexual, because he's never felt sexually attracted to anyone, however, after living with John for a while (and I mean at least one full year), Sherlock begins to find himself attracted to John.

For those unfamiliar with demisexuality:

Enthusiastically seconding Demi!Sherlock (and any asexual spectrum Sherlock Fic)
My apologies for the double post- I brought it back up to read comments and thought they were all deleted. My bad. I will try to delete my first seconding.

Edited at 2013-01-21 07:23 pm (UTC)

Re: Demisexual!Sherlock (Anonymous) Expand

unrequited Sherlock/Molly

I would love some unrequited Sherlock/Molly that focuses a bit on how Molly met Sherlock and why she developed feelings for him, and why those feelings persist even though he's such a prick most of the time. I'd love for it to be as realistic an exploration of the pain of unrequited feelings as possible.

Bonus for a realistic Molly & John friendship where John pretty much understands that it must hurt, but doesn't really know how to act because it's clear that Molly is a little jealous of the intimacy he has with Sherlock (doesn't have to be actual J/S, but it can be if you want).

Super duper bonus if you can somehow give Molly a happy ending that doesn't involve her randomly finding someone else but actually growing and developing and being able to let go; that would be amazing. Of course having her develop a new relationship with an OC or character of your choice would be ok, but I'd definitely like it if she got over Sherlock on her own, not just by virtue of finding someone new.

tl;dr: Molly loves Sherlock and he just doesn't love her back. How does she experience and handle this?

I was channel surfing and saw a listing for Holmes on Homes, so now I have a lusting for Holmes on Holmes. Can someone provide a little alternate universe action? BBC! Holmes with Canon!Holmes or Brett!Holmes or RDJ!Holmes? I do not care how they get in the same dimension ( bed, couch).

Re: Holmes on Holmes

Seconded! Charming Victorian holmes and our BBC!sherlock omg!

Reprompt from part 28: Little Brother looking out for Big


Mycroft gets mugged.

Sherlock uses his Homeless Network to track down the mugger, while at the same time insisting he doesn't really care.

Hamish Watson-Holmes

Because of John saying about his middle name being Hamish, parentlock writers of course made Sherlock's child a boy
what if they hd a daughter instead?

(The idea came to me because i used to have v. curly long hair -as curly as Sherlock's - and my mum used to threaten to cut short it because i used to give her hell when she brushed it and so i was just imagining Sherlock in that scenario ehehehe)
plus i just wanted some more female characters (cause why the hell not?)

Repost from other Holmes meme: Mycroft wanted to be...

Sherlock wanted to be a pirate.
Mycroft wanted to be... ( wait for it)....
a lumberjack!

Do what you will.

Mycroft's childhood dream


Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind crossover/meld

The real reason Sherlock can't remember/didn't know that the earth goes round the sun and other basic facts is because he went to the Lacuna Company and had something in his memory erased.

But what was it?

Re: Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind crossover/meld

I am fascinated by deleting!Sherlock. seconded!!!!

Common Misconception about Female Monthlies

Okay. I don't mean to be incredibly rude, but the period!fics with a Fem!John or Fem!Sherlock have been continuously representing the female population that do have emotional fluctuations or extremely heavy periods, or a period that is just awful and Woe Is Me painful.

I would like a fill where Female Sherlock or Female John are on there period and are fucking awesome with themselves. Like " yeah I have a tampon up there, can I please go back to deducing?" or "Yeah there's tampons on the toilet; have you seen my stethoscope?"

Because I'm a female and those females that don't have cramps, or don't need to be coddled to get through a menstrual cycle are not represented enough. Plus it's good PR for females in general. Not all of us are bitches.

Again. I don't mean to be rude. But the other side of periods need to be represented too.

Re: Common Misconception about Female Monthlies

This is the OP:

My apologies, found a typo. their* and not there*

REPROMPT: Sherlock tried to make it up to John with sex. Rough. Angst.


Sherlock does something completely awful. Really awful. He tries paying John back with sex but catches him at a bad time when he is drunk and offers himself willing ...John is a bit more than just normal furious and takes his anger out on Sherlock through sex.

In the morning he realizes he really hurt Sherlock , made him bleed, and is distraught over it because that is just not okay.

He goes into shock because he feels like a rapist and asks Sherlock to leave and than realizes what he just said but by than Sherlock has run off somewhere and John never really meant /leave the flat/ but Sherlock did anyway.

Re: REPROMPT: Sherlock tried to make it up to John with sex. Rough. Angst.

Would you mind a post-Reich fic? Because I'm trying to think of something sufficiently awful but it only keeps coming up against the wall of that.

I think I'd like to try and fill this.

OP cheers you on (Anonymous) Expand
OP to OOP here (Anonymous) Expand

Moriarty/Moran, demon!AU

demon!Jim shoving the beads of priest!Sebastian's rosary up his ass after fucking him on the church altar.

Bonus if he does this while he lists all of Sebastian's sins (before his vow) out loud.

That's all I want.

Re: Moriarty/Moran, demon!AU

I will not want this, I will not want this, I will not want this....fuuuuuuck.


The worst and possibly strangest AU ever imagined

"How do you feel about the accordion? I play the accordion when I'm thinking ... "

Re: The worst and possibly strangest AU ever imagined

I smell crack fic! and it smells glorious!

Alpha Holmeses = conflict

Part of the reason Mycroft and Sherlock don't get on is because they're both unbonded alphas. What happens if one of them forms a bond? Better relationship because they're less competitive, or worse becaus ethe unbonded one is mindlessly jealous?

John/Lestrade Pulling Rank

John and Lestrade are both men of ranking order...

I'd love to see one of them completely pull rank on the other to get them to do whatever they want ;D Either can be on top I'm really not picky...I just wanna see those orders being given ;)


John's a vampire. Not that Sherlock believes him.

Mycroft does but John doesn't trust Mycroft.

+5 Molly or Sally figures it all out somehow . They actually help him and Sherlock only figures it out after seeing how close hes gotten to her.

+10 Molly and Sally are a slayer team. Anderson is the bait.

in the light of recent events in the orbit

Inspired by this:

Sherlock is just the way he is in the show. John, though, has never been a soldier; he's an astronaut. They still meet and start solving crimes together (up to the author if it's before John's space career comes to an end, or after; up to the author, too, if John's injury happens during a mission or when he's on Earth, helping Sherlock with a case, or if it's unrelated to either of their jobs).

(It's okay if it's gen, but I'd prefer S/J.)


John discovers he will need an outpatint surgery for a hernia that he discoverd. Sherlock is engrossed in a case and John decides to not tell Sherlock. He'll pretend the clinic needs him or harry. He'll just have the surgery, ask mike to drive him home and when Sherlock deduces it, John knows Sherlock will be glad that he didn't bother him with such a thing.

That's until John has a severe reaction to a med. Sherlock is listed as his emergency contact. What happens when Sherlock is in the midst of the case and he gets a call from the hospital tellimg him John's in critical condition?

No crack.

Ooooh, worried and pissed off sherlock are my bread and butter! (that would be an appropriate reaction right? cause yeah, i would be the exact same way) Anyway, seconded!

Sherlock is a bit of a backyard nudist (as in he likes to wander around the flat naked for no particular reason other than he likes it).

John whump

Please give me John whump.

I have to go get a blood test and I'm phobic please give me pretty John whump. Pleads unashamedly.

Structure (1/?)

Alveolar process

They'd lost interest in blunt objects. The fellow with bottle-blonde hair and smile of crushed glass hummed "The Hills are Alive". In perfect beat to the song, he plunged quilting needles into John's right calf.

Condyle of mandible

The man had an extraordinary ability to hum. He'd known every song from "Annie Get Your Gun". "They Say it's Wonderful" had accompanied the breaking of nearly every bone in John's hand which he'd achieved with a rock hammer.

Coronal suture

John had screamed. He tried not to, at first, but the pain had become overwhelming. The thought of his hands never working properly did bother him, but the fact that the force of his screams, the length of them, had actually ruptured a vocal chord had brought a sense of pride to him. This fact disturbed him greatly. For to be proud that one's vocal chord had ruptured, because of screams of pain, more than hinted at the beginnings of something very wrong mentally.

Re: Structure (1/?) (Anonymous) Expand
John finds out that Sherlock faked his death.

So, to both draw him back and give him a taste of his own medicine, John fakes HIS suicide/death.

When all is said and done, and both are back in London and alive, neither one is very happy with the other.

This could be very interesting!

A Good Man (Is Dead) (5) (Anonymous) Expand
A Good Man (Is Dead) (6) (Anonymous) Expand
A Good Man (Is Dead) (7) (Anonymous) Expand

Richard Brook/ Martin Crieff

How does their siblings (Rich’s twin Jim and Martin’s brothers Sherlock and Mycroft) react to their relationship?

Modern Day Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper

I’ve been reading a few books about Jack the Ripper and I’ve watched a few re-runs of Whitechapel and Ripper Street and now I really want a modern day Jack the Ripper Vs Sherlock Holmes.
Extra bonus points for

-John being surprisingly knowledgeable about the original cases, maybe more so than Sherlock. He could be into watching documentaries based on the conspiracy theories or he did something about it in school. Or maybe he found that Sherlock had a few books that he hadn't read and he got into them. I don’t know.
- Sherlock has heard the rumours that the original Jack could have been a woman or a morgue attendant and Molly has been very interested in this case. Is there any particular reason?
-One of the characters (NOT SHERLOCK and ideally not something obvious like Moriarty being related to the real Jack the Ripper) is related to someone involved with the original case. Perhaps Anderson is related to someone originally accused or Moriarty is related to Inspector Frederick Abberline or maybe even a victim?

If there's already some stories like this, send them my way please!

Re: Modern Day Sherlock Holmes Vs Jack The Ripper

A long time ago, I've written a fill for a Sherlock/Molly bodyswap which involves modern JTR being a woman. I stopped for a for long time but recently I've been refilling it.

It's not really obvious from the current chapters and I've changed a lot of details, e.g the stabbing to bullet, the time of the body being found, the identity of the victims to meet modern profile.

If you are interested, here it is.

Further chapters shall be updated once I hear from my beta.

Lestrade/Holmes family TW:age difference, incest?

Greg Lestrade is Sherlock's dad. He and Mummy caused quite the scandal when she got pregnant for a then 16 y.o Greg but Mycroft's father had already been out of the picture when Greg became his stepfather and they were in love so it happened.

Unfortunately Mummy died when Sherlock was only 5 (accident or sudden ailment) and Mycroft was 16. Therefore Greg at 23 became the sole guardian to the Holmes brothers.

Greg and Sherlock have always had a close father/son relationship even though no one on the outside knows the true nature of their relationship.

Greg and Mycroft however have always clashed over everything from attention from Mummy to how to raise Sherlock...lately though Mycroft has been having unwanted feelings for Greg... of a romantic nature and maybe Greg feels the same way towards Mycroft.

So, for this we need to adjust the ages of the characters when John first meet them. John is 27, Sherlock is 23, Mycroft is 34 and Greg is 49... all of them are already established in their careers and John invalided during his 1st tour in Afghanistan.

How does John find out about the true relationship between Sherlock and Greg and Mycroft and Greg? How does he react? After all Greg and Mycroft are not related but it is complicated if outsiders found out. And most importantly, does Sherlock approve?

Not really incest since Greg and Mycroft are not related...

Sorry, OP here. I messed up on Greg's age he would be 39 when John first meets him and Sherlock. XD Mycroft is 34, Sherlock is 23 and John is 27 Greg and Mycroft are very close in age :)

Omegaverse smut

John is an Omega and has no real problems with that but since he did not want to be a teenage mother he just never spent his Heats with any alpha and just continued that practice until he meets Sherlock when he is 30 and Sherlock is 26.

Now that John has found an alpha he wants to bond with he is more than willing to mate during his Heat and bond and have babies.

So omegaverse with smut and none of the anti-Omega angst that is usually found in these fics.

Omegaverse marsupials physiology

I love Omegaverse and the smut and mpreg and self-lubrication and all that...but I find the prevailing ass-birth phenomenon a bit squicky.... So I propose that Omega men have a marsupial physiology and so they get pregnant and form a pouch to incubate the tinny tiny baby.

So Johnlock or Mystrade omegaverse mpreg without the graphic ass-births since the 'baby' will be no bigger than a finger. XD

+ 100 if the alpha is the one who has the pouch and the Omega transfers the tinny babe about 3 months into the pregnancy. So that reproduction can only take place with a functioning Alpha/Omega pair.

Re: Omegaverse marsupials physiology

With your bonus, I now imagine Mycroft as a very posh sort of seahorse. *sniggers*

Anyway, seconded!!!


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